The Clarity Winter Sale …..

The Clarity Winter Sale …..

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in.
Mindful Wednesday.
Thought for the day:
You can please some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time.
But you will never please all of the people all of the time.  
Ain’t that the truth.
I’m not a big one for New Year’s Resolutions, 
because they rarely work for long. 
I may ease up on chocolate consumption,
and try to quit drinking coffee after 6pm.
But that’s about it.
However, people-pleasing is an aspect 
of my life which needs addressing. 
I’m sure I’m not alone either.
So if there’s anything I am going to work on, 
apart from my picot cutting and white work, 
it’s my chronic people-pleasing.
I hate doing anything which may cause disapproval, 
and will go to great lengths to avoid it. 
In fact, how I feel or what I think rarely plays a part in my own life, so long as everybody else is happy,
which is pretty strange when you think about it.  
SO that’s something I am going to look at.

Very glad to see so many of you join up to the new Clarity Worldwide Facebook page and Groovi Worldwide Facebook page.
Over 1,000 friends have joined the Groovi page 
since its inception just before Christmas,
and over 400 joined the Clarity page overnight.
I appreciate that many of you don’t do Facebook.
I personally think it’s a brilliant meeting place 
and so easy to share artwork! 
It’s a virtual world, and much like the one we live in, 
there is good and bad. 
I don’t stray far; I only go where I feel safe and comfortable.
But isn’t that the same in the real world?
I don’t frequent sinister places or tolerate bullies in my life either!
The Winter Clarity Club Members Cut Price Sale 
kicks off this Friday at 8am. 
Well worth a visit.
Actually, now might be a very good time to join one, two or all three of my clubs.
Here’s a little Youtube, to explain.
We filmed this exactly a year ago,
so the Groovi Club has been running for a year now. 
You can also buy all the past issues as a member too, so if you are joining but you want to backdate, not a problem. 

If you fancy joining, either do so online, 
or call Jeannine tomorrow on 01732 868215; 
she will be happy to help you, and advise you on back issues too.
Love & Best wishes,

63 thoughts on “The Clarity Winter Sale …..

  1. Good afternoon Barbara….. Looks like those clarity elves are going to be busy again!
    I, like you, find the word 'No' a difficult one to say but recently have not had to use it…. My life has changed dramatically in 2016…. in a good way I will add and in a way that was my choice. I think that makes such a difference to well-being and state of mind.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  2. Ooh I do love a good sale!! 😊😊 I decided this year whilst I wouldn't go out of my way to p*** people off I will do the things I want to do. If other's don't like my choices – tough luck!! Roll on Friday. Xxx

    1. haha yes they my favorites as well and i got celebrations as well ,(i remember taking chocolates to my late motherinlaw once and she told me off so i took them back, got her something else though),no one get me craft stuff though so i just have to spend all year dont i x

  3. Hello Barbara, love Facebook and made so many friends from all over the world. I have to agree that saying No is very hard sometimes, I have on occasion last year used it a couple of times and so glad that I did too. I am loving being a diamond member and really look forward to each months envelope pop through the door. This year I plan on having a go at some of the projects too. Wishing you and Dave a good year and have a wonderful day.
    Linda xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, that was my saying when I was at work 'you can't please …..'. I got fed up of trying too. I didn't make any resolutions as I know I wont keep them. However I intend to fit in a bit more crafting and to do more x stitching this year it seems to have taken a back seat. I must also do some more snipping as practice makes perfect I hope ! I've been waiting for the sale before placing any more orders so will look forward to Friday. Have a good week xx

  5. So pleased that so many people have joined your new Clarity page overnight and that the Groovi Worldwide has been such a success. I really didn't expect a sale now as we have recently been lucky enough to have the Gray Day Sale so it is a surprise bonus for me. It is certainly difficult to say 'no' when people are asking. You can end up doing things that don't make you happy and clogging up your life with things you'd rather not do to please others. Good that you are going to give it some thought. xx

  6. Ditto! We have been trying to explain to our offspring 'No Means no' say it more often… BTW they are 31 and 32… a lesson to learn early… avoids a lifetime of being hurt or disappointed by others… just saying xxxx

  7. For the past year I have been working hard to change myself from being a 'yes' person. I was unhappy, feeling more like a skivvy, a maidservant, than a wife or mum. I was literally doing everything, for everybody. I know my hubby, adult son and daughter, all work, and I don't, I appreciate that, but I didn't appreciate that they all seemed to think that meant that they didn't have to do a single thing in the house. Very rarely did anyone do so much as make me a cup of tea. So last year I vowed to change things, and whereas there is still room for improvement, life, for me, is a lot better. I say 'no' more often, and make time for me. They don't like it sometimes, they still think I have all the time in the world to myself, but they appreciate that we all need to contribute to maintaining the cleaning, cooking, washing, etc, not just me. I think it's going to be a long, ongoing crusade though, and I know I am not alone, haha!

  8. Well Barbara – you couldn't have written this at a better time! Everything that you have written about yourself, applies to myself too! In fact this morning, it seemed to come to a head and Neill told me to stop apologising! Apparently I am guilty of apologising for pretty well everything! I have always put other people first (like yourself) and as you say, as long as those around me are happy – then so am I, and it comes naturally to fit in around everyone's wishes. So thank you for pointing out that 'No' is a full sentence, my goal now is to manage not to follow that word with an explanation – just like you need to do!
    P.S. I asked Neill to read what you had written today and he totally agreed that you could have been writing about me!
    Hugs, Gilly xx

  9. Hi Barbara, aye me too, rarely, if ever, manage the "no' word! But, we can't help who we are, can we, and would you prefer to be at the other end of the scale, I don't think so. I think it's about making it ok in your head when you need to make decisions that you know can't please everyone. (Easier said than done, I know for sure.) And knowing that those that matter will understand, even if your decision isn't something that goes their way. As for those who show no understanding, well they're not worth another thought.

    Please, please, please, don't feel bad about moving things to Facebook. It's the right move for you and for your business. I for one totally understand that. And if it wasn't for my stupid useless brain, I would have been first to sign up!

    I've found my positive in your move. I had set myself a secret mission/challenge for this year, to find a way through, round, over, under… my issues to do with showing people what I do, and join in your challenges. Now that option is no longer there for me, that's one lot less of pressure, fear, failure, rejection, and all the effort it would have took!!! That's a positive if you look at it that way eh. And maybe one day there'll be someone who can help/mentor so I can join Facebook and be safe there.

    Glad you're reaching so many more people via your Facebook pages, that's what it's all about. It's silly to stick with the old ways, just because, put in all your effort and some every day for a relative few, when you can do the same but reach far more.

    I still love you the same, and will be a part of your Clarity family as much as I can, if I can. I still think you are one of the world's special people, because you are
    Love you, Brenda xxxx

    1. Ha, ha. In the millisecond between reading your post and starting to write my comment, my brain totally wiped out all thought of your Member's sale!!! Do you think it"s trying to tell me something!!! Tough, I'll be going shopping!!! Thank you for yet another very generous sale, can't wait to see what you are tempting us with this time xx

    2. Just wondering Brenda, whether you could send a pic of what you've done to someone else on here that you know (me if you want!) who can then put it on the Challenge pages for you ? I note you say it does relieve you of some pressure so perhaps not but the offer's there and I'm sure anyone else you know better would do it for you too. xx p.s. I don't think you should wipe out the sale LOL !!

    3. That's a fantastic idea Jackie. And not just for me, but also for anyone else who is not allowed on Facebook for whatever reason. And very kind of you to offer to do it for me. I'll keep it in mind for if/when the time comes. Well, that's even more pressure on me then, now I've made my secret mission very public eh!!!! Facebook is letting me view the new group today too, which is good, or maybe not so as it seems the trolls have found the Groovi one today. I had thought Barbara's groups would be safe from that. I'm not meant to read Facebook etc. either for this reason. It was thought I had an anomaly, but recent research has shown that quite a number of females with Asperger's have way too much empathy, and we don't know how to stop it, switch it off, or control it. If I see a fly die I feel it like it's someone who matters to me, and I can't get the feelings and thoughts to go. I try to cut it off right away with distraction so it doesn't grow into something huge, but it's not that successful a strategy. Hence me banned from reading things like Facebook too. But I'm sure someone will stop it, tell them not to, just like we do here when someone comes on being not nice. Thank you for thinking about me and taking the time xx

    4. Hi Brenda – that's a really good idea from Jackie. I'd be happy to set up a profile on facebook for you, maybe as Daisy the cat, and post your entries for you if you wanted to email them to me so that you can join in the challenges if you want to. Maybe it would be less scary if it was Daisy entering instead of you! Susan x

    5. Aw, thanks Susan. That's a big thing to offer. This here blog family really does make me feel included, you're all so good to me. No excuses/backing out of my challenge to myself now then eh! Good idea about it being Daisy's too. Mind you Daisy could probably do a better job at it, was it Dot who said to let her have a go a paw painting!!!
      Thank you, you're very kind xx

    6. We are all here to support each other Brenda. We are all part of the Clarity family and want to help each other in whatever way we can. The More personal Space With Clarity has given so much support when I have need it, and I am there to support others there too when I can .

    7. Brenda – if you want me to do it for you send me an email to I don't want to put my personal email on here, and don't think Clarity towers would give it to you because of data protection, but if you send an email to my business I will reply from my personal email so that you have that. No pressure, but if you want to, I am really happy to help x

    8. I'm glad people could support you when you needed it Fiona. That's how the world should be, give when you can, and accept when you need to xx

      I've copied your email Susan. My CFS is rather bad just now, doing too much before Christmas. So I thought best to avoid scary arty stuff, and stick with Mindfulness craft instead for now. I'll email you once I get going, and it's looking like I have anything worth thinking about posting. This may take quite some time, it took me a year before I could comment here!!! Thank you so much for your kindness and your time to do this xx

    9. I waited along time to try to make a perfect card . Always telling myself that I am not an artist ,or artistic, and not anywhere as good as the cards I see . That's been my story about a lot of things and always comparing myself to others . That is still a challenge I face everyday and I am aware of the negativity that easily sets in. Now I watch for it and try to substitute a positive affirmation instead of a negative one .. I realized I would never post a card because it would never be perfect . So now when I seen an imperfection I tell myself that is exactly how I intended it to be —- not perfect . Sometimes I have a wee chuckle about it . If it was perfect it wouldn't be my card etc,because I'm not perfect — and you know what ??? It's ok . Happy new year , joy ,peace and love to you . Janice

    10. Thanks Janice. Aye, it's a hard battle this one, especially if like me it stems from your childhood. But one well worth fighting for, and I am dping so as best I can. I try to turn craft mistakes, things not as I pictured, into happy accidents, that seems to help me. And when I do make something I think looks good, my stupid brain refuses to believe I made it!!!! (Weird one that!) Can't win eh! Happy New Year to you xx

  10. Hi Barb, I love Susan's comment 🙂 I hopefully will be following your ethos this year Barb and try stop, trying to please everyone all the time. First few days of the new year have been a bit of a mare in our household, due to various breakdowns, but right now, I just need to try go with the flow. Take care all. Bx

  11. Hi Barbara, you have said it so well I agree with you.
    Looking forward to another sale need a few more things parchment etc have been getting some cards started since Christmas .I have been checking to see what other plates I need.
    thank you so much.
    Just about that little word No , my friend uses it quite a lot if she does not want to do thing's when other people expect her to do.
    good on you.
    Lynn xx

  12. I relate so well to your thoughts and words today. I stopped doing resolutions to "stop" doing things a few years ago, and now have ones to do more of something, which feel a lot more positive to me. Still trying to use stuff up in my craft room (third year in a row), but now I have a bit more space and some empty boxes under the desk, so there is progress. I used an organisational psychologist as a coach for a time when I worked for the NHS, and she helped me to learn to say no and to keep some of my gremlins in check – still need to work on taking on other people's problems, but I think if you have a caring nature that's always hard. Still, if you can pledge to have some time to do something just for yourself everyday that would be a start. Good luck with your resolutions, and bring on the members sale! Susan x

  13. I do find that saying "no" is really difficult to say as I am also pleaser. I have got better at it recently which has caused a bit of surprise and I am struggling with the fall out from it a bit, but I am sticking to my decision.
    I think you can be a stronger person when you can say no on occasion as you have to care for yourself before you can help others.
    Looking forward to seeing what is in the sale, even though I don't necessarily need anything, there will stamps that I wish to fill gaps in my collection!

  14. When I left my x husband and I was then 43 going on 44, it took me 25 years to move to the next chapter of my life after suffering a male dominant macho, egotistical selfish man. MY DEAR DAD said to me ….
    Yvonne, you are but perfect, …. you have but one fault …. you seek approval.
    After learning this about myself at the ripe old age of 44, believe me I NEVER SOUGHT APPROVAL AGAIN. For me it now was ok to say No, for me ,, you either like me or you don't. I found inner peace learning how my generation of women, put up and shut up. It's not right and so I hope this knowledge will benefit the many many other women out there who can't say no, who put up and shut up, who need to learn they are special too and it's ok to have 'ME' days, do it YOUR WAY and live with NO REGRETS XXXX Luv Yvonne

  15. Hi Barbara. I will be renewing my Diamond membership tomorrow. I have enjoyed all the stamps, stencils and Groovi so much. Thank you for devoting your time to preparing the projects. When I retired lovely hubby said to me " Now let's practice saying NO. You can do it if you try" . I am starting a 3 month beginners art course next week. It won't clash with any other "commitments" but I still would have enrolled even if it had. You are a very busy and dedicated person but me time is so important.
    Hugs from Chris X

  16. I too find it hard to say no & am wracked with guilt when I do! Saying no to Facebook is my choice & although I will miss being stretched by the monthly challenge & seeing what others do, I have renewed my Groovi membership, understand the reasons behind the change & will still avidly follow your daily blog. Roll on Friday!! Xxx

  17. Facebook is only brilliant for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. How you think he became that rich? With selling everything you do on FB.
    Everything you think you deleted on FB will stay forever on their servers as nothing is deleted, it is only not visible.
    For these reasons I will continue to avoid FB, needing it as much as toothpain. My life works perfectly fine without either.

  18. Hi Barbara
    Such a small word, two little letters, one of the first words children learn to read at school ( and always muddle up with on!). Yet we always struggle with it. You are not alone and I think there will be a few of us trying to join you. My resolution is to go for that walk every day, does walking round sainsburys count I wonder? The picot cutting is on my list too. Right I must get on the phone tomorrow, can't miss the January sale – who knows what you will have on offer that I didn't know I had to have 😀.
    Love Diane xxx

  19. I don't say "No" often enough either, but I'm trying! Will be casting my eye over the members sale, but trying to be good for a little while…However genuine bargains are definitely hard to say 'no' to….lol! xxx

  20. Oooh a another sale, must look to see if there's anything I must have. Why do we find it so hard to say NO. Do we think we wont be liked when we do? What about liking ourselves. We say yes at our detriment half the time. We run around backwards to keep people happy, when we need to be happy

  21. Hi to my bloggy friends, hope you've had a good day. Just got around to putting all my sale goodies away, the stamps took the longest as I get all the ink off them first to store on acetate in document sleeves after I've stamped them onto A4 card. Another job

  22. Morning Barbara, I agree with your sentiment, and I am a people-pleaser too, but it gets so stressful !! Already this year had something upsetting, there was a 'thing' at my linedancing class, which has been so stressful for me and I can't get it out of my head, keep going over and over it, I need to do some meditation or something haha.
    Have a lovely day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Morning Barb

    I realised a while ago that you can't please everyone every time, no matter how hard you try to please. The 'No' statement is, in fact, a complete sentence, but 'we' still justify why 🙁

    Looking forward to Friday's sale 🙂

    June x

  24. Evening Barbara and everyone well my surgery went well the emergency cataract surgery thepressure is down low in eye miss Chang did a lot of work inside my eye to relieve the pressure at same time quiet scary your laying and pain strats coming doc say you alright no it's really hurting so will put more anisetic in but must lay still as wiring inside your eye good job could see as was under a tent thing so all done hopefully won't be any more surgery onthat eye but might be was big shock Tuesday when pressure had gone dangerously high again with meds we got it down eye op done so hopefully sight loss won't be to much images blurry but haze gone enjoy evening hugs joy xx

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