Gratitude and The Northern Lights

Gratitude and The Northern Lights

Hi there.
Thank you for popping in today.
What a week! And Telly tomorrow!
Many many thanks for your good wishes and support with regard to the Pergamano acquisition.
Told you it was a game changer, didn’t I?
There are those who are unhappy, 
and they’ve already started voicing their opinions,
which crushes me, of course,
because I honestly only want to do the right thing.
And nobody likes criticism, do they.
But as I was saying earlier this week,
You just can’t please all the people all the time, can you? 
And this year is the year, at the ripe of age of 57, 
that I’m going to stop trying!
Tomorrow we launch our lovely Designer papers.
4 pads of fabulous papers. 
Three designed by Dee, absolutely fabulous;
this one designed by me.
Saturday’s blog a new technique?
Well how about a new product today? Will that do?
I really must take down the Christmas tree and do some laundry.
Ran out of steam yesterday, so the tree is is standing proud in the living room. And if I don’t get my act together this afternoon, it may as well stay there till next Christmas, because I have a feeling things are going to go berserk.
Yep, so here’s a particularly lovely leaf out of the pad

Look who’s here !!
You know I’m scrambling when my favourite Flyaway boy 
comes to the rescue!

Mixed with a lottalotta Gratitude nonetheless.
Trim the paper a little, run around the edges with a Sharpie Pen

Add a little leafery in the corners…

Take another of the same lovely papers from the pad
(there are 4 of each, double-sided)
turn 180 – and mount.


Certainly not!
I designed the paper to start with!!
And moreover, I fully intend to design a lot more!

So if you want to buy all the alcohol inks and the Yupo paper, 
of course you can! And of course you should!!
But hey! Stamping directly on atmospheric 
ready-made paper when you’re pushed for time 
makes sense to me! 
This afternoon, it was important, 
very important for me to get back to my roots. 
Get back in my comfort zone, chillax,
and remember who I am and where I come from. 

Love & hugs,

108 thoughts on “Gratitude and The Northern Lights

  1. Beautiful! Can't wait for the papers tomorrow, and the new stamps, and the new Groovi plates…in fact the whole show. Take in all the good wishes and support you are getting and leave the negativity at the door. Remember some people just can't resist trying to rain on someone else parade! Xx

  2. Hi Barbara, firstly to those who are voicing negative comments regarding Pergamano now being under the Clarity banner, shame on you , its about time Pergamano came into the twenty first century and Clarity will make sure new life is breathed into the brand. Sorry rant over, I am trying to sit on my hands and not buy anything for awhile after the splurge of Christmas but it looks like that's going to be a non starter. The paper pads look fantastic and they I'm sure will end up winging their way my way. Lol Lynne m xxx.
    PS I can't wait for your shows tomorrow.

  3. Afternoon bloggy friends. Dull, damp and chilly here so I'm sorting out my Groovi folders and stencil folders. I also have a jiffy bag full of masks that I want to store better, how do you store yours? Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope work hasn't been too bad for you this week. I'm slowly trying to catch up with all comments. Thank you for your concern yesterday, it meant a lot to me. I keep my masks in A5 poly pockets in the same folder that the stamp is in so they are always together. Love and hugs to you and cuddles for Phoebe, Alison xxx

  4. Afternoon me darling. take no notice of the moaners, sometimes we have people where nothing you do will ever please them, and they are happy in their lives to just moan constantly. I for one cannot wait to see all the lovely stuff that will become available. Like i said on FB yesterday, to many people love ya girl, sweep the others under the bloody carpet. ( and maybe once in a while Jump on the carpet ) will make ya feel better lol. Hugs Ali xxxx

  5. Let them voice their opinions Barbara. You have done what you thought was right. Parchment was going downhill until you brought out the Groovi. People are having a new lease of life with the Groovi. It is great for people who have dexterity problems. Don't let the b……..d grind you down. Keep doing what you are doing. You have already converted some of the parches. We love you and the Clarity staff ❤️❤️ Keep up the good work xx

  6. Hi Barbara, these papers of yours are my all time favourites ever of backing papers, they are amazing. Calling them backing papers don't do them justice, unique works of art, each and every one. Glad to hear you're going to design more. And no it's not cheating. Thank you for sharing. Just you do whatever pleases you. And as for those folk giving you grief, what have they got to moan about eh?! Please, please, please give them no more thought, it's not worth it.

    I'm hoping to be right alongside you, learning and progressing in whatever you've got in store for us this year. Fight hard against CFS, Asperger's and mental health problems to do so. Make this year a better one for me if I can, even if it's only craft wise.

    Hoping you can manage to start along the pathway to stop needing to please everyone, it will help you find inner peace within you. Hoping you can chill a bit before tomorrow, packing away Christmas is a nice thing, remember all your happy memories of all your family around you while doing so. Looking forward to seeing you on telly tomorrow.

    Love Brenda xx

  7. Hi Barbara, please do not take any notice of some people, they are not worth it.
    What a beautiful card today , I have had a look at the papers decision decision which ones to buy they do give you a quick card when in a hurry.
    But just my Groovi, you did a blog a few days ago with regard how to get the white work sorted . I have had a go and it works brilliant thank you for that.
    Can you answer me a question, in the tool kit from the Groovi kit the no 1 tool , what is the equivalent in pergamo no pressure when you have a spare time !!!!! So I can but it.
    Looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow. They will be amazing as always.
    Lynn xx

  8. I LOVE this piece of art – it is gorgeous and just makes me want to say 'Wowee'.

    I LOVE the papers – a great addition to the Clarity family and they will make me use the stamps even more. I often get crafters block but this shows what fabulous projects I can make even when I am not feeling ultra crafty

    I LOVE the fact that you've brought Pergamano into the Clarity family too – I look forward to seeing even more projects combining all the Clarity products

  9. Hi Barbara, our tree is also still up. Haven't had the time to take it down yet. So will still be able to have a cosy evening with the Christmas tree and it's lovely lights still on;). But tomorrow – definitely, it'll have to go or else, like you said, it will stay till next Christmas 😉 CONGRATULATIONS on the acquisition of Pergamano! That's great and how exciting! I know, it's easier said than done but ignore all those who are negative about it. You always get them. Wishing you all the best! As for your new papers, from the sneaks I've seen they look lovely – just love the one from the Northern Lights pad you used in your demo. Have a good day on Hochanda tomorrow – will definitely be watching. :). Xx

  10. Hi Barbara, our tree is also still up. Haven't had the time to take it down yet. So will still be able to have a cosy evening with the Christmas tree and it's lovely lights still on;). But tomorrow – definitely, it'll have to go or else, like you said, it will stay till next Christmas 😉 CONGRATULATIONS on the acquisition of Pergamano! That's great and how exciting! I know, it's easier said than done but ignore all those who are negative about it. You always get them. Wishing you all the best! As for your new papers, from the sneaks I've seen they look lovely – just love the one from the Northern Lights pad you used in your demo. Have a good day on Hochanda tomorrow – will definitely be watching. :). Xx

  11. Beautiful. Can't wait for tomorrow, and as for the doubters and dissenters, let em rant, remember that what you all do at clarity touches many people you never even meet in a positive way, you enable a lot of people in their creative jaunts. Me for one,that's a rare gift indeed. And as you say, you can't please all the people all of the time some people just don't like change. I'm sure the bean eaters far outweigh the nimbly's .xx

  12. Hi Barbara, Don't let the moaners get to you. They are not worth it and make me very angry. Some people thrive on watching others come unstuck and when somebody like your good self succeeds they don't like it. Sad people. You have got legions of fans who will always support you. My Sky recorder is full of Clarity/Groovi progs. How about a Groovi CD or even a book? I realise time is a problem. Looking forward to the progs tomorrow. Recorder already set!! Keep smiling. Love. Rachel. X

  13. Hi Barbara,it is a very sad state of affairs when people have to take a dig at someone who is growing their business every day than staying stagnant! I can only guess at what is being said but stand tall dear lady and ignore them! A fabulous set of papers I can't wait to see the shows tomorrow. Treated myself in the sale yesterday too. Have a wonderful evening and good luck with the shows.
    Best wishes and hugs to you and Dave.
    Linda xxxx

    1. Once the papers are released on the Clarity site (Sunday)you'll be able to order as I'm sure they ship to the USA – gorgeous aren't they?

  14. Wonderful! The papers look fabulous and will definitely save much time when needed and also provide inspiration to create one's own. I'm looking forward to the launch tomorrow.
    Tonbridge Sue

  15. Don't let the bu**ers get you down ! I haven't seen anything negative but probably not looking in the right place LOL ! Anyway, back to the papers – how do you go about designing these ? Do you just sit at the desk and throw a few inks about and see what happens or is there a method to it? Probably a silly question but would be good to know the background to it. Xx

  16. Do you know, I truly believe that some people moan out of habit, without stopping to think. My hubby being one of them, he's a right Victor Meldrew sometimes, and it drives me mad. He just can't help himself, and moans before giving things a chance. And as I say, I think it's just a bad habit. So I wouldn't worry yourself about the naysayers, for lots of them it's just a habit, they don't like change. Focus on the many more who love what you do x

  17. Cannot wait for shows tomorrow the nearest I get to crafting is watching while I wait for the cataract op to settle and work inside my eye did some crochet last weekend not sure if that why pressure shot up begining of week just needed to do some craft thought I can crochet a blanket easy I thought frustrated the back grounds look great a must have save trip later going to be foggy so take it careful lots love xxx

  18. Hi Barbara I love the card and the papers are gorgeous. Those who are being negative about you acquiring Pergamano are doing so because they are stuck in the past and don't like or want to accept change. We love you Barb and want to move forward with you. If you think about it, the true parchers like Linda Williams and Tina Cox have embraced Clarity and the Groovi system and are now turning their designs, and creating new ones, into groovi plates. This is testament enough that what you have worked so hard to achieve has moved parchment craft in the right direction and brought what was becoming a long lost art into the present and future. Take pleasure in what you have achieved and blow those who don't like change. (Thought I'd better be polite and say blow instead of what I was thinking lol) xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Don't let the b*****s get you down! If they want to stay in the past let them. There are hundreds, thousands or probably millions of others who are so pleased for you and grateful to Clarity for bringing the world of parchment craft to them. Obviously the previous owners of Pergamano were confident that their business was in very capable hands when they agreed to sell it to you ( or whatever happened) . I for one am very grateful. Love these patterned papers and I'm sure they will fall into my Clarity basket tomorrow! Your piece of artwork as ever is lovely. I have some thank you cards to make once I can muster the energy, so I might take a leaf out of your book. Looking forward to the shows, they will be the highlight of the day. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is as well as possible. Thank you to all those who left lovely messages for me – they really meant a lot to me. Had a more comfortable night thankfully although the brace is awkward when trying to turn over etc. I got a waterproof cover for it today, which was brilliant as I only ordered it at 4 pm yesterday, so I could finally have a shower today ( heaven!!!) . Hope you've all got your cushions ready for tomorrow – I know I have. Love and hugs to you all and thank you again, Alison xxxx

  20. Ali Dartford I totally concur. Pergamano has been needing a kick up the rear for a few years now and I believe Barbara is exactly the right person modernise but still keep it true to its roots.
    Barbara, if your papers are as fabulous as that one then you haven't produced enough for the show. A quick sellout is envisaged – stunning.
    Well done.

  21. Hello Barb,
    This is just beautiful.
    You've weathered negative words and worse blows than this, so chest out (whoa, not that far out!!) and enjoy this next phase of your creativity.
    love Maureen xxx

  22. why do people think its okay to be so unpleasant. what gives them the right to do that.
    I don't know of any company owner of any craft who gets to be vilified like this.
    I know my friends are willing you on and think its such a welcomed surprise and want you to do well as we will continue to teach this wonderful craft. Home and abroad I have email from Holland wishing you well today. For years my loyalty was with pergamano until recently when I met you but now I have best of both worlds. You and dave are the perfect couple to carry this beautiful craft forward couldn't think of anyone better.
    love pat x

  23. good luck with the shows tomorrow Barbara.I always enjoy watching and learning from you.
    congratulations on your new venture- take no notice of the negative peeps out there,as you say ,you cant please everyone all the time.
    I`m not into the groove but I have just written my cheque for renewing my stamp and stencil membership and look forward to continuing learning from you.just continue to be you x

  24. At the end of the day Barbara you are the master of your own destiny and you have to feel what is right for you. I love this boy and he looks great on this printed paper which goes beautifully and love the foliage round the edge too. Looking forward to tomorrow on Hochanda. x

  25. Hi Barbara, I've only just read your blog from yesterday! Warmest congratulations to you all, it certainly is the best of matches. Looking forward to tomorrow's shows. xxx

    1. Hi Morag, good to see you again I was wondering if you were not well.
      Hope you had a good Christmas and new year.
      Hope you are still grooving.
      Take care lots of love.
      Lynn xx

  26. Now you know why I decided to say NO to Facebook! Barbara ignore the ignorant, they are just jealous of your success. I am sure your faith will be restored when you have another sellout tomorrow. Looking forward to the shows. Head up, shoulders back & continue to do what you do best! With much love….xxx

  27. Liebe Barbara,
    ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf die Sendungen, auf die neuen Sachen und natürlich auch auf das neue Papier.
    Und wegen der Kritik … man kann es leider im Leben nicht immer allen recht machen.
    Was wir auch tun, wie sehr wir uns auch anstrengen, es gibt immer Leute denen es missfällt und die es ablehnen.
    Aber dann sollte man an die vielen Menschen denken denen man damit eine Freude macht.
    Jedenfalls freue ich mich für dich und für das ganze Team und wünsche weiterhin alles alles Gute für 2017.
    Viele Grüße sendet Sabine.:-)

  28. Surely your enthusiasm for the parchment craft is to be congratulated because it is bringing the craft back into popularity. I can't see anything negative about that, it is absolutely wonderful. We all know you will do so well and be so committed to it. Good luck to you and all your team. Love the papers and looking forward to the shows tomorrow.

  29. Ignore the jeolousy, I am sure that is what has prompted the nastiness. Me, I am sitting on my hands in the sale until I see the goodies unveiled tomorrow, though the papers are looking very enticing too

  30. Hi Barbara – I totally agree with everything that has already been said here! Wishing you luck with your goal of stopping trying to please everyone – I am also aiming for this too. Along with being able to just say No! I met a lady today who is fed up with trying to please other people! There are a lot of us about! Hugs Gilly xxx

  31. Hi Barbara
    Just ignore the negatives. I am sure there are folks who love to moan. Nothing is ever right for them. I have my credit card ready for the beautiful paper pads and will add them to my members sale order.
    X Chris

  32. These papers do look fab. I must say i did some thank you cards with your thank you stamp today and i put them on patterned paper. I added a butterfly and a bird and that was it. They looked good but i did feel like i had cheated a bit as i had not spent ages on them. I think i need to just take a step back and go they look good, its ok. Fab news about the joining of businesses and you certainly cant please everyone and there will always be a few grumblers but just ignore them, they are not worth it. We all love you xxx

  33. I love the look of those papers and I just know I am not going to be able to resist them to add to my pile of mop up sheets. Today's piece of art is perfect for the way you and Clarity are flying this year. There is something called the"Tall Poppy Syndrome", where negative people just spend their time waiting to chop down anyone growing and being successful. Those people are never happiness they make others unhappy too. You and Clarity make so many of us very happy and give us confidence to try new things. We are all behind you and delighted at the new direction. Pergamano and parchment are in safe, nurturing hands. xxx Maggie

  34. Congrats and ignore the haters. I remember talking to you at the NEC before you were on TV. You must have spoken to my friend and me for 15 minutes about brayering and techniques. You inspired me then as you do now. Both as an artist and a person. Even though I am not a parchment lover, even then I learn things about colouring, image composition plus just enjoy the inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing – you and your whole team deserve your success. Sorry, waffled a bit. Lol.

  35. your papers look beautiful Barb – and just perfect for occasions where a quicker card is required. Looking forward to seeing them all! Hugs rachel x

  36. These papers are going to be just fab!!!! I haven't seen any negative postings Barbs but nothing surprises me anymore. There are a lot of unhappy, miserable people in this world who are best ignored. You carry on with all your good work and continue to thrill us all. I can only wish you every success in whatever endeavour because you deserve it and we are so lucky to have you!!! xxx

  37. Hi Barbara
    Loving the look of these papers, your trust boy and birds looks really good on them and just turning the page 180 degrees as a backing to it is fab. Don't let the negative comments get into your head, people are very strange and don't like to see people doing well, especially if they are lovely genuine people. Would they have bought the company and kept it running, no! You have the top parchers behind you so stand tall and be you. Have fun tomorrow and safe journey.
    Love Diane xxx

  38. Some people just can't cope with others doing well – just ignore them and let them stagnate in their own little 'bubbles'! Believe me been there, seen that and let it get to me for a while until I came to realise it was their problem and not mine. You 'go' girl do what you do best…which is exactly what you are doing! Recorder set for tomorrow's show and looking forward to the lovely new goodies on offer…Credit card at the ready xxx

  39. Loving the new papers, really beautiful . I'm not into parchment but I do appreciate the finished work, it really is a beautiful craft. Ignore the negatives , jealousy is not a nice quality. We love what you do , am looking forward to Sunday, keep up the good work.x

  40. Hi to my lovely blog friends, hope you're well and have had a good day. Been to Bath this afternoon looking for a new tidy coat, all to no avail. Shattered now, job to keep my eyes

    1. Hi Pam,
      Sorry you didn't get your coat. Bath is a lovely city – I went years ago with my mam, dad and sister and really enjoyed it. Get a good night's rest. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  41. Beautiful, just beautiful. Love those papers. I note from feedback on Facebook that it is just a few who are moaning. Majority of parchers are absolutely delighted and know full well that this is the shot in the arm that was desperately needed. I for one thank you from the bottom of my heart. X

  42. Hello Barbara

    Try and take no notice of the doubters (eadier said than done, I know). It is your business in more ways than one and you kniw what is best for your business. Let's face it, you have got it right so far.

    Love the papers by the way.


  43. Love the new papers, and I don't think it's a cheat at all. Sometimes you have a lot of time to make something from scratch and sometimes you just don't, but everyone I know loves a handmade card whether you spend 10 minutes or 10 hours on it! There are some people who won't be satisfied even if you gold plated it, so don't fret – I haven't seen anything negative, but then I don't go looking for it!!! Have a great day tomorrow, and I'll be watching when I can x

  44. Social media is a wonderful thing, it allows us to share as in your blog and I for one am very grateful for this, the down side is we have to put up with the negative people, they are always out there, never happy unless they're moaning and unfortunately this media that give the positive people a voice gives them a voice too. All we can do is ignore them because if we engage in discussions it just goes on and on. I would never have tried parchment craft, ever…. but Groovi let me give it a go and since Groovi and pergmano compliment each other it seems logical they belong to the same company. Congratulations you fully deserve the success you are having and long may it continue

  45. As I said when you started groovi. Thank you for bringing parchment craft into the 21st century. Pergeramo needed a lift. Ignore the sad critics. They are jealous. I for one am thrilled. Well done you x

  46. Evening All…You'll be delighted to hear that the Tree is down and out, Decs. packed away … and Barb and I had an early Burn's supper , Haggis of course !…..Always reminds me of my dear late mother, a Scot of course from the Granite City..Aberdeen.
    As has already been said, Haters will always be there , just like Trolls. …Can't change that, But what we can do, is to do the best possible job we can with GROOVi / Pergamano.. You know we will….
    Thank you for all the lovely comments…."Cup of tea Barb?" x

    1. Ah, Scottish eh 😊 Good pick Barbara…
      So when are you moving up here, plenty open space near me to build your factory and home from scratch?!!!!! 😉

  47. Oh goodness, Barb, that loooks so lovely. Definitely going to get me some of those lovely papers. Really difficult trying to find backgrounds for Groovi, think this is going to make life a lot easier. Really looking forward to watching you tomorrow. Thank you. X

  48. You are never going to please everyone however hard you try. Not worth the energy and I saw plenty of positive comments to outweigh the negatives. Need to embrace change. Personally I think it is wonderful. Love the papers as well. Enjoying some parchment tonight need to lose myself in some craft today. Will be watching tomorrow, have booked my time with the remote control. Safe trip. X x

  49. Love these papers and can't wait to order! As for the negative Nellies just ignore and your company are so fabulous and are positively impacting so many! The others aren't worth a second of your time! Leave them in the dust as you move parchment craft forward..
    Just started working on getting all the Christmas decorations and tree down as well!

  50. Hi Barbara… and hey our friend I'm still just so excited for you and Clarity looking forward to the show's tomorrow love what you have done with the new clarity papers but… a wee bit well really a big bit annoyed that you have found stuff on line… God help them if I ever see stuff Barb that's put a downer on you a wee bit so I thought I would send a wee song ditty ti keep your spirits up its from another great Barbara just like yourself well maybe a tweak here and there here we go…x

    Don't tell me how to live and you sit there and mutter
    My life is Clarity and the sun is just a ball off butter
    Don't sit there and bring a cloud on my parade

    Don't tell me not fly
    Ive simply got to
    If I take a spill
    It.s me and not you

    Don't you bring a cloud on my parade

    Clarity is going to grow and grow now
    And I get what Barb needs know is we have
    got her back and that you all are behind her God love you Barb. got my back for sure …love Dot..xx

  51. Just ignore the so-and-sos who delight in criticising any changes. As the song says "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative ". Those papers look fantastic and I may have to buy the boy as well. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.
    Christmas trees have been put away, all the pretty lights are back in the box and I had the last piece of Christmas cake today. Lit some candles to make things seem a bit festive still. xx

  52. Those papers are absolutely gorgeous! Top quality and the sort that you really need to have two of….one to use and one to admire! Love what you've done Barbara… That flying boy really does go with any use and any occasion!
    Please ignore any negativity…. I reckon they are just jealous or are very ignorant. And I bet they wouldnt say these things direct to you face to face! They hide behind their tablets or computers and have nothing better to do with their miserable little lives! I can't put in print what I really want to say! Anyway there are many people who do appreciate what you are doing and support you 100%.
    Have a safe trip tomorrow and hope the shows are a huge success! You'll be brilliant as ever!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  53. Lovely artwork and beautiful background Barb. Delighted at the Pergamano acquisition – started prep for loads of groovi-ing with nearly 2 hr of practicing cutting little crosses today! Have fun tomorrow! xx

  54. Hi Barb, looking forward to the shows today. I think those that criticize you have nothing better to do. Love the paper pads, and looking forward to seeing all the designs. I am sure as always the shows will be full of amazing tips, techniques and samples from the design team. Catch you later. Bx

  55. I think your acquisition was a natural progression and both styles of parching work in total harmony. For those who are muttering you have choices and you can continue as you have always done. I fully respect that but traditionlists should also respect there are crafters who do not have the same abilities, maybe have dexterity problems or other barriers. Stay with the Groovi system, stay with Traditional parching or combine the two. We all have choices. Sorry about that but I will continue to admire Barbara for offering those choices. I will also say thank you for the new paper range.. Great for those non mojo times or a great addition to the stacks of paper that we all ready have. I both want and need them! Looking forward to the Shows…Carry on regardless Barbar. You are an amazing Lady…… BarbaraC

  56. So beautiful! Can t wait. I always think the problem is usually with the complainers. All craft is an expression of ourselves and therefore it is all unique so open to all. Very tradiional parchment has never appealed to me personally and its why I love Groovi so much it just opens it up to a huge new audience. What can be wrong with that!
    Love what yoy and the team are doing x x x x

  57. WOW WOW and WOW…….
    What a Birthday present it is for me though 🙂 – Am from 7th January 1948 – still feeling like a teenager though hehe.. I am soooooo impressed and I would love to earn such great paper from your hand !! .. Thank you ever so much Barbara, and a very very Happy New Year to you (again) and your loved ones

  58. Im still watching your first two hours, but sadly wasn't able to order via Hochanda, in spite of having a N Ireland address for delivery. I despair when Hochanda will ever let people in the Rebuplic buy things from them.
    Still I hope you are getting lots of sales, and wish you well with everything.

  59. HI I have just watched the Groovi show with the lovely fashion word plates. I wondered if there was any thought to creating a background stamp with these words as I think it would be very usable and creative.

  60. Love this project and the papers.
    Would love to see how you created the northern lights with yupo and alcohol inks. That looks amazing.
    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing the show

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