Length DOES matter!

Length DOES matter!

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Just broke the team record, and got home from Ally Pally set-up by 5 o’clock! Unheard of! We’re usually still scrambling around the stand at 5, then we hit London Friday traffic and the M25, which is S A V A G E on any day, but Fridays really take the biscuit. 
That stand clicked together like clockwork.
The Clarity team worked together like a well oiled machine.
Even stopped for lunch.
I was in charge of tie-straps. i.e. securing all the gridwall.
And one thing is certain: length matters!

The whole of Ally Pally is held together with tie-straps and gridwall, you know! Don’t you wish you had shares in the companies that invented them?!?

Paul lugs the heavy panels, Debby holds them in place, 
I tie them together.
Mind you, there were 3 guys emptying the van too!
Dave, Big Steve and Little Steve. 
Actually, little Steve’s not that little, but next to big Steve he is!

All we have to do tomorrow is put the artboards up.
That was another mammoth task which lovely Lisa did back at base yesterday.

Big job.
Especially since this is the first Consumer Show we have done this year, so she was pretty much starting from scratch.

Hundreds and hundreds of creative Design Team hours on those artboards.
No. Thousands.

The samples are the most valuable commodity on the stand in my opinion.
Everything else can be replaced, But not the art.

Teamwork makes the dream work…

It doesn’t even look like much when it’s all up!
But that’s the way we planned it.
Spacious for the visitors, not cluttered.

So the scene is set, 
and I’m even doing a live Groovi TV Show at 1pm 
(I think that’s my slot!).

Now it’s all in place, I am really looking forward to a weekend at lovely Alexandra Palace
Am now. 

It’s as I always say: 
we can put in the action, do the best that we can possibly do, 
but then we have to hand it over.
How the weekend goes is in the lap of the gods.
We can’t control the outcome. 
We can engineer our chances, but there’s absolutely no guarantee that it will be successful. 

We have done all we can to present a great show;
that’s all we can do. I’m happy with that. 

Love & Hugs,

41 thoughts on “Length DOES matter!

  1. Have a great show. I'm sure all will go well. The art work looks great and I'm sure the live show will be fabulous as ever. I'm looking forward to playing with my new Teeny Weeny and large image stamp sets and masks over the holidays!

  2. Have a fab show Barb and team Clarity. You will all be amazing – how could you fail with all that gorgeous Clarity merchandise shown off beautifully by the fabulous Design Team. Xxx

  3. I laughed when I read the title! Thanks, much needed! Aye length does matter!!! My garden guy had to go looking for a larger one too a wee while back!!!😉

    Glad the set up went well, all because you have a fab team and a happy atmosphere, I bet. Glad to hear/see you looking happier too, I was worrying about you. Hope it goes the best it can, I'm sure it will, it's Barbara Gray and Clarity after all, the main attraction for most attending I think. I'll be watching your show, providing I remember! Forgot the Davis Cup was on today, didn't remember until after it was finished, but maybe that was meant, knowing we'd lose both rubbers, which we did without Andy! Watching you, much more pleasureable 😊

    Love Brenda xx

  4. I would love to be there but sadly not able to. Still I have got the Open Days and retreat to look forward to. You have certainly done a wonderful job and I hope you have a very good weekend. I will watch the show tomorrow, we have a quiet weekend before our son's wedding next Saturday. Just hoping this weather holds but maybe that is too much to hope for, it will be a Bank Holiday after all. xx

  5. Have a marvellous time, hope all goes well, will look out for your. Tv slot. Wish I could be there but I don't think you would appreciate my sneezing over everyone, Hugs to all xxx

  6. Have a marvellous time, hope all goes well, will look out for your. Tv slot. Wish I could be there but I don't think you would appreciate my sneezing over everyone, Hugs to all xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Well it certainly looks as though everything has come together nicely with the whole team working like a well oiled machine. I hope everything goes well for you at the show and I'm really looking forward to the live show. Get a good night's rest. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. I've had a crafty day today, making some Easter cards using the lovely chicks and eggs plates. Really enjoyed using them. Didn't get around to trying out the patterns in Tina's book but there's no rush for that. Just got back from having a meal out – Dave treated me again , I'm certainly getting used to being spoiled! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  8. Your going to Rosk it this weekend going to be brilliant. Me very sad not going to make it and I cannot check space for move round hehe but laeast stand will be safe and tables. But willbe back September be were be in new chair hopefully not scooter ad should be use to knob as no handle bar oh dear going to need L plates for while hope to have it and car by June 1st life will be easier then. Hugs and lots love from me and Katie will both be there watching Tv saturday Katie will be the one shouting Barbara gray is the best. On thatwill make you laughwent for results on my shoulder today doctor called me in katie then shout hello Dr Taylor love you Dr Taylor your the best Doctor did make him laughgoodjobwas early and only few inwaiting room what is she like xx

  9. Oh I wish I could be there , it looks grand and i can hear my credit card yelling " get me out of your wallet ,i want to buy,buy buy"—– bye bye for now have a joyous time . Jan

  10. Oh my what big tie wraps you have Barbara lol, you look so cheeky. Hope you and your team have a productive weekend, I shall be watching and recording from Oop Norf x

  11. Hello Barbara

    It is looking good. We will see you tomorrow. It is our first visit – so looking forward to it. Tell Paul two of his stalkers from Colemans will be there. Lol.


  12. Brill preparation, if 'fail to prepare and you prepare to fail' is true your weekend should be a well deserved stonking success! All the very best to the whole team – have fun! Wish Dundee wasn't so blimming far away, but i'll enjoy the live show anyhow. And i'll have time to play with my gorgeous, cute as mince wee wee sramps. Have a great show everyone! xx

  13. Oh well done Team Clarity – I wish I was coming tomorrow now instead of Sunday – I hope there's some stock left by then!!!! Barb – coffee at 12.00 if you can take a quick break?

  14. Have a great time at ally pally! I'm sure it'll be fantastic! Might be a tad warm though if the forecast is correct!
    And Barbara you'll be amazing as ever on your telly spot!
    Love and hugs to you all xxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    As always the stand looks really welcoming, I wish I was going. Enjoy yourself over the weekend, I love Ally Pally, such a beautiful building and the room is fabulous. Oooh Barbara what big ties you've got! Haha. I love seeing the photoes of the Clarity team, nice to put a face to a name.take care
    Love Diane xxx

  16. I hope you and everyone going to AP have a great weekend. It is a good job I am not going really, as I am getting so hooked on Groovi that temptation might get the better of me and my card would self combust!
    Have fun.

  17. Hi Barb, I am sure your weekend will be successful. You have great products and a great team, including the design team who make all those beautiful samples. Have a great time all. Bx

  18. We will be on our way soon, so see you later Barbara! Can't wait! Ali Palli is a great show. I forgot to set the TV to record the show though! Wx

  19. Brilliant. Wish could have come. One year, fingers crossed. Looking forward to Bristol.
    Hope you have time for a drink and food xx


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