This is what I call Dedication!

This is what I call Dedication!

Thanks for joining me again on our trails through New Mexico.
Picture the scene right now.
She sets the alarm for 6am, wraps up warm, because it is chilly here at the crack of sparrows, and sets off to the coffee shop to blog,
having been told it is always open at 6am.
Is it? Is it heckaslike!
So she parks up outside near where she know the modem inside to be, and tries her luck. Bingo. We have wifi!
So as you read this, picture me sat in a rental car OUTSIDE said coffee shop, trying to heat up.
That’s what I call dedication!
Yesterday, Steve and I took off for Old Town Albuquerque. 
It’s one of my favourite places. 
There is a wonderful leafy plaza right in the centre, where you can sit in the shade of the trees, and listen to music. There is always music coming from somewhere or somebody.
Yesterday there was a great jazz sax player busking on the corner.
I love the sax, and he was very soulful. 
Good music like that really sets the scene and the pace, doesn’t it?
Across the plaza is a very old church,
San Felipe de Neri Church, built in 1793
Check out the blue skies again!
We have been so lucky all week. 
They have followed us since we landed!
There are wonderful statues tucked in among the greenery, too.
You just have to stop and let your eyes find things.
And just look at this burst of beauty!
Everywhere you see beautiful flowers.
Only one bit of bad news:
Steve is not coming home. 
He has been offered a job here and has decided to stay.
They have asked him to be Deputy Sheriff.
The pay’s not as good, but he gets a gun, he loves the uniform
and the weather’s lovely. 
Steve had to kneel down and crouch behind the cutout because evidently they assume that kids are short, and not 6’4″.
and I had to kneel down to get the right angle on the photo. 
Well it wasn’t till I was down there and I looked through the eye of the camera that it hit me how comical he looked.
So that was it. I was in a giggle-lock and could get up off my knee.
In the meantime, Steve’s back had siezed up again (it has been giving him stick since the session in the shower!), 
and he was stuck behind the cowboy cutout. 
People passed us by, and there we were, 
trapped in our own comedy sketch.
It was the silent wheezing which gave it away. You know when your laughter goes to the next level and there is no sound? 
Eventually, it was Steve who was able to raise himself up and shuffle over to me and haul me up on my feet. 
There is nothing like it.
Clowning about with people you love.
Keeps you young.
And now the car is toasty, and I shall go back to the house for a cup of tea. We are off to Acoma, Sky City today.
Nancy, (my tyre-home friend) is coming too, so that will be fun.
Tomorrow we head back to reality, back to work, back to Blighty.
Can’t wait to see Dave. But otherwise I could quite happily apply for the Deputy Sheriff’s boot cleaner’s job!
Love and Hugs,

46 thoughts on “This is what I call Dedication!

  1. Oh my goodness, what are you two like! Hilarious, I can just imagine the scene, you do make me laugh. Enjoy your last day and have a safe journey home! Wxx

  2. There's no wonder the Americans think we Brits are mad! I can just imagine the two of you creased up with laughter. So glad you are having such a great time together. I'm sure Dave will be glad to see you back ( with or without the deputy sheriff! Thank you so much for the laughs.
    Gayle x

  3. You got me going for a moment there, thinking that you were losing Steve. While you are enjoying your last day of sunshine, you can visualise me about to get soaked and filthy while I jetwash the patio together of the lethally slippery algae from the winter. The sun is glorious today, so hot that a bit of water could be very welcome. Please make sure you bring more sun home with you. Safe journey and no more getting stuck. xxx Maggie

    1. I got most of it done until I ran out of those. Of to buy a new piece and fittings tomorrow. My patio was seriously dangerous, and I was scared of falling. Even the dogs had trouble staying on their feet when it was wet. I was just waiting for it to be dry enough to risk stepping out. Hope you are recovering, Alison. Take care. xxx Maggie

  4. Oh Barb, what a delight your New Mexico posts are! I absolutely love NM and the blue skies really do have to be seen to be believed. It's been such fun being with you in your adventures, and I totally get the silent wheezing with laughter – no doubt accompanied by tears 🙂 Not sure you and Steve ought to be allowed out to play together!

    Safe journey home, we have sunshine here in the South of England today but sadly not the temperatures you've been having.


    Di xx

  5. Hi Barbara, so funny. It's like it was made for Steve. No wonder you were both in hysterics!!!

    You're blimmin brilliant going through all that to blog for us, especially on your holiday. What a special lady you are for sure. I know you get a lot out of blogging too. I've looked forward to every day's, my next laugh, and next piece of the puzzle to make the pictures in my head. Heartfelt thank you from me.

    I'm sorry this is your last day. Must be so hard to think of coming back after such a brilliant holiday. But at least you're coming home to Dave, that will be special after being apart. Have warm clothes in your hand luggage, or wear them until on board if you're not allowed, you're coming back to arctic air, and the possibility of snow anywhere in the UK.

    Hope you have an extra special last day with Steve and Nancy. Sky City sounds intriguing, I look forward to your travelogue of this. I'm trying to muster the energy to plan a card or two, given up on the idea I'll start one for real, nae chance the day! And work out what I need to get for my make art not war piece, I know what direction I am heading in now, a different wee challenge.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. No snow down here in the Midlands, but a slight possibility of frost. Sunshine forecast all day tomorrow, with it being dry on Monday too, so I am hoping to get my conservatory mat washed and then dried outside in the fresh air tomorrow. xxx Maggie

  6. Well that had me giggling along with you. Off to the garden now to plant in some new clematis to try to disguise next door's garage wall. Apparently we're due some snow in the next few days, so I'm glad I bought mature plants! Safe travels xxx

  7. What a giggle!! Remember doing this with cutouts of Wild Bill Hickock and Annie Oakley somewhere in the Rockies only we had the opposite problem as my friend had to stand on tiptoe. Caused much merriment.
    Gorgeous old church and lovely flowers and greenery. Safe journey home. Hope you don't have any problems in the airport if you have connecting flights. Not like me in one US airport when I forgot I had 6 miniature bottles of maple syrup in my hand luggage and was told Step away from the bag ma'am! Happy days xx

  8. I was shocked for a minute…haha…so funny, bet you two wish you could stay , what a gorgeous place and the sunshine and blue skies…..never mind….enjoy while you can…xx

    1. Janice, I bought him from an older lady at a craft fair in the grounds of a little church in Santa Fé. She made them herself. I'm a big believer in buying from the artist. People put food on my table for years when they bought from me directly and I believe in paying it forward where I can x

  9. You have been lucky with the weather and the company! Nothing better than a good laugh in silly situations 😀 Enjoy your last day. safe journey home Mxx

  10. How funny, I love having proper tears rolling down the face episodes of laughter. Good for the soul! Glad you have had a great time, it seems to have gone so quickly. XX

  11. Afternoon bloggy friends, happy Saturday. Too chilly outside so I am in the craft room which is what I was hoping for this weekend. Actually remembered to take my Groovi challenge photo today! The last couple of months I have completed my challenges and then put them on their stands and then forgotten to take the photos. It's been finished for ages, but at least I haven't missed the end of the month! XX

  12. Oh you are hysterical! I cannot read your blog today without laughing out loud! I know just what you mean about that silent wheezing laugh! That's how Brenda and I were last year at the retreat…it's amazing how funny Chinese whispers can be!
    Hope you have a safe journey home and please bring some warmth back with you! We had the sunshine today but still a nip in the air with it!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Oh that was so funny! Thank you for going to all that trouble to give us our daily fix – definite dedication! New Mexico looks absolutely fabulous and I'm so pleased that you're having such a brilliant time. Have a great day tomorrow at Sky City and then a safe journey back to Dave. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Got my hospital appointment through today for 9th May and then they'll decide which operation / s I need on my knee. Only disappointment is that it's not with the consultant I should be having as he is so inundated that he's not taking new cases as he's trying to clear the backlog. I have been assured that the consultant I'm seeing is really good, so got my fingers crossed. Love and hugs to you all Alison xxx

  14. Oh Barbara, you do make me laugh and it is such a tonic. Today has been hard for me, as it is the 2 year anniversary of losing my dear Mum. However, I spent the day practising my Groovi and today I made my first piece using the cutting skills learned from Rosella, you and Tina. I am thrilled with it and have dedicated it to my mum. My day has been finished well with a good belly laugh when reading your post Thank you!
    Have a safe journey home, hopefully rejuvenated from your trip and the sunshine.

  15. What a fun week you have had and thank you for finding the time to blog your adventures as it has made us feel as though we have been there with you. Enjoy Sky City and have a safe journey home. I'm sure Dave will be happy to have you back. x

  16. Hi Barbara
    Oh you two do make me laugh, mind you that sounds like julian and I, his knees give up and mine lock just when you don't want them to! That laughter that goes past noise o silence with tears running down your face is just the best isn't it. Hood you've gas fun in sky city and you have a safe journey home. Let's hope getting out the country is quicker than getting in!! Thank you for sharing the amazing photos, such a beautiful sky and the flowers are really bright. Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you've had a good day. Just put Emma on the bus back to Aberdeen, she will get there in 15 hours time! She will have sore knees tomorrow from sitting in the same position for so long but at £19 it's the cheapest way to get there, and she can take her guitar with her for no extra charge! Sending hugs xxx

  17. Oh Barbara can just picture the two of you stuck in floor not being able to get up with laughing so much think you got us all laughing about it. We had bust day was my birthday today so family aground for cake children playing in garden. My brother to came around with his dog too our little milo loves it when Winnie comes to play so tow tired dogs after playing all day had great day with everyone lots lovely flowers too. Safe trip home had for moment about Steve staying hehe lots love laugh one of best tonics xxx

  18. Hello Barb (and Steve), another hilarious blog post, I can just imagine the two of you on your knees overcome by fits of laughter. But also beautiful photos, incredible insights into the places you visit. I am sure Dave is counting the hours until you come home. Take care and enjoy what is left of your holiday. Bx

  19. Hi Barbara, just to say thank you for giving us all a wonderful look into your trip.
    Glad you have had a great time lots of laughter and quality time together.
    Have a safe journey home.
    And thank you for the Bird house cats and dogs on the new plates there are a few to order now.
    Lots of good wishes to you all.
    Lynn xx

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