What a Star you are!

What a Star you are!

Greetings from Mountainair, New Mexico.

Steve and I have already taken a tour of the pueblo ruins El Quarai,
and I shall be stepping it up again there with my dear friend Nancy (she who built her tyre home, remember?) later this afternoon.
It is just the most beautiful circuit, and while I’m fulfilling my pledge of 10,000 steps every day for the love of Jayne Nestorenko, why not do it in a place of outstanding natural beauty?

I still have the justgiving page open, if you feel like giving to Cancer Research. Together we have raised over £3,000 already! And I’ve got plenty of steps left in me yet!

The blimming internet modem packed up on me at the house last night, so I’ve come to the coffee shop down the road, where they have wifi to chat to you today.
Actually, I thought that it being Friday, a private peek,
I would tell you a story….
Many years ago, I bought the old schoolhouse in Mountainair.
It’s a historic building and very, very special here in the community, because most of the elders went to school there!
Anyway, the lady who sold it to me was and still is a wonderful artist. The place had been an art gallery for years.
Her life partner, John Davidson, had sadly passed away, and she was ready to move on. He was also a very talented artist, whose work is well known in the region. 
Here is a piece of his art, just to give you an idea of his immensity.

So here’s the thing…
outside the coffee shop is a wonderful piece of artwork, 
a sculpture which another great artist in town created.
 A blacksmith called Leroy made it in memory of his great friend, John Davidson.
It really is splendid…

What a Star you are.

Upon inspection, it is a wonderful piece of artwork.

I remember Leroy told me years ago how the two of them used to drink coffee and talk for hours, so when you look closely at the ship, you will note the coffee cup at the top of the mast.

And what better place to erect this monument than in front of the coffee shop!

And now, bringing the friendship full cycle, 
we commissioned Leroy to make the wrought iron security grills 
on the old schoolhouse last time we were here.

They are very, very lovely, especially now that they have weather in a little. If I get a chance, I will take a picture of them for you before we leave.

But I find it very comforting that the man who owned the house we own was great friends with the guy who made our wrought iron.

This morning I bumped into a guy in town who is great friends with Dorothy, the lady I bought the house from. I really liked her. She was a beautiful spirit. Well, he told me she is doing great! Still bouncing between Oregon and New York, where her children live. That makes me so happy to hear, because she was well into her 70’s when I bought the house from her! 
And that was about 13 years ago! 

Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting here in the coffee shop, chatting to you and watching the world come in and out. 
It’s like I’ve never been away.

Love and hugs,


40 thoughts on “What a Star you are!

  1. What a lovely story Barbara and great to hear about the schoolhouse and some of it's history which you are a now a part of. The artwork by John Davidson is fabulous and Leroy's sculpture is a clever memorial to his friend, both pieces so fresh and full of life, and it would be great to see a photo of the security grills too. Enjoy your day. x

  2. And I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your writings, every day. You really do have a very special way with words, your words jump off the screen into proper pictures in my head. Thank you. Love the sculpture too. Not usually my thing, metal art, but this I can see the beauty, and workmanship. I remember that holiday where you introduced us to your friend, that was the year Steve wouldn't go anywhere without a white carrier!!!! Hope you enjoy your walk, and time with your friend. And well done on reaching over £3000, fingers crossed you make it to £10,000. I'm walking with you part of thevway, to the best my CFS will allow, in the house obviously. Actually, I'm doing too much, getting really sore, but I want to try keep it up at the same amount as long as I can. Have a brilliant day. Love Brenda xx

    1. Do you know Brenda M, you have taken the words right out of my mouth! I can actually visualise all that Barbara has said about her holiday and feel as though I'm there with her! Mind you it's been very cloudy here all day! Hope your CFS improves.

    2. Thanks Alison. I'm trying to make a baseline, that in time my body might accept as part of my routine, wishful thinking! There's a new theory on CFS, this one makes sense, so it's a possibility. I think someone in America is going to research it. xx

  3. I agree with Brenda you do have a wonderful way of writing, you feel like you are there. Hope you are enjoying the rest. That sculpture looks like your stamps etc that I think where on yesterday. Haven't been able to watch. Hope I can catch up. Love xxxx

  4. Is it Nancy that has the cat that scarpers if you go near? If so, I hope you get to say hello to him/her this time!!
    Glad you are having such a lovely time.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  5. Fabulous art work, and what a star YOU are, Barb, to purchase and preserve the old building. (I was going to post that in my previous post, but forgot, and couldn't edit the comment, so I just deleted it!) Our "old" buildings here in the States can't compare in age to the old buildings in the UK, but they are still part of our past and heritage, and if we don't save them, who will? Thank you!

  6. I can't tell you just how much I have enjoyed logging in and reading these daily insights into New Mexico and the locals, who are such great characters. A lovely entwined story today Barbara, and beautiful art to look at. Made me quite emotional xxxx Thank you so much x

  7. A lovely heartwarming story. I remember when you blogged about the lady in the tyre house last time you were there, I hope she's well, say hi from a still grey Warminster! Wxx

  8. Lovely beautiful art such inspiration all around you too. Since the 10,000 step challenge i have done it every day bar 2 when I was poorly! If I don t feel like it I think of you and Jayne and head out for my 3 mile walk. Its now a lovely welcome part of my dsily toutine so thank you both 😊

  9. How lovely that you saved a school building that was important to the community. It sounds like it was meant for you as you are a teacher and a talented artist too. Would love to see your gates, metal work is amazing when its done well. Xx

  10. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are well and keeping warm in this chilly weather. Yay! Friday at last, out tonight with my sisters and a bit of craft at the weekend. Perfect. Xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    You are a star too for saving the community building, what a lovely story. Love the artwork and the netball sculpture, the lilies are gorgeous. I remember the house with the tyres , how big is it now? One day you will get round to writing that book about your life, you amaze me with all the things you have done over the years, there's more to you than meets the eye! 😀. Have a lovely evening .
    Love Diane Xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. It's getting quite chilly here tonight but they are saying the weekend will be pleasantly warm then blooming cold next week! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  12. Love hearing all your stories, how wonderful that you bought the schoolhouse. Well done for keeping up with the 10,000 steps even on holiday. Keep on having fun.xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely blog today. I hadn't realised that your house was an old school. How great that you saved it. It's funny how things go full circle isn't it? Really like the sculpture – the coffee cup is a nice touch! Enjoy the rest of your stay, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is as well as possible. Been having a baking session today which I really enjoyed. That was in between watching Rosella's shows. Yet another sell out which happened to fall into my basket last night from Clarity Towers! Have a lovely weekend everyone, love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. Thank you for sharing your lovely story about your lovely house and all the art work and lovely people linked to it. You make me feel as if I am just sitting across from you in the coffee shop having a coffe with you.

  15. Beautiful sculpture, a lovely way to remember a friend. Glad you are enjoying your holiday, the scenery is fabulous. Not too jealous though as we have had another lovely sunny day here in West Cornwall (16 degrees this afternoon) and lovely blue sky with just a little high cloud and the scenery is not too shabby. I look out over Mounts Bay towards St Michael's Mount and never tire of the view. I do like to see other countries though and other parts of this country.
    I have watched some of Rosella's shows and have the rest recorded, love the new plates. The wish list keeps growing.
    Many thanks to Jeanine for sorting out my membership renewal yesterday, very helpful. xx

  16. This all sounds amazing, I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to see such fabulous creations and sights…..Thanks so much for sharing it all, love these posts….
    Have a lovely day, enjoy…xx

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