Away with the Fairies!

Away with the Fairies!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
What a beautiful day!
We’ve been going like the clappers here, gearing up for the big Ally Pally exhibition in London this weekend. 
The only problem as I see it is how we are going to cram all our stock into the stand!
And don’t say we need a bigger stand! 
It costs a small fortune to do that show!
So we shall just have to make do and huddle up.
It does get packed!
Added to which I shall be doing a one hour live Groovi TV Show
at 1pm on the Saturday. The last time I got stick for yelling as I recall.
But the thing is, you are working in front of a live audience in a really loud hall, so you automatically shout to be heard over the racket. 
If it gets loud, there is one thing you CAN do:
Here’s a step by step I did at the weekend, showcasing our lovely new Toadstool stamp and fairy friends
Ready? Here goes….
Stamp the huge toadstool shape onto Stencil Card and mask.

Using a blending tool,
 and laying your work on the blending mat which comes with the set, start  working artistry ink into the background .
Add a moon mask too….

Change sponges, change colours.
I went with Morning Dew and Cotton Candy.

Keep going. Switch to darker inks now.
Add some land with torn paper to create the space.
Use a damp clean blending sponge to lift colour out, 

like the Japanese Bokeh photography technique.

Now swop out masks…

Use a make up sponge to add some colour to the toadstool itself.
Let’s make a door by lifting colour with a wet paintbrush.

Let there be light!
This is so easy and fun to do;
you should give it a go….

Oh! Hang on! 
Just when you thought you could settle down to a Might Meaty Dominos Pizza and a chick flick, 
Ding Dong!

Romantic evening? Not an elfing chance!
Your fairy friends pitch up for a party,
and they LOVE pizza too.

You know it’s out of your hands when the SWAT team 
lands on the roof. 

There they go, sprinkling Fairy Dust in the garden,
to charm the neighbours.
A wink of Stella, and they’re away with the fairies!
Must press on.
Long list ticked, still longer list left to tick!
Love and Hugs,

42 thoughts on “Away with the Fairies!

  1. I absolutely love this Barb. This demo was the one which swayed me to buy the one day wonder. Not that I needed much persuading, I could never resist a fairy! Have fun at Ally Pally xxx

    1. Miss you and Gill too. Going to Ally Pally on Sunday and celebrating one big birthday! – not saying how old.
      Think of you two often. Stay in touch
      Love Anne

  2. Hi Barb,
    Very whimsical with some lovely techniques. Not my scene but I do appreciate it all the same. My order from the weekend came today and I love the little book by Tina. Very good quality and the projects are super. Well done Tina and Clarity. Brilliant service as usual. Hope Ally Pally goes well for you – look after your neck! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well I hope you've all had as lovely a day as we have up here. It's been beautiful although still cold out of the sun. I've had a lovely day – my sister took me up to Newcastle for a shopping trip. Needless to say the bank balance has gone down but it would've been rude not to buy after she went to the trouble of taking me! Mind you I was tired by the time I got home. Got home to find the tiler had been ( not supposed to be coming until Monday) so that was a nice surprise , only problem some of the tiles arent being delivered until tomorrow! Going to have a play tomorrow with My piercing grid with the help of Tina's book so looking forward to that. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

    2. Glad you had fun shopping. My book came this morning too so I might have a try later. Glad your kitchen is coming together, won't be long till its finished. Xx

  3. This is beautiful! I hope that you have a good and profitable show at Ally Pally – totally understand about having to fit lots of things into a space. My husband used to sell at Steam Fairs (in the craft tent) & there was never enough room for everything, but rents are expensive. Can only imagine what you must be having to pay, as you are in such a different league! Safe journey, hugs Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – hope that you have all had some sunshine today! We had to wait until this afternoon for ours, it was SO cold this morning! It's still very sunny now – love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Hope you are both ok. Was cold here too if you were out of the sun,but warm in the sun. Too warm for early April I think! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  4. Lovely , so glad you are back in stamping mode . Like Groovy its beautiful, but not for me , these stamps are really lovely but will have to wait a little while as we are just off on holiday.x

  5. Beautiful art work, although those fairies sound like trouble stomping around on their friends roof! Good luck getting everything packed for the show. I bet it will be a great show like it always is. Xx

  6. Enjoyed the toadstool project, thanks so much. I like the bokeh effect very much. I can't make Ally Pally, it's too much walking for me now, but I used to love it and stay all day. You always used to be the first stand inside the front door! Have a great time and sell lots x

  7. Did make me laugh about you yelling on telly I was sitting saying don't need to shout can here you hehe love it do understand it is very load there. Don't think I will make make it this time so want to come but have a very pain full shoulder on top of usual pain in legs getting there no problem as wuiet if I come early it's on way home in the start stop traffic getting new car soon automatic so should help with driving but not till 1st June. So going to miss seeing you but also taking scooter a part is hard at moment will have hoist in new car so cyber hugs and see you September if not before . Love today's make hope to play at weekend and cause watch you on Tv xxx

  8. Evening bloggy friends, what a beautiful day today, warm and sunny. Had fun with some craft then went to town for a few bits. Had an email saying my ODS has been despatched so won't be long till I can play. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Ooh! I bet you're really itching for it to arrive do you can have a play! Just been going through Tina's book again trying to decide where to start! Love and hugs Alison. Xxx

  9. Hi Barbara, love this, and your story, thanks for sharing. At first I thought you were talking about you, and someone was knocking at your door disturbing your evening's plans!!! I've still to watch this demo, so I'll look forward to that. And yes I want to give this a go, and lifting colour with a brush, want to give everything a go.

    As for those who gave you a hard time, I remember that. Small minded, selfish folk who can't see past the end of their nose. Of course you have to talk loud so people there can hear you, it would be wrong of you not too, when folk have paid for their tickets and made the effort to go to the show. Just ignore the nasty folk giving you a hard time, they're not worth a thought. If they are too insular and self-centred, and too lazy to reach for the remote, that's their problem not yours.

    As for space, borrow Dr Who's Tardus. No need for you to pack vans, empty them and set up etc., you can set up your stand in the Tardus at base, and get it to land under the window at Ally Pally, plenty room for all your products and customers in there!!! If it's already booked, get some scaffolding and make your stand ground and first floor!!!

    Hope you get your lists ticked off quickly. Remember to have some chill time too please. Love Brenda xx

  10. High spot of the day – the blog. Simply lovely and really looking forward to Ali Pali on Sunday. Please can I have a hug from all the Clarity crew there to celebrate my birthday – not saying how old. Far too old to be working for the MOJ!
    I have been flitting about like a fairy all day at work – up the stairs, down the stairs, along the concourse etc etc.
    Harkening back to yesterday – that old lady of Barbara's in the supermarket hit my heart and I don't believe it but she was in a local supermarket my way, today.
    I thought about it and said to her "Excuse me, you just dropped this (a £10 note) "No she relied not mine" Really I said, I saw it flutter from your pocket"
    She was utterly surprised and said her thank you and proceeded to buy more goodies..
    I know it was only a little gesture that I did, and I feel a bit like the pharisee and the widow's mite, reiterating my tale. However it made me feel better in a small way, that perhaps she would have a good evening meal. Forgive my rambling and telling the tale but wanted to share that even a little gesture can make a difference in this troubled world. If we teach the young ones – maybe, just maybe the world will be a better place.
    Love to everyone out there and beg forgiveness for my rambling blog. Roll on Sunday!!!
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi Anne,
      No need to beg forgiveness. What a lovely, kind thing for you to do. I bet that old lady couldn't believe her luck. Well done you! Love Alison xxx

  11. Love this project and will be giving it (and the other demos) a try when my order arrives…after I've sorted a bag/box per day from clearing my Mam's house… think it'll keep my mind occupied for a while. Good luck for Ally Pally…maybe make it along there one day soon but will be watching the live show xxx

  12. Love it! This would be a great birthday card for a certain little girl in my family. Obsessed with fairies and all things magical. The new stamps are great – my favourites sets are the bird, grove trees and stag, but they're all brilliant.
    Tonbridge Sue

  13. That is fairy good! I love those colours ….its all quite magical how you just make everything look so perfect!
    Hope all goes well at Ally Pally! One year I'll get there!
    Love and hugs xxx

  14. This was my favourite demo of the weekend on TV Barb – have had to add this set to my Wish List for AllyPally on Sunday……..if there are any left!!! FIngers crossed as I love fairies xx

  15. I love this piece of artwork Barbara and the colours are so bright and pretty and lifting the colour with the blending tool gives that great bokeh effect… a really magical scene. I hope you have managed to get every else sorted nice and quickly. x

  16. Hello Barb, the word says it all. Magical art. Love the colours and the scene. Plus your Pizza party story with it. Hope you get everything sorted for Ally Pally. Take care. Bx

  17. Hi Barbara & ladies, hope you are all well.
    Have a blast at Alley Palley, Barbara it will all be ok you always end up being fabulous.
    Just to say I just love the II Book as I am not to good at the cutting out it will help me get lovley patterns around my work.
    Thank you for that and Tina is brilliant in showing us lots of things to help us all to progress.
    Have a wonderfull weekend.
    Hugs to all.
    Lynn xx
    Thank you for the lovely club members groovi plate this month. Xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Sorry I'm playing catch up! I loved this demo when I saw it on tv and I'm so glad you've blogged it. I laughed too, thought it was you being interrupted from your pizza! I hope the set up has gone well today and you are all ready for open doors tomorrow. You yell as loud as you like, it's blooming noisy in the hall so you need to be heard. Slipped in a little hint about Ally Pally today but I know there's other things to be done so see you in September.
    Love Diane xxx

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