Hi there!
Thanks for popping in 
and joining us on our New Mexico adventures.

Glorious weather, blue skies.

We set off this morning on a little road trip. 
This time we headed south. Destination Carlsbad Caverns.
Past the salt flats, through Vaughn. 
I remembered that there’s a great diner there,
so we had a pit stop.

Spotted something on the menu which tickled me…

Ham and Eggs: 
A day’s work for a chicken; 
a lifetime commitment for a pig.

It’s a good 5 hour drive via Roswell.
So we stopped there and met a few of the locals…

Several new murals since last time.
This one is particularly pleasant:

Vast, wide open countryside, ribbon roads, heat haze, huge trucks.
Lots of abandoned homesteads, boarded up houses in the middle of nowhere. Rusty old cars and tractors sleeping in the fields.
Certainly very different to our little island. 

I was thinking as we drove into Carlsbad how empty the roads were, how few people were on the streets.
Then we parked up outside the hotel and bam! 

Ask me how hot it is down here…
over 90 degrees fahrenheit 

32+ degrees centigrade

April 17th. Blimey. Get the cozzy out and get in that pool !!

Time for something to eat, so we found a place called 
Buffalo Wild Wing.
Loads of massive pick-up trucks in the car park.
The pick-up trucks are insane! 
You could drive underneath the chassis in most English cars!
Lord knows how they get in them!
But in we ventured.


Packed out. Monday’s Family Night!

When in Rome do as the Romans do, eh?
 Hot wings it is then!

#brutal #lipsfelloff

Quote for the day: 
Brush it off.

I like that.
If something is getting under your skin, just brush it off.
Nothing is that important. Don’t let it nibble at you.
Just B.I.O.
Brush It Off. 

Love & Hugs,

27 thoughts on “BRUSH IT OFF

  1. I do like that Brush it off, i will remember that along with probably the one thing I remember from a management course I did long ago SUMO. If you are unlikely to remember an incident in six months time Shut Up and Move on.

    Love the murals

  2. Great post, love to see all these places and how hot…I mean we're still getting frost for heaven's sake….haha….you enjoy, look forward to reading more….x

  3. Wow, that's certainly a lot hotter than the UK! Really enjoying hearing about your travels, you and Steve sound like you're having a brilliant time. Thanks for sharing x

  4. Thank you for sharing with us, although I will pass on the hot wings, thank you very much. There are a couple of things I need BIO for, so will find mine asap.

  5. Howdi Barbara just been on yesterdays blog and here you are again aye get your cozy on you've nothing to worry about bet they let it awe hang out there loving all your wee pics and seeing you enjoying yourself thanks for taking the time to share.
    Love Dot Xx

  6. Parts of Getmany, that is Bavaria, are having a lot of trouble with snowstorms, so be glad you are where you are! Its really cold here! Also I fid a double take when I read Carldbad, because I live next to Karlsbad in Germany, haha!
    So glad you're having a good time, keep on enjoying!

  7. Enjoy your road trip. Air con is an essential in a car, I bet! Don't think I'd cope with those spicy chicken wings – would look like I'd had cologen implants. Love and hugs Jeanette xxxx

  8. Phew, that's very hot Barbara but at least you can cool off whilst eating your hot wings, and hope this fun trip is helping you brush off all those worries. x

  9. That's hilarious Barbara. Thank you. Much needed just now. Was going to say something re your photo of the locals, but not very pc, so I better keep it to myself eh!!!!😉

    I see pictures and stuff on the telly of the different ways of other nations, but can't imagine what it's like to actually be there. Must feel like you're on a different planet.

    Aye, brush it of, I like that too. And it's something I've been working hard on for a while. Might be in vain though, as it's not something Aspergers brains are wired to do. But if you don't try there's no chance, and you never know unless you try. There's another quote eh! Too many people go – can't, don't want to, too hard etc., and then moan about their life, thinking/expecting everything should be handed to them on a plate.

    Glad you're having so much fun, and so many experiences. Can't wait to read what you get up to today!!!

    Love Brenda xx
    P.s. Dot wrote a new verse of the welly song on yesterday's blog, just for you

  10. It has been a nice day here, cool but pleasant. Great photographs and love the BIO. I hope you enjoyed the hot wings they looks delicious. Happy Holidays!
    Linda xxx

  11. Thanks for thinking of us during your trip. It is good to see you looking so relaxed and hopefully the effects will last when you get home. Enjoy the rest of your time away.

  12. We had sun here today but not the heat!!! In fact it was frosty first thing and chilly in the shade! Still its good to see brightness!
    Looking forward to the next installment of your adventure! Xxxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    I love your adventures, you paint such a lovely picture of the land you travel through to us. Those murals are fab but you can keep the spicy hot wings! Brush it off, yes a good phrase to adopt.
    Love Diane xxx

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