Friday – a Private peek…

Friday – a Private peek…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

After a pleasant day prepping for the telly on Sunday,
it’s time to get my glad rags on and head out to North London 
for a gig.

Fantastic band.
St Paul and the Broken Bones.
Yeah, I know.
Who dreamt that name up??!

But their music is fantastic.
And the dude’s voice is out of this world.
You would never connect his sound with his look.

I thought I would show you the Frankfurt team!
The tall guy in the middle is Peter Venema.
He sold us Pergamano.

His Dutch colleagues were a pleasure to work with, too.

Onwards and upwards now!
On Sunday we are celebrating the official marriage 
of Pergamano and Groovi.
Linda Williams has kindly written handy guides to accompany 
both the perforating and embossing toolsets, and the scissors.
Our whole mission going forward is about 
education, education, education.
Oh, but hang on! It always was, wasn’t it?
Right. Got to go.
Got a train to catch!
Here’s some music to take you into the weekend….

Love & hugs,

42 thoughts on “Friday – a Private peek…

  1. Unusual Bob hadn't heard of that band any way have a great night out tonight before your busy couple days down or up here got mine and katie time worked out Sunday while Bob works xxx

  2. The Frankfurt team look like a bundle of laughs Barb. I'm looking forward to all the wonderful things that come out of this very special marriage. Love always Ruth x

  3. Hi Barbara. Oh gosh!! I thought you were tall!! Peter Venema is a giant!!
    Have a great show with Tina on Sunday
    That band is going to sound even better in person, brill, enjoy your night out with Dave.
    Hugs to all xxx

    1. Have a great weekend Donna, playing with your goodies. Mine arrived this morning, so I'll be playing too. Just love the new paper books, only bought the Northern Lights one at present.xx

  4. Hi Barbara, glad to hear you're off out to enjoy yourself. I could listen to this band. He really gets you feeling it eh. Sounds like a wee mix of gospel in with the soul. Please tell him he's only allowed to sing cheery songs, you've had more than enough sadness recently. That last song he sung sure made me feel sad. It's good you get on with your distributors, hopefully that helps when you're doing business with them. Hope you have a great time, and manage to forget your troubles and sadness for a bit. Love Brenda xx

    1. P.s. have you heard the results of the awards yet? I was thinking it's usually the end of January they tell you? Or has someone asked for a recount!!!! xx

    2. Haven't had my appointment yet Brenda, they said I won't hear until the end of March and could be April before I see him. I have to be patient. Told you you'd be surprised by how many steps you'd do. I was doing side steps this morning as if I was dancing, at least it's some exercise. Have a good weekend you and Daisy.xx

    3. Thank you Alison and Pam xx

      No crafting, bit wabbit today, but a wee bit stuff done on my laptop, so that's something.

      Yes Pam, everything helps, and if it makes you out of breath a bit, and feeling warm, then it counts as part of your 150 mins a week. A lot of my housework counts because it makes me out of breath doing it. In terms of proper exercise, it's about finding something that is suitable for your health problems, or fitness in general, but still pushes you a wee bit. It took me weeks of searching to find something that was doable, that I could adjust depending on how my CFS is each day, that wasn't boring, and that my stupid Asperger's coordination problems could learn to do. Put it this way, if I had been going to a class, there would have been plenty laughing exercise for everyone for the first few months!!!! Then it's working out the best time of day that you can stick to each day. For me I have to do it at night before going to bed, because if I did it at any other time, that would be me done for the rest of the day. Then it's just determination/will power, to keep doing it every day until it becomes a normal part of your day, like having a shower is.

  5. Enjoy your gig – with the others who've mentioned Alan Carr?! Well they say we all have a lookalike! Recorder already set for Sunday/Monday and looking forward to seeing you and Tina, credit card at the ready – just in case it's needed lol! xx

  6. Right up my street, that music! I love it. Grew up with James Brown, Gino Washington and Otis Reading blasting out every day lol Fabulous sound. Hope you have a great time tonight x

  7. Oh boy it looks like you are in for a treat tonight. Just what's needed before your busy weekend at Hochanda. I loved the music and will certainly be listening to more.
    X Chris

  8. Hi Barbara
    I hope you and Dave have a lovely evening, have your feet recovered enough to do a bit of dancing?! You deserve a bit of fun after your busy week. The team from Frankfurt look like a fun bunch.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Hope you've had a brilliant night with a super band. The singer definitely looks like Alan Carr – I had to have a double take! Really looking forward to the shows and the new plates look fabulous. Will Linda's guides be available to get if we already have the tools and scissors by any chance? Hope you have a good day tomorrow and manage to chill out before the shows on Sunday . Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all really looking forward to the shows at the weekend although will have to have the cushions strapped on good and tight! Off to bed now in the hope that I get more sleep than last night! Night night, love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Hooe you enjoyed your gig tonight Barbara. Do you and Dave good to have a relaxing evening out. They sound really good. My parcel arrived this morning so I know what I'll be doing this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the shows on Sunday too. Safe journey there and back.xx

  11. Hi to my lovely bloggy friends, thank you for your kind words Diane, Brenda and Alison on yesterdays blog. Also the tips for a Sympathy card. Will bear that in mind as I have those plates. Hope you all have a great weekend, keep warm and dry and stay away from the storms. Enjoy the shows on Hochanda. I watched a repeat of the Encaustic show with the hot iron and waxes. Absolutely brilliant.xx

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