Look what I found!

Look what I found!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Back to the grindstone today.
Lots to do, lots to plan for.
But before I could even begin to get arty, 
it was time to clear the worktop in my art room!
Piled high?!?!?
I have piling one thing after another on this island here for weeks, and my workspace has been shrinking daily.
So this evening, it was time to get sorted.
And look what I found !
I remember being ultra impressed by a calligrapher 
at the Frankfurt Trade Show back in February, 
who was demonstrating this gold mica paste from Japan.
He wrote my name for me. Look:
Anyway, I was that impressed with the quality of the flow and vibrance of the gold, I bought a load of it.
Japanese Mica paste
Then it arrived. 
Then I brought some home to try out.
Then it got buried.
That’s how things go when you are busy.
Same with food in the fridge.
I see something super in the farm shop 
and decide we are going to have a feast.
Then I buy it.
Then I work late all week.
Then I throw it away before it crawls out of the fridge by itself. 
The good news is that this Gold paste has no shelf life!
And if it does say so on the packet, let me know!!!

So does it work on parchment?
Oh yes indeedy.
Oh boy. It is exquisite.
If you add a tiny, tiny amount of water, it flows like liquid gold, 
and the parchment doesn’t buckle at all.

You can get in the smallest areas with this little brush too.

I thought I would try a mapping pen.
I struggled a little loading the nib, 
until I figured out to use the brush to swipe the liquid gold across the back of the nib.
Bingo. Works a treat.

Then it was easy to use the pen too, and in the tiniest areas without going over the white line art.

So I just played a little, worked out that you don’t have to press half as hard as you think you have to.
In fact, the pen works best when you DON’t press too hard. 
But I think I need a pen/nib just for gold.
It washes out well, but when I was watching the guy in Frankfurt, he definitely always used his one pen.
I’m guessing it becomes yours over time, 
when it is seasoned to fit your hand.

If you were looking for a deluxe gold, for parchment, papercraft or mixed media art, look no further – 
I think the Japanese have nailed it. 
Love & Hugs.
PS If you are coming to the Bristol parchment Show on Sunday,
I will make sure we take plenty with us.
PPS Maria is on HOCHANDA tomorrow. 1pm and 5pm.
Tune in to see some great demos using brand new and beautiful things.  

25 thoughts on “Look what I found!

  1. Better bring plenty of money then as well, think there is going to be quite a lot I would like. Love the look of that gold. Need to clean up my desk as well. Will see you all at Bristol. X

  2. Hi Barbara, looks amazing. Looks like I'll have to avoid it though, unless someone can read Japanese to tell me what's in it? Amazing results with it too. I have a mapping pen, and ink, and a calligraphy pen, both with different nib sizes. Keep putting off trying them as I haven't a clue what you do to get ink on the pen, and how much and how often etc. Aye, I know, just play and find my own way, but too frustrating and feeling a failure if I can't work it out. I tried reading instructions online, but me no understanding! Bet you feel better for having a tidy up. I needed to as well between yesterday and today. It was getting a bit ridiculous, neither me nor Daisy could get across the floor in my craft room. It was like one of those wee games where there is one square missing and you have to manoeuvre the rest around until you make the picture, except I was moving stuff to where I'd stepped to create the next bit of space to step into!!!! That's for real, it truly was that bad! Hope you're having a lovely evening. Love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda, I know just what you mean about moving things around. I have been doing that in my living room for over a week, to try to get rid of my d furniture to get the new stuff in. I now have to find a proper home for everything so that I can find my floor again. I hope you and Daisy manage to sort your things out to your satisfaction. xxx Maggie

    2. Aye, I know that furniture one only too well, with my ongoing living room saga, most of it is in my bedroom! But my Asperger's does have its uses and this is one that I excel at!!!! My craft room is back all tidy again, just one lot of stuff out, that I'm still using. I had a sneaky clearout of Daisy's stuff that she doesn't play with any more, that helped clear the floor too!!! Had to do it when she was sleeping elsewhere, otherwise, nae chance, with the looks I get if I even suggest one tiny wee thing going in the bin!!!! Hope you can enjoy your new living room soon xx

    3. Brenda, can I beam you over here (like they do on Star Trek) to help me get my stuff in order,please? Then, when that is done, we could have a great crafting session together over a cup of tea. I am too easily distracted. xxx Maggie

  3. So upset 1 of these i will make it to Bristol but it is soooo far away for me, so till then how could i buy some of this very shiny liquid gold, my parchment is waiting with antisipation !!

    Hope you all have a fab time at Bristol.

    Trudy Richardson x

  4. Hi Barb,
    Wow! This looks amazing and is obviously a must have! Must try to get to grips with a mapping pen- never had much success with them before. Do they only do this in gold! Must have been a craft room tidy up day as I started in mine and can actually see my desk ( the carpet is still hidden mind you!!!) love and hugs Alison xx

  5. Please save me some of that gold, Barbara,for when I have finished the workshop on Sunday. It looks beautiful. I wonder how it would work with the lovely Japanese writing brush I acquired recently. I love playing with new things like that, although my mapping pen and I have yet to make real friends with each other. We need to be properly introduced and bond. You are so right about pens start to fit your hand. I could never use anything but my own fountain pen when I was at school. Must find that out again. Safe journey to Bristol. xxx Maggie

  6. Oh my goodness! That looks wonderful. Another thing to go on my list lol. Pete said, let's not forget the back pack to go on the back of the wheelchair – mmm think a tow ball and trailer will be better lol

  7. Hi Barbara
    Oooh this is lovely, yes definately says Christmas to me although it says anniversary and birthday too ! My dad was an expert with a mapping pen, he was an architect, but we weren't allowed to play with it as it has worn just right for his hand. Ive got one somewhere so I must dig it out and have a play. We had a party at the weekend to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary so lots of stuff has been put into the study, I need to move some things to get in through the door before I find a surface to clear!!!
    Love. Diane G xxx

  8. So upset 1 of these i will make it to Bristol but it is soooo far away for me, so till then how could i buy some of this very shiny liquid gold, my parchment is waiting with antisipation !!

    Hope you all have a fab time at Bristol.

    Trudy Richardson x

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