I’ve finally crackled!

I’ve finally crackled!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Back to reality with a bump today!
Did I really sign us up for that many TV shows 
on HOCHANDA in April ? ? !
Well, today was spent making plans, drafting proposals, 
figuring out what was what.

Rosie oh Rosie! aka Rossella.
If you’re reading this, brace yourself!

Maria, Tina, Paul and I are all over it too mind!
Now we’ve got another parchment expert in Rosie, to join Tina,
Maria and I can start playing with our stamps and stencils again.
Not that we are abandoning Groovi! No way! That would be daft.
But now we can getter a better balance of all things Clarity!
So, no matter what your preference of crafting is – 
Groovi, Pergamano, Stamps or Stencils –
we are sure to have it covered !

Last week Maria showcased some beautiful floral stamps

on Hochanda. They are so pretty, and very, very versatile. 
Birthdays, Easter, Anniversaries, Get Well Soon – the list goes on.

together with some very elegant Celtic framers.
(Ideal for mens’ cards)
Here is a project that I did a while back,
a set of little notelet cards. Ideal for selling.
And yes, we are an Angel Company.
The technique for these little toppers 
is using the crackle stamp from 
together with triple embossing.
Stamp the flower image onto a piece of 
Theuva Card in Black Archival 
Decide on what colour you are going to use on the flowers
 and then choose a complimentary colour from 
the Artistry Ink Pad range and stamp randomly around the edge.
Colour in your flowers with pencils or pens
or you can watercolour with the Artistry Ink Pads
Take a Versamark ink pad and squidge it
(technical term!) over the whole of the topper.
Tap off the excess and heat with a heat gun.
When it is set, repeat the same process 2 more times
squidge, pour, heat, squidge, pour, heat.
This will give you the effect of a glazed tile.
Whilst it is still warm, gently bend the topper
and it will crack!
I mounted the little boxes on pieces of black mount board 
to raise them. Nice. 
That’ll do for today.
Time to kick back.

Love & Hugs,

32 thoughts on “I’ve finally crackled!

  1. Cor blimey guvner!!!
    I said that with my bestest southern accent!!
    Looking forward to everything clarity that you have lined up for us!
    Enjoy your evening. Love and hugs! Xxxx

  2. Glad you are home safe and sound – bet Dave was pleased to see you?? Love this technique and I am so looking forward to seeing you and Maria doing what you both do best – stamping. I do love the Groovi system but my heart belongs to Clarity Stamps. Xxx

  3. Welcome back home! These are lovely little cards and useful for lots of events. That's good for us all your April shows, if a little busy for everyone else ! X

  4. Sounds like you have hit the ground running will be so nice seeing you doing more stamping again missed your stamping shows and technics . Have a lovely evening hopefully some relaxation to catch your self up lots love hugs Joy xx

  5. WOW Barbara, you had come back hitting the ground running! Excited to see what Clarity plans you have for us. Glad you are home safe and just love these beautiful pieces of art. Enjoy your evening.
    Hugs to you both
    Linda xxx

  6. I have been following your blog for ages, but have never commented before. However, this doesn't mean that I am not a huge fan of you and Clarity. I had resisted Groovi, as I didn't want to be tempted to spend more money, but after chatting to you and doing a workshop with Jo at the NEC in November, I was in, hook, line and sinker! I bought the starter kit and joined the Groovi club, then suggested that my husband give me a gift voucher for Christmas. I have made a slow start and am only just ready to order some goodies, as I didn't want to rush in and buy rashly. On Saturday I was at the NEC again and met the lovely Rosella, who was so kind and helpful and gave me lots of good advice. She gave me a lesson in cutting and let me try it for myself, which I really appreciated, as it is so much easier to watch someone demonstrate in person. Rosella is so talented and such a lovely lady, and I am looking forward to seeing her show on Sunday.
    What a fabulous company Clarity is, made up of such delightful, friendly people and led by you. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the help and I shall be phoning Jeanette tomorrow with my order – I can't wait to receive it.
    Thank you Barbara and everyone else at Clarity. Kind regards. Annette

    1. I think you've voiced your opinion more than enough times already!
      It's the taking part that counts! Leave Barbara alone, it's her Challenges, she sets the rules, if you don't like it, you know where the door is!

    2. Wow , that wasn't very nice or Friendly . I haven't commented here in a long time ,but I have made the same suggestion on FB and so have a few others . I'm thinking that maybe there are a few more out there .
      Guess I'm still in shock here at . Oh well .

  7. Hi Barbara, glad you had such a good time on your working holiday. It seems the poorer countries, and those who have come through great adversity, have the most welcoming, friendly, generous, giving, and kind people. Romania seems to be another. Unlike the superpowers whose establishments and rich are worse than 'I'm alright Jack', who also want ut all and more, no matter who they make suffer in the process.

    Thank you for this wee card idea. It was only earlier today I was thinking about making wee cards, wondering where to start. Spooky or what!!! I'm really looking forward to you and Maria getting back to stamping and stencilling etc. Been missing it. But I did understand your need to go with what the majority wanted, where the bigger market was. Just been sat waiting patiently for you to find your way through that new path first 😊 Hopefully you'll get me unstuck and back on the path again.

    Hope you have a lovely evening with Dave
    Love Brenda xx

    Good to see you back Anne. Been worrying about you. Missed you, and your humour xx

  8. Great little cards and ideas. Love the cracked glass look and do remember you doing it on TV but couldn't remember how you did it. Glad you are home safely, bet your creative juices are flowing with all that mountain air. XX

  9. Evening bloggy friends, hope you are warm inside and not snowed in! The weather lady just said there was snow moving in and some parts were already white. I think a snow day down South is a little optimistic, probably just be rain down here. Nearly finished my Groovi challenge and …wait for it…I have picot cut the edge! XX

  10. Hi Barbara
    Oh I like these little cards, aren't they pretty. I have the daffodils, I was looking at them the other day thinking they would be good for Easter cards. I think I will be trying this. It's great you have a team on board now who can take some of the pressure off you for tv shows. I'm looking forward to seeing you back with the stamps again working your magic. Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Great news that you'll be doing more stamping with Maria, love the groovi but won't loose it if Tina and Rosella will be carrying it on. Have got this set of stamps and love them, they are so handy, I've used them a lot.

  11. Hi lovely bloggy friends, hope you have had an enjoyable day. We've had quite a few showers today but at least not snow. Nothing like spring but true to the season with the March winds.xx

  12. It was difficult for you before Barbara when you only had Maria and Paul but now with Rosella and Tina it will give more time for stamping again. I like looking at the parchment and Groovi but I love the inkiness of stamping and stencilling being an artist at heart. I missed Maria last week but perhaps I can still catch up, and will look forward to forthcoming shows. x

  13. Hi Barb, it is great that you can spread the work now, and try relax a bit more, as you have such talented people on the team. Good times to look forward to with the upcoming shows. Love your little toppers, very good idea. Take care. Bx

  14. Hello Barb,
    Love these, as you say these would make an ideal set to make as gift cards and envelopes for friends.
    That's good news that you will be able to let another body take the strain of Groovi and get back to your first love.
    Maureen xx

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