Home late

Home late

Hi there.
Just got in from Birmingham, 
so I will say hi and bye if you don’t mind!
But before I crawl upstairs to the land of nod, I want to mention 
just a few highlights of the  Trade Show.
Firstly, we met  lots of lovely people – old friends and new.
Then we met people from all over the world, from Kuwait, from India, from Europe.
I finally got to meet Hilary from Wightcats, which was a real pleasure.
My goodness, she and her husband Stephen work so hard.
All the Pergamano and Groovi friends were oohing and aaahing over our Jim’s latest invention,
Our Pergamano Tool caddy.
Want one? .? It is so excellent!
And finally, the new Deluxe Starter Kit was very well received.
Complete with beautiful Tina Cox projects .
So yeah.
The show was much smaller than last year, and there were a lot less visitors,
But we had a blast, made some great new connections, took a rake of orders.
Time for a cuppa and bed.
Love & hugs,
Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “Home late

  1. Glad it was successful Barbara. Do I want a caddy…hell yes!
    Must upgrade my tools though so it looks as posh as the photo…a lot of mine are the old blue ones.
    Have a nice evening, what's left of it. Bath and bed for me, early start….off to the woods for some pics in the morning xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Barbara, glad it was a success for you despite a reduced turnout. Glad they've decided to be friendly and embrace you/Groovi, at last! If the easy glide sheet is instead of tumble dryer sheets, and is unscented and doesn't have in it whatever I am very allergic to in the tumble dryer sheets, pleeeease can you sell that separate?

    Hope you have a really good sleep and can lie in in the morning.
    Love Brenda xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Pleased everything seems to have gone well at the show. Shame numbers were down though. Love the look of the tool caddy, looks stylish – when will that be available? The deluxe starter kit looks brilliant too. Have a good night's rest . Love and hugs Alison xxx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Glad you are home safe and sound and the show was a roaring success. Love the caddy, I wonder if I will have that many tools one day! The delux starter kit looks great too. Isn't it a small world, I bought some parchment from Wightcats at the Farnborough show last year and had a chat with Paul. I hadn't realised they were from the Isle of Wight until I saw their advert in a magazine this week ( the spelling of Wight should have given me a clue!!). You could pop over there for a few days in the caravan for a mini break and a bit of rest and relaxation!! Hope you gave a good nights sleep.
    Love Diane xxx

  5. You must all be exhausted, but I'm pleased for you that all your effort was worth it in terms of orders. Hope to get in a bit of crafting tomorrow – today was re-sealing showers and installing a new tumble drier!

  6. Glad you had a good show even if it is smaller than previous years. I presume the reduction in size is at least partially due to the rising prices. Diane is right, you should hope over to the IOW with the caravan. I can recommend a fabulous caravan site in the forest on the Isle of Wight, where you can sit in your caravan and watch the red squirrels just outside. So beautiful and relaxing there and you could visit Hilary at the same time. That caddy looks interesting and could help me to stop Gemma (naughty working cocker) from stealing my tools and chewing the tops and the handles. Are you going to Bristol? Sleep well tonight. xxx Maggie

  7. Glad you had a successful show, and pleased you got to meet Hilary. She's lovely isn't she. (well to be truthful they are a lovely couple) I shall be catching up with her at the Farnborough show on Saturday, as she always checks up on me to see how I am coping since my husband died, apart from being a good friend of my daughter and I on FB. Really nice to see a photo of two of my favourite people together. xx

  8. Morning Barbara, So glad you are back home safe and sound. The Trade shows sound like a success for you, which is really important. So glad you met up with lots of nice people and got lots of orders.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Hello Barb,
    Glad the show was a success, even if it was smaller, and good old Jim is always coming up with super ideas. Now put your feet up for 5 minutes, I reckon that's all the time you can spare!!!
    Maureen xxx

  10. Good you're home safe and sound! Happy it was a good show and look forward to getting a shiny new tool caddy…was going to buy the tool bag but like the caddy idea better! Ooh yes and it gives me the perfect reason to get some pretty pink Pergamano tools (got a lot of PCA as my friend used to stock these when she had her shop)! Hugs xxx

  11. I hope you had a good nights sleep after such a busy time at the show. It sure was great to see you and Dave and catch up. It was also lovely to finally meet Linda too.
    Linda xxx

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