On the Run

On the Run

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
3 down, and 1 to go.
One more day at the Frankfurt Messe,
and we can come home.
Although I had best find a supermarket and make sure I get the items on my mum’s shopping list before said departure –
or I might as well not bother coming home!!
I still chuckle remembering Mum and myself in Baden Baden 
wheeling the shopping trolleys through the cobbled streets and straight into the hotel, into the lift and up to the hotel room!
It feels so good to break loose and be a rebel sometimes, doesn’t it.
To swim in the other direction,
do zag when the others are all doing zig.
Had a taste of that again today.
The morning has gone well, and I met some lovely people at the stand, but by the afternoon I was ready to escape for an hour.
So Dave and I ventured into another hall.
As soon as we turned the corner, there they were:
a whole crew of young people,
heads down and completely immersed in their crazy art.

I watched in awe as these young graffiti artists worked away.
“You are happy, aren’t you?” I asked the young chap.
He looked up and smiled at me.
“It is my passion”, he replied. 

Just like us, you and me –
Oblivious to the world around.
Completely absorbed in their art.

It was quite a surreal moment,
coming away from the starchy, commercial hall we are working in,
to this world apart upstairs.

They invited me to have a go.
It felt almost naughty to just start writing and drawing 
all over a wall!

But then I got into it.
Oh boy! Is it addictive and liberating!!!

I was off in my little world, a mini trip away from reality – just for a little while

The guys were so friendly and kind too.
No barking margins and demands.
Just kind and helpful and generous with their time, actually.
Christopher – a star.

This little lady I want you to meet tomorrow.
She was so beautiful! Inside and out.

This guy Akim Walther is the leader of the pack, if you like.
ON THE RUN is his company.

Twenty-six years ago, at about the same time as I started Clarity,
Akim started On The Run, to bring together Graffiti Artists from all over the world.
Their expositions and stands are world renowned.
Their art is fantastic!
Really out there and wild.
Very nice man. A real free spirit.

This guy is a calligrapher.
His art name is Schrift-zug.
He offered to write a poster for us….

and so we watched as he worked .

Raw talent.
No ego. No rules.
Just freedom of expression.

A Moment of Clarity

It was the most pleasant hour away from the real world I have spent in a very long time.
To be welcomed into this group of young artists
breakaway rebels.
We could have stayed there all day and night.
Dave was a smitten as I was;
the Graffiti haven was just that.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to Kajal.
She was magical.
Like a breath of fresh air and sparkle.
She deserves a blog all to herself!

And we had to get back to Hall 4.1 anyway.
Rude awakening when we surfaced there.
Some bloke talking at us like a bren gun for at least an hour,
about what he was going to do for us.
To be brutally honest,
he didn’t have a bloody clue about the craft world.
Not a scooby.

The contrast between these loving, kind free spirits upstairs,
and the numbers and margins shouter downstairs was like a wet flannel to the face.

At least tomorrow I know where to run to,
 should I feel the need to get away.

Love & Hugs,

37 thoughts on “On the Run

  1. Hello Barbara

    Well, they do say a change is as good as a rest! What talented people. I remember the story of you, your mum and the trolley. I am sitting here giggling to myself at the memory.

    Hope you have a good last day and a safe journey home.


  2. WOW what awesome creativity! I do love seeing graffiti and where they get their ideas blows my mind! Love it and glad to hear you got to play too!
    Hugs to you and Dave
    Linda xxx

  3. Oh wow! What a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours! Free spirits…. Thats what this world needs more of!
    Maybe you could have a graffiti wall in your art room and when you're feeling like a rebel you could draw on your wall!
    Have a great last day and don't forget your shopping!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  4. Oh wow! What a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours! Free spirits…. Thats what this world needs more of!
    Maybe you could have a graffiti wall in your art room and when you're feeling like a rebel you could draw on your wall!
    Have a great last day and don't forget your shopping!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  5. What a breath of fresh air those artists are. That's why I love Clarity, because you have the right priorities. Yes, you need to earn the bread and butter, but the creative processes are first. This shines out and spills over, inspiring so many people. You saw the differences between Mr Profit Margin and those dedicated people and you get it. It's because you get it, that makes Clarity the best.

  6. It's so nice to escape sometimes. I don't think people appreciate how talented Graffiti Artists are. It looks as if you really got into the spirit of it. I hope you have a successful day tomorrow and "Happy Shopping"
    X Chris

  7. I love this type of art. Miss my morning train commute as I was fascinated by the graffiti on the walls by the side of the railway track, a lot of it was just stunning. Don't miss the day job as much though

  8. Sounds like you are managing to get a good balance between work and relaxation and fun
    Hope you have a good final day tomorrow and a safe journey home

  9. Hi Barbara
    What a great way to spend an hour and what amazing people too. Definately more your kind of people than the suits and profit margin people. Looking forward to the blog tomorrow to find out anout the young girl. Haha I remember the shopping trolley incident, you two going up in the lift and mum taking the trolleys back so she got her Euro back. Happy shopping.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I bet you and Dave really enjoyed your break with these little vely people. Looking forward to reading tomorrow's blog. I can remember the tale you told us of you and your Mum with the shopping trolleys – you rebels you! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. As well as the dreaded ironing, I managed to finish my birthday card – Jayne's dahlia with one of Dee's backing papers – and am really pleased with it. Also did 3000 steps today around the house. I know that doesn't sound like many, but with a brace that doesn't allow my knee to hardly bend believe me it was enough! That's the most I've done for 4 weeks! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  11. How good it is sometimes to escape outside of oneself. What an inspiration those artists must have been. Looking forward to meeting Kajal tomorrow. I remember the tale of Baden Baden and the shopping trolley – sometimes you just have to be bold. xx

  12. Brilliant blog post Barbara thanks for giving us a look at what you and Dave And Paul are up to
    Loved the visit to see the artists upstairs and by the look of things you got completely lost in the moment
    Look forward to more from your trip tomorrow xxx

  13. I can see that this sort of art is very freeing and a form of escapism Barbara and good you were able to join them for a while. Hope your last day is good and that you manage to give them another visit. x

  14. Hi Barbara, glad you found a wee haven to retreat to. Like attracts like you know! Helpful, kind, friendly, generous, beautiful inside and out, artist who pushes/breaks the boundaries. Sound familiar? You Barbara. Look forward to reading about the young lady tomorrow. Bet there'll be a spring in your step on your walk to the show tomorrow. Hope the people stopping at your stand tomorrow are nicer to you. Manners, courtesy, respect, compassion don't cost anything, and make the world a far better place for all. Love Brenda xx

    1. Thanks Alison. Glad you're finding a way to walk with your brace. I've perfected the walking without bending knees much, squeezing every bit out my body in any way I can!!! I'd show you how if I lived near. It only works on hard flooring though, and you need slidey slippers!!! xx

  15. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing this blog post, my son studied Graphic Design at uni, and also used to do a lot of Graffiti style canvasses for friends. His preferred mediums were On The Run products. I love graffiti if done properly and not destructively, and I think it is a good outlet for creativity. Glad you found them and enjoyed your time. Bx

  16. The graffiti artists are so talented. Perhaps I shouldn't, but I have often admired the talent and free spirit of many a decorated wall. I envy your time with them. Enjoy the rest of your time away ( I know it's work, but who's to say it cannot be really enjoyable! ) xx

  17. Morning Barbara, So glad that you found these artists, their work looks fabulous, and as you say what a difference from the hall you are in. What a great 'insight' this man had, to get these graffiti artist together producing this lovely Art.
    Enjoy your last day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. That's amazing. I love street art, and try to find and photograph some whenever I go on holiday. Can't abide random tagging and scrawling your name on things, but real art – that's another story. Looking forward to tomorrow's blog x

  19. Glad you found them, and the art world again. Looking forward to tomorrow's blog.
    Ps this didn't appear on my Facebook page, I had to go to website.

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