Greetings from the deep south, 
New Mexico – the Land of Enchantment.

Wednesdays we blog from the heart, right? 
We look at life and why we craft, rather than what we craft, right?

Let me paint the picture for you here.
I am sitting in the kitchen at 5 in the morning, 
(because it’s already nearly lunchtime in my jetlagged head).
Steve is still sleeping, so I shall let him.

When I woke up, or should I say work up,
the first thing I did was check my emails, have a banter with Rosie and check on a paint delivery.
Then I unpacked my suitcase, gave the bathroom a quick clean and decided to vacuum the bedroom.
Let the games begin…
So on with the working clobber and out with the Dyson.
Didn’t suck up worth a light, in fact when I went to empty the dust catcher, it dumped the lot on the bedroom carpet.
Dismantled the filter and decided it needed washing because it clearly hasn’t been done since we were here two years ago. 
The water which came out of the tap didn’t smell very pleasant, because it obviously hasn’t been run since we were here two years ago.
So I went to look for a bottle of disinfectant, climbing over the dismantled Dyson and the pile of dirt on the bedroom floor.
Are you getting the picture yet?
This is what is affectionately known in our house as a cluster f**k (hereinafter referred to as CF)
You start out doing something usually innocent which shouldn’t take 5 minutes, but this then causes something else to go wrong and the CF unravels. Before you know it, you’re up a step ladder on the roof wondering how to slay the dragon who has knocked the chimney off in a dreadfully clumsy landing, and is about to fry you AND the Dyson never-needs-replacing-hepa-filter to a crisp.  
Films have been based on this kind of CF theory for years. 
Fortunately for me, I have a CF radar, and I could see the outcome.
So I quickly back pedalled, climbed down the ladder (metaphorically speaking), lit a candle and came to talk to you.
I also replaced the battery in the kitchen clock on the way down, because it hasn’t been replaced since we were here two years ago.
The tick-tock grounds me, calms my mind.
Sitting here, listening to the dawn chorus and the tick tock, I have had an idea….
See this beautiful postcard I picked up somewhere?
I was wondering whether we as a crafting community couldn’t run with this and make a statement together. 
If you have time, and you feel inclined, make a piece of artwork which says on it somewhere:
That’s the only stipulation: it has to say 
MAKE ART NOT WAR somewhere.
I will do the same.
This is not a competition. This is not a test. 
This is a community movement.
We are much greater than the sum of our parts, 
and we do have a voice. 
When you have done your art, post it on facebook. if you see somebody else’s piece, LIKE AND SHARE.
And now the sun is coming up, so I shall wait for Steve to rise, 
make us a coffee and suggest we go for an early walk to the Indian pueblo ruins.
Love & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “MAKE ART NOT WAR

  1. Morning…afternoon! Time difference always makes things tricky. Glad you both arrived safely. I love the idea of a piece of art work with that sentiment, I will give it a go. I had a CF moment the other say trying to clean the car using the hose that shouldn't tangle and the tap attachment that shouldn't cone off the tap! In the end I went back to the bucket, much better for the stress levels! Xx

    1. Hi Donna ooh I hadn't realised Maria was on, I've got the tv to myself for possibly an hour so I may try and find her while I do some ironing . Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Missed Maria but will watch on catch up. Did see the new plates which I liked but am sitting on my hands at the moment! Hope you had a good crafty session. Love and hugs Alison xx

  2. Oh Barb, you do make me laugh 😂 that's just the sort of thing that happens to me – the old 'CF' (love that terminology by the way). So, can I clarify with you, it has to read 'Make Art not War' and not the uvver one 'Make Peace not War'? Enjoy your day, if you can keep awake! Just watched Maria on Hochanda, what a lovely lady she is and makes everything seem manageable xxx

  3. Mmmm I think Steve fixed the Dyson so you wouldn't wake him with your hovering (or should that be Dysoning?!). I reckon if it's waited 2 years it can wait some more ! I'm sat waiting for the phone to ring to say my car is ready to be picked up – MOT, heard nothing so hope there's nothing more than that ! In the meantime will think of a piece of artwork. Have a good day. Xx

  4. I had recently been thinking of your New Mexico abode and wondering if you had sold it or rented it and there you are , how time flies can't believe its two years .
    Have a nice relax and if you ever get to Virginia let me know .

  5. Hi Barbara
    Gosh is it 2 years since you've been there! Where's that time gone! I love the term CF I know exactly what you mean. I found an earring I thought I had lost the other day, I know where the back of it is but can't remember where I put the other one. There's a drawer that needs going through but I just know one thing will trigger the next thing and so on. Enjoy your walk in the sunlight when Steve wakes up.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends the sun is out the sky is blue, now what can I do for thus piece of artwork. I don't do Facebook but just doing it will geive me pleasure. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      I have a small jewellery box filled with odd earrings and ones that I've lost the backs for!! I could start a trend of wearing different earrings in each ear! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. Hi Barbara – thanks for sharing this with us all. I am famous for starting one thing & taking lots of unexpected twists and turns along the way, leaving a trail behind me! I hope that you & Steve have a great day – if you can manage to stay awake. Hugs Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – it started off very chilly here today, but this afternoon the sun came out & warmed us up nicely. Neill & I went for the group physio appointment this morning, to prepare for his knee op next month. All went well & we were able to leave earlier than the others, as he has already had one knee done – so is still up to speed on some things. He didn't need to do crutches practice either as he has a fair amount of experience on this as! Love and hugs to you all Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, the sun came out here today, been reading in the conservatory. Glad all went well for Neil, he'll be a bionic man at this rate ! John had a PSA result the other day, it's now 0.6 so going down every time.

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Pleased everything went well for Neill. When I had my knee done 5 years ago we never had a group physio session we just got a talk about what would happen. Still haven't heard from the consultant about what he's going to do about my knee but I'll be thinking of Neill on 22nd May as I'm opening my cards! Lovely ve and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Doing one job often leads to having to do several others and this is why I tend not to start the jobs in the first place…hahaha. You and Steve have a great day Barbara. x

  8. Thought you were on holiday…hoovering, cleaning bathroom etc..tut tut! Lol! Walk in the early morning sun sounds fab tho! Like the idea of Art not War project will see what I can come up with in next few days. Gorgeous new poetry plates in Maria's first hour, DT you came up trumps again…my OH said he really likes them too and I should get them…wonder if he'll pay instead of an Easter Egg? Xxx

  9. Hi Barbara, glad you have arrived safe after your ordeal. I was a wee bit worried, and couldn't check this morning as it was garden visit day. Must have been a bit scary for you with the security with guns. I'm glad Steve was with you. I don't know how I'd handle being somewhere with people with guns, really wouldn't cope with that. Glad you received a RAK, and what a good ambassador for us Brits, that it was an englishman who came to your rescue.

    Welcome to my world, many days are CF days for me, us with autism!!! And it's been worse than normal recently. It gets me really down and crying, or it gets me extremely agitated and aaaaagh. I'm trying to work my way through finishing off things, before starting more, and doing extra wee cleaning bits when I can. That used to be my default mode when like this, clean/spring clean, tidy out cupboards, decorate etc. Not able to now, so it's hard going having no path through it. If I wasn't in it, it would be funny, the trail of stuff left in my wake during my CFs, like I'm a tornado!!!

    I read today's title and thought, mmm that would be an excellent phrase for us all to make wee pictures to put at the end of our emails, folk who do Facebook, anywhere. Start another movement like our RAK one. Was going to suggest it…. I think yours is a great idea. I'm nearly finished finishing off my pile of half done crafting stuff and was wondering what I'll do next. So I'll have a go next week at making something. Obviously it won't be posted on Facebook though.

    Hope you enjoy your walk. Steve can fix the hoover and water, that's what brothers are for after all!!!! What season is it there just now? It's like autumn here, have I slept through spring and summer!!!!
    Love Brenda xx

  10. I know exactly what you mean by CF – they just creep up on you don't they? Your Dyson story made me laugh, and reminded me of something I saw on FB the other day. It involved one of those robotic vacuum devices that just wander around at night cleaning the floors, and a new puppy that had done a whoopsy on the carpet – let me tell you, your little pile of dust on the floor was just a minor blip by comparison! x

  11. I do love your tales Barb – they put mine into some sort of perspective!! Lol. Will try and have a go at the piece of artwork too over the easter weekend. Enjoy your break. Xx

  12. Hi Barbara, your CF description did make me laugh, that sort of thing happens to me all the time (minus the crash-landing dragon of course!). Like the idea of Make Art Not War artwork, I don't do Facebook but might have a go and post it on my blog instead. Hope you and Steve had a lovely walk. x

  13. Hi Barb,
    I can't believe it's two years since you were telling us tales of Mew Mexico last. Gosh doesn't time fly! I know what you mean about CF – that sums up my life at the moment until this flaming kitchen is finished ( hopefully next Wednesday!!) I hope you and Steve have had/ are having a lovely day in the sunshine. Thank you for taking the time to blog today as well. Like the Make Art Not War idea as well even though I'm not one for Facebook. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Had a lovely morning with my friend who took me out for coffee. Was good to get out of the madhouse for a couple of hours as well! Just about to watch Maria's show on Rewind so looking forward to that. Hope you are all ok, love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. Watching Michael Portillo travelling by train through New Mexico and thinking of you. Stunning scenery! Only got as far as Arizona and the North Rim; drove from Sedona. In homage, a pot of chili is simmering on the hob! ;~}

  15. Did I tell you I am going to Can Cum in Aug? Is that anywhere near your house? Won't be getting the Dyson out though I will just be floating around on the Lazy River In Front of the Hotel! Did you know there is a specific date where people go around dropping pieces of Art in random places on the streets with a note to the finder saying they are welcome to keep it – it's called "Art Drop" I think? Wouldn't it be lovely to put your idea together with that one. X. Have a lovely day. Xx

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