Introducing Jerri Kay Jimenez…

Introducing Jerri Kay Jimenez…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Greetings from the NEC. The Tradeshow begins today.
Just like Frankfurt – lots of suits and Mr Margin Men.
I would much rather blog something creative and exciting….
Please allow me to introduce you to an exceptionally talented parching artist from Florida:
Jerri Kay Jimenez.
I recently invited her to join our 
Groovi-Pergamano Parchment team;
reassured her that we could work together across the miles,
that distance would be no object.
When you see her work, you will intantly understand why.
I think so!
She has used our lovely Jayne Nesterenko’s 
beautiful Fuchsia Plate,
 and created something so delicate.

This is a perfect example of when traditional 
parching comes to Groovi. 

Jerri is one of the world’s top Pergamano tutors,
a good friend of Linda Williams and the crew. 
And again I say, aren’t we lucky?

I hope that she will be able to visit us here in the UK before too long; it sure would be great to meet her in person. 

But until then,
she and I have made a pact to link up across the pond with our blogs,
so that you can enjoy her beautiful artwork from over here, 
and her friends can track what we are up to from over there.

Check out her blog.
You will be impressed. 

Must press on.
This is the wheelin’ and dealin’ part of the game…

Love & hugs,

41 thoughts on “Introducing Jerri Kay Jimenez…

  1. Hi Jerri. (Glynis here) So pleased you have joined the gang and so looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work. Barbara! You done good there!!! Congratulations x

  2. That's such a beautiful way to use the image – and not like anything I've seen before! So much to discover in the parchment world, it can be a bit intimidating until I remind myself I don't need to try to do everything myself! Then I just enjoy the beauty and talent of the great team you're building at Clarity – not to mention your customers, and Facebook followers, the art posted in the groups is just amazing.

  3. Thank you all so much for the gracious welcome and thank you Barbara for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful new and exciting Groovi/Pergamano venture! I'm thrilled to be working amongst the finest parchers in Europe!!!

    1. Hi Jerri,
      Welcome to this wonderful blog. You have used one of my favourite plates of Jayne's in your piece and I have to say it is stunning. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  4. Ooh that's spooky, I think I've seen Jerri's name for the first time today in a thread and here it is again ! Looks lovely work and look forward to seeing more. Hope you're not to over whelmed with suits (then perhaps it's a good thing to be !). Xxx

  5. Hello Barb,
    This is gorgeous from an obviously very talented lady. What a great new member to your very talented team.
    Been watching the video of the stand at the show, you look so excited and proud as you have every reason to be.
    Good luck.
    Maureen xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Wow! Now this is a positive from having an autustic brain, my super senses mean I see more, get something from things that normal brains don't. And this piece of art is just pure perfection, never ever seen anything like it, nor as perfect. Makes the good feeling inside. Thank you Barbara for bringing Jerri aboard. And thank you Jerri for producing this piece of pure perfection. Wish Jayne had got to see it, so sad she didn't.

    I'll never achieve anything even remotely close to this, but I'm happy to look in awe, and continue at my own lowly level.

    Hope it's been a very successful day for you and Clarity
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda, never say never. What you should say is that you cannot do it now but you will get closer each day. You are a special lady, always working to overcome your problems and trying to help others. Just keep going and you will be amazed at your results by this time next year. xxx Maggie

  7. Hi Barbara
    I hope the show is going well and the suits aren't too overwhelming. This artwork is just stunning, so beautiful and such lovely colours. Welcome to the design team Jerri, I'm sure your Groovi adventures are going to be a lot of fun. Barbara I hope there is a small corner you can find to escape the pressure and find some amazing art – will the graffiti Gand be there I wonder. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. Pam that's good news you've got a date. Been practising my picot cutting, very slowly and only a couple of close shaves with my finger. Must find some funky foam or look and see if Barbara has the new mats that go with the scissors. Sending hugs xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    I hope today has been ok for you and that you managed to escape for a little bit like you did in Holland. Well done for getting Jerri to join the team. If the rest of her work is as stunning as this, we'll all be in awe permanently! This piece has done the lovely Jayne proud – I bet she's looking down and smiling. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Beautiful work Jerry and welcome to Groovi. Hope you're all sorted wit 'the suits' Barb looking forward to hearing all about the show when you have time but sure it'll be a successful one xx

  10. I thought I had commented yesterday, but it seems to have vanished. Welcome Jerri to what I and many others believe is the best design team in the world. Hope things are going really well for you at the NEC show, Barbara. xxx Maggie

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