Leaving on a Jet plane….

Leaving on a Jet plane….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
What a glorious day again down here in the Weald of Kent.
Unseasonably warm, but very lovely.
The blossoms are in full bloom, 
and the Magnolias are magnificent.
They’re my favourites. To me, they’re like the first announcement of warmer days to come, aren’t they.
I’d like to spend a week in the garden, but that’ll never happen.
If I want to have a break, relax, chill, read a book, 
I really have to go away. Far away.
Since we took over Pergamano in January, work has been pretty unrelenting. Not just for me, but for many at Clarity.
It was obvious that the first six months post acquisition
 would be mega busy, and we are really happy with how things are developing, but you can’t just keep going and going, can you…
So we are taking holidays in shifts, 
and it’s my turn this week and next! YAY!!!!!!
Dave is staying back to keep Groovi production going, 
which is not ideal, but very necessary, 
and brother Steve and I are off to the States for a vacation.
He needs to stop too, and soak up a bit of sun. 
All these night shifts are starting to get to him…..
Am I taking my crafting stash with me?
What do you think? Yes or no….
If I can get a signal where we are, 
of course I will be sure to blog.
Love & Hugs,

62 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet plane….

  1. Have a lovely holiday both of you ! Have a break from the crafting and leave your things behind, catch up on some reading, you'll come back refreshed and raring to go full of ideas ! Good old Dave – holding the fort ! Xx

  2. Fantastic, have a lovely time. I think all you need is a pen and a notepad from doodling, best in your caseto switch off completely to benefit from break , enjoy x

  3. Have a lovely time and hope you get to see your children. Relax and forget Clarity for two weeks. It will do you good and the company and your legion of fans will still be here when you get back. X

  4. Hope you and Steve have a great time and that you manage to catch up with Mark and Grace along the way. It's a shame Dave can't go too but hopefully he will get his break soon. No crafting while your away, there will be plenty of other things to keep you busy I'm sure. x

  5. Well I think you need to leave craft stash behind. Such a shame that Dave cannot join you. He will need a break too, so you will have to jet off again soon. I am baking top tiers of wedding cake today and looking after grandchildren so I might be in meltdown by the end of the day. Enjoyvyour break and relax. X x

  6. Note book pens for doodling but a complete break rest up have some fun hope you get to see Grace and Mark for cuddles with your babies safe trip switch off lots love be xxx

  7. Please make sure you really do switch off completely, even from the blog. You could delegate, Paul, Maria, Tina, Rosella, Linda, or maybe DT members would like to have a guest spot!! Enjoy yourself, and spend time with your lovely children xx

  8. Hope you have a great time Barbara, hopefully catching up with Grace and Mark while you are there. Shame Dave can't be with you. But that just means you and Dave will have to have another holiday together later in the year! And, no to the crafty stash, lots of mind photos and memory making instead. Love Brenda xx

  9. I think you should take one of your little books with the original Artwork from your Poster (and a poster) and gift it to the owners of the shop where it all began!! But don't take any other crafty stuff! (As if you intended to?) I am off to the Lake District next week and Mexico in August!!!! Can't wait! Have a lovely time Barb and Steve and remember TO COME BACK !!!! Xxxx

  10. Have a wonderful, relaxing trip with your lovely brother. I do hope you will be catching up with Mark and Grace. I would imagine that your 'ideas brain' never shuts down, so perhaps a note/sketch book might be useful, but have a break from anything else crafty!
    My ii book and border plate are out for delivery, so while you are away I will practise and hopefully be more competent by the time you come home.
    Take care, travel safely and relax. I will miss your daily missives if you don't have a signal, but will look forward to all your news when you return. Hugs.

  11. Wishing you a wonderful time to relax – I wouldn´t take anything and simplys oak up some inspiration. But if you feel like taking your work with you to vacation….if it´s good for your soul, do it! ;O)

    Greetings from Germany,

  12. Hello Barbara

    I am so pleased to hear you and Steve are managing to take a two-week break. Just a shame Dave can't join you.

    I hope you are not taking any crafting things with you so you can have a complete break (if that is at all possible when you are the owner.

    Have a lovely time and come back refreshed.


  13. Have a great time and a good rest. Hope you are going to see Grace and Mark while you are stateside! Good old Dave keeping the home fires burning.
    Gayle x

  14. Loved your blog today , actually it's Monday now and just attended an old friend funeral,. Time flies and I've missed opportunities , spent the last week beating myself up over it all . I'm letting it go now , nothing I can do about the past . Let's all be kind to ourselves and each othe

  15. Hi Barbara & ladies hope you are all well.
    Barbara have a great break with Steve and you can now look forward to seeing Grace & Mark.
    Leave the crafting bits at home , we won't mind .just come back and tell us all about your travels.
    The gang at home will be fine looking after the ranch.
    take care .
    Lynn xx

  16. Hi Barbara – I hope that you and Steve have a great time, enjoy meeting up with Grace and Mark. No way will you be taking your craft things with you – an absolute break is what you both need. Enjoy every moment, hugs Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – it has been rather chilly here today, but still managed some sunshine! I have treated myself today to a new pair of specs, to help when doing Groovi. I have varifocul lens and find it difficult when colouring in etc and often take off my specs to do some of it – so I am going to have a pair with single vision lens which are just to be used for crafting. The optician worked out which bit of the prescription that I needed for this distance of vision and the best part is that they only cost £25 all in, amazing! I will let you know how I get on with them – love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Ooo…that sounds like a good idea. I found myself taking my glasses off today to do some colouring :/ May need to look into (pun not intended!!) having some special crafting glasses. Please do let us know how you get on with them 🙂

    3. Hi Gilly I wear varifocal contact lenses and have the same problem. My optician said last week a plus one pair of glasses might help and suggested their own make or a cheap pair from Poundland!! Let us know how you get on because I haven't got any sorted out yet! Xxx

    4. My last prescription specs I had one pair made single vision for crafting…trouble was I felt really queasy soon as looked up so they didn't get used and I stuck with my varifocals. Hope you have much better sucess with yours!

    5. Hi Diane and Su – I will let you know how I get on with them. My optician did stress that they were only for crafting and not to even get up still wearing them. I promised to take them off immediately that I stop crafting. I have chosen bigger frames, to give me an increased area to see clearly – I hope! xx

  17. Enjoy your well-deserved break, Barbara. You and Dave will have to holiday later in the year. I have to take something crafty with me on holiday even if I don't do any! Mxx

  18. Have a wonderful holiday. It is a shame that you and Dave cannot go away together though, but as Margaret said, you will have to take off together later in the year, even if it is just a caravan trip. xxx Maggie

  19. Glad you are going on holiday, you need a break, how nice going with Steve, hope you get to see your son and daughter while in USA. Pity Dave wont be joining you, but soneone has to keep the wheels turning. Have to have another relaxing break when you return, with your Dave. Have fun Barb and dont be worrying about the blog or crafting unless you really cant live without it. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Safe travelling to you both. Hugs Pam xxx

  20. Hi lovely bloggy friends, hope you've had a good day. Turning colder here this evening, but has been brilliant the last few days especially for so early in the season.xxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Good to hear you and Steve are getting a break away, shame Dave can't join in too. Have fun visiting the children, they must be over the moon having you both visit. I wonder if some of your lovely postcards will find there way into your hand luggage.take care.
    Love Diane xxxx

  22. Hello Barb, glad to hear you are getting a break, and Steve too. It is a pity Dave is staying behind, but I imagine with the business growing so rapidly, those are the choices that sometimes face you. Take care and have great time. Bx

  23. Hope you have a wonderful time, I am so envious I love the US and would go there at the drop of a hat. I have been dipping into Michael Portillo's great US rail journeys, such amazing scenery. I am sure you will meet up with your children so just enjoy. Don't bother with the craft stuff, you are bound to come across some fabulous artwork on your travels and tell us all about it. As to the blog, well you have some great stand-ins so although I will miss it, it's more important that you have a good rest away from business and tell us all about it when you return xx

  24. Have a great time with Steve…a change of scene and 'battery recharge' will do a power of good! Dave's a star, along with the rest of the crew, holding the fort while you're away and hope they'll all have fun when it's their turn on the rota! Xxx

  25. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I didn't comment yesterday or today until now, but really wasn't very well. Anyway, I'm so glad that you and Steve are heading off to the US and I hope that you get to spend time with Mark and Grace. You deserve a break because things have been full on for you and Clarity for ages now and you all must be shattered. The only down thing is that you don't get to spend the time with Dave – I hope you both get to go away later on. Have a fabulous relaxing time and don't even worry about us back here ( there are plenty of videos, past blogs etc to keep us busy) . Love and hugs Alison xxx

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