Hi there.
Just got home from Frankfurt;
won’t chat long – absolutely pooped, and I wasn’t even the driver!
So I’d best go make the old man a cup of tea and a piece of toast!


Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

When I can tick any one of these, 
I am treading on thin ice, and my serenity is in jeopardy.
This evening, I can tick 3, so it’s best to rectify the situation quickly, and re-establish my equilibrium, my balance.  

Love & hugs,

55 thoughts on “H A L T

  1. I imagine you're tired coming all that way after a busy few days too. Hope your equilibrium returns soon.

    I'm waiting for mine after our weekend.

    We did Wales on Sunday afternoon in the rain, got burgled after we left, stayed in Wales for a family funeral on Monday, came back home that evening in the dark and rain, saw police and Scene of Crime most of yesterday, theatre in the evening (Kinks) and clearing up shattered glass conservatory door today! Thanks to our family and friends we were ble to cope with the funeral and what we came back to. In the scheme of things we had a tidy burglar so just think ourselves lucky. Xxx

    1. I'm afraid they also did the house one door up from us (in a way that made me feel a bit better I suppose) also a couple of more on the next estate. Thanks for your hugs everyone. Xx

  2. Hi Barbara, just caught up with your time in Frankfurt what a time you have all had.
    it must have been very tiring but very productive.
    You have met lots of lovley people and made lots of friends along the way.
    Sleep in tomorrow and recharge those batteries none of us would blame you.
    Need some information but that can wait for later.
    Sleep tight and nighty nighty.
    Lynn xx

  3. This is a long drive Barbara and no wonder you are pooped. There's nothing like a mug of tea to make us feel better in these circumstances, of course with a yummy chocolate biscuit too, or more sensibly a piece of toast. x

  4. My prescription is some nice take away, plenty of fluid, a good book, take the phone off the hook and switch the internet off. Then a chamomile tea, and an early night. Oh yes, and some time out tomorrow to let your brain catch up, and let those poor feet recover. sleep tight. xxx Maggie

  5. Feel so much for you feeling hungry, angry,lonely and tired. You always work so hard for us and to bring us new products and nothing is too much trouble for you. It must be so demoralising to read what you have had to recently after so much effort on your part. You have a wonderful family supporting you and a great team behind you at work and of course all of us that are with you all the way, so please don't feel lonely. Get a cup of tea and toast for you and Dave and then to bed. It looks like you had a very tiring few days but also very successful. Hope your feet have recovered and you're not still walking about in slippers. Looking forward to a great weekend watching you, Tina and Paul on Hochanda.xx

  6. Nae worries Barb. Glad you're home safely. They're not worth wasting a moment of your life on, honestly. Do something really enjoyable tomorrow please. Why don't you just lock them out the groups, it's not the first time on there. This latest one happens here too, if someone happens to mention even remotely what's in the diamond club before certain people have got theirs. So now I and others don't need to worry any more, I/we can say what I/we like here about our diamond club goodies, irrespective of who's got theirs 🤗 That's the positive from it, folk who were worrying in case they said anything and got a backlash no longer need to. Nowt as weird as folk eh!!! Sending psychic love and hugs xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I'm so sorry that you're feeling so low. Now you're home try to get a good night's sleep , a takeaway meal, your favourite chamomile tea ( not necessarily in that order!) . I hope you can manage to have some me time tomorrow too , you certainly deserve it. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for letting us know you are home safe and sound, you are a star. Enjoy your tea and toast, put your pjs on and get to bed, everything else can wait until tomorrow. Sending you both a big hug. Don't let the b***%#$ get you down!!!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you've had a good day, we had some sunshine here for about an hour. Just come home from a wine tasting session, there's a lovely warm glow about the pair of us!! Haha. Sending hugs xxx

  9. Happy your home and back to normality The simple things in life you need right now.
    Not endless chatter with buyers and visitors that can wear the best of us down. You need to rest a little.xxx

  10. Of course you're shattered, all that travelling and then days of trying to keep alert at the show with your poor feet suffering. Just sorry to hear that you're lonely as well. It hasn't helped you with the worry of Facebook. Let it go Barbara, hopefully they wont be a trouble in future. Hope that after you've eaten something and have had a good nights sleep things will seem better tomorrow. Glad that you let us know you are home safe and sound. Chill tomorrow with Dave if you can, then you'll soon feel like your old self. (Don't mean old as in old, just a manner of speech) ha ha. Oh dear seem to be digging a hole for myself, don't I? Lots of love and hugs Pam xx

  11. Hi all you lovely blog friends, hope you are all ok. Late tonight been finishing off some cards, then had to watch a bit of tele to try to relax. Last night I couldn't get off to sleep for everything going round in my head. Hopefully I'll manage tonight. Love and hugs to you all.xx

  12. Good you're all safely home – nice cuppa, hot buttery toast and a good nights sleep should help with whatever has caused probs/upset xxx

  13. hello Barb, glad to hear you all got home safely. Well done Dave, hope you enjoyed your toast and tea. Hope you managed to unwind and untick some of those 3 Barb. Take care. Bx

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