Little and Often….

Little and Often….

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Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Sunday’s blog is a step by step, so let’s have a little look at the new Groovi trend emerging on Facebook, thanks to our lovely talented Tina Cox. She had a great idea for us all, to get our daily dose of parchment. She is still trying to establish a Facebook showcase page and pondering a name for these little pieces, so while she is figuring that out, let’s have a play!
Emboss the 3rd from inside squares and scallops plus dots
This is where we get to use bits and parts from all the various plates you have in your stash.

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Emboss the owl from the Country Animals plate
the reeds from the To see a World plate 
and the branch and leaves from the What is this Life plate.

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Emboss the reed heads with a 1.5 ball tool and the owl and scallops with various ball tools, starting with the largest and working down to smaller tools to get whiter results. 
Let the parchment rest between layers. It works. It really does.

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Colour the leaves and branches on the back with Pergaliners
and use a black micron pen between the double square outlines.

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Using the dots outside the scallops as a guide, perforate using the 
2-needle tool over the embossed dots from the front.

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To finish, layer-mount the work on green parchment,
regular parchment, and lastly Northern Lights Backing Paper.

Brads in the 4 corners will hold the lot. 
I think Tina has hit on a great idea here.
Parchment art takes so long, and I struggle to find time to complete larger pieces, so I rarely start!
These little centrepieces are just 2″ x 2″.
That’s a very achievable little increment.
It also helps me practice my cutting and trad parchment skills on a much smaller scale. Little and often, as they say.
Whether or not I can manage a DAILY PETIT PARCHMENT PIECE is debatable, but at least I am not daunted by time available when embarking on a little Groovi art.
Love & hugs,

39 thoughts on “Little and Often….

  1. This is a wonderful idea of Tina's – it's been fascinating watching just how quickly the group and the samples have grown. I think that it will be great for any people that want to sell their cards too, as they can be done more quickly – but they still look fabulous too. Hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend Barbara, hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – it's been quite a nice day here, we have been trying to get a few things done before Neill goes into hospital for his knee op – on 22nd. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Morning Gilly,
      Was a mixed day for us yesterday- – bit of sun, rain, cloud. Did manage to get some alstroemerias planted into a couple of pots though. My favourite flowers! Love and hugs Alison xx

  2. Its great doing them! I posted my first couple this afternoon, really makes you look at the plates with a fresh eye. I also like that I can start and complete one in a shorter time, also I can practice my picot cutting on a smaller scale therefore I'm less worried to give it a go. Xx

    1. Hi Chris, a twinchie is a piece of artwork that measures 2 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Tina Cox has started a group to do this with parchment and its a really good way to try things out her group is group Parchlet Treasures. Xx

  3. Twinchies have been around for a long time but I think it's a great idea to apply the idea to parchment craft – I find the whole Groovi thing wonderful but a bit daunting and I think looking at it again on a much smaller scale will make it more do-able for me 🙂

  4. Hi Barbara, love your mini parchment piece. Thank you for sharing. I wouldn't do large pieces anyway, of anything, not just parchment, not my thing. Had wondered about going smaller, but guess I lacked the confidence in having extra white card space. Been seeing Tina's idea on Facebook, maybe it's time for me have a go now, while everyone else is, not just in parchment craft. Although it won't be one a day for me either, too many strings to my bow craft wise for that. I need to clear the decks first, as been good at starting things recently, and then chickening out when it came to drop shadows and finishing touches, only completing what I needed!!!! So on a mission to deal with that first! Hope you had a good family day today, guess your kids must be flying back, hope you're not too sad, and have plenty happy special memories to help. Love Brenda xx

  5. It is a very nice création Barbara. We have the name now and we are a few in the group also. Great inspiration and really easy to make as it is small. And also it makes great small thank you card. I keep mine the size Tina did suggest, and I love it. Except today, I have made one each day till it begins. Xx

  6. I've done several of these little gems now. I've already used one as a gift tag on a birthday present. I have not made them into cards yet, but they are going to be so handy. All the small offcuts will get used up more often too x This is beautiful Barbara. X

  7. What a good idea. O plucked up the courage to do my first proper shopping on the club sample but it's quite daunting. I may leave that and do one of these first. Hope you all had a good day xx

  8. Love 'Tina's Weenies', not tried them out as yet as have rediscovered my parchment 'handbook' from my first time around with parchment craft and am gradually working my way thro' it to try to regain my traditional parching skills (I was fairly good back in the day – if I say so myself!) so am enjoying revisiting all the techniques in an effort to get back up to speed. Once I've worked my way thro the book then I'll be Groovin' much better! Hope you've had a great time with Grace and Mark, it'll have made your Dad's birthday extra special for you all. xx

  9. Hello Barbara

    I agree, it is a fantastic idea of Tina's. No pressure, as someone said, it is only a small piece of parchment and it allows us to try techniques we are scared of trying out on a larger piece.


  10. I will be joining in just had a busy weekend so not started yet. Brilliant idea. We have been over to our son''s tonight to see all the official wedding photos. So lovely to remember a wonderful day that just went far too fast. xx

  11. Great little piece there Barbara! It's a great idea of Tina's and really does make you think about how you can use the plates to extract pieces of them to fit! I've only managed to make two so far but they make lovely little cards that could be used for anything. Thank you Tina for thinking of the idea!
    Looks like you've had an exciting weekend. How lovely it was for Grace and Mark to come over to celebrate with your dad! More happy memories made.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely idea and achievable too. I wouldn't have thought of using the reeds, just shows you need to look at the plates carefully! Hope you've had a lovely time with the children and they have safe journeys home.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. These small pieces of parchment are a great idea Barbara and this one you have done looks great, and the owl, branch and leaves and the reeds fit beautifully. It must be sad for you to have to say goodbye to Mark and Grace so soon but it was lovely that they managed to get over for their Grandad's birthday. x

  14. Hi Barb,
    This is such a clever idea of Tina's. l love what you've done with the owl – he's so cute! The pergacolours are really vibrant too – I think I might have to get them!! Hope your Dad enjoyed his little party and seeing his grandchildren! What a fabulous surprise for him. Also so nice for you to see Grace and Mark even though it was for a short time. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  15. Beautiful. These plate are in my list for Bristol. Your daily blog is not appearing on my Facebook page, know can just go there direct. Just thought I'd let you know x

  16. Hi Barbara,
    Not sure if this has already been asked but could you see the facebook page without having a facebook account?


  17. This is fabulous and such a wonderful idea too! Lots on at the moment preparing for my trip away to the USA but hoping to take part upon my return. Have a great day.
    Linda xxx

  18. Hi Barb, a fab concept to do small, when there is little time. Great little piece of artwork that you have produced. Looking forward to many examples on FB. Bx

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