There’s no place like home…

There’s no place like home…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
All back safe and sound.
Packed planes, wedged between big guys on both the flight from Albuquerque to Dallas, and then Dallas to Heathrow,
(which would sound quite appealing in any other setting except American Airlines Economy!)
Good to be home, I can tell you!
We had a little fiasco at Albuquerque Airport.
Never had an issue there before, they’ve always been pretty friendly there, but the guys we dealt with this time had obviously just recently graduated from the 
Steve and I both stepped up to the passport guard. 
I had both passports and handed him one. 
“You’re in the wrong line! You should be in Pre-Check! (?)
Go over there!”
So Steve and I both made a move towards the area he was pointing at.
He goes for Steve, “Hey! Where’s your passport? You gotta show me your ID, sonny!”
“You just checked his passport.” I said, “Do you want mine?”
Well, he nearly hit the roof. Which just goes to show that nobody likes getting caught out, do they? He had actually not even noticed that the first passport I handed him was not mine but my brother’s. 
Homeland Security couldn’t see the difference between a 6’4” rugby playing MALE and a 5’8” middle-aged FEMALE.
Anyway, you’d have thought we had committed a crime the way they barked at us and shunted us around. I was shaking by the time we got to the area where we had to shove our hand luggage through the scanner.
And I KNOW you can get impolite people everywhere, and I KNOW we have them here too, but civility costs nothing, does it?
When we were at Heathrow leaving the UK two weeks ago, there was an elderly American couple in front of us at the hand luggage inspection area, where you have to take your shoes off and they check for liquids, etc.
Well, you would not believe how many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face cream and cosmetic gear came out of her hand luggage. It was like a tardis! And I’m talking economy size bottles, not travel set! 
It was like a serious cosmetic haul from Boots !
The English officer assisting them never flinched, never chastised them, never raised her voice. never said, “You should know this by now!”, nothing. Just quietly explained that it was not possible to take all these liquids on the plane, suggested that they should check it into the hold, because it was, after all, an expensive confiscation. The American women had a big fat go at her, and the American husband tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. 
I can only begin to imagine what would have happened to me if I had tried that trick at Albuquerque. 
I think Steve would have jumped the barrier !!
Anyway, happy to be back in Blighty. Dave was there to meet us; 
it was great to see him. And I sense that he is happy to have me home too.
So tomorrow it’s back to work.
Actually, I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle. 
Got some cool new ideas kicking around in this head of mine 
that never sleeps.
Now to contend with ye olde jetlag.
I never set my watch to U.S. time all the time we were over there.
I wanted to know at a glance what time of the day it was in Daveworld, so I would know whether I could call home or not. 
Did I switch off? Not really.
Did I read a book? Not one page.
Did I have fun? You bet!

One last little anecdote from White Sands.
It was bright, very very bright in the searing sun and the white dunes. As we were walking back along the walkway to the car,

a lady was coming towards us.
“I have been told there is a lizard out there with a blue tail. 
Have you seen it?”

“Who said that?” came the instant response from my brother, squinting into the sunshine.
His humour is quick, rare and wonderful.

Love & Hugs,

45 thoughts on “There’s no place like home…

  1. I LOVE your 'ramblings' (you write like a close friend!!!!) and enjoyed hearing about your break. A change is as good as a rest even if your brain never did switch off! Keep rambling Barbara x

  2. Welcome home Barbara and Steve. So sorry that the airport officials were so rude. It doesn't cost anything to be polite and I'm sure it would make their day go better if they cracked a smile and showed a deed of kindness.

    Anyway – its lovely to know that you are back safe and sound xx

  3. There is no need for rudeness like that, no excuse. Perhaps you should write to President Trump? 🤣🤣
    Glad you back and safe x

  4. Glad you are home safe and sound. Every time I gave been through Atlanta passport control and security checks I have had to bite my tounge and accept that it will be over soon! As you say civility costs nothing especially when dealing with very tired travellers arriving in a foreign country. Luckily everyone else I have met on America has been lovely. Xx

  5. Aye, that's Trump's USA for you! Glad you're home safe and sound, and spending some time with Dave before going back to work. You wouldn't be you if you switched off totally, it's not in you. It's about finding other ways to get a break and recharge your batteries, which, I think, you're learning to do. Hope there's no not nice stuff waiting for you at work. Love Brenda xx

  6. Welcome home. I am
    Sorry you had some unpleasant experiences with the Americans. Some of us aren't too bad and others well ??? Glad you are home and had some fun!

  7. Glad that you are home safely. It has been very enjoyable reading about your incredible adventures. You have definitely been a distraction from the trials of searching for a new job and consoling my son that he isn't getting to his first choice university, although he has an unconditional for the same one his sister is at.

  8. Hi Barbara
    Welcome home, what a shame you had problems at the airport again, yes good manners and politeness cost nothing. I think all the laughter you and Steve have had this holiday has helped you relax and unwind even if your brain hasn't stopped working. I hope the mountain of work on your desk isn't too big tomorrow and everyone is pleased to see you. Dave must be delighted to have you home, will he be writing a travel blog when he goes off with Paul on their holiday? Hope you sleep well tonight and the jet lag isn't too bad.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you are all wrapped up warm. Emma sent a video of the blizzard in Aberdeen today as she was sat in the library revising. I was laughed at when I said it was going to snow this week, mum s right! Sending hugs xxx

  9. i've had my fair share of airport experiences and usually over here. so i guess the bottom line is that we lways feel that the people at home treat you better. hugs xx

  10. So glad you are home safe and sound and had a fun time! Shame about the airport hassle – I don't like rude people, there is no need for it whatever job you are doing! Civility costs nothing! xxx

  11. No wonder you are glad to be home Barbara, how unnerving to be spoken to like that! Anyway you had a great time and you sound as though you are ready to take up the reins again. Thank you again for letting us join you in New Mexico. x

  12. Pleased your both back home ok. Some of these officials think they are special. Your blog is so interesting, you describe everything so well. Sounded a great trip. I always suffer for ages with jetlag. Hope yours doesn't last too long. Xxxxxxx

  13. Welcome home, I always say the same thing when I get into my bed after being away 'there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed '. I love going away but it's always good to come home.
    I have enjoyed reading about your travels, you paint a wonderful picture.
    I'm sorry to hear some of you have snow. It's been warm and sunny here today but I have just looked out of the window and see the rain has arrived. Oh well, the garden needs it. xx

  14. Glad home safe good nights sleep and back on saddle then tomorrow looking forward too hearing about all the new things going around your head exciting I'm sure lots love joy and katie xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Welcome back! Glad you had a safe journey if not too comfy! It's a good job I wasn't with you going through security because quite often my knee replacement sets off the alarms – dread to think what the guards would have done then!!! Doubt that they would see the funny side of things! Manners and civility definitely don't cost anything. Bet Dave was chuffed to bits to have you back home with him. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Evening bloggy friends,
      Hope today hasn't been too bad for you. Definitely colder here today and forecast not brilliant for tomorrow at all. Stay safe and warm everyone. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  16. Glad to know you're both home safe and sound. I did enjoy your blogs of your holiday, I've said before you should be a travel journalist. I got my Clarity club envelope today, very happy with all 3 items, and the projects. Although I had to get the sellotape out as the dogs got to the post before I did. Why do dogs hate the post people so much?? Haha xx

  17. Pleased to hear you are both home safe and sound. Received my club envelope today, lovely things to play with. Thank you to Jeannine at Clarity who processed my order today.
    Janine x

  18. As an Albuquerque citizen, I apologize to you for the rudeness of the airport security in Albuquerque! Unbelievable! What a bad way to end a good vacation. Unfortunately, when you give some people a little authority, they take it to a much higher level. Guess it makes them feel important — obviously lacking something at home.

  19. Welcome home dear Barbara! I feel as if I've been away with you when I read your blog! How I will miss the wonderful place you have been!
    But if you're back to work that means more lovely artwork to come so that's fantastic too!
    Sleep well tonight…There's nothing like coming home to you're own bed!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  20. Hello Barb, so glad you are back safe and sound. It is a pity that you had to deal with that rudeness. I am sure you brought some of that artwork back in your head. Looking forward to whatever you think up next. Bx

  21. Welcome home Barb. So glad you're back safe and sound. It is always good to get away and have a bit of a break, but always just as good to come home. I have never had a good experience with USA passport people, always very rude and they 'bark' at you. They make you feel very uncomfortable. It seems they've all been trained to be aggressive. Looking forward to your new ideas??!! Xxx

  22. Glad you're home safe and sound! American Airlines are not doing well in the last few weeks their shares have dropped due to the staff bullying and threatening passengers and even dragging 1 guy off by his ankles so they could get another crew member on! Wxx

  23. Glad you arrived safe and sound, despite the jumped up little sod in the airport….some people should never be in uniform should they…lol…
    I've enjoyed all these posts so much, made great reading in the midst of many gloomy, boring days, thanks so much for sharing…x

  24. Pleased your home safe and sound I received my diamond club envelope yesterday fantastic all of them my favourite is the groovi hugs and smiles xxx

  25. Good to know you and Steve are home safe and sound; as for the guy in the airport words fail me! That said it's not just at airports…there appears to me to be few manners and/or politeness in many aspects of this world at the moment..what's happened to saying 'excuse me' instead of just pushing past people or 'thank you' if you hold a door open for someone, indeed what's happened to raising a hand to thank a driver who pulls in to let you past? The sad part is that I'm not just talking about younger people, some older people also need to learn some manners as some of them appear to think that their age entitles them to be downright rude! Sorry but the tale of the airport just hit on one of my 'pet' hates…rant over!

    1. How true Su. I recently held open a door for a family including the grandparents and the only one who acknowledged me was the son, a teenager who said "cheers" and smiled at me.
      Gayle x

  26. I love reading your ramblings, it's like reading a letter from a pen pal! I can understand why your brain doesn't stop with all the new Groovi plates you keep releasing. Please stop I'm broke lol xx

  27. Welcome home! How I concur with your comments about border control staff. Birmingham airport UK is certainly a candidate for staff training! A tough job no doubt & so important in these difficult times but is it really necessary to be so tough & abusive when the passenger has simply come home from holiday with a couple of packs of fresh roasted coffee? I may be naive but if you had asked me what was in my bag I would have told you! Never assume as that makes an ass of u & me! Thanks for spoiling a lovely holiday!!!

  28. A civil word and a smile costs nothing does it, but some people just don't get that. Don't let the b*****s get you down. Hope you have recharged your batteries, even if you didn't get a chance to switch off completely? Welcome home x

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