Smile – Happy Sunny Spring Day – A step by step…Not!

Smile – Happy Sunny Spring Day – A step by step…Not!

Hi there!
Happy sunny spring day! Not!
Thanks for popping in!
Hoping to get to this project demo during the 5pm hour 
on Hochanda today.
If I do, cool! Here’s a review in pictures.
If I don’t, cool! Here it is!
It’s a quickie, so don’t look away – you’ll miss it!
Dust the sheet of lovely paper from the Northern Lights book 
with talc.
Stamp the Spring Circle from the Spring Days Stamp Set
 into place with Black Archival,
over the wet ink quickly.

Heat emboss with a heat gun.

Add the tulips in a round in the centre 
and repeat the embossing step.

Colour in with pencils.
I have discovered that the background papers 
take colouring pencils beautifully.
I went to Polychromos to start with, deluxe Faber Castell….

Then I thought I’d try one of our lifetime supply of 
You never know, do you?
And when you’re buying 12 of them – aka a lifetime supply –
you really do want to know they are good, don’t you?!
Well, they are excellent !
Superb on this paper too.
Then I thought, while we are having a test, let’s try the Pergaliners, since we’ve got them on the shelf too.
Verdict: excellent.

Trimmed the artwork, ran round the edge with a black Sharpie pen,
mounted it on white card.

Easy or what??
It was nice to do some embossing again….

Until tomorrow.
Love and Hugs,

40 thoughts on “Smile – Happy Sunny Spring Day – A step by step…Not!

  1. Oooo that's lovely and great to know the paper pads will take heat embossing as well, another good reason to get them, it's my birthday soon so I know what to ask for, for sure x

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed today's shows so far. Everything seemed so calm and relaxed wit Tina's parchment demos, despite the very fast sell out and it was lovely to see you getting back to stamps, and business later on. Really looking forward to Tina's painting next month,and I fear that the ODS could prove hard on my purse tonight. xxx Maggie

    1. With so many new people joining us recently,it would be good to bring back some of the older stamps again, such as the lovely corners that a motor is were amazed by when you created such beautiful designs. Some of us recognize July had a brilliant class with Maria, just using corners, some by the lovely pattern building we remember and some new ways too. Certain gloved going back to basics. xxx Maggie

  3. Fab artwork once again Barb. Not had chance to watch the shows as yet – been busy with gradchildren but hope to catch up very very soon. From what I have been reading on FB it looks like Dave and Steve will be sleeping on the production line. Lol. Xxxx

  4. Great shows so far, looking forward to the rest & all the tips & ideas. My wish list is growing !! I have these stamps & papers so will have to give this a try

  5. Great Groovi shows today and the stamping show was just the ticket for a cold wet miserable afternoon. Looking forward to the ODS with the word chain Groovi plates. Good luck but I bet you won't need any as it will sell out I have no doubt. XX

  6. Lovely. Looking forward to catching up with the shows as I have recorded them all today as I have been busy with church. Perhaps it will not be tonight as I will need to take daughter home after she has been at pizza &Jesus tonight.

  7. Hi Barbara, sun came out to say hi here this afternoon. But it is cold. Loved your shows. I never tire of watching you do your stamping stuff, pure brilliance, as is this beautiful piece of art. Thank you for giving us the step by step. Testing the white pencils for us answers my question, thank you. Thank you Tina for your expertise. I'll need to watch my recording in bite sized bits to learn everything. I do like the edging the angle tool gives, yay, I can have fancier without it looking frilly and busy. Thank you Barbara for reading my mind and asking Tina my questions!!!! I want/need too much now, so much for my almost empty want/need list I was proud to have achieved! Ah well, I'm not a CCA member for nothing eh!!!!!

    Hope you have a good sleep. I might not see much of your 9am show, usually dozing at that time of the morning, hopefully not having anything like the nightmare I had at that time this morning! It was gruesome, goodness knows where that came from, don't watch bad telly, and don't think there's been anything on the news recently. Hope you have a good show, and another total sell out, after Paul's had the chance to say hi though.

    Love Brenda xx

    Barbara, now you're the owner of Pergamano, does that mean you can tell me the ingredients in perga soft please? I can't find it googling. (For my hypersensitivities) And does it have any smell? Thank you xx

    1. Hi Brenda thank you for your positivity last night it has helped put things in perspective for me. I'm sure when this fluey cold has gone I will be even more positive. I've just looked at my very old Perga-Soft which has got a bit dred out. No ingredients marked on there. It's got a silouette of two children on the back of the little tin with +8 on it. Mine doesn't smell but can't remember if it did when it was new. It looks like a wax. Sorry not a lot of help am I? Love and hugs to you and Daisy.xx

    2. Thanks Pam. Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon, it coming to the end of winter should help I hope, in all ways. Thanks for looking at your tin. There tends to be a solvent, maybe not the right word (too late for my brain), in a lot of softer wax type things that makes me ill. Maybe best I just avoid it then, if there is no ingredients, and try find something else, petition Tesco to make fragrance free tumble dryer sheets or something!!!! Thank you for taking the time, I really appreciate it. Hope you wake up feeling a bit better tomorrow. I do hope you and your physio and pain clinic can find a way for you to cope with your back pain to allow you a quality of life again, and a sleep at night too. xx

  8. Hi Barbara. Hope by now you are resting. Wonderful shows, lovely watching you and Tina working on the parchment. Loved the next one with the tree stencil, I have that one, so now I know what is the best way to use it. I have the later show recorded, I hope, and will do the same for tomorrow… Xxxxxxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Loved this demo on tv. The groovi shows were fantastic, Tina looked much more relaxed this time, I learnt such a lot from her, loved the fancy edging with embossing pricking and cutting. It was great to see you back with a brush in your hand with beautiful stamps too. Stamping and embossing onto these beautiful backgrounds work so well and the colouring is fabulous. I haven't seen the 8pm show yet and will have to send a note asking to be excused from the 9 am show tomorrow morning but please don't sell out until I get back from the chiropractor!!!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you are all ok. Been very wet and wild here today, no gardening for us!! Gave us a good excuse to watch Barbara. Alison, how was the sausage roast? Sending hugs xx

    2. Hi Diane,
      it was interesting! It has chilli flakes in it but i used crushed chillies and im not sure if i put a tbs in instead of tps – it was blooming hot though! It also had fennel seeds in which for me overpowered it. Neither of us were really taken with it but having tried it today cold we both agreed it was better today. If i do it again , i wouldnt put either of those ingredients in. A little disappointed. Hope chiropractor goes well tomorrow xx

    3. Hi Diane, been wet here and very windy this afternoon, did have some sunny intervals this morning though. As you say good excuse to watch Barbara. Love and hugs Oam xx

  10. Wonderful shows today Barbara with Tina, some great tips, so many things on my list again, but would I have it any other way. Looking forward to tomorrows shows. Just watched Mayo Angelou programme that we recorded last week, hope you managed to watch it, so interesting, what a remarkable lady. Hope all the stock sells out for you tomorrow and that you have a good and safe journey home with Paul. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  11. Hi to my bloggy friends, hope you've all had a good day and that you enjoyed the wonderful shows on Hochanda. Hope you aren't bankrupt yet. So much I wanted and needed, but will order some from Clarity. The rest will stay on the list for Ally Pally. Love and hugs Pam xx

  12. Hi to my bloggy friends, hope you've all had a good day and that you enjoyed the wonderful shows on Hochanda. Hope you aren't bankrupt yet. So much I wanted and needed, but will order some from Clarity. The rest will stay on the list for Ally Pally. Love and hugs Pam xx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Fantastic shows today – both you and Tina were brilliant.Dave Bradford was obviously so chuffed to be working with you again and Alex was super excited!The new plates were fantastic and ascfor the samples – what can i say? Well done to all of the design team. Thanks for the step by step above – i bought this set of stamps in the members' sale last year i think and really love it. Made my Easter cards with it last year. Pleased Tina's plate went down so well and i have a little feeling that Paul might be singing and dancing tomorrow! One thing is certain – Dave and Steve will be working overtime!! Have a good night's rest. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you and that you didnt fall too hard! I certainly need those cushions today. One good thing about being injured and not able to drive at the moment is that i havent been spending as much so have a bit saved up ( until today that is!!) . Still i can now watch the shows tomorrow knowing that my order is in at Clarity Towers. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  14. Brilliant shows yesterday Barbara and loved watching Tina doing here thing too she was brilliant. Hopefully be able to catch your programmes today but first need to take dad for his eye screening test. Have a wonderful day.
    Linda xxx

  15. Barbara, thanks so much to you and your fabulous team, for giving us such a wonderful weekend on the television. It was wall to wall pleasure watching you all at work, and I learned so much. It was so lovely to see you stamping again, I've missed Clarity stamping SO much.
    Hope you have a good week xx

  16. This is beautiful Barbara and those pencils certainly show up well and highlight it beautifully. Heat embossing always looks great I think, and I never tire of seeing the powder turn and go shiny. x

  17. Lovely to see you stamping again, Barbara. Have got the bunnies (they are just gorgeous) and love the tulips.Oh, and the papers! My wishlist for Ally Pally is getting longer – lol! Help! 😊 xx

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