Groovi Garden Birds and Gratitude – step by step

Groovi Garden Birds and Gratitude – step by step

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Looks like we may have the numbers right on this One Day Special, and the stock will last through to 8pm!
Do you know, my brother has been working for weeks on permanent nights, to get these Word Chains done? 
He will be happy to hear that his hard work has paid off.

Here’s the artwork from the 9am show this morning.
I ran out of time as always, but perhaps it was a little ambitious 
to hope I could tackle all these points, 
no matter how many step were prepped.

Never mind.
You got the gist if you watched.
And if you didn’t, here’s a step by step for you

Outer edge first.
The new Nested Square Extension plate is perfect for this.

Add some cherry blossom branches from the Baby Plates 

and the large bird, 
and the bird feeder.
In other words, build your scene within this single line frame,
reaching right out to the edge.

I forgot to photo this, but now add an inner box, 
avoiding the branches and the bird,
and mask off at the back and from the inner box.
Load a Clarity stencil brush 
with Indian Jamun. Fabulous colour ink.
Swirl around the outside edge with the brush.
Do the same with the blue ink, Blue Chase
but stay closer to the edge.
See the ink on the back when you remove the masking tape?
Do some white work on the bird’s feathers.

Add your message now.
I am going With Gratitude, because I have it in SPADEFULS.

Colour in the bird and the blossom with Distress Markers.
Pencils work too. And the Perga Colours are a great discovery for me!
Blimming excellent !!!

I need a lightwave for the piercing.
Do this from the front.
Diagonal grid and a single needle bold tool.

Flip the work to the back, and add embossed dots in the body.

Now for some cutting. Let’s make some windows in the feeder.
2-needle pergamano tool to pierce the little openings.
Snip away!

We’ll do a wrap around this time, and add a little lace done using the angle tool. This is a new technique, so better to do it on a second piece, eh!
Emboss a frame the same size as your original outer box.
You are only dealing with the top and bottom edges.

Shallow pierce along the edge with the Angle tool, 
which is in the Perforating Collection.

Make single embossed dots inbetween the V’s for speed,
then deep emboss, ready for picot cutting.

And off we go!!!

So when you wrap the Bird art around the lace piece top and bottom, lookie lookie!

Great mounting solution, the wrap around.
And why not add a little lace now we can!
Also, cut a piece of light background paper to fit behind too,

so that the little picot window in the feeder show it off.

The Northern Lights background paper add a modern, 
funky element.
I do love the modern spin we are adding to parchment art, 
don’t you?
Especially with these new Word Chains. 
They are so versatile!
I have come home after 2 days at the studio,
 and dear Paul has taken over.
He is so professional and explains everything very well!
Between him, Maria, Tina and Rosie, 
I think we have Groovi AND Pergamano covered perfectly.
Leaving me to gradually get back into stamping and mixed media…in fact, when I spoke to Maria on the way home, 
she said she was right behind me!
So watch this space….. 
Until tomorrow.
Love & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “Groovi Garden Birds and Gratitude – step by step

  1. Oh, there goes my picot envy again!!!!😉 Beautiful art piece Barbara, thank you for the step by step. I need to catch up on today's shows still, me a wee bit too agitated today. And yes I too love the modern spin. You wouldn't have got me near parchment work with traditional designs! I love it that you are getting back to stamping and mixed media, I'm sat waiting to hopefully jump aboard and get going properly this time with you.

    You don't seem as tired this time, hopefully now you've got your A team in place that is the case. Hope you can get some chill time to have a wee break now. Right I better go get this Groovi card started that I've been aiming to for over a week now! Love you, Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, thank you for your kindness last night. I do feel a little better today, I slept a bit longer last night too, probably because I was up most of the night before. Anyway caught up a bit. That Perga wax may not affect, you as you only put the end of the tool in it, it's not like you put your fingers in it, its only a very tiny tin.xx

    2. Good to hear you're feeling a wee bit better, hope that continues. Thanks for your help regarding the perga soft. I might try rubbing the tools on a tealight candle first, I suspect it might leave a residue though that interferes with colouring in. Hope you're having a good day xx

  2. This is such a beautiful piece and the shows have been great, as always. I must confess that much as I am fascinated (and a tad tempted) when watching the Amazing Groovi Gang in action it is your way with stamps, ink, paint and stencils that really gives me inspiration.
    Tonbridge Sue

  3. I've managed to watch the show with Tina and your stamp show and thoroughly enjoyed them both. I have the rest to look forward to. I can't watch online as our internet speed out in the sticks is too slow and it blurs, which is a shame as I have been inky stamping the last couple of days up in my crafty area with my laptop nearby.
    I love Groovi but stamps and inks are my first love especially with the Gelli plate now I am getting braver.
    Enjoy your evening xx

  4. Hello Barb,
    This is so easy when you know how, or at least it's so easy when someone else does it!!! As usual everything was perfect over the weekend shows.
    Maureen xx

  5. wow,that is so beautiful I am just getting into this and find it thoroughly enjoyable and therapeutic but not as neat as you as yet but will persevere till I get it right.Thank you for the demo it really does help a novice like me ……Beth x

  6. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful. I was able to watch for half an hour before I had to reluctantly leave you so I've got to watch the rest on rewind. I caught Paul's shows though, brilliant. Look at you with the fancy Lacy edge, you are doing well and what a brilliant idea to do it on a separate sheet just in case you make a whoopsie! I hope you are giving Steve a couple of night off before you get the next brainwave. Looking forward to what you've got in store for us next! Hope you gave a relaxing evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you have enjoyed the shows today, there have been so many beautiful things haven't there. Alison thank you for the info on the sausage roast, think I would leave them out too as the fennel is a strong flavour and I don't do hot! Xxx

  7. Caught most of the programs and these groovi plates are amazing. The Groovi TV team Paul Tina Rossella and Maria are the best and there is no looking back now for all of us.
    Exciting times ahead.
    It just gets better and better Barbara all down to you and Dave.

  8. Have missed you stamping and mixed media it's my love in between shows men tidying craft room sorting decluttering so I can get in and play again seeing your show inspired me thanks Barbara do love watching groovi and the talented team what a team hey lots love hope you can relax a bit youlooked tired some you time know you have a brill team hugs Joy xx

  9. Hi Barbara, well don't know how you do it .Fabulous things on the shows.
    Tina was great and have learned such a lot watching her but need a better camara shot.!!!!
    All your design team are brilliant and wonderful samples.
    Thank you for all the wonderful shows you have this weekend.
    I have lots of pencils but looking at the Pergo colouring pens they seem to give a better depth of colour.
    Again thank you for all you do for us.
    Take a break and enjoy your evening.
    Lynn xx

  10. Hi Barbara, This is stunning, and I'm really loving this edging, really beautiful.
    Great shows and so glad they have all gone really well. You can give Steve the night off eh haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Great shows again today. You looked really disappointed when you couldn't finish this demo! Thanks for the step by steps.. paul did a brilliant job too, he's always so calm. You have a fantastic team around you you and it must be nice for you to get back to your stamping and mixed media too. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been ok for you all. Started another Groovi card using the poetry plates and managed to get one lot of whitework done, its resting overnight now. Went with Dave to hospital ( for him not me!) this afternoon. He had to go for results of blood tests that he has done every 4 months for his gout. Well we waited in Outpatients for30 minutes until his name was called, he came back 5 minutes later, booked another appointment. When I asked how he'd got on, he said that the blood test results weren't in! He had them taken at the doctors last week so heaven knows where they are!! Got back and managed to get ironing done while watching one of Paul's shows. Love and hugs Alison xx

  12. I saw you working with these birds this morning and they are really lovely images and the colouring leaving the lighter part in the middle makes the work quite luminous and you seem to have done the same with the feeder but maybe it's the paper behind giving it the colour. Anyway it's beautiful and I enjoyed what I saw of the shows, and it seems as though everything is coming together well. x

  13. Love this step by step, a beautiful card and looks so amazing on that background paper, haven't watched todays shows yet but all recorded. Glad it all went well. Hope you've had a relaxing evening. Love the groovi but so looking forward to more stamping shows with you. Love and hugs Pam xx

  14. Hi to all my bloggy friends, hope you've all had a good day. Feeling a little more myself today, managed to have a crafty play this evening for an hour. Love and hugs to you all.xx

  15. Well done our Barbara!!! You certainly can sleep well tonight!
    I love watching you stamping and am looking forward to seeing what treats you are going to be bringing to us in that line!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  16. So enjoying the shows Barb – Groovi and Pergamano are working SO well together and I'm looking forward to trying the picot cutting for the first time!
    Thanks to ALL you lovely, talented people showing us how …. and I'm really looking forward to all future treats including your wonderful stamping. This is where I started on my crafting journey and I want to improve with all 3 techniques. No doubt all can be combined in some way …. so exciting!
    Take care and stay healthy Barb x

  17. What a beautiful piece of artwork. Can't wait to see where you take us next on the stamping/mixed media train! Hope you get some rest today after your busy weekend x

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