Huge Helmets required.

Huge Helmets required.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Bit of a foggy day today. 
I definitely hit the proverbial wall around lunchtime.
Went into work and was met with a load of demands.
Not from the team; just picky business demands.
They have been sitting, waiting for me to get back, 
and then all got fired at me simultaneously as soon as I walked through the door.
So usually, I am firing on all 4 cylinders, 
have got my chainmail on, 
can handle being bombarded, 
and can bounce stuff off me quite quickly.
This is my office attire nowadays, 
since the Pergamano acquisition.
Bit clanky. 
The guys at work can certainly hear me coming now.
But there was a little chink in the armour today, and some of the arrows were connecting – especially around the head area.
So Iโ€™ve got a new helmet on order.
Will take a little while to arrive – custom job from Mongolia –
but apparently, short people are guaranteed to keep their distance, because you can do serious damage just by nodding energetically. 
It does get hot in there, but the good news is nobody can read your facial reaction when they talk rubbish or say ludicrous things.
Sleeveless makes quite a fashion statement too; the arms are detachable on the newest models, so several otherwise quite challenging activities, like flagging down a taxi,
signing cheques and drinking tea 
are made so much easier. 
Just generally makes office life more pleasant and less stressful.
At a recent business conference, I was able to blend in and mingle admirably, whilst maintaining a professional stance. 
Daveโ€™s got one too, but of course, 
he always has to be special and different.
The first model was too tight he reckoned, 
so we had to get a screw-on extension….
I quite like it.
Anyway, thatโ€™s cheered me up no end larking about.
Truthfully? Had a rough morning at work,
and just chuckled my way out if it.
HUMOUR. Thank goodness for HUMOUR.
Because one thing is for sure: 
this time next week I wonโ€™t even remember what it was that got under my skin this morning.
Or in this case my armour. 
Love & hugs,

66 thoughts on “Huge Helmets required.

  1. Pmsl!! Oh Barb you don't half make me laugh. As for Dave's armour – well all I can say is lucky Barby. Good job we can laugh – keeps us sane a lot of the time. Keep calm and carry on!!! Lol xx

  2. I love your sense of humour. You always make me laugh. When forestry to get at you, just think of all of us lined up in battalions behind you, ready to be aimed at the idiots like cannon balls. You could add suits of armour to the Clarity website for our protection so that we can shove the problems out of the way. Have a good evening. xxx. Maggie

  3. Good evening Barbara!
    You're just tired that's all! When you're tired the tiniest problem seems insurmountable so you need an early night and a good sleep!
    Despite your tiredness it's great to see that you still have your sense of humour! Dave's armour did make me giggle but also reminded me of the singer in the band Cameo when they appeared on top of the pops singing word up! Haha!
    Have a restful evening.
    Love and hugs xxxx

    1. Hi Donna,
      I love the ringlock scissors, for me they are the most comfortable to use ( I have , or had, all three types until I gave my snips to Chris) . I'm sure you'll get on brilliantly with them. Love and hugs Alison xx

  4. My turn to ROFPML Barb. Thanks so much, needed that this evening. You're hilarious. I'd love to spend some time in your company. Glad you can laugh stuff off so good. I'm learning…

    Hope tomorrow you're armour isn't needed. Mind you a good way to get fit, carrying that weight of armour on you every day. Try a can of wd40 for the joints, might make it a bit less noisy for you and your staff!!!!

    Love you xxxx

    1. Ha, just heard the sewing machine shop have found my missing power lead (it was in for a service). Good day for me, a laugh and bit of gardening with my volunteer, and now this solved ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hahaha oh dear. Sorry you had such a bad day, but good on you for turning it around. At first I thought 'mmm has Barbara been sniffing the blending solution'?lol Let's hope it all settles down on the well oiled wheels of routine very soon, but meanwhile you might need some of that 3 in 1 on your armour – especially if Dave gets caught short. Lol

  6. Balderdash! Had just written something and then lost it all. It was along the lines of LOL especially at Dave's appendage ! Glad you can drink you tea though but not so sure about the comfort breaks ! Especially Dave's! I'm glad I don't have to make decisions any more as they were always questioned by 50 others ! Hopefully you make the decision and that's it – hope so as there's nothing worse that someone saying I would have done it differently! Glad you feel a bit better after the blog. Hope you can relax this evening, however it must be hard to switch off ! Xx

  7. Oh that made me smile. I can tell you we need some laughter here, not been the best of weeks and the next few months are going to be pretty tough. Laughter will get us all through as I am sure it does with you. Hope the armour is not needed too much. xx

  8. Oh Barbara, you've made me laugh out loud at Dave's modified armour. Please keep smiling, it's the best medicine & Thankyou for everything that you & your team does for us all x

  9. Oh Barb, this did make me laugh to myself. I definitely need a suit of armour too. I particularly like the idea of people not being able to read my facial expressions; that could keep me out of a whole load of trouble! Xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    I'm sorry to hear you had chinks in your armour today. It's been a tough week so far and it's only Wednesday! I'm sat here almost crying with laughter, the armour is brilliant and as for Daves – ooooeeerrrr Mrs!!! The 10,000 steps in that will be a real work out! Hope you have a relaxing evening and tomorrow is a better day.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Oh dear I don't know where you found that photo but it certainly made be laugh Barbara. How could you take anyone seriously if they walked round in something like that. Sorry you had a bad day, but at least you managed to laugh it off, and hope tomorrow is better for you. x

  12. Hi Barb,
    We'll I have to say I've had a really good chuckle to myself when reading this especially Dave's screw on extension !!!! Gosh that could do some damage!! Actually I think I could do with a suit of armour although it would have to be rubber in case I fall overy again!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're as well as possible. Been to gym today ( only to do upper body work, Daren't risk damaging my knee) & although I can't say I enjoyed it, it was good to be doing something active again. Stay safe and warm while Dores is about. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Wow that certainly is some appendage! Made me smile when I scrolled down to that photo lol.
    Hope you have a lovely evening to make up for your crappy day.
    Send love, Carole xxx

  14. Oh dear, sorry to hear that you needed to get your armour out. Could you give me number of your armour tailor? Ha! Need to get my daughter kitted out, she is about to go into battle at her place of work. Any chance you think she could also acquire a knight in shining armour?! Maybe one wearing a similar outfit as Dave's ha!
    If only we could just wrap them in a comfort blanket like we did when they were small. Let me know if you would like me to knit Dave a 'Willy Warmer' ha! Xx

  15. Eeee… what a brilliant idea. I could certainly do with something like that at about this "time of the month". Something that is at least bread knife proof. Although I won't need Dave's extension. Xx

  16. Thanks for making me laugh! We all need to put on our armour from time to time to get through life. I love yours as there is plenty of head space!
    We all need a knight in shining armour to be our champion and protector and you are fortunate to have found one in Dave. I am blessed to have my knight, who's armour is his bike leathers that I get to see him wear every day, and he is always there for me.

    1. Hope yi found yer wellies! Nae snaw here, despite being in the amber warning area! Have you got your spongebob jammies out ready?!!! I've gotvmy bunny slipper boots on, and heading to look for my fleecy jammies for an extra layer. Probably me cold is my CFS being bad after the garden visit yesterday. Cuddle back xx If it wasnae fir yer wellies, where wud yi be….!!!!!!

  17. Sorry your armour hasn't fully protected you today but love the humour….definitely makes your eyes water in more ways than one -lol! Take a deep breath and carry on…all will come right in the end. Xx

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