The Challenge Blogs have moved…

The Challenge Blogs have moved…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Back to work this morning –
It’s all going on here, I can tell you !!!!

We have had our back-in-the-saddle-meeting, 

and given what’s coming our way,
we have to make a few changes.

The first one is the Challenge Blogs.
We LOVE having monthly challenges ; 
I for one think it stretches you 
and gives you a direction to work towards.
And everybody likes an incentive, so the Gift Vouchers for winning entries are always a welcome reward, don’t you agree?

The thing about these blogs is that unless you have a blog yourself it’s not that easy to post your entries.
In fact, it’s quite labour intensive.

So we have decided to change how we do it.
Let’s move the Challenges to Facebook.
It’s so much easier to join in and post your entries!

We are going to let go of the Calendar Challenge, 
put that one to bed. 
Instead we are launching a new GROOVI CHALLENGE.

About a month ago we started a Groovi Worldwide Facebook page;
already there are nearly 1,000 members.
click to find

The beautiful artwork comes streaming in daily. It’s phenomenal.
And the loveliest thing is that it really is WORLDWIDE.
Parchers from all over the world are joining in.

This afternoon, we started a Clarity Worldwide Facebook Page
click to find

This is our new home for all Claritystampers 
and Mixed media Crafters WORLDWIDE,
and this is the new home of our CLARITY CHALLENGE.

All you need to do is request to join one or both of the groups –
and you’re in!
At the start of every month, we will pin a monthly theme/challenge to the top of the page. Our Clever Challenge Team will post some inspirational artwork to get your creative juices flowing, and can do so throughout the month.
They will add a link to their blogs if you fancy a more in-depth look too.
 All you have to do to join in the challenge, and be in with a chance to win a £50 Gift Voucher is post a photo of your artwork 
That way, they all stay together,
so we can pick a winner.

And the winning artwork will become the banner art for the Facebook page for the whole month. 

It just makes total sense, and is so much easier for you to join in !
There’s one challenge for GROOVI PARCHMENT
and there’s one challenge for all other CLARITY AFFAIRS.

If you haven’t joined in before,
why not make this year your year to !
If I can blog every single day, 
you definitely can make a card a month !!!!

Love & Hugs

56 thoughts on “The Challenge Blogs have moved…

  1. Hi Barbara! Brilliant idea as the challenge will reach out to so many more people!
    I'm just taking a break from doing some parchment and enjoying a cuppa made for me by Amy! It's so nice to have her home…she's back to work tomorrow so we've sorted out her travel from here….train all the way to Manchester then hot foot it to work!
    It really sounds like you have lots of major things happening in Claritystamp world and I can't wait to find out what they all are!!!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  2. Brilliant idea and will save so much time for Clarity, if we can load our own artwork. I know your not feeling great about being back but boy i am sooooo excited can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Hugs Ali xxx

  3. Drat! That is one of my resolutions gone. I had decided to make sure I did the Calendar Challenges this year. Oh well, I will have to go with the flow and go for the Groovi one. I love Groovi anyway so there is no hardship involved. I am now even more intrigued to find out what is going to happen. You really are teasing us, Barbara, and enjoying every moment of us trying to second guess you. I am really looking forward to getting involved in the challenges this year and stretching myself. I am also determined to practice my drawing skills to get back to what I used to be able to do before I was told I was rubbish, and to push further with my watercolour painting. It could be an exciting year for all of us. PMA is the way to go. xxx Maggie

    1. Oh I agree with you Maggie, I was so looking forward to the Calendar challenge again this year…. even got the stamps, stencils and calendar ready.

      I do facebook but I have a question for you Barb and the team….

      Will our posts still be "private" not out there for the whole of the web.

      Hay ho – change is something we have to get use too I suppose?


    2. Maggie you could still do the calendar challenge and submit it to the challenge page – that way you keep your resolution and still get chance to win the fabby voucher.
      Are we still only allowed to enter once Barbara?
      So glad I decided to join facebook now. 😊😊

    3. Ditto! I managed most of them last year and One of the reasons I bought the calendar too as it made me come out of my comfort zone. Although not many people entered each month. I'll need pushing now to do each one ! Got to read all that again to see what we've got to do ! Certainly the Groovi one will be a good one ! What do they say – a change is as good as a rest ! Xx

    4. I did think of you when I read the blog Maggie as I remember you saying you were going to enter the Calendar Challenge each month. The Groovi will be good though we can try out all our new skills we will be learning with Pat. As for your painting it is fabulous, I have not framed you Christmas card yet but it is waiting on my mantlepiece for me to get a frame. Just beautiful. xx

  4. I have enjoyed entering the 2016 challenges but don't do Facebook so good luck to everyone in 2017. I was tempted just to look so clicked on your link & it came up in Spanish!! Enough said, technology is not for me!!! I understand the reasons but will miss it xx

    1. Lynne I left Facebook but rejoined to join the Clarity Worldwide Group. I have managed to avoid much of the rest of Facebook so you could think about doing that to keep involved. Just a thought

    2. Karen thank you for your words but I know too many people who have either become addicted to it or have had their lives ruined by it. Hopefully crafter's will continue to post on Pinterest which is a great source of inspiration to me without all the other issues. Hope you win a challenge in 2017 x

    3. Paul would you be kind enough to post the December top 5 on the Clarity website as in the past so at least I can see them before the challenge moves to pasture new? Thank you.

    4. No problem Lynne, I understand and it was one of the reasons I left the in the first place. Just sticking to the crafting community on there now. Funnily enough I find Pinterest very confusing I do have an account but really don't understand it

  5. Ok with me ,it's also one of my new goals to enter the challenge once a month , I want to win the money .haha
    Took me forever to start my own blog ,oh well ,sound a lot easier this way .joy now Janice

  6. Well what a great start to 2017 – I'm still away from home at the moment but looking forward to learning more techniques as a Groovi parcher – many t hanks to you Barbara & team for EVERYTHING you do – hope 2017 is a healthy & prosperous year for you xx

  7. I have 2 questions, how come all the men look they've just escaped from crowbrough rugby club ( I thought that press hanging was outlawed) and is that Janeen dancing on the table as I called to renew my membership rather than do it on line and make the same hash as I did on grey Friday sale and she had to sort it.

  8. What a good idea as I don't have a blog. I will make it my new year's resolution to try to make a card each month – I've got more than enough Clarity products after all, but I must also manage my time more efficiently as work often dominates and it can take a month to make one card in snatched 10 minute slots per day. Looking forward to seeing everyone's designs. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  9. Oh dear, that is a shame as I don't do Facebook. I tried to sign up but inadvertently omitted a character in my e-mail address when signing up and can't seem to cancel it and start again. Good luck to all those who,have mastered it. Rachel

    1. Hi Chris, I think I have done it now but still not sure how to enter the competition. It still says pending on the website so maybe eventually it will become clear. Hope so. Thanks for your help.

  10. I hope the new Facebook challenge system works well for you and the entrants. My crafting has improved through entering all the past years challenges however I will not join Facebook under any circumstances so I may just do the challenge for my own development.

  11. Hi Barbara, glad you've hit the new ground of 2017 running, in a positive way. Bit of a downer for me personally but I really do understand your intentions and why etc. As you know I'm banned from Facebook, Twitter etc. for my own safety, folk like me not having the ability to keep ourselves safe in so many ways. And me having no one to do settings and monitor etc. I know I didn't join in the challenges but I could kind of still feel part of it by seeing what people were doing, and reading everyone's comments here too. Are you still intending to blog every day or are you going to be moving this to Facebook too? I have been looking at your Groovi worldwide pages as they are public and most of the time Facebook is letting me view it. But the blog one is private and the link for the Clarity one says you need to sign up first. I feel even more excluded from the world, craft world, Clarity world, now. But I do totally understand, and you can't make decisions based on the minority. Guess I just needed to let out my sadness and hurting. Sorry. Very best of luck with all your new ventures this year, hoping everything goes the best it can for you. Looking forward to seeing you on telly. Love Brenda xx
    What is Instagram? I see a logo at the top for it

    1. It's a website where people share all sorts of ideas, things they have made, photographs and so much more. People set up their own boards depending on what they are interested in or you can just browse (for hours!). You will find many Clarity friends using it. There is a search box just like on any website & you can look for whatever interests you. So if you type in Clarity Stamps for example you will see lots of cards and other ideas, many from the design team.

    2. I googled it, you have to sign up, and reading the t&Cs it's like Facebook etc. re sharing details, joining people together etc. so I can't. But thank you for taking the time to suggest it to me xx

  12. Change is always good, I am up for the challenge. Groovi will be good as you say so much wonderful work produced. I have entered the challenges regularly for the last three years and was so excited when I had a winner. Spent that voucher so many times over in my head. Looking forward to the New Year and all that you are going to bring us. xx

  13. Thank you Barbara for your new ideas for Clarity Challenges. I could see just how time consuming it must be for you, Paul and the Clarity Team. Although I didn't enter in 2016 I loved looking at the submissions for inspiration and plan to enter some art work this year if I am able.xx

  14. Happy New Year to you and Dave and all at Clarity!
    What a great idea about moving the challengers to Facebook. I haven't entered many of the challengers but I've made a promise to myself that this year I will try my best to make a card every month and enter it even if I don't think it's good enough so once again thanks for all the insertion that you give us and here's to a great 2017. Xx

  15. Evening Barbara, I just wanted to say thank you for keeping the Monthly Challenges on blogspot for as long as you have, its been so inspiring seeing what the DT and entrants come up with each month. I left Facebook a few years ago so will miss out but totally understand why you're moving the Challenges and wish the very best of luck to everyone entering future challenges.

    Will you be announcing the December winner & top-fivers on here so those of us not on FB can see the results? x

  16. Hi Barbara. I suppose you have to move with the times but I prefer to see a challenge on the blog but understand you can reach more people having it on Facebook. I do have Facebook but for some reason have always found it difficult to use where using the blog always comes more naturally. I will see what's involved in posting an entry and maybe my worries about it will be unfounded. x

  17. First I would like to say a massive thank you to Paul for uploading my pictures every month, I know it must have been a big job. Xx

    Moving the challenges to FB must have been a big discission for you to make, I'm hoping it works out for everyone and people like its new home. Glad you haven't got rid of them. I am going to incorporate the calendar as much as possible into my stamp challenge, theme allowing after all I won't have to stick to doing the months in order. The groovi challenge will be just that, a challenge, which I suppose is the idea! Like you said though, if you can blog everyday I can enter a card a month. This will be my personal goal this year! One quick question, will the post where we enter always be at the top as I sometimes scroll for ages to find the thing I'm looking for? Thanks. Xx

  18. Sounds goodnight have to give this month a miss as eye wasn't good today pressure back up so emergency cataract operation tomorrow morning after lots drugs to take pressure downenough hopefully my eye sight is quiet damaged in right eye hence urgency to get pressure sorted before further damaged and loss eye site all Together in right eye so next of many ops to come people moan about Nhs but they have been brilliant in eye clinic better get to sleep early start in morning night night xx

  19. Evening bloggy friends, back to work today! Very cold start, had to de-ice my car…inside and out!! Got home and fell asleep on the sofa. Did manage an order though, been wanting those magpie stencils for a while now. Xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Well my New Years resolution is to have a go at this Facebook lark so who knows I might get round to making a card too! Sounds like there are definately exciting times ahead, I hope the Clarity teamare all excited too. Must get my brain in gear tomorrow and ring up to renew my membership, that's after I've contacted the dentist – yep broke the same tooth whilst on holiday eating Brie again!! I'm not allowed to eat it any more, it's costing too much!.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. Just come in and the pavements are slippery and salt spreading on the motorway so take care in the morning. Sending hugs xxx

  21. Hi Barbara, just tried to join the Worldwide Stamp and Stencil club on Facebook via your link. Don't yet know if its worked. I don't embrace change very much but understand we have to move on. Especially if its going to make things easier for all at Clarity. I'm sure we'll get the hang of it, after all I did manage to put a few cards on the Groovi Worldwide so I'm half way there. I hope it will all work out well. Was looking forward to doing the Calendar challenge and even bought 2 calendars so the I could keep one in my craft room for the challenge, but hey ho I can still have a go at them for my personnal satisfaction, it's all in the name of learning isn't

  22. Hi to all my bloggy friends, hope you've been keeping warm and well. Not been feeling too well today but did finish off a few cards I started yesterday, so pleased on that score. Hope you've managed to do some

  23. Hi Barbara that's a shame well maybe just for me and a few others that don't do facebook and that enjoyed looking at the bloggy friends challenge entries I know I've been to much of a coward to enter never be as good as the bloggy guys are on here but enjoyed seeing there art.
    Anyway if it cuts back on techy stuff for the clarity guys and simpler for more folks to take part then I get it.
    Hopefully this here wee blog is here to stay though.
    Looking forward to Sunday.
    Take care…love Dot..xx

  24. Hello Barb, well that is different. I was already joined to the Groovi page, and just sent a request for the All things Clarity. Hopefully will get up the courage to submit something. Looking forward to seeing what is posted by everyone, already seen some stunning work. Have a great day all. Bx

  25. Hi Barbara, Wishing you, Dave and all at Clarity a wonderful 2017 filled with success and happiness. It is good to see all the groups on Facebook however I do know people who are into clarity but not facebook so they may get left out moving forward. I am sad to see the Calendar challenge go as this was one of the positives for me in 2016 making me feel very challenged but grateful after submitting each entry for the learning journey. Charlotte and I even ordered the stamps, stencils and calendar ready for 2017. Mx

  26. Well that's goodbye to the Clarity challenges for me!
    On FB it is all so quick and nothing-saying!!!
    There I show projects I made about 9 months ago!
    So bye!!

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