Launching our BRAND NEW A4 Super Fine Groovi Grids

Launching our BRAND NEW A4 Super Fine Groovi Grids

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
I know we’re supposed to be on holiday, and we are!
But today it’s back to crafting…
I have something very beautiful and very exciting to show you.
(If you actually hold one, and you consider the feat of engineering, you will understand why I call them beautiful).
I wanted to tell you about the new Super-fine grids.
This blog is for all those parchers out there who have been asking for the A4 grids. 
We introduced the A4 bold grids,
straight and diagonal , a little while ago. 
And yesterday, Dave collected the Super fine ones from the guys who drill them for us.
What’s the difference?
Well, the number of holes in the plate. 
Check out the difference:
The number of holes in the new super fine grids is astounding.
The Straight A4 Super Fine Grid has 33,971 individual holes.
The Diagonal A4 Super Fine Grid has 39,387 individual holes.
They are expensive to produce, and carry a considerable price tag, but some things just have to be done. 
We decided to go for the large A4, and not worry about all the other sizes. We don’t think we will be able to offer them on TV, only because of the cost, but so many parchers have asked for them!
They wanted the transparent acrylic benefits of the Groovi grids plus the super fine grid for very delicate lacework, 
so we decided to bite the bullet and get them made.
There’s a special offer on both together:
If you are moving forward with your parching art and you are considering finer gridwork, then of course, the metal fine Pergamano grids are still available too, 
at a lesser cost and in A5 size.
We ARE Pergamano, remember?
But in this case, and having spoken to many traditional parchers,  Linda Williams, Tina Cox and Rosie Cottrell to name just three – I would say that the acrylic grids are the way forward and a superior product.  
Back to the holiday!
Love & Hugs,

21 thoughts on “Launching our BRAND NEW A4 Super Fine Groovi Grids

  1. Good morning Barbara! Well you've done it again, they will go like hot cakes I'm sure. I will say just 2 things… hoopla hoops and go holiday! Wxx

  2. That is just what I have been waiting for. I prefer to work on fine grids to get the more delicate look, so these will be perfect. Now it is time to get back to that much needed break from all things work related. Mind the rattlers, though. xxx Maggie

  3. Greetings all the way from the U.K. These new grids are Indeed super, and even as a non-parcher I can see the beauty in them ….unlike the 'Rattlers ' that you and Steve encountered yesterday.. I have walked past that sign many times with you, and never seen a snake…''tis the season to be wary!' .springs to mind. Now you get on and holiday……..xx

  4. Wow!!! Well – this is what I call an investment purchase, because once you have bought it, you have so many designs at your finger tips. I have to take meds, and since being on these meds, I've found that I so easily cut myself on the metal grid, so this is a total game changer for me and solves a big problem.

    Also, people with arthritic hands will find that embossing dots on the acrylic grid is much much kinder on the hands.

    Awesome!! Well done Clarity, you have come up trumps again!

  5. Glad I missed y'days post as am assuming pic of snakes included… sorry but they totally give me the 'heeby geebies' to the point I could actually throw up!

    Loving the new fine grids and there may just have to be an order made for them…trouble is I just need (want) everything…anyhow have just about got my tiny craftroom sorted after it was put on hold to look after my mam, so should be able to have some 'me' time and get in the groove very soon. Housework today, then should be playing tomorrow…yippee! Have fun xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, I'll let you off from talking craft today on your holiday!!! I can see why you want to. Guess there's now going to be a lot of hoppy bunnies this Easter weekend!!!! Hope you have anotyer fun filled day today, minus the scary wildlife. Love Brenda xx

  7. Received my I'm booklet and grids today ,won't mind bad weather tomorrow as it means I'll have great excuse for staying home and playing 😀😀😀😀. Carry on enjoying your hols

  8. Hi Barbara, glad to see you are enjoying the start of your holiday.
    Have just caught up with your travels, the snakes oh my !!!!! It would have freaked me out reptiles I can not do
    such a wimp.
    well my parchment craft is comming on but not quite ready for these grids but I can see why the ladies who have such a fabulous talent would need them.
    Caught up with Maria's shows brilliant
    Happy Holidays
    🍷🍺 Lynn xx

  9. Once I get to grips with the ones I've got I'll move on to these – that might be a while of course! Enjoy your holiday and keep away from the snakes ! Xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    How exciting and yes they do look beautiful so we will let you off talking craft today. Think it will. E a few more years yet before I get to thus level but it sounds like they are very popular already. Enjoy your holiday.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . Barbara! I placed my order earlier for the duo and for the new octagon plate. I love these plates, I can't wait to get them. Thank you for making them A4 size, my dreams have come true!! I will treasure them! I've wanted these for a very long time. As other parchers have said, I too, prefer the fine grids. I would like to add that I think it's easier to cut beautiful crosses and picots when perforating on a fine grid. Honestly, using a fine grid is no different than using the bold grid, just a wee smaller size and more perfect perforations.

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