Big Mistake today……

Big Mistake today……

Wie geht’s?
Two down, two to go here in the Fatherland.
Frankfurt Messe was very busy and productive today.
Here’s we see Churchie trying to break through the language barrier. You can tell from the look on the bloke’s face opposite that Paul definitely has him gripped….

Meanwhile, Dave and I posed a bit,
spoke to a great number of distributors from all over the world,
and generally did some wheelin n dealin.
All very positive and actually very uncomplicated.

But I made a huge mistake.
And had I been able to walk the distance I would gladly have gone back in the city centre and bought those expensive football boots I spied yesterday!
Talk about wear the wrong boots! OH. MY. GOOD GRIEF.
Half way through the day, for some reason the same boots which usually serve me really well at 4-day events like the NEC,
decided to play up, and go more pointy than usual.
Or my feet swelled to twice their normal size!
By 3pm I was hobbling around; by 6pm I had passed the pain barrier, and was beyond caring.
(Still walked my 10,000 steps though. More in fact, but I’m going to add the extras to tomorrow, because tomorrow Dave has to give me a piggy back. Or Paul. I’m easy, as they say! Or they can roll me to the gig, cos I ain’t walking.)
I have to say though, we still kept laughing allllll the way home.
After the obligatory slice of Black Forest gateau in the café opposite the hotel, it was time to kick back, chat to you for five, and then turn off the light.
Tomorrow’s another day.
Have a good one, and stay warm and dry.
Love & hugs,

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  1. Hope you got your feet up high to help swelling go down hopefully a good nights rest will help glad things going well other than feet have to walk on hands night night xx

  2. Oh Dearest Barbara, that is a mistake then. I am glad though you had a good time inspite. I wish I could be there and support 😉 – Thank you ever so much for blogging as well.

    Warm regards to both of you and the Team !!!

  3. Evening Barbara! Hope your feet are more comfortable now! Get Dave to give them a relaxing massage… Lavender oil… Good for headaches too!
    Sounds like all is going well and Paul looks like he's in his element!
    Sleep well and hope your feet recover for tomorrow!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  4. Glad things are going well at the Craft Show but nothing worse than "sair gowpin feet!". (sore throbbing) Have a good foot soak in some Epsom salts and you'll be skipping around tomorrow.

    1. I've no heard gowping for years. You're good, I would be naughty and let everyone wonder what on earth I was saying!!! They're probably bowfin too eh!!!! 😉 (only kidding Barbara!!!) Thanks for the reminisce xx

  5. You need some fitflops, they make various styles soooooo comfy. Hope your feet recover enough for tomorrow. What about a segway, you could count the wheel rotations for your steps 😉 x

  6. Hi Barbara, oh you poor soul. I can totally empathise with you there, me and shoes don't get on at all, guess it's my hypersensitivities. Only shoes I have ever been pain free in is my trainers and wee desert boots! Oh, and my Clark's shoes I was made to wear growing up!!!!! I do hope you have another pair of shoes with you, you'll be miserable otherwise. Can you stop off somewhere on the way there tomorrow to buy something more comfortable if these are all you have? Under the circumstances please do count your extra walking steps as tomorrow's. It isn't cheating, it's like the recommended 150 mins moderate exercise per week, doesn't matter how it's divided up as long as you reach the total each week.

    Glad it's still going well for you. Hope you all have a good sleep, and tomorrow is as successful. Love Brenda xx
    By the way since when was a drama set in the sixties considered a period drama? Now that's scary!!!!

  7. Hi Barbara
    Looks like you are having fun and Paul is doing a Stirling job. Oh no your poor feet, that's not good and not like you either. I hope you find something to make your feet feel more comfortable tomorrow, Dave I hope you are feeling strong enough for that piggy back tomorrow 😂😂. Hope you gave a good nights sleep!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends hope everyone is ok. It's been very wet here today. We've just waved emma off again back to Scotland. She has to change planes at Manchester and she's just sent a text to say they are delayed for about an hour. She's not having much luck with this flying lark! Sending hugs xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Glad things are going well at the show and Paul seems to be having fun..I do know exactly what you are going through with your feet and I really feel for you. Every time I go to London I end up with massive blisters and am in agony even with my most comfortable shoes on. Don't understand it at all! Hope they're better tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all ok. Does anyone know how to access the art room that used to be on the old Claritystamp. site? Was trying to find it today, but without any luck! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison, I don't think the artroom can be accesssed anymore, several ladies on the facebook Groovi Worldwide and Clarity Worldwide have also tried to find it, as well as myself, all to no avail. It was obviously deleted when they took the one away.xx

  9. Hi Barbara awe your poor feet hopefully you've managed to give them a good long soak (oh the bliss that is eh!) Although its a great thing your doing maybe give the steps a wee break till your home and not standing on your poor wee feet so much. Happy that things are looking good over there.
    I think Groovi speaks for itself whatever the language.
    Take care …love Dot..xx

  10. Glad all is going well at the show, apart from your poor feet. Give those steps a break if I were you, just until you're back home. The heat can't help much. Hope you've given them a nice soak so they'll be more comfortable tomorrow.xx

  11. So sorry about your sore feet, nothing worse and no escape under the circumstances! Yet still you smile…Dave looking very dapper too. Paul was obviously on top form too as his audience were very attentive, there again he has such a lovely manner and that cheeky twinkle in his eyes… hope your poor feet survive the next couple of days, hugs to all xx

  12. Nothing worse than painful shoes/boots. Hope your poor feet cope for the rest of your visit but hey you just bought another company what's a pair of expensive boots compared. Sleep well. X

  13. Sorry for your sore feet Barbara and hope you have something else with you more comfortable to wear. Glad the trade fair is going well though and hope you have a good day tomorrow. x

  14. I feel your pain, I can only wear my leather (very soft) boots, or flip flops with a canvas toe post. I can't tell you how many holidays I've spent hobbling and going through plasters like no one's business. When we went to Florida my feet swelled so bad that the plimsolls I had really ruined my feet. We had to hire a wheelchair for a few days while my feet recovered, and that was when I discovered I could wear flip flops after all. As long as the toe post is canvas, not rubber or plastic. There was an upside though, people in wheelchairs, and their family, get to skip to the front of the queue on the rides, so not all bad xx

  15. I can so sympathise with you. I have arthritis in my feet and too much walking really gives me problems. The consultant recommended wearing trainers and a nice young man in the sports shop introduced me to gel insoles and they really make a difference. I regret that I can no longer wear smart shoes or heels but for smart occasions I start off smart but carry some nice flip flops for later on. Also when you put your feet up try lying on the bed with your feet up on the wall for half an hour, it really works. Oh and peppermint foot spray is very cooling. Doctor Mary signing off!! xx

  16. Hello Barb, oh no! Maybe you had just done a bit too much, and your feet decided to remind you to ease up? Hope they feel better this morning. Top tip for sore and tired feet, a soak in warm water and Epsom Salts. Hope you rested and had a good night. Love the pictures. Bx

  17. Morning Barbara, Oh no !!! there is nothing worse than sore feet and especially when you still have hours to go, standing on them. I hope you managed to soak them when you got back to the hotel. Hopefully today you will wear slippers hahaha.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Hello Barb,
    hope the feet are less painful today. Why is it that you can wear the same shoes for years (not every day, obviously) and then for some reason they give you blisters. It's one of the mysteries of life ha ha.
    Good luck for today.
    Maureen xx

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