Hard Work? Give me more!

Hard Work? Give me more!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Well, it’s Monday, and it’s time to come home.
Could I stay a little longer?
Has the Pope got a balcony?!?!
Linda and I were exploring Maribor yesterday, and we even found an old, delapidated building by the river which we decided had great potential.
“Would you buy it Linda?” I asked.
“I think I’d have to ask Rob first, but he’d love it too I’m sure” she replied. 
And so would Dave.
I can’t wait to bring him back here.
My Mum has been to Slovenia, and she also told me that of all the places she has been in the world (and she has been to quite a few!) Slovenia is the place she would come back to. 
We have been so lucky!
Firstly, the wonderful people who organise this annual art event,
Mihaela and Primoz, and their team of lovely people.  The hospitality and kindness has been second to none. In all my days, I have never known such generosity and cordiality.
Seriously, this is an annual event, and were I a passionate crafter/arty person like you guys, this is a definite go-to destination.
I will give you the details later on in the week, so you can consider a week in Slovenia doing some workshops with some of the most talented artists around. 
I was lucky enough to join in at one of the water-colour sessions.
But more of that later.
And the food! My word! I have NEVER eaten such fantastic food.
Primoz and Mihaela treated us all to unique and super culinary delights every single evening. 
Back to the diet tomorrow!
Then there was meeting the other artists from all over the world, soaking up their creative energy and watching them perform.
What an eye opener this has been.
And the workshop guests!
So alert and willing to try anything.
Just like you actually.
And lastly, there was Linda. A whole week of Linda Williams.
What a marvellous time we have had.
I haven’t laughted so much in years. 
Talk about click! 
What a great friend she is, and what super company.

But now I must dash.
Breakfast is calling.
A coachload of Chinese tourists landed late last night;
I wonder whether they will love it as much as we have…..
Love & hugs,

46 thoughts on “Hard Work? Give me more!

  1. Sounds like you've both had the time of your lives and Slovenia sounds like a lovely place to go. So glad you had such a fun time. Glad you're coming back to us though. What lovely photos you've provided on the blog. Looking forward to finding out more about 'water colour'. Hope you both have a fun journey home. Oh blimey, me tea has gone cold, oh dear, have to make another one xxxx

  2. I can imagine you're absolutely buzzing after such a wonderful week. Looking forward to hearing about the other classes you attended. Have a safe journey back X

  3. Morning bloggy friends, got some crafty time this weekend so I go to work feeling happy this morning. I also have a groovi project to come home to. Have a good day. Xx

    1. Morning bloggy friends,
      Just sat waiting for the kitchen fitters to arrive. Can't believe we are forecasted for snow tomorrow! That's all I need!!! Have a good day everyone, love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison! Sounds as though you are in for some 'challenging' times! I hope that it all goes well for you and that they are wrong about the snow! Take care of that knee – love and hugs Gilly xxx

  4. Good morning Barbara, and Linda too! So pleased to hear just how well your week has been – have a safe journey home and we look forward to hearing more about it later on in the week – Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all you lovely blog friends! Thanks for your comments yesterday – Neill and I are doing fine thank you. He did have a 'blip' during the end of our stay in Spain, with sky high B P – but our wonderful Clinica in the village took good care of him – seeing him each day for the rest of our stay. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  5. Oh my sounds like you have had a superb time and with such a wonderful lady like Linda too. Safe journey home. A fabulous photo and such memories you will both have too.
    Linda xxx

  6. Glad you and Linda have had such a great time and hope the journey home is trouble free. Lots of photos and good times to look back on. x

  7. It looks a lovely place, not somewhere I had thought of for a holiday but maybe one day…
    Have a safe journey home and I hope the in tray is not too full xx

  8. I bet this week has done the both of you a world of good, looks like a beautiful place. And isn't it just great when you discover that you are on the same wavelength as someone, and as you say, you just click together. They are the special friends, I'm glad for you xx

  9. Sounds like Slovinia was just the tonic you needed. Might have to put it on my list for next year. My sister is off to Croatia later in the year, and that is supposed to be beautiful too x

  10. So pleased you're having such a wonderful time and it sounds like you have a good balance between the sight-seeing and the workshops. I'd love to visit Slovenia! My eldest son went a few years ago for a culture/music event and he loved Ljubljana. Can't wait to see how you got on with watercolour – my first love (so to speak).

  11. So pleased you had such a good time. At last I feel able to comment on the blog, after a long arduous winter. Spoke to Louise at Clarity Towers. What a lovely, helpful person and heard old Paulie in the background. So looking forward to ali pali on my "ancient birthday" – wonder is Barbara has a minute to make a card and make an old lady happy – only joking, she has much better commitments.
    Love to all the bloggers. Glad to be back.
    Anne (Reading)

  12. It has been lovely to read about your adventures in Slovenia, what a beautiful place. Glad you had such a warm welcome. I had a lovely delivery from Clarity last week – how good is the light panel? I have just done the frilly circle on black parchment. It has opened up a whole new world. I haven't done any parchment for years mainly through frustration with tracing. Now I am raring to go, except I am doing the stationary for my son's wedding and I don't think I can manage all that in parchment! Got the Clarity wedding words though xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    I'm all behind like a cows tail again playing catch up!! Hope you have a safe journey home, the trip looks amazing and I think it has done you good to be with other arty people and have some time away doing what you love best. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Morning Barbara Glad it all went well and that you and Linda clicked and had a few laughs along the way thanks for sharing your time in this lovely country and roll on Clarity International.
    Love Dot..xx

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