Good Idea. Bad Idea.

Good Idea. Bad Idea.

Hi there.
Getting ready for the TV shows on Sunday.
Had a little breakthrough with parchment.
Ran it through my E-Bosser.
G O O D   I D E A
Decided to make another one so I could do stages,
got the sequence of the mats wrong, 

Cut through my magnetic shim.
B A D  I D E A.
Good job I’ve got a spare.
That’s what happens when you don’t read the instructions !!!!
But how cool that we can cut through parchment like butter 
with our dies ?!
Now where was I?
 Ah yes. The prep….
Oh. And by the way.
Tomorrow morning.
Be here if you want to know what the big secret is…
Tomorrow I can spill the beans!
Love & Best wishes.

72 thoughts on “Good Idea. Bad Idea.

    1. I've just emailed my oncology nurse to see if she will ask my consultant to change one of my drugs which I'm wondering might be causing my problems. Thanks for thinking of me.xx

  1. Hi Barb,
    So pleased it's not just me that does this! I must have 5 magnetic shims that I've ruined, but hey ho, it's not he end of the world. Really looking forward to the shows and also to finding out what the surprise is and of course the sale. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is as well as possible. Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of day, but been in hospital. Tuesday 3.30 pm was getting washing in and next thing I knew I was on the floor in agony, couldn't move! I lay on the concrete path shouting for help, no one around! Half an hour later the lady who has horses in the field behind us heard me and phoned for an ambulance and sent her friend round with a blanket. Poor Dave was abandoned in Durham,. My sister came down and got me covered with coats, duvet, hot water bottle etc but is was freezing. My brother in law went to pick Dave up bless him. 3 hours went by before the ambulance came I was on verge of hypothermia, uncontrolled shivering very drowsy! Had gas and air in ambulance and ended up being sick. Got to A and E who were brilliant. Turned out I'd completely dislocated my knee replacement and they'd never seen this happen before. Managed to get it realigned under general anaesthetic thankfully but also ruptured ligaments etc. So I'm now in a leg brace for at least 4 weeks hoping it will heal otherwise it will be a reconstruction job. Still I'm alive, warm, able to walk ( uncomfortably and very slowly) and more importantly I've been released and am back home looking forward to Barb 's shows at the weekend. I'll catch up with all your comments etc now. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Sorry to hear that Alison. Glad you're home and able to get around now. Look on the bright side, plenty crafting time for the next few weeks eh!!! Take care xx

    3. That's beyond ouchy Alison! Seriously horrible experience. Glad it's getting sorted, meanwhile hope you're able to set up a comfortable crafty area where you can watch tv, craft and generally lurk while healing progresses. Treat yourself in the sale and/or on Sunday xx

  2. Also done that! and managed to trap a die in the machine! – it doesn't work very well now. Really looking forward to Sunday. Now back at the dreaded MOJ and a big birthday to come – off to hide under the sheets.
    Lots of love to all the happy bloggers
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Anne, did you see Jackie's suggestion yesterday, that someone else post pictures on the Facebook group challenges for me. I thought about you too. Have you got someone who could? And you can view both the Groovi and stamp groups without joining, so can still be a part of it and get inspiration that way. Hope that helps. Your as young as you feel… xx

  3. Sorry, but that's funny Barbara. Probably wouldn't have admitted to laughing if you didn't have a spare though! I thought you didn't own any dies, did they come free with your machine?!!!! Must admit I have cut into the wrong plate on more than one occasion, but at least it could be used after!!! Die cutting shapes, much easier than this picot lark eh!!! I've got shapes, don't do the fancy stuff, not my thing, but do have shapes I could cut out if it were topper size. Looks like my old die cutting machine is going to be coming out. Mmm tomorrow, not sure whether to feel scared or look forward to it! Have you taken over Pergamano or something!!!! Aye, I know, even more way off the mark than my first guess, but it's just a bit of fun eh. Hope your prep is going well. I'll be here, but not too early in the morning, so have a long lie!!! Chance would be a fine thing eh!!! Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, still guessing then. Hope its that Clarity and Barbara have won all the awards. New Year Honours list already gone so can't be that now. Whatever it is we wont have long to wait now will we. Love to you and Daisy.xx

    2. Thanks Pam. Wonder who's more nervous, us or Barbara!!!!! Xx

      Maybe it's Dave has relented and is going to start building our Clarity village for all us waifs and strays in need. Can I have first pick please. Ground floor, nice big second bedroom for my craft room, big windows, I like lots of natural light, detached, unless the neighbours promise to keep quiet. I want a nice decent sized garden, and some natural surroundings to look out at from my windows please. Oh, and needs to be in an area Tesco will deliver to, and where there's a local organic veggie box scheme that allows you to choose what you want each week. That's all. For now… πŸ˜‰

    3. Brenda that sounds wonderful, if Dave can build the machine room I'm sure the clarity village is on his list too. I thought it was the honours list too to start with. Perhaps it's world domination or as you say winning all the awards! Sending hugs xxx

    4. Right I'll have the same kind off wee hoose next to Brenda Dave and dinnae worry aboot Tesco we can go ti the shops together and have a coffee wi Pam in Costa and I can borrow awe yir Clarity stuff. Braw.
      Here's yir Dot..xx

  4. Hi to all my bloggy friends, hope you have had an enjoyable day. I'm still on cloud nine after winning the December Clarity Challenge. Congratulations to the winner and top five for the December Challenge, really beautiful cards.

  5. Well, you can't get it right every time! Hee hee!
    I introduced my Aunt into all things clarity today. She loved the Groovi poppies that she did before we moved on to inking through stencils and then she tried grunge paste with the stencils onto canvas boards. It was so much fun and It was nice to share my knowledge with her as she is really arty with paints and and pencils drawings.
    Looking forward to finding out your news tomorrow.

  6. Hi Barbara
    Oh I'm sorry I had to laugh too. We had a chat about using parchment to die cut at ally pally didn't we and you said you didn't do die cutting – I bet Debbie is having a good chuckle. Looks good though and the cutmat is the sign of a true crafter!! Only one more sleep before the sale and your big announcement, how exciting. I renewed my membership today so a big thank you to the lovely Jeannine for her help. Hope you have a good nights sleep.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. lol I'm so pleased I'm not the only one to make a big boo boo – would your announcement have anything to do with dies??? My poor craft cupboard won't be able to handle more stuff – I so need to move to get my craft clarity room!!

  8. Looking forward to your news tomorrow got me patch on so of to bed got to wear it for 7 nights think I got more tape than patch so this pirate is of to bed Nanny day care is on duty early tomorrow so need me sleep to cope with our gorgeous 2 year old chatter box Jonah xx

  9. Ha ha – I cut thro' my magnetic shim first time I used my machine, taped it back together and still using it a year later! Looking forward to the 'great reveal' tomorrow – have an idea in my head as to what it might be…but keeping it (or them) to myself in case I'm wrong xx

  10. Is there anyone without a cut and taped magnetic shim? I laughed at a friend who'd done it and now I've done mine 3 times! Learnt from my mistakes? Hmm. I've noticed that it sort of 'welds' backin after a lot of use though. Looking forward to Sunday. X

  11. I have rubber mats, plates and all sorts with marks on them from using the wrong sandwiches, and also a workmate with lots of saw marks from the first time I was let loose with a jigsaw, but who needs a lot of pristine tools when there is gaffer tape! Excited to hear your secret – only one more sleep then x

  12. Oh dear, Barb, you know how we always learn from our mistakes! Well, I'm intrigued, can't wait 'til the morning. It's a bit like Christmas all over again! OMG, you can't be, dare I say, (sharp intake of breath) pregnant!!!! Na, na, what am I saying? I know!!! Da da da! You've set a date for your wedding? And, we're all invited? OOOh it's too much, I'm in suspenders! Whatever it is Barb….I know it'll be good after this build up! Love ya! Xxx

  13. Oops Barbara well wee mangles are not your every day thing eh! Well Dot's noo
    a wee Diamond for another year thanks to the lovely Jeannine this morning talking about diamonds she is definitely one thank you dear.
    Off to set the alarm for the sale and the big secret reveal can't wait.
    Take care…Love..Dot..xx

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