Off the grid!

Off the grid!

Hi everyone!

Paul here aka Perga/Burger Man!

I hope you are all well and keeping out of trouble.

Barbara & Dave are in London today,

so I am taking over the blog!
Here is a pic of Dave that Barbara sent earlier
One minute he’s making Groovi Plates, the next 
he is auditioning for a piano slot at
 an open mic gig in London!
Haha! Just kidding.
Greetings from Barb & Dave in London.
So, whilst the cats are away, the mice will play!

I thought I would give a shout out about 
some brand new super, duper 
Deluxe A4 Piercing Grids
launched on the website earlier today.

A4 Diagonal Basic Piercing Grid

So what can you do with these lovely new grids?
Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

Josie Davidson 

Jane Telford 

Tina Cox

You may have seen at the weekend 
we launched a couple of new Extended
 Nested Shapes Groovi Plates – 
Squares & Circles.

Extended Squares A4 Square Groovi Plate

Extended Circles A4 Square Groovi Plate

When you want to pierce or emboss around 
the larger shapes using the existing A5 Grids
you have to keep moving the parchment and then 
line it up to continue.
I find it can be a bit of a pain,
especially if you don’t line it up properly!

However, with the new A4 Grids, 
you just leave your parchment in place
and work around your design.

So I think that these are going to be my new best friends!

Right, suppose I’d better get back to work,
lots of Perging to do and burgers to munch!

Take care and speak to you all again soon.


39 thoughts on “Off the grid!

  1. Hi Paul,
    I'm with you as I think they'll be my new best friends too! Don't know how many Groovi projects I've ruined because the plates or parchment have moved or I havent managed to line it up properly! With these you could probably put a pin or something in the 4 corners in a bit of the waste parchment away from your design to keep it in place. Barb and Dave's hotel looks very posh and lovely. Thanks for blogging, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you. It's been another glorious day here although a bit windy. Been taking it easy today ( or relatively) after my tiring day yesterday. I was wondering why my other knee was hurting so much last night until I went into my craft room this morning and discovered my two tablets that I should've taken lying on top of a Groovi plate! I'd convinced myself yesterday morning that I'd taken them! Definitely losing the plot methinks! Finished off my next Groovi birthday card this afternoon, so I'm caught up now which is good. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Alison, if you still wanted to take part in either the stamp or Groovi challenge I would be happy to enter your pictures on your behalf. Have a think and let me know. Xx

  2. Hi Paul, how come you can eat enough burgers to earn the title of burgerman, and stay so slim?! Come on share your secret?!!! I hope Barbara and Dave are having a well earned day off, but suspect it's for business reasons they are in London. Hope they still can have some 'me' time. Looks a lovely place where they are. I'd be careful Barbara, he's maybe secretly practising for a career change, had enough of the Groovi plate production line!!!!😉

    Phew, I won't need to add these plates to my rather large order list that seems to have appeared over the last few weeks! I'm just staying small with parchment craft. Thank you for the beautiful samples. Where's yours Paul? You can't do the blog, and show us finished parchment work, and not show us one of your creations! I thought grid work would be right up your street, with your excellent eye for pattern building with stamps?

    Hope you enjoy the rest of today Barbara, Dave, and Paul.
    Love Brenda xx

  3. Oh my they have gone onto my ever increasing wish list. Fabulous samples by the very talented design team. I hope Barbara and Dave have a wonderful time in London. Enjoy the rest of your day Paul.
    Linda xxx

  4. I have wanted these for ages and I am glad that they now exist. Unfortunately there are no pennies left this month as I had to pay my car insurance so I will need to struggle on with the square grid for the time being, but I am sure that I can find enough stuff in my stash to be getting on with until I have more pennies.

  5. They look handy ! Will bear them in mind. I've been so good this year so far, I can't believe it ! I have a very long list though! Hope Barbara and Dave are having a good day and it's not all work. X

  6. Just ordered some stuff last night including two new stencils and a mask folder I spied on the website so I will have to add these big plates to my next one. My ODS arrived today, can't wait to give them a try. The word chains stamps are always being used so I'm sure the groovi ones will become firm favourites. Hope Dave and Barbara have fun in the city! Xx

  7. Hi bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good day. Oooo Clarity parcel waiting for me when I got home today, always a good thing! The word chains are lovely and might just be my favourite groovi plates to date. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Lucky you! I had an email from Clarity Towers to say my goodies from the weekend have been dispatched so hopefully i might have a parcel tomorrow – can't wait! Left a message for you further up. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. Brilliant idea and it would seem, a MUST have. Lol
    Looks a fabulous hotel – they both deserve a wee break. Back to the Perging for you young man. Xx

  9. These look great….but am confused now. I was looking at buying some of the Pergamano grids (i think no 24 and no 28). Will these new grids replace the need for these please? x

  10. Looks like Dave and Barbara having a good day out well deserved nice grids . My day cataract operation cannot see well to write so hope makes sense with pirate patch and glasses perched over have a good evening Paul xxx

    1. Hi Joy, sorry to hear you have had a sort of good day , things will get better so take it easy and try not to do to much.
      take care.
      Hugs Lynn xx 👓

  11. Hi Paul, good to see you hear again.
    The new grid plates look good and the art work is stunning. These will go on my want list with lots of others.
    The hotel looks wonderful tell them not to get to comfortable we need them back as Dave is on the night shift very soon! !!!!!.
    Hope Barbara and Dave are having a relaxing time even if it is business.
    See you hear soon .
    Lynn xx

  12. Thank you Pergaman 🙂 Of course I couldn't resist the squares and frilly bits……keep the new plates coming!
    Take care and have a good evening Paul….And Barbara & Dave of course!
    Love to all, Carole xxx

  13. Hello Paul,
    Now are you a man or a mouse? Definitely a man if your munching on burgers and perging, and what a man – multi tasking – eating and crafting!!!!
    Maureen xx

  14. Lol Perga and burger, like it. The A4 plates will be extremely useful, thank goodness I have a birthday soon, there's so many things I Need lol x

  15. Hi Paul, nice of you to stand in for Barbara for the day and hope that she and Dave have had a good day in the big smoke, mind you in these days of clean air I don't think it is like that anymore. The new grids will be very popular I'm sure and the entended circle and square likewise. x

  16. Hi Paul
    What a great idea, I haven't plucked up the courage to use my small plates yet but I'm building up to it! That looks like a lovely hotel Barbara and Dave are visiting, I hope they've had a good day. Now I hope you've had a proper break from your parching for a while to rest your eyes and as for the burgers, well I think we need to start a meal on a plate service for you to make sure you eat properly! 😀. Take care
    Love Diane x

  17. Hello Paul, I hope Barb and Dave had a great day out in London. The new grid plates are brill, as are the nested shapes. Hope you enjoyed the burgers and got the Perging done. Take care. Bx

  18. Lovely artwork from everyone. I had a day out in Nairn with Julia Evans, and she coaxed me into doing my first canvas! I'll be dipping into my pristine canvas stash as soon as poss now (they must be close to celebrating their 2nd birthday!!). Thanks Julia – not long now til our first Clarity retreat of the year x

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