Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Remember that huge news I have been teasing you with?
Well, today it became official.

We are delighted and excited to announce that Claritystamp
(that’s us)
are now the new owners of

Told you it was a game changer, didn’t I?
I have been bursting to tell you for weeks, 
but paperwork and transfers had to be sorted,
so you understand now why I couldn’t spill.

It’s a biggy for a little company like Clarity, I can tell you!
Massive actually.

You know when something happens which you never even considered, because it was way way outside of your radar?
Well, there you go. Miracles do happen. 

So I shall see you on Sunday on TV.
2-4pm and 5-6pm
No big fanfare, no big Ta-dah!
Just the same as always, 
but now you and I know what’s what. 

Love & Hugs 
from a very excited 

139 thoughts on “NEW OWNERS OF PERGAMANO

  1. Morning Barbara and all at Clarity, what stupendous news, congratulations to all of you, so looking forward to seeing what is coming up next, especially on Sunday.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    WOW! I wasn't expecting that one! What brilliant news for you and Clarity. Many, many congratulations. That's one in the eye for some. Excellent news. Looking forward to the shows- recorder set and seat sorted , I'll be glued as not that mobile at moment. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Thank you for your comments yesterday. Up early today as didn't have a good night – the brace is really heavy to sleep in so can't get comfy. No doubt it will get better as I get used to it. Looking forward to the sale now – I definitely need a treat!! Have a good day everyone, love and hugs to you all Alison xxx

    2. Sorry to hear you are not sleeping well just now. I hope that you will find a way to find a way to feel more rested.
      I think some sale shopping is just the thing that will help you just now to feel better.

    3. Hi Alison – sorry to hear you are not feeling so good. What's this about having to even sleep with a brace on? I need to catch up on that obviously! You take care, the Clarity sale couldn't have come at a better time for you, mobility is not needed – just a credit card! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    4. Alison read your post from yesterday while eating breakfast this morning, really sorry to hear about your knee! What a horrid start to the new year for you. Fingers crossed its a speedy recovery for you. Xx

    5. Did try to comment earlier but to no avail. Do hope you manage to have a better nights sleep tonight and are more comfortable with your brace Alison. Lots of hugs Pam xxx

  3. Many congratulations to you all, Dave you had better start building an extension on that new warehouse!! Well done, I'm delighted for you xx

  4. Congratulations, Barbara. Like everyone else I had been trying to work out what the exciting news was and Pergamano had gone through my mind but also out the other side, Well done and I wish you all the very very best with your new expanded venture. You deserve it. It just goes to show what can be achieved when you run an honest, fair, hard working and friendly company. Can't wait to see what happens next. Love and hugs. Rachel x

  5. What an amazing coup! Congratulations on your new baby! I'm sure that with the Clarity name, Pergamano will go from strength to strength, and the name of Clarity will be introduced to a whole new audience right around the world.

  6. Congratulations Barbara!
    In the film 'Jaws' they say the line 'We're going to need a bigger boat'. Well your line today will be ' We're going to need a bigger unit!'.
    Looking forward to the shows on Sunday.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  7. This lovely craft is in safe hands with you Barbara and so happy to play a part in promoting clarity /pergamano which I have been doing since we first met in May last year. Who would have thought it.I did not know you at all.
    feeling slightly speechless or finding the right word to express how good this is you must be feeling on top of the world.
    Success all the way Barbara .xxx

  8. Many congrats, wasn't expecting that but makes perfect sense, great business move. I for one would never have got into the whole parchment craft without your amazing Groovi system xx

  9. That's fantastic news Barbara. I am so happy for you. 2017 is going to be a huge but amazing Year for Clarity and I for one cannot wait for every single exciting instalment xx

  10. WOW from here too!!! That's just FANTASTIC!! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND DAVE AND PAUL AND AND AND ALL THE BLIMMING TEAM!! Well deserved!! Have a great, very excited, very happy, day! xxx

  11. Wow how exciting thought might be groovi connected but would have guest congratulations onwards and upwards goes the clarity train 🚂 wonderful exciting bet your bubbling over looks vet and hugs all around xx

  12. Good Morning Barbara, Fantastic news and many congratulations now well and truly the Groovi Queen, have a good show on Sunday. Simply the best better than all the rest. xxx

  13. Great news Barbara, good luck and every success with the new addition to your company. Will production of its products come in house or will they continue as previously? Well done xx

  14. Well done Barbara! I am so excited for you, I expect you can hardly believe it! The whole team at Clarity must be over the moon. You have worked so hard to build your company up it must seem like a dream come true when you think back to where you started. See you on Sunday.Big Hugs xx

  15. Now that I have managed to pick my chin off the ground, rub the bruise, and absorb your amazing news, can I just say how excited and thrilled I am? I have been using Pergamano products for about 17 years, and to know that your lovely contemporary designs and Pergamano's superb tools and accessories are all under one roof is the stuff of which dreams are made.
    Congratulations to you all! Just don't overdo it – sit back and enjoy your triumphs.

  16. I am willing to bet that no-one saw that coming but it makes so much sense. Groovi and Pergamano are a match made in Heaven. This is a piece of new well worth waiting for. Many, many congratulations to you all as you go from strength to strength. It is going to be exciting to see how things develop. We know that customer service will be second to none and that the name of Clarity is one we can trust to give us the best. Brilliant news. xxx Maggie

  17. Congratulations Barbara,
    in Bayern würde man sagen "passt schon"…
    …which means that fits together and I would say that fits very well together.
    Best of luck
    Rolf xxx

  18. Well how far off the mark were my thoughts on the big news….totally different track and train heading totally the opposite direction! Congratulations to one and all! Xx

  19. Wow, Barbara, stunned here (me guessing this last night was just a wild one that popped in my head, honest!!!). Wow, the top tier, couldn't better that on your Groovi journey business wise. Amazing. So, so, so happy for you. Bursting with pride for you. No scared feelings here. Made my day, week, year. So now you'll be able to sell thevtools on Hochanda, and demonstrate them all, helping usvall to move on in our own Groovi journeys. And hopefully no more grief from those trad parchers either. Wow, bet you'revwalking on air today. Soak it all up and enjoy Barbara and Dave, you've worked ever so hard, you deserve this. Love you xx

    1. Oh bother, I was thinking there wouldn't be much in the sale I would want/need…. Ah well, shrouds don't have pockets, and nae signs of support, so my zebedee springs are coming out and I'm jumping in deep!!! Thank you Barbara for such a good sale, and for always giving us a month to work out what we want, with nothing at risk of selling out in the meantime xx

    2. Brenda, I love that phrase about there being no pockets in shrouds. I have not heard that for ages, but it is so true. I am very busy spending my kids' inheritances. At my age, what is the point of saving every penny like my grandmother did? Spend it and get some fun out of life with my Clarity goodies. So take that deep breath and dive into the deep end. xxx Maggie

    3. Thanks Maggie. I will. May as well make life stuck in here as good as I can eh. Now this year's challenge is to get stuck in and actually use them all, and getting arty, outside my comfort zone. Hopefully I can xx

      Thanks Lynn xx

      Who would have thought all these years ago Barbara, you'd be standing at this point today. You revolutionise the stamping industry with developing clear stamps, fight hard along that pathway for years. Get a break on telly which puts your business on the map and it all snowballed from there. You add a path alongside with the gelli plate, paint and stencils, making your business grow even more. Then suddenly you make a fork in your pathway and take a step along the parchment route with your revolutionary Groovi system. And after such a short time, you are now standing at the top of that path as was, ready to dive off in all, any of the directions you care to, setting pastures new in the parchment world. None of that happened by chance. No, it's your intelligence, thought, knowing where there is a gap, an improvement needed, and working out how to make it happen with your immense effort and work ethics. Putting up with all the backlashes and nastiness thrown your way, fighting on regardless. It doesn't matter to me that the Queen somehow overlooked you in the New Year's honours list, you're Dame Barbara to me xx An inspiration to us all in our own life journeys no matter what they are. Thank you Barbara, not just for our crafty journeys, learning and developing, but also for being you, for giving so much of you to all of us, and for tirelessly trying to teach, support, and improve each and every one of our lives with both craft, and our ways of thinking in general. Love you xx

    4. Hi Brenda just to say isn't this great and agree with all you say above a really thought when I started reading she was winding your last nights wee guess up didn't you.
      So chuffed see you on the Sale page cushions for me springs fir you.
      Love and a cuddle…xx

    5. Thanks Dot. I know, I was only joking, never thinking it was within the realms of possibility. But, Barbara did it. BARBARA DID IT! If I could climb onto my roof, I'd be shouting it from the rooftops! Huge smile still on my face and full of happy feelings for Barbara and Dave. Still don't think it's properly sunk in yet, this is so huge eh. And couldn't have happened to a better person. But we know, it's happened because Barbara made it happen eh. xx

      Thank you Alison xx

  20. Wow!
    Just . . . Wow!!
    As someone who has been using Pergamano tools for quite a few years I know how big that is for you.
    Congratulations Barbara. Pergamano patterns can get quite groovi now.

  21. Wow. Brilliant news. As others have said, it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall to hear the reactions from certain people/companies today!

    I've just had a look through the members' sale items. Lots of very lovely and tempting things in there! Have made my initial choices, and will now have to refine the list down to a more sensible level…

    What a start to 2017.

    Ruth x

  22. Hi Barbara
    Oh wow what exciting news, well done to you and all at Clarity. How funny that the chance meeting where Dave helped with the stand building led to this – fate is a wonderful thing isn't it. Lovely things happen to lovely people. Wishing you lots of success and happiness.
    Love Diane xxx

  23. Wow Barbara – what a scoop! Looking forward to seeing how Groovi and Pergamano work together and anticipating some wonderful projects to come.
    Well done – this is immense!!!

  24. Congratulations Barbara, and all at Clarity, this is monumental, or even mental, haha! Years ago, when me and my bestie had a little craft shop, we aspired to one day sell Clarity stamps and Pergamano. We felt that we would have made it then. Alas, we never did stock those products (we did sell other stamps and Parchment Craft magazine though), and we closed the shop in 2010.
    Funny how things turn out, isn't it?
    Congratulations again, I'm so pleased for you, now you're a big fish in a big pond!! x

  25. Hello Barb,
    Congratulations, what mind blowing news and who would have thought that all those years ago your commitment to hard work would bring you here. Wishing you and your staff every success.
    Maureen xx

  26. Many many congratulations, what an amazing coup. I have loads of pergamano tools and I used to buy the magazine but always got frustrated with tracing and the old fashioned, fussy patterns. Groovi has brought parchment into the 21st century with a bang. What a combination. Onwards and upwards xx

  27. Well, I have to say what a surprise. I did chortle, especially when you had been informed that you couldn't sell their products on Hochanda due to a rival company (not mentioning any names)!! I'm so pleased for you all at clarity,and may the brand become stronger because of you and your hard work. Xxx

  28. Hi Barbara & team, congratulations on you acquisition of the Pergame no Brand .As they say everything under one roof, I only have a couple of these tools but they are brilliant to use.So will be ordering a few more now as we can get them from yourselves.
    You must be made up ,wonder what other things you will have in store for us over the year. Once again congratulations and all success for you and all your team not forgetting Dave the man behind the woman.
    Lol Lynn xx

  29. This is great news for you, Dave and the Clarity team Barbara and this makes perfect sense…the perfect match. Many, many congratulations!!! x

  30. Many many congratulations Barb and your family and your super team. Perga man will benefit from your following and GROOVY will become a household name like perga man is. No chance of early retirement then !!! Luv Yvonne xxx

  31. Oh My God Barbara that's BIG big amazing news well done to you Dave and Clarity I am more than excited and so chuffed for you when I read the blog header I laughed and really waited for an I WISH tag after it and then kept on reading and it dawned She's done it she's really bloody done it.
    I can't Congratulate you enough Well Done Girl…xx
    Love fae Dot…xxxxxx

  32. Well this is a WOW – a complete bombshell, but I have no doubt that Clarity and Pergamano will make a wonderful combination. Congratulations to all and long may your success continue… xx

  33. Well done – what a coup!
    Despite my aversion to Hochanda, I have just ordered a couple of your paper pads in advance, I don't have to see them to know they will be fabulous – because I trust you Barb, if you've given them the seal of approval, they are alright with me.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  34. Fantastic news. For Clarity, and for the entire parchment industry, I think! Congratulations, Barbara. Delighted for all of you. Great start to the new year 🙂 x

  35. Waouh! That's a new or what? I am very pleased for you and for us of course as that means more products…. Just take a deep breath and don't forget…. One day at a time. Congratulations. Xx

  36. So Happy For you Barbs Exciting news I am a novice with the Groovie and parchment but love the craft so hopefully u may be able to do some project for us novices at reasonable prices Congrats to all involve xx

  37. Great news Barbara, Congratulations to you and all at Clarity towers, I have been a parchment crafter for overregular shows on Create and Craft which I thoroughly enjoyed. If

    rs and during this time I have accumulated a great amount of Pergamano products and like all crafters Ineed them all! ! have missed Pergamano since Martha Ospinas time at the helm.I am thankful to Pergamano for reintroducing the art parchment craft.With the colaberation of Clarity Groovi and Pergamano I look forward to seeing what you have in mind.for the future. I was a member of Tina Cox"s design team when she had regular shows on Create and Craft which I thoroughly enjoyed. Barbara if you are looking for an experienced parchment crater to join your design team I would love it if you would consider me. I think it great to see the new direction parchment craft is heading. Once again congratulations Barbara. Jules Griffith xxx

  38. Wow! That is fantastic news! Congratulations to you and the team not just on the deal but also because you have produced a new product that is highly enough thought of for such a large reputable traditional parchment company to acknowledge, accept and think highly enough to entrust their legacy with you. All makes brilliant sense. You must be flipping chuffed to bits! Congratulations. From little acorns and all that … love and hugs, Jeanette xxx

  39. I did not see that one coming. Congratulations! I am intrigued on the direction you will take the Pergamano products, especially the multi-grids, assuming you have bought the rights to those too. I found that they complimented and added to the versatility of the Groovi designs and so I hope you keep them. Best wishes, Lucy.

  40. Well back again. Daughter in law sorted me out just a trip up to Tewkesbury to do it. Congratulations Barbara, Dave and Clarity, on your wonderful news. What a show stopper. You did have us guessing there didn't you. Still believe that you deserve to get all the awards as well. Still time for that and theres always next years honours list. I agree with all Brenda's comments above. You've done yourselves and your company proud, we are so proud of you too. What a fantastic sale again and I have a voucher to spend too, still so excited about it, thank you so much for picking my card in the Calendar

  41. Hi Barbara – what fantastic news! I know it will be a huge success because of all the energy and passion you bring to it. I haven't been around much because of work pressures, but am looking forwards to getting back in the groove…..!! Deborah

  42. Fantastic. My first ever paper craft item I bought was a pergamono tool, did not have a clue what to do with it , but 15 years on I have learnt many things, including the groovi system. How wonderful to have it all under one roof now. Congratulations

  43. I have just recently discovered your Groovi plates and placed a very large order from your wonderful sale.
    Very exciting to find out that you are now the owner of Pergamano too! I purchased a couple of Pergamano tools years ago and never did learn how to use them…it was all very daunting to me. I believe with you, Barbara, at the helm I will finally be able to learn how to utilize what I have…as I of course purchase more.
    I am very happy for you for your new venture. You are a world class teacher. You have simplified the concept of line art and parchment paper use for a total novice like myself.
    So glad I stumbled across you and your work just bouncing around on youTube one night. You have broadened my vision of ideas for my cards.
    Thank you so very much…and once again Congratulations!

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