A Strange Experience

A Strange Experience

Thanks for popping in.
Suitcase packed, left Nancy at the house as we waved bye bye until the next time.
Sitting outside the coffee shop blogging to you 
before we head to the airport.
Just wanted to tell you about yesterday.
It was quite amazing.
The three of us headed up to Acoma, Sky City.
The natural rock formations leading up to the pueblo are out of this world. No small wonder they chose this place to settle.
We went up to the mesa, the village on the top of the plateau
and looked out over the world….
None of the scenic photos do the view justice,
but here you see Nancy and Steve, and can catch a glimpse of the enormity of the backdrop.
The white ladders led to secret kivas.
They made them look like houses here to disguise them.
The Indians had to hide their religious and spiritual beliefs from the Catholics when they pitched up.
Now something very, very strange happened to me yesterday,
which I want to share with you, because I think you will get it.
We got to an area of the pueblo where there had been some terrible atrocities committed. I won’t repeat it because it really is too horrendous to consider.
Anyway, the Indian guide, whose name was also Steven, 
was relaying the story.
It was in an area which had been destroyed by cannons, 
so it wasn’t here in the picture, but you see the guide, and Steve and Nancy listening intently. He was very good; fascinating and charismatic.
Long story short, as Steven started to describe the atrocities and shocking actions against the native Indians, I suddenly came over really, really strange. Went very pale, white light, as if I was having some kind of outer body experience.
I moved away from the area for a moment to sit down, and instantly felt better. So I went back to continue on the tour, but as soon as I went back to the place where it had all happened many hundreds of years ago, it hit me again, really hard.
The only time this ever happened to me before was in Luxor Temple in Egypt, when I walked across a sacrificial altar. (But I will tell you about that another time. Grace copped it in Egypt, and so did my dad)
Now the cynics out there may argue that I had altitude sickness, but actually, we weren’t that high up. We have been much much higher on the Sandia peaks and even Mountainair is almost as high.
Nancy is a very wise, astute woman who is completely in tune with this area. “You understand how powerful spirits are, don’t you? Some people are more receptive to other dimensions and energies, and you are clearly one of them.”
We had to get away from the houses, from that part of the town. And as soon as we did, I was instantly back to normal. 
Ask me if I’m going back again!
Make of it what you will. I KNOW the truth.
On the way back to Mountainair, we had a great meal in La Luna Mansion. Another iconic building, but how different!
Check this out!!
So that’s it folks.
Time to head to the airport.
But not before we pop into Walmart for Mum’s salad dressing and more make-up sponges for the workshops!
Never switches off? Yes, she does, she really does.
Love & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “A Strange Experience

  1. Wow that's just a wee bit spooky Barb. Glad you were ok once you moved away from the area. You obviously have hidden depths my love. Glad you have had a nice break and I wish you and the Sherrif a safe journey home. Xxxx

  2. Wow – I totally get what you're talking about. I had a similar episode once whilst I was in Cambodia at the Killing fields. Hope you had lots of me time whilst you were away and that the sun has helped you recharge your batteries? Safe travels, X

  3. How lucky you are to be be so in tune to higher planes. It really is a precious gift.Safe journey home. I think you could publish your blog travels as they are so interesting and informative. I would buy them in a heartbeat.xx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Oh yes I know exactly what you mean, colosseum in a Rome years ago, I had to get out of there as it was such a horrible feeling and I felt awful. I could look at it from a distance but not go in it. My dad could sense funny things about places too. The views are just stunning though and that sky is amazing, it goes on forever. Nancy looks well and will brush the sand from your doorstep whilst you are away. Safe journey home to you both, has Steve got a sheriffs hat to wear when he's back in charge at work I wonder. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends I hope all is well. Been pottering in the garden today cleaning the pots and baskets out ready for when the dander of frost and snow has gone. Blow me we've got roses just about to come out!! How mad is that! Take care xxxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Yes it's bizarre isn't it – my clematis are in heavy bud, my lilies are well on the way, roses the same – they'll probably be dead next week!!! Still it has been a lovely day here but cold. Love and hugs Alison xx

  5. What a sad thing to end your holiday on Barbara. Humans can be so cruel. Hope you can crowd it out with all the fun and happy experiences of your holiday. I get you, you have tapped into another power in your brain that most people don't even know exists. And you're an open person, if you get my meaning. Hope you have a safe and quicker journey home. Love Brenda xx

  6. I know this has happened to you before Barb, because I have been with you ! If you are 'open' to these non physical forces, it can happen… sometimes good , sometimes not so good..
    Oddly enough Michael Portillo visited there in his, "Great American Railroad Journeys' on TV only last week, I think he had the same Guide. Really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow……..xx
    p.s. Steve can have the Sheriffs hat , but I've got the Badge !

  7. They say that we only use a small portion of our brains. Maybe you are able to tap into a part most us can't reach, Barbara. Pleased you have been able to switch off for a while Mxx

  8. Totally get it Barbara……many years ago Pat and I went on a mini break to the Cotswolds – booked in to a Pub/hotel – the pub was opposite a lovely church with a large graveyard – the room we had overlooked the the church. As is typical with the area the pub was very old – steeped in history etc. After getting something to eat we retired to the room and made ready for bed etc when Pat came running out of the en-suite asking if I had heard the low flying aeroplane – so low she thought it would hit the room. I had heard nothing at all! As you can imagine a nights sleep was just not going to happen – Pat felt a whole presence in the room and repeatedly could hear the plane – an old plane – a war time plane. Needless to say we left early the next morning never to return. I later looked up the history of the area and indeed there had been war time activity etc – so Pat remained convinced that what she heard was the crashing of that plane. She too has felt other spiritual presence in various places we have visited on our travels – some pleasant some so moving that like you we have had to move away from the area – needless to say when visiting San Fran a trip to Alcatraz was not something we did in case of similar feelings………..
    So I think what you felt is real – just that you feel so strongly about the extremely despicable way the white settlers treated the native indian tribes that they have a spiritual connection to you.
    We have been watching Great American Train Journeys with Michael Portillo – it has been fascinating and in a few episodes he has highlighted the atrocities inflicted – as he rightly said – so bad that even today Americans struggle to atone for what happened.
    Safe travels
    Kim x

  9. I totally get it. Had similar experiences, which I don't speak about often because I've seen people's eyes glaze over lol. I know it's real though.

    I wish you both a safe and hassle free trip home xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Quite spooky, but it doesn't surprise me that you are " open" to such things. It's not something that has happened to me but I do believe that some people can connect to events/ people from the past. I've just finished reading a book called Child of the Phoenix by Barbara Erskine which was about a Princess of Wales in Plantagenet times who had ' the Sight'. It was brilliant, really loved it. I'm glad you've had a good time with Steve but I bet you're really looking forward to seeing Dave. Have a safe journey. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day. Been doing a bit of sorting out today – getting rid of some crafty stuff that I don't use anymore in order to make room for new stuff! Watched Rosella' s shows and really enjoyed them although I was good and sat on my hands. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Yes, I completely get it. And yes, I think there is much we don't understand about the wonders of the human mind. I have a friend who spent years with the Sinixt Indians and listening to her opens my mind to some of the wonders. Glad you had a great break. It looks a beautiful place, in spite of the suffering. Safe journey home!

  12. Well I think this is what forms part of our "Natural Instincts"! What else can they be but spiritual? I once went into a house with my friend when I was looking for somewhere to live. The doorway lead straight into the Front Room. We both walked in, our shoulders hunched up and we both said together – lets get out of here! We hadn't even walked right into the room. We didn't know why but the place had a real scary feel to it and we couldn't walk any further into the building. In fact we almost tripped over each other as we scrambled to get out! So I get it. I am glad you have had a lovely time. Have a lovely journey home. Xx

  13. Hi Barbara,

    I read your blog every single day but don't comment very often. I have really, really enjoyed our journey with you this holiday. Thank you so much for taking the time and sometimes inconvenience to keep in touch with us. Many thanks.

    Shirley T. xxx

  14. 'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy'. I wonder if we sometimes pick up on some sort of 'memory' embedded in a particular place. I was in my local church one day and very clearly 'heard' the word Marjorie accompanied with a strong sense of bloodshed. I knew of no Marjories either personally or during the 30 years i'd been in Scotland. A trip to the local history library revealed that in the 12 th century a battle had taken place within 50 yards of the church. One side was led by Marjorie of Arbroath. On a lighter note delighted that you and Steve have had such a smashing hols. If, as in an earlier post, Dave has the Sheriff's badge, does that make you the woman who runs the bordello?? xx

  15. I certainly think some people have this extra sense and you are obviously one of them Barbara. Hope you have a safe journey home. x

  16. Something similar once happened to me. I can still remember very vividly how awful and how out of myself I felt, like I was watching from above. Very chilling, very vivid and I've never gone back to that place again nor will I.
    Glad you are okay now, don't forget those sponges lol! Karen x

  17. Totally 'get' it….! Safe journey home and thanks for sharing your holibob with us all, from the ethereal to the fab sunshine and laughter xxx

  18. Hello Barb, yes I get it, there are some people who just have that "link". Hope the trip home was uneventful. Thank you for sharing all these amazing facts, photos and experiences. Bx

  19. Yes Barbara, I get it. There are no words to explain how I felt when I toured a concentration camp in the Netherlands. It was like I was suffocating among a thousand sorrowful souls. I could not possibly go there again.

  20. Some things can never be explained, I really do believe it's just like 'tapping' into the past…just me but there you go…..I'm so glad you have shared your trip with us all, it's been wonderful reading….take care…x

  21. Wow barbara what a read it's spooky I know and I can imagine it being scary I've heard of this before in different places of course you are special barb safe journey home xxxxxxx
    June horrocks

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