Generous Friends.

Generous Friends.

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in.
Very busy day today at HOCHANDA.
So good to see Tina Cox on our screens again.
What a talent!
As promised,
hereโ€™s is a step by step of the beautiful little parchment scissor pouch, which another very clever and generous lady, 
Emma Burns, kindly made for Tina….
It looks complicated, but actually, when you break it down, 
itโ€™s not too bad….
The key to the whole thing is the 
A5 blue parchment, score the smaller triangle as seen here:

Add the other triangles and a few flowers.
All from the same plate.

This is what you now have, looking from the front.

Time to use the A5 Calligraphy plate, 
which is featuring on the One Day Special tonight.

And a corner from the lace Corners border.
I LOVE the lace plates which our Jim designed.

So once more from the front, to really see the sequence…

Add a little flourish from one of the lovely poetry plates.
Now out with the grid and tools.
A little whitework,
a little gridwork…
a little picot edging along the front flap…
Random embossing and perforating.
Look up close.

Now for gradual assembly.
See where Emma has placed the extra-tuff tape?
Add the initial or name on the front flap which it is still flat.

Score and fold in.

This is going to be the little pouch at the front.

And this is going to be the little flap at the front.
the only thing you might not have done before is shallow piercing,
For the piercing at top of Triangle 2 and 3….. Shallow pierce with two needle while flat.
Then once the blank triangles are folded in, you pierce through both pieces of parchment from the front, then you cut them out separately.

Add the ribbon,

Tie a bow

What a fantastic gift.

I know Tina will treasure hers as much as I treasure mine.
Thank you Emma.
Love & hugs,

40 thoughts on “Generous Friends.

  1. Afternoon Barbara, What a fabulous show this afternoon with yourself and Tina. I loved it. This present for Tina is so pretty, thank you so much for the tutorial, I hadn't realised you would be so quick at posting the tutorial. Thank you so much. I'm watching your Clarity show at the moment whilst typing this, I'm loving the lace and how pretty does it look for the lady's dress, so clever.
    I'm looking forwar to your ODS tonight after seeing your sneak peek in your write-up on Tina's gift.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows this afternoon with Tina. Beautiful little scissor case created by Emma too and I reckon Tina will treasure it. Thank you for posting the step by steps for this – as I ordered the cake plate in the sale and it arrived yesterday ( thank you – brilliant service as ever) I can have a go at creating one of these myself. Looking forward to the other shows – I've got them all scheduled for record. Well done to you and Tina – I did learn a lot but would love the guides if it would be possible to buy them as I've already ordered all of the tools from Clarity in the past. You could tell Tina was nervous at the beginning , but she grew into it and was very calming. Thank you both (& Alex as well), love Alison xxxx

    1. Evening bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all well and that you enjoyed the shows you his afternoon as much as I did. Some things just fell into my basket mind you! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  3. Absolutely stunning gift from Emma, stupid sky box had an ab-dab so I'll have to watch on catch up. Oooo I love the new flourish plate, that's definitely going on the list xx

  4. Hi Barbara, beautiful gift, and thought, for Tina. Thank you for this step by step. My scissors just lie around in my craftroom, not yet found a safe place for them. So maybe I should make myself one of these. I don't have that template but I do have a 45 degree diamond quilters template, don't see why that wouldn"t work to trace the outlines.

    Loved your shows. And yay, no Norman Collier effect or burlin thingy watching online, that's a first for your shows. I was Groovi-ing along with you both, doing my first proper picot cutting that wasn't just a straight line. Tina sorted out a couple of pricking things I was heading along the wrong path on, with me just learning on my own by trial and error, so thank you for that Tina. And so much more to learn when I watch my recordings back too. Good camera shots. I did feel for you Tina, being nervous, but you did great, and that's the hardest over with, it should get easier each time now. I loved your stencil demo with the paste Barbara, very arty.

    Hope your ODS goes well, and you get a good sleep tonight.
    Love Brenda xx

  5. Beautiful prezzy, and well done Tina for a first class job on the shows! Just bought the wood and little animals plates – been hoping for something along those lines for a while. Special permission from The Bro to watch the ODS live and catch up with the Dragons later – he knows which side his bread's buttered on! Have a nice dinner and a glass of vino afterwards Barb, well deserved after such a bitty day!! xx

  6. This is beautiful. Thank-you for the step by step. I will have to wait until i have got the cake board to have a go. the shows were great today and even better Fred is asking me to order the stencils as he wants to use them for pyrography. Wonder what else I can find that he might need. xx

  7. Gorgeous. Just finished watching you on Hochanda. I want so much from the show but have settled with the ODS today. I already have some of your Groovi plates and the light wave.

    Amazing show the samples are gorgeous, not sure I'll ever be able to make anything so gorgeous.

    Will have a go anyway.


  8. Just home after a very long day with tutoring on a scout training course and the church so I have recorded the shows to watch tomorrow she I am not so tired!
    Emma had a class at which she showed us how to make this. It is such good fun to make and I love using mine. Everyone at the class created beautiful scissor holders that were all so different.

  9. Just home after a very long day with tutoring on a scout training course and the church so I have recorded the shows to watch tomorrow she I am not so tired!
    Emma had a class at which she showed us how to make this. It is such good fun to make and I love using mine. Everyone at the class created beautiful scissor holders that were all so different.

  10. Great shows today! Blown my crafty budget in one afternoon ๐Ÿ˜ฑ but the new tools will be used and loved. Finished my groovi challenge just waiting for it to dry so I can take a photo. Well done Tina you did such a good job, and so many of the tips you gave had me going "Aha I see" can't wait to learn along with you and Barbara. The two hour format works really well for groovi. Have fun tomorrow! Xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    This is so beautiful, I'm glad I bought the cake template in the sale, it was too good a bargain to miss. I've been all behind today so missed your shows but don't worry I've got a cunning plan to watch you on rewind while I do the ironing tomorrow. By the sounds of it I'm in for a treat and I'm going to learn loads. Hope you and Tina have a relaxing evening chilling together.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Great shows today Barbara and did see most of them and am looking forward to tomorrow. I think the scissor case is gorgeous and a lovely gift for Tina. She seemed a little nervous but I'm sure that will pass as she is a fabulous parchment crafter and am looking forward to seeing her again. See you tomorrow. x

  13. Oh Barbara, I just love the calligraphy plate.
    Back in the sixties when I was still at school my three best friends and I went to night school one night a week at the Penzance school of art. A lovely tutor called Judy taught us many different skills and calligraphy was one of them. I loved it but haven't done any for more years than I care to remember and now I don't think my arthritic thumbs would cope with it. This will make it possible again.
    Lovely progammes today, still got to watch the 3o'clock show as my son and family turned up so will catch-up tomorrow. xx

  14. Great shows this afternoon – still sitting on my hands so far but may just have to have the stencils and stamps. Lovely to see Tina again and so happy she's going to become a regular on screen. Not yet seen the ODS but doubtless is another must have – lol! Shows are recording so can have a good catch up tomorrow! Night night xx

  15. Hi Barb, and Tina, what a great show, so many great tips, have not watched the later ones yet, my treat for today. I am sure Tina will treasure this gift, it is lovely. Bx

  16. Hello Barbara

    Beautiful. Thank you for yesterday's shows. I tried snipping last night as Tina showed and was very pleased with the result. When I hold the parchment I think I put the scissor tips too far into the holes and not evenly.


  17. Such a beautiful gift. Still have a couple of shows to watch on recording, so mabybe John will want to go out and take some photos today in the sunshine – if I can persuade him! x

  18. Emma does the most exquisite work. You have some lovely friends and Tina must be thrilled with her gift. I have turned my Pegamano scissors upside down and my cutting is much better, but still need practice. I did enjoy the shows and the new plates are beautiful.
    X Chris

  19. Love this scissors pouch and a forever keepsake. Thank you to Emma for such a generous beautiful gift. And thank you Barbara, Paul, Alex, Christine and for all the kind comments. (((Huge Hugs))) x ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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