Sunshine and Clarity Open Days 2017

Sunshine and Clarity Open Days 2017

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
R A I N Y  D A Y !!!
Much needed though.
Farmer Dave has been commiserating with the fields of maize 
and the shortage of grass. Apparently, unless these things grow, there’ll be a shortage of fodder for the livestock later on.
There we sun worshippers are, enjoying the lovely dry weather,
getting the flip flops out and basking in it,  when it potentially spells disaster for farmers and growers.
On the other hand, how often do the heavens open on village fetes and street celebrations? And our hearts go out to the poor organisers and vendors. This weekend past, there was a wonderful Food Festival in the Pantiles, and how super to see the crowds out in force, and the stallholders doing a cracking business. 
Especially food! Sell it or bin it, I suppose. 
At least stamps and Groovi don’t go off.
One of my favourite expressions, when a show doesn’t do what it should, or what we hoped, is:
“Aren’t we glad we aren’t selling Victoria sponges?!”
Ever the optimist….
We thought this was an ingenious take on a cocktail bar:
Beetle Juice. How cool is that?!
So yes, the Food Festival in the Pantiles was a resounding success, firstly because the sun was shining, and secondly because the sun was shining.
and sunshine brings the crowds out….
Which just goes to show, there are always two sides to a coin.
One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
Yin and Yang.
It goes on….
It’s true though, isn’t it?
When it snows, we adults usually go straight to disaster zone, 
black ice, perilous roads.
Whilst children and the young at heart squeal with delight and get the dustbin lids out for a sledding session!
We have a big event planned in June.
The biggest event of the year for us at Clarity.
It’s only about 15 minutes down the A26 from Tunbridge Wells Pantiles actually! And about 45 minutes north of Brighton.
So if you fancy exploring a very lovely part of England, and combining it with our annual bonanza, why not carpe diem, and come on down.

Tickets are £6 per day.
We have moved to the larger, more spacious hall in our local Community Centre too.


I do hope you will support us.
Whilst we aren’t selling Victoria sponges, 
we would love to celebrate with you.

Love & Hugs,

36 thoughts on “Sunshine and Clarity Open Days 2017

  1. What a shame I will be on my holiday in the USA. I am sure you and your team with have a fabulous couple of days and hoping to get to the Leyburn event! Enjoy your evening.
    Linda xxx

  2. The rain is very welcome here too. My raised bed was sorely in need of water and after yesterday's rain I got my peas in today and a row of beetroot sown.
    I'm afraid Sussex is just that bit too far from Yorkshire for us at the moment but I will be in the queue for the Leyburn tickets as soon as they are released! If you were only a quarter as good at Victoria sponges as you are at all things Clarity I bet they would be delicious! xx

    1. Hi Chris – I am keeping my fingers crossed to get to Leyburn this year & meet some of you. It will depend on Neill's recovery though. Glad that you managed to get those seeds sown. Hugs, Gilly xx

  3. Hi Barbara, we certainly do need the rain but have been moaning about it all day ! It cut short looking after our great niece as her Dad is a fencer (putting up sort, not Olympic sort!) so he had a very short day. However, we saw her crawl for the first time so it was good to be there for a first ! I read Victoria as Victorian and for a minute wss wondering why you would even think of Victorian washing up items – didn't think of cakes LOL !!

    Afraid I can't make the open days this year after thoroughly enjoying our first visit last June. Shall miss staying at the hotel too and meeting up with Maggie and Debbie. Doesn't stop me buying though ! Xx

  4. Hi Barbara, I'm in Dave's camp, worry when there's not the normal amount of rain! It's our Gala day in a few weeks, so I'm hoping for lots of rain now and sun for the bairns and the community on their day. Poor wee bairns got awfie drookit a few years back, wee souls, shivering away in their white dresses and kilts as they went past in their carriages and open cars.

    And yes, carpe diem. I'm trying hard in my own wee bubble. I think those of you who have the physical ability to get there should carpe diem all the way to Barbara's Open Days, and nae excuses! You don't know how lucky you are to have the option…

    Love Brenda xx

    1. I'm up for that! Wish I could beam places. I think Barbara and Dave would get a fright though, because I'd be beaming myself into their living room for a visit!!!! Xx

  5. I will be there both days again (ticket no 1 on both days), and can't wait to get there and meet up with everyone, and watch the fabulous team demoing for us. Really, two days is still not enough. I only managed to watch half the demos last year, but learned a huge amount. The dogs are booked in for their first holiday of the year and I am booked into the lovely Spa Hotel. It is a wonderful learning experience,but also a great social event, putting faces to the names we talk to each day. We breakfast together and go to the pub to eat together at the end of each day. Anyone who is dithering, come and join us. You won't regret it, even if your purse does -the Clarity shop is there to tempt you. If you cannot decide which parchment cutting tools would be best for you, this is your chance to try them before you buy. This is where you can sort out any crafting problems with the experts. It is just the best. Not long now. xxx Maggie

    1. It all sounds wonderful Maggie – you should be on commission! I hope that the sorting and clearing is going well! We have managed to get lots out of our cottage this week – some to a very good cause too – hugs Gilly xx

  6. Can't make Crowbrough but I made a promise to come back to Leyburn and I am intending to keep it x. Looking forward to Bristol and Harrogate too x

  7. I'd would really love to come – Crowborough is just down the road. Unfortunately I'm promised elsewhere that weekend. Same thing happened last year I seem to remember.
    Tonbridge Sue

  8. Well Barbara, I am another one that can't make Crowborough – due to Neill's impending Knee op. However, I would love to make it to Leyburn – did I see it mentioned on Hochanda today? I think that our farmers are going to be very pleased with the weather here over the last few days, with more rain forecast over the next few days! Loved Maria's shows today, as always, hugs Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – it sounds as though most places have had rain today – I expect that you watched Maria's shows today – always enjoyable to watch! We have done a few other jobs today, sorting things out and getting prepared for 'Knee Day' next Monday! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  9. It has rained all day here so the farmers will be very pleased, in fact the weather has been mixed for quite a few days, you obviously had a much better weekend than us down in Tunbridge Wells. I live too far away to make the open days Barbara, but I know those that get there will have a wonderful time. x

  10. Can't make it down to Crowborough this (so sad won't be at the Retreat either as last year was fab!) but will be at Leyburn – just need to check with another friend if she can come along with Anne and I this year as she wasn't able to make it last time and was really disappointed. Anyone who can go along – you certainly won't regret it! Xx

  11. Hi Barb, thank you for sharing those great pics of the sunshine and food festival. I wish I could make the open days, they do look like a wonderful day out with so much to watch and get inspired by, unfortunately due to work it is not going to be. Well not this time anyway. Take care. Bx

  12. Hi Barb,
    I bet there are a lot of excited people in Clarity land this weekend! I love the Open Days and although Crowborough is a little too far for me to travel too at the moment, I will ( fingers crossed) certainly be at Leyburn. I so look forward to seeing you and Dave, the brilliant Clarity team doing wonderful demos and of course meeting up with bloggy friends again. Love and hugs Alison xxx

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