On the way to and from work…

On the way to and from work…

Hi there,
Thanks for joining me today.
I often get asked how I come up with something to write about every day.
Not hard; I pretend I’m talking to a friend, which isn’t hard! And I’m a right chatterbox when I get going!

I am mindful of what I say, because I hate to offend anybody. 
But that’s how I try to handle life. 

On the way to work this morning, alone in my car, I was wrapped up in all things Clarity. TV proposals, new designs, cashflow, 
etc, etc, etc. 

As I was passing through Edenbridge, I caught sight of a Mum or carer struggling with a wheelchair, attempting to cross the busy road. I have seen the person in the wheelchair over many years on the route to and from work. She wears a helmet, and is very heavily disabled, but this is the first time I have seen her not on her feet, being pushed in a chair. She looked low. 
She’s about Grace’s age, I would say.
In a nano-second, she brought me right back from wherever my head was, to her. There’s me worrying about blimming bank accounts, a meeting in London, Groovi club plates and what have you, and these poor souls are battling with a wheelchair on a rocky road. And I mean that in more than the literal sense.
My eyes were wide open by now, and not 50 yards on, there was another young woman – again, about Grace’s age –  with a heavy physical disability, struggling with every step she took, but doing it – albeit slowly. 
Yep, and there’s me flying along in a flash car, 
frustrated with the heavy traffic. 

So today has been a good day. 
One filled with humility and gratitude. 
We worked hard in the design department, had a laugh, 
and were very effective as a team.
They are a delightful bunch. I love them.

On the way home this evening, once again alone in my car, there was a serious accident on the route, so I said a prayer for the poor people caught up in the crash, and took a diversion across the Ashdown Forest. 
Oh My Goodness.
The gorse was spectacular! An ocean of bright yellow against a moody blue sky, just like this:

And sprinkled everywhere were bluebells.
Carpets of them underneath the woodland trees.

I wonder if the girls from Edenbridge ever get up on the Forest…

I feel lucky to be alive, and at many different levels. 

In fact, I feel so much gratitude today, I could cry.
Do you get me?

Dear God, 
please remind me 
for granted.

 Love & hugs,

43 thoughts on “On the way to and from work…

  1. How I can empathise with with the struggle that those with disabilities face on a daily basis, are often let down by a system that has all the dots but are not joined up, yet manage to remain content and stoic – a bit of first hand experience here but I shan't go there presently.
    Our joy today was not only the fragrant gorse in full bloom – think coconut!!! – but a rare sighting at the mouth of the River Don. Not our usual seals but an otter ducking and diving as the tide receded. It then treated us to the view of swImming towards the river bank, with newly-caught fish in mouth. Two delighted people! ;~}

  2. We all need a reality check occasionally.As a family we have had one this year but hopefully the outcome will be good. Need to be positive in this mad world. There are so many people so much worse off than us and still manage a wonderful smile each day. x

  3. Yes it does us good to count our blessings and be grateful that we are able bodied. Its such a shame that some people get more than their fair share of problems.xx

  4. There but for the grace of God go I, is something I think a lot. As you know I don't have a life, I'm alive, do the best I can, always striving to improve my lot despite my constant failures. But I do remind myself and think about there are always people worse off than I am, many of them. I never lose sight of that. Sometimes it's hard to feel it though, especially when psychological demons/gremlins come out to play, and I have some I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Never have found a way to shut those up or send them packing, try to sit them out is the best I can manage, and lose some precious time in letting them rule. I'm not as strong, not as good as you Barbara.

    It's so easy to take things for granted, we all do, please don't beat yourself up. We each have our own lot in life. We each have to do our best with what we've been given. And you, special lady, you give so much to those in need who stray across your path in some way. My thoughts and feelings on it is God had to allow people to suffer and be disadvantaged in this world. So to balance that he made special people, like yourself, who are there to seek out and help, in your own ways, those that have to suffer. And each time you do, you give away, a wee bit of you and your precious time alive, that's the sacrifice you and people like you make. So yes, never take anything for granted, count your blessings, but please know that what you choose to give in/to this world is enormous, you've nothing to feel guilty or bad about.

    You truly are an inspiration to so many of us. And I, for one, have learnt far more from you, in a hugely positive way, than I ever did from years of a phsychologist, and a so called expert support service. Wish I could repay in some way. Love you xx

    1. You do repay in lots of ways Brenda. My friend was so grateful for your imput with her grandson's problem, and I have also learnt so much from you personally. xxx

    2. Aww, what special things to say about me, thank you so much Alison and Susan xxxx
      Hope the info helps Susan. Happy to explain more/answer any questions if your friend wishes. Hope you have a good holiday (if I don't write before you go) xx

  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am so lucky being healthy and live each day to the max! I have a lot of friends who struggle with daily life and there but for the grace of god go I. Enjoy your evening.
    Linda xxx
    Linda xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    A very thought provoking blog today and I agree completely with you. I thank God every day that I have my health and happiness. I know at the moment I am going through a bit of a downer but that is so little to what some people have to go through everyday of their lives. My heart goes out to these very brave souls. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. I was born with a bone disease which causes me a lot of trouble, and my son,, unfortunately was born with it too. We've had many problems because of it, through the years, but we both still feel very lucky because we have kind of evolved and adapted with it. I always feel for those who have never known disability, but get knocked down with something suddenly. All the coming to terms and accepting their new lot, must be so darned hard. Yes, it is good to be alive and to take stock of what we have and thank the good Lord for his mercies.

  8. This reminds us all to be thankful for what we have Barbara and there are so many people who are suffering in one way or another. The gorse is absolutely beautiful this time of year. In the past I have been to the Ashdown Forest quite a few times and always thought it a magical place. x

  9. You can always find someone who is struggling in life more than you the times over years when I was struggling be driving in a hospital waiting room with Sandie and would see or talk often or not yo someone so much more worse of than you. Hugs lots love you are a wonderful caring friend Joy xxx

  10. I and my family are from Edenbridge-Hever, my sister lives at Marlpit Hill and although I now live away my heart is still there, my daughters lived on the forest and in Crowborough, and have now we have spread but where do we meet – why, its on the forest every summer for a grand re-union picknick.
    This area will always be described as home by us.

  11. I used to work with adults with severe physical learning disabilities and I thank god every day for the life I have
    I never take things for granted or I try not to
    You take care Barbara for none of us know what the future holds Hugs x

  12. Every morning I try to first off claim a blessing. And choose to be happy , joyful and well even if I'm not exactly there yet .a cup of coffee always helps . Then go out and look at people and smile . They almost always smile back and there you have it —- a blessing ! Many blessing are coming your way. Joy now jan

  13. A very thoughtful post today. Whatever our problems there are always those struggling more. Our life is very difficult at the mo and is likely to be so for the foreseeable but we get up each day and have each other and hugs, kisses and smiles are wonderful things! We have to be happy each day no matter what! xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    What a thought provoking blog today, you are so right, sometimes our worries seem very petty in the bigger scheme of things when you look around at other people's struggles. I'm on holiday with a group of crafty ladies I met through a craft blog and just watching the physical struggles one of our group goes through and the sheer determination she has to be independent is humbling. The gorse is a beautiful colour this year. Thank you for sharing
    love xxx xxxx. Xxxxxx

  15. Lovely post, very thought provoking, very true, we all get wrapped up in our own little world until, hopefully, we get a nudge….thanks Barbara, for all my troubles I know I'm far luckier than so many out there…enjoy your day…x

  16. Dear Barb – sadly your account says what life is for us all these days. I think you have to take joy in the little things, or else it's all too overwhelmingly unfair!!
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS – I had a tiny 'moment of Clarity' playing with my blank masking sheets – but I'm blowed if I can think of a use for it.

  17. Morning lovely blog post Barbara you put everything in you're words that I am grateful for every day I get so emotional visiting my Mum these days in her care home wondering when or how long it will be before she doesn't know or recognise me or if that will also be me in not so many years to come.
    I have my health which I am so grateful for and I'm making every day count now making sure my kids and grandkids have happy memories and all the love and help I can give them.
    Thankyou for this wee reminder.
    Take care Love Dot.xx

  18. What you said is so true Barbara. It is so easy to get bogged down in your own problems and become blinkered to what other people are going through. Whenever I have a bad day, I think of some of my friends who are faced with far greater problems than mine and realise how lucky I am really. Thank you for reminding us that there is always something to be thankful for.
    Gayle x

  19. Totally get you Barb. It is those real things that pull us back into reality and make us realise – there but for the grace of god…… My 2 grandsons make me realise how lucky I am each and every day and by September there will be another little bundle of joy for me to be grateful for. Xxx

  20. I echo your thoughts totally, my husband & I spent today in Weymouth Dorset the sun was shining & we both felt totally grateful to be alive, able to walk, have a roof over our heads, family & friends – God Bless you Barbara xxx

  21. Hi Barb, thank you for sharing this. I echo your sentiments, because it is and always should be small things that we notice that makes us grateful for what we have. Take care. Bx

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