Ally Pally – The Rose Window.

Ally Pally – The Rose Window.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Back home after an excellent, busy two days up on the hill in London. 
It all went so smoothly!
We even had time for a cuppa before the day began!
Being underneath the Rose Window in the Great Hall is great.
Early in the day, the light pours through and lights up the stand beautifully.

Paul looks veritable ethereal !!
See how the sun dances across his head….
hahahaha xx
He was brilliant.
Demonstrated Groovi non stop both days, 
and never stop helping and being his kind self. 

I even got my stamps out on Day 2,
which I thoroughly enjoyed.
The first day was too manic, and the stand too packed for me to start wielding my brayer and brushes!
Maybe next year we will rent a bigger stand…

Lisa hopped about helping our visitors at the stand
all weekend, as did young Steve.

Jayne and Dave served customers at the tills non-stop;
it was heaving on Saturday!
The happy news this time was that our stamps were almost as popular as the Groovi! Not that Groovi has dropped off – not at all!
It’s just that our stamps are back on the radar.
Happy Days.

No idea what was going on in the rest of the hall !
We were mobbed. 

Today was quieter.
Which was great, because it gave me a chance to connect with good friends and old acquaintances.
I got to talk to people and spend time with them. 
Got to listen to them and catch up with their news. 
Lots of hugs, a few tears too. 
We are all getting older, aren’t we? And at the same speed actually!
The thing is, some of us have known each other 20 odd years. 
We only hook up at this London show, but we’re friends.
You have watched my circumstances change; you have watched my kids grow up, you have seen our little company grow into a bigger company – with your help and loyalty. You have watched me age as I have watched you age. We have shared our lives, albeit sporadically. 
I have known the husband, who has been there year in year out, get ill, and then the next time, so sadly, he’s no longer standing behind her, smiling and carrying the bags. The wife is there alone, lost in a way. The guy who always chuckled long-sufferingly about being the bag carrier is gone. There were a couple of those poor souls there today.
So yes. I was very glad to be able to spend time with them. 
I met a gentlman in a wheelchair called Carl, who was pretty much both blind and deaf. He wanted to thank me for the Groovi System because he said it had given him creative direction in his life again.
He could literally feel his way round the grooves, and was so excited to be able to do parchment art again.
I have to tell you, when you meet a man like Carl, it rightsizes everything in your own life. EVERYTHING.
There were loads and loads of good people and friends!
Some of us had lunch together underneath the Rose Window, 
which was special too. 
All in all, a special weekend. 
Thank you.
Love & Hugs,

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  1. How fabulous when you are able to meet people like Carl. Glad it all went well and so nice to hear that the stamps are fighting back. Lol xxc

  2. And to top it all its been sunny and warm…makes everything seem so much better!
    Glad all went well with the show. Feet up now and enjoy the rest of your evening!
    Love and hugs xxx

  3. Sounds like you had a busy but enjoyable weekend. It's always good to catch up with old friends and new! You are so fortunate to have such a fantastic team, including the lovely Paul and Dave! Love the stamps, hopefully I'll be able to get some at the retreat! Xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, sounds a special time, both for you and your friends and customers. That's good. Very sad for me though that it can never be me…

    I told you the balance between Groovi and stamps would right itself. It's human nature, makes no sense to me, but seems when something new comes along most folk want to drop what they have, and have and do it all of the new thing instead. But in time the novelty wears off and they are happy to then do other things, go back to other things. That's not just craft, it seems to be anything.

    Hope you can have a well earned rest now, hopefully a day or two off, or is that too much wishful thinking… Love Brenda xx

  5. How lovely to catch up with people you care about. Sad to see some no longer with us. Your stand looks wonderful in the sunlight, I expect it was wonderful in any light really. Glad the stamps are popular still. I love all things parchment but it is nice to still get inky. X

  6. Hi Barbara , great to come to the stall again today. Didn't get to speak with you as you were busy, but gave Dave some friendly abuse again, I think he will run when he see's coming next time. I did try to use my voucher online when I got home but it would not let it through so I will phone office in next couple of days. Thanks for making a special day for me again Hugs

  7. Glad all went well with the shows and that you had a good time, too. I do love Ally Pally.! For me definitely the best craft event! Lovely to catch up, too. Once again,well done to you, Dave and all your team! You've done an amazing job and I think all your hard work has paid of. Now sit back, put your feet up and have a relaxing rest of the evening. Hugs xxx

  8. I am glad it all went so well. There is something special about these craft shows it's that special side of crafting that we all feel we want to share and the social side of it all. I was just saying tonight how much I miss the shows I will get to Ally Pally one day. Sounds like you have had a real special weekend . Hey, by the way Paul, you don't have to take that kind of abuse you know!!!! Ha ha x

  9. Great it went so well. Must make all your hard work worthwhile knowing how much joy you bring into so many lives. Thank you all

  10. So glad your show has gone well, lovely memories for you and the people you spent time with. Great that stamps are doing well again, quality always shines. Hope you and the Clarity team can have a few days to recharge your batteries. Xx

  11. Evening bloggy friends, hope today was good for you all. I was out yesterday with my sisters, took the dogs to the beach and had dinner out. Today I was snipping my groovi border, snip, snip, snip! My stamps have arrived too so I will be playing with them this week…hmmmmm, which one shall I start with? Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Sounds like you've had a lovely day. Enjoy playing with your new stamps – I think I would have to start with the leaf. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    2. Oooo I like the leaf…and the stag, but I also like the bird…and the mushroom. Then again the tree line is great! I shall do eanie, meanie, miney, mo, in the morning. Xx

    3. Haha Donna what are you like. Put the names in a hat and pick one out then its random, but speak to the others that haven't been chosen and let them know they will get a turn too! Have fun playing xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    So pleased that you have had a good day. It's lovely that you can meet the same people and catch up on their lives albeit sometimes does mean a lot to people to say hello to you ( I certainly know it does to me anyway!) I hope you can all have a well earned rest now. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've had as good a day as possible. Been cold here this afternoon and tonight. Just sitting here now watching The Masters and hoping that we get a UK winner with Justin Rose. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  13. So glad the weekend was good for you and your company. Pleased to hear the stamps were going well. Hopefully, you will have time for a little r&r xx

  14. Hello Barb. Well, I had a fantastic day thanks mainly to you, Dave, Paul and the Clarity team. Now I have to find some time to play with all my new toys!!!!! The highlight of my visit was having lunch together with you and other special friends. From my tour round the rest of the great hall, the Clarity stand seemed the busiest each time I returned!! Have a rest now – see you on the Friday Open Day (note to self……start saving pennies!) xx

  15. joy steels9 April 2017 at 21:37
    Looked like was another great event again was sad I was unable to come catch uplove are catch time. But I know I would have struggled today with driving. I will be there September, you will get to meet Bob to as he will not be working that weekend. Katie has been glued to life shows in hope to see you again she did miss you you and coming but didn't moan understood which was good as normally she has a strops if don't get to go somewhere cyber hugs from me to you a lovely lady and friend rest up tomorrow enjoy hopefully the sunshine has the weather been beautiful night night sleep well xx

  16. Evening Barbara and team. Sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend, and quite a social meeting as well as a show. Really must try to get to one of them sometime. Enjoyed part of your dem on TV. Not managed to see the end yet. Hope you all get a rest now. Xxx

  17. Yours is a wonderful accolade to Clarity and its products – be they Groovi or original. The sentiments you've shared by your stand visitors or by we, those of us who observe from afar, do really hit home particularly in difficult and unresolvable times. Xxx

  18. So glad everything went well and that you managed to catch up with long standing crafty friends Barbara. It is heart warming to hear the stories of all the people to whom crafting means so much. I for one would certainly miss my crafting if I could no longer do it. Hope you manage to have a rest tomorrow. x

  19. Hi Barbara, I am glad it all went well. Really enjoyed chatting to you on Saturday at the end of the show. I cannot wait to start using my new groovi plate you demonstrated yesterday. Don't forget to put the sofa blog to the top for me. Lol I tackled putting the IKEA unit together today. Mastered it on second attempt. ( still have not told hubby) xxxx

  20. So glad you had an excellent day today as well as yesterday. Would have loved to have a chat yesterday but everytime I passed you were so busy. Nevermind we did manage a hello and goodbye. Better luck if I manage to get to an open day. Had fun today putting away all my goodies, hope to get crafting tomorrow. Hope you have a few easy days you must all be

  21. Hi bloggy friends, hope you've all had a good weekend. Its been gorgeous here again today, really beautuful weather at Ally Pally yesterday as well. Loved the show overspent as usual but as they say, cant take it with

  22. Hi Barbara
    I love the Rose window, it's worth taking 5 minutes just looking at it isn't it. I'm really pleased the shows have gone well and the stamps have picked up again, mind you, who could resist the beautiful stamps you showcased last week. You are so generous with your time taking time to chat to people and catching up with people you know through shows and the blog. Reading the blog and your newsletters it does feel like we know you well, like a good friend, the highs and the lows over the years. Your comment about the missing husbands was sad, yes they spoil us rotten don't they, driving us there, carrying bags and saying go on treat yourself and then they are gone. Well done to the wives who came to the show without those lovely men behind them, it's a big step but you took it and I'm sure Barbara gave you a hug. I hope you've got an easy day planned for tomorrow Barbara. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  23. Hi Barbara, thanks for all you share with us , im loving everything your showing us, especially parchment, colouring, groovi boards etc. Is there any chance you could make your tutorials available as a downloadable PDF please. It would be great to be able to print them out & follow the project step by step. Thanks Sydney, WA

  24. Hi Barb, thank you for sharing these fab photos, and for all the things that you share with us on your blog. It really makes a person feel like part of a big friendly craft family. Glad to hear that the show was a success. Take care everyone. Bx

  25. Hello Barbara

    Carl is an inspiration. We all have moans and spells of feeling sorry for ourselves but we should count our blessings and be pleased we are alive and able to do things.

    It was my first visit to Ally Pally and I loved it. In the words of Arnie – I'll be back!


  26. Glad you enjoyed the show and that it was a success for you after all your hard work and preparation. I'm sure you spending some time with your loyal customers and friends meant the world to them x

  27. Loved your blog today , actually it's Monday now and just attended an old friend funeral,. Time flies and I've missed opportunities , spent the last week beating myself up over it all . I'm letting it go now , nothing I can do about the past . Let's all be kind to ourselves and each othe

  28. Had a good forage on the stand on Sunday.Thanks for the deal on word chains and wee stamps. Didn't sat hi as am still shy at the age of 55 next month lol. Get over it already. Have great holiday.

  29. So glad it went well. I really am not a fan of parchment although have tried it and bought a few things including the starter kit. Thought you had abandoned stamps so have been looking elsewhere, so glad you have had a resurgence as your stamps really are the best. Will keep watching

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