A Blinding Day!

A Blinding Day!

Greetings from the Deep South…
Day one of our holiday, and we decided to make a list of all the things we want to do and all the places we want to go while here.
Up here in the Rockies you get a lot of wind and red dust. It gets in everywhere, and you can feel it in your eyes and nose that the house needs a good hoover (once the Dyson never-requires-changing-Hepa-filter dries out and I can put it back in). You can write PIG on every surface, and the Venetian blinds in the guest room which are supposed to be white are looking rather red. Don’t think they’ve ever been cleaned in the last 12 years, so you can imagine. And the windowsills looked like miniature sandpits. That’s on the inside!
So we decided to do something about it. 
Option A: Drive to Albuquerque and buy new blinds.
Option B : Wash them.
B won. 
The blinds are huge, so we decided to make good use of the big shower. It didn’t take long to realise we would have to get in the shower with the blinds for this to work. Steve volunteered to hold them while I hosed them down. Well, I’m not sure volunteered is the right word. But he is taller than me…
Here we see Steve all set and raring to go.
Meanwhile I am limbering up.
Actually I couldn’t move for laughing. He is such a clown!

I proper pissed myself.
Look away Ethel!

’orrible, innit!
But one at a time, we got them washed,

cleaned the windows,
and hung them back up again.

Room with a view now the windows are see-through again!

So yeah, blinding day!
I haven’t laughed that much since I got stuck outside the elevator in Slovenia with Linda Williams. Three times the door opened and closed with her in it and me outside it, and still I couldn’t move. 
Nothing like a blimming good laugh with the people you love. 
So tomorrow we’re off to Old Downtown Albuquerque for some more frivolity I’m sure.
Love & Hugs,

50 thoughts on “A Blinding Day!

  1. That's brilliant Barbara, so funnny. Glad you're having so much fun. Chores don't feel like chores when you're having a good time doing them. And you'll feel the benefit of both. Hope you have a fun day 2. Love Brenda xx

  2. Who said cLeaning isn't fun hey can imagine you laughing and as writing this having another giggle. What wonderful windows the view of what could see is lovely. Xxx

  3. That's brilliant you've made my night shift – i'v been laughing ever since I read today's blog. Have a wonderful time resting, relaxing, recharging your batteries. Xxxx

  4. Hello Barb, what a totally hilarious blog post, love the photos, you and Steve can only be siblings, when someone sees the mischief that you get up to. Enjoy the break. Bx

  5. Wonderful blog Barbara, Steve is such fun, brilliant laugh for first thing in the morning, I'll be giggling on and off all day. Have a wonderful day and lots of fun whatever you do.xxx

  6. You have brought me a much needed laugh this morning! Thank you.
    Just about to head off to the hair dresser for a much needed hair cut! Once back I will be tidying and cleaning too as daughter I coming home for Easter from uni. It will be good have her home and spend some time with her.

  7. Oh you are a right pair…. Good to see you enjoying every moment. I proper laughed out loud reading this!
    Barbara, you may need the tena ladies for the rest of the holiday! Pmsl.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  8. Hi bloggy friends hope everyone is well. Had a good crafty session yesterday and have finished my groovi challenge just need to assemble it, I also did my blog art from yesterday. Have a good day. Xx

  9. Steve reminds me so much of my hubby, he never grew up either. Everything has to be turned into a farce, and yes, I have had plenty of PMSL moments, thank goodness for Tenants, haha. Never a dull moment. Your chuckle muscles are in for a good workout, brilliant, bring it on xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    That was so funny! You two are a right pair! I wish I found cleaning so funny!!! Anyway, now you've got the cleaning sorted you can definitely enjoy yourselves by chilling out. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. What fun and hopefully not too many more chores to do before you start on your list of must sees and must dos Barbara. What a fabulous view out of the windows too. x

  12. I think I like Steve's humour! Hilarious – reminded me of a certain scene from 'Porky's'! Seriously though, I reckon I'd have gone for Option A: Drive to Albuquerque and buy new blinds.
    Tonbridge Sue

  13. Ohh that did make me laugh. What you two like Your right there is nothing better than laughing hope you didn't wet yourself really. Lol
    Have an amazing time xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Oh you've given me a good chuckle. There was me thinking we would see Steve in his James Bond speedos and he went one better! Haha. Oh you two do look like you are having fun, just wihat you both need. That view is amazing, have a great day out tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. I had a good old giggle at today's blog. If you can have a laugh when you are doing the chores it makes them seem much easier. Lovely view from your windows, time to get out in that sunshine now. Lovely sunny day here, been sorting out my garden, had to go and put a t-shirt on. Just love this time of year. xx

  16. I thought you were going away for a break lol! Your hands always seem to have to be doing something Barbara! Enjoy your time with your brother, all of you deserve this as you have to keep juggling so many balls and getting stuff done for us. Most definitely time to stop and sniff the, well, cacti?! Enjoy your break huni xx

  17. What a tonic you are! You make me laugh so much. The blind washing looked at lot of fun, but I bet you wished there was a Groovi for that too! Have a great day out tomorrow.

  18. A good laugh does everyone good. My daughter, myself and a friend all collapsed in laughter at the end of the Slimming World meeting tonight. All over something really stupid but I was crying with laughter. Great that you had such a fun time with your brother, would never know washing blinds could be such fun. Now you can get out on some of those trips you have planned. x

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