Meet Kajal

Meet Kajal

Hi there,
Thanks again for popping in today.
We escaped early tonight; got out of the Frankfurt Messe 
before Show Breakdown.
We had a very successful few days, met all the people on our list,
shook hands with all the people we wanted to shake hands with.
Sourced all the products we went a-looking for – and then some!
Boy oh boy, have we got some great stuff in the pipeline.
The highlight for me personally, the absolute highlight of the show was the hour I spent in the company of a young Indian woman called Kajal.
Remember yesterday I spoke about the Graffiti Crew in the other hall, On the Run?
Well, this little lady is the very first Indian Female Graffiti Artist in the world. And she is so so lovely.
“Would you like a graffiti tattoo?” she asked me.
“Oh yes please!” came the instant reponse.

So for an hour, she drew on my arm,

and as she worked away, we talked.
About her life, where she comes from,
what her dreams are.
She is a very very clever young lady – you can tell this instantly.
Her English was amazing.

I asked her about her name, Kajal.
I thought it was a little strange, being named after an eye liner pencil. I only knew the word Kajal from the German name 
for eye liner pencil, Kajalstift. But I thought it must just be a coincidence.
Well here’s a fascinating fact. I may have this completely wrong, so don’t quote me, but this is what I understood.
Baby names in India have a meaning, 
and their name is very symbolic.
When a baby is born in India, all the people ooh and aah over it, and want to hold and cuddle it, and kiss it.
So there is a chance the baby may get sick from all the exposure. 
The mother puts a little black dot on the baby’s back with a kajal pencil, to protect it.
And so Kajal’s parents called Kajal that name as a symbol of protection for all of her life.
Isn’t that fascinating?
And she couldn’t have a more suitable name – really.
Her eyes were the window to her soul.

Very occasionally, you meet a very special soul.
Kajal was one such person.
She drew you in, literally, with her aura, her energy.

It was so relaxing and therapeutic, letting her draw on my arm.
I completely let go of the hall downstairs and all the suits and Mr Margin Men running around. 

I felt as though I had known her forever.
Isn’t that strange, to discover that level of comfort with a total stranger so instantly?

And check out my graffiti tattoo!
Complete with halo xxx

I am sure she and I will meet again.
I just know it.

Just look into her eyes.
You never saw more beautiful, kind eyes.
As soon as i go close to her, I exclaimed, 
“Wow! You are beautiful!”
And one minute later, Dave arrived, 
and said – wait for it – “Wow! You are beautiful!”

A magical hour spent in the company of Kajal.
There was that free spirit in her which is just so very wonderful.
I hope she never ever loses it.
And I hope you are lucky enough to meet her too one day. 
If you see a tiny Indian lady spray-painting the side of the local police station, go say hi for me. 
Love & hugs,

66 thoughts on “Meet Kajal

  1. Fantastic, Barbara! My friend Vanita's daughter is Karishma Kajal. I always thought it one of the most beautiful names I'd ever heard! Hers was chosen by their holy man and had to begin with the letter K. Wonderful name! Glad you had fun. Looking forward to all the goodies coming our way. x

  2. I agree, Kajal is a beautiful young woman. She is also very talented in both art and language

    I hope you do meet again; maybe she could design a stamp or groovi range for you – Graffiti style word chains would be nioe – or maybe personalised bespoke stamps for us we could order with our names….. just a thought…. and then you would meet again

    I loved your tattoo and loved that fact she helped you feel relaxed and calm in a very busy world

  3. A perfect way to end your visit.meeting this lovely lady amazing story with her name.I think the visit to frankfurt now holds something special to you personally.lovely ending to your visit.

  4. You deserved that hour spent with a genuine muse, you must be exhausted after the last few weeks. I hope your spirits have been refreshed. I hope too that you left Kajal with some Clarity samples. Wouldn't her graffiti be great as stencils? Get her on the design team right away please Barb!!!

  5. What a lovely uplifting blog today Barbara. Thank you. Kajal sute had you sussed too, putting a halo on your name! And yes Kajal sure is beautiful inside and out. I think it's great that you not only spot these special people, the Marys and Kajals of the world, but that you have the confidence and freedom within you to strike up amazing conversations with them. Something I was never able to do. I hope you do meet Kajal again. Maybe you could ask her to design a stamp for us all? Hope you have a safe journey home. Love Brenda xx

  6. Great pics and description of time two lovely ladies both inside and out spent together getting to know one another! Safe journey home and look forward to seeing all the new 'goodies' you've sourced for us. xxx

  7. What a lovely lady, reminds me of Mary in Cental Park from her aura but just using a different art form. I hope you have had a successful few days in Frankfurt. It does sound like you did. Please have a safe journey home with Dave and Paul.xx

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience Barbara. I love your Graffiti Tattoo. I await with anticipation to find out what goodies you have in store for us. Safe journey and try to get some rest.
    X Chris

  9. What a sweet and very pretty girl, and the eyes are definitely the window to the soul in her case with her clear and steady gaze. I love the graffiti tattoo she gave you, so clever. It's this sort of thing that makes a trip really interesting and is something that you will remember for a long time. Have a safe trip home. x

  10. It was a meeting of souls, and whereas, normally, I am sceptical about such things, things like this make me think………Maybe you knew each other in a previous life??
    Great tatt, you really are getting down with the kids, haha!!

  11. Hi Barb
    What a lovely blog today. Not that it is anything else but lovely.
    Your young friend sounds like she has made a big impression on you love the tattoo
    Safe journey home

  12. What an amazing young lady. I would truly love to meet her one day. They do say that big things come in little packages and I can see why. Kajal is obviously a beautiful & petit person but oh my goodness, she has a soul as big as and as bright as the sun! As much as I would love a 'BARB' tattoo, I think I would prefer STKB as I have been trying to find someone to design me a tattoo in Samuel's honour for years !!

  13. Beautiful indeed !!!… A great Soul – It was a heartmeeting, your time with her. I can see at the photo she is special ( When I was a portrait photographer I used to see how people was through the lens )

    Thank you EVER so much for sharing this moment with us, Barbara!!

    Warm regards

  14. Hi Barbara, another successful day for you, lovely of you to share it with us and your meeting and fun hour yesterday with the beautiful Kajal. Love the vivid tattoo. What a wonderful memory for you. Looking forward to hearing about all the things you have sourced for Clarity. Wishing you, Dave and Paul a safe journey

  15. What an amazing talent she had and yes she's beautiful! It is fascinating that we can feel an instant connection with someone and maybe it was because of your closeness due to her writing on you. Or maybe it was because you have both got a passion for arty things. Who knows! All that matters is that for the time it took Kajal to do your tattoo you shared some precious time! How lovely that is! I hope you meet again and that I get to meet her too!
    Love and hugs! And safe journey home! Xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful young lady and very talented too. What a lovely way for her parents to choose her name. I hope you do meet again and you had as much impact on her as she did on you. You seem to find these beautiful talented people on your travels, what joy they have bought to your life. Love the tattoo, will it still be there when you are on tv so you can show it off? Have a safe journey home.
    Love Diane xxx
    Ps I hope you've got mums shopping!!!

  17. Evening blog friends, hope you have all been well today. Xx

    Hi Sheila, I spotted a card that you made for the challenge a little while ago and just wanted to say it is wonderful! I love the little bunnies. Glad you found a way to join in still. Xx

  18. Wow, those eyes are just GORGEOUS, what a beautiful and talented young woman. Glad you had such a brill break from the Mr Margin brigade. Welcome home xx

  19. It's so wonderful when you meet someone new and have such a special connection with them. A lovely, heart-warming blog today. Hope you had your shower with your arm in a plastic bag!!! Safe journey home, and glad you had a successful trip x

    1. Thank you Susan for your offer of help to enter the blog challenges your so thoughtful my friend has entered them for last month so thoughtful to have such dear friends hugs xxx

  20. Morning Barbara that was really lovely of you to take time to show interest in these young artists hopefully you left your blog address so the beautiful Kajal and the guys can read this.
    Safe journey home hope you managed to get your Mums shopping list done still giggle remembering about the shopping trolley dash when you both were there.
    Love Dot..xx

  21. WOW – yesterday I thought you were a lucky piece, but today you are even nearer my heart with this young lady. You 'clicked' because what she does is so close to what you do in the 'thinking' department.
    (as a retired face/arm/hand/feet painter, I see what you see – you know you may enjoy the Face painting association conferences – they are usually 'darn sarff' I bet you'd fit in instantly).
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  22. Hi Barb,
    Can't believe I'm so late today! What a wonderful time you must have had with Kajal. She is very beautiful and obviously very talented. Hope you have a safe journey hiome. Love and hugs Alison xx

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