It could always be worse.

It could always be worse.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Wednesday is the day when we stop and look at things from a different angle, right?
Well, I was having a battle with the bank again this morning
and getting my knickers in a twist again.
But then I remembered somebody who could help me.
A high ranking bank manager ? Nope.
An accountant ? Not at all.

There’s a lady I know who is in such a sorry state.
She is so desperately ill and her health is detoriating daily.
Does she craft for relief?
She can’t craft because her arms don’t work.
Neither do her legs.
In fact, she can’t feed herself
 or drink, apart from through a straw.
Just before Christmas she fell out of her wheelchair 
and smashed her head open. 
Now it transpires that she also broke her leg in the fall,
which has to be in a cast for at least 3 months.
That brings with it a whole host of other terrible problems, 
not least bed sores and pneumonia. 

And we moaners moaned about having to put away the Christmas decorations, and the pine needles in the carpet and all the food that got wasted, 
and back to work, and traffic…bla bla bla bla

The thing is, she is as bright as a button, sharp as a pin,
very very clever, and completely compos mentis.
She is also a beautiful woman. 
Was a high city flyer before she became ill.
She’s younger than me. She’s got teenage kids. 

So why am I telling you about this lady?
Well, she may not be able to use her legs or her feet anymore, 
but she certainly gives me a kick up the arse every single day 
since I met her. 
Whenever I get overwhelmed, I think of her, because I know for sure she wishes she could be busy.
Whenever something doesn’t go the way I want it to, I think of her, because I don’t imagine she can even recall a time 
when it went right. 
Whenever I have a twinge in my back or neck, 
I think of her and a voice in my head says 
be grateful – be very, very grateful. 

So I for one will not complain or stamp my feet 
when things aren’t as I would like them.
If I ever have a tattoo done, it will read 

Love & hugs,

53 thoughts on “It could always be worse.

  1. Whoa! That's a very thought provoking blog today Barbara! Brought me right back to earth and made me feel very grateful for my life too! We need to kick ourselves sometimes!
    Love and hugs… And a gentle push in the right direction xxxxx

  2. I reckon we all need to think about your lady. It is so easy to get caught up in our own woes which seem insurmountable at times, but very few of us have such totally debilitating problems. At the moment, I am yelping every time I try to lift my right arm, but I do have another and I can still drive to nip down to the shop to get the lemons I forgot yesterday. I am also warm and safe, not like so many people. I have so many good friends, many of them who read your blog. I have family that cares. We all need to look for the positive this year. I just went to close the blinds to shut out the cold and gathering gloom, and stopped dead before grabbing my camera for a shot of the beautiful full moon rising in a clear sky. So I must give thanks for the benefit of being able to see such beauty. We need a verse to remind us to be positive in our lives and thankful what we still have. I have rambled on a bit today, but love and hugs to everyone. xxx Maggie

  3. Funny isn't it how it is always somebody else's problems that put our lives in perspective. I am trying to be more positive this year and not to let other people's opinions bother me. It's not easy but when it gets hard I try and think of your Wednesday blog and your positivity. It's good to keep ones feet on the ground isn't it? Mind you having said that it is also fun sometimes too – to see the look on people's faces when they realise they haven't upset you the way they wanted to. Have a fab evening. Xxx

  4. As Jane and Maggie have said we should all be grateful for what we have, there are others who have not. I wish you well and hope you get everything sorted with the bank.
    Hugs to you and Dave
    Linda xxx

  5. Wow Barbara, That's spooky. I know a lady who has multiple sclerosis and is quadriplegic; she can only manipulate her wheelchair by using her chin and she is unable to feed or do anything herself. Whenever I see her she has a wonderful smile and welcome. I have known her for 15 plus years and she is my reality check. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by my condition or problems I think of her and it helps me. Sending big hugs Marian x

  6. Couldn't agree more. I've been moaning that my back aches because I have been sorting my craft room out. I'm lucky lucky lucky I can do these tasks. I also know somebody who was paralysed from the waist down as a result of a stroke. Couldn't talk, had to be fed etc etc. But, mentally she was fine. How frustrating that must have been but she had a lovely smile and the most adoring husband who was absolutely amazing in what he did for Ruth. He never waivered and never complained. A lesson to us all. I can feel an evening with Groovi coming on. Xx

  7. I think we all have times when life and its problems weigh us down, but when you hear about someone who has horrendous problems to deal with every day we should think ourselves very lucky and thankful for what we have Thank you Barbara for reminding us of this. x

  8. Thank you for your sage comments. We are frustrated waiting for an operation to reverse OHs surgery, but we are lucky because it can be reversed and things will hopefully then improve. We forget sometimes how thankful we should be. Oh and thank you to Clarity for a reminder email. I had put some alcohol inks and forgot to check out. Would have been waiting a long time for the inks to arrive left to my own devices

  9. Wow Barbara I think you just gave us all a good kick, actually, thanks for it too…..Your so right and we all forget to be grateful for what we have and shut up with the whinging and moaning…..I hope some small miracle calls on your friend…and Thanks again for sharing this..x

  10. I agree! Someone very close to me has just lost her baby, and I've been feeling really sad about it all day. And then we spoke and she told me how bad it's been, and then said, But Kay, I already have a beautiful wee girl that I adore and I'm so grateful for her, and a lovely husband and a beautiful dog – I'm very blessed. Yes, gratitude is a great word, Barbara. Sending love and best wishes to your friend. I think she's given us all a wee kick up the whatsit with her exemplary behaviour… 🙂

  11. It certainly makes you think and puts things into perspective. I have many things in my life for which I am truly grateful but sometimes we do need a reminder of this.

  12. Wonderful words Barbara, makes you grateful for what we have. My dads quite poorly at the moment, to be honest I'm not sure how it's going to go as he's 92 and has prostate cancer and isn't really responding to the medication . The last few days I have seen so many poorly people so yes you have to be thankful for the blessings you have . 🙏

  13. Hi Barb,
    A very, very thought provoking blog today. I was thinking earlier today that last week I was I hospital feeling very sorry for myself, but then realised that things could have been an awful lot worse for me if the series of events had gone pearshaped. However, I then did think that in comparison to at least two people on my ward I was very lucky. Yes I'm in pain, not sleeping and have bruises for England but I am at home in the warm, i have food and drink when I want it,I have a loving husband who is doing everything he can for me and I will recover. Your friend is obviously very much worse and she has my thoughts and prayers. She has certainly given all of us a kick up the bum! I for one am certainly extremely grateful. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. Well that put me in my place sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I have just been to dentist and got to have a filling replaced next week. I hate dentist, not the man himself he is lovely but the fact of having work done. Nothing in comparison to that lady so as you sometimes say "get over it". I am healthy and mobile and got a wonderful family, nothing to moan about. I do hope though that you got bank problem sorted. xx

  15. Very wise and thought provoking today, putting life in to perspective. I forget sometimes to feel the gratitude for my life and all the things I can do. Thankyou for reminding us about what we do have and being great full.

  16. Very wise and thought provoking today, putting life in to perspective. I forget sometimes to feel the gratitude for my life and all the things I can do. Thankyou for reminding us about what we do have and being great full.

  17. Kick up the backside received…like most of us I have my moans and groans but am, in real terms, definitely one of the blessed! xx

  18. Spooky Barbara. Things have gone wrong here from this morning too, and I've been spending hours since trying to put it in perspective, that things could be a lot worse for me, and be grateful for what I have and what I can do, there ARE people worse off than me. Doesn't stop the fears and bad feelings unfortunately, as getting something intellectually doesn't wipe them out, and brain doesn't have the ability to forget/box it for a bit either, just got to let them run their course. On top is the big downer, as I'd had a wee boost since the weekend thinking I'd managed to work out 2 tiny wee bits from the huge list for making here look and feel like home, things that are nothing things to most. On the list I'd been waiting a few years now for help with them, so to work out good alternative solutions for myself and that's doable for me is huge for me. So when it went all wrong this morning, I had far to fall, and very scary stuff to do to try to sort it out. Everything, including stuff that most think nothing of, is such a huge battle/struggle for me. And feeling so all alone now. Haven't seen anyone other than delivery guys since Christmas eve, and won't until the 25th. And my only phone talk has been problem/scary stuff related. And now I'm waiting to see what happens with this snow forecast for here tonight and tomorrow. Typical, tomorrow is my fortnightly Tesco shop, and they won't deliver if there's snow lying on the roads. But like you say Barbara, things could be a lot worse. Now I've got to try salvage what's left of today, do something worthwhile that requires no energy, so the day hasn't been spent all bad. Sorry you're still having bank problems, must be very worrying for you. Hope it's resolved soon for you. I'll be thinking positive energy thoughts for the poor lady you know too. Love Brenda xx

  19. Recent health experiences make me grateful to still have my independence and be able to work and have a decent income. It could have so easily been very different. Be grateful for what you have for there will always be someone else worse off. Xx

  20. Recent health experiences make me grateful to still have my independence and be able to work and have a decent income. It could have so easily been very different. Be grateful for what you have for there will always be someone else worse off. Xx

  21. When I say scared about my eye sight and first op I thought of my Sandie and all she went though and she was so happ thought if she can do it so can I there is always others a lot worse of than us we need to be more thankful xx

  22. Most of the time, when I get extremely frustrated with my lot, I take a big breathe, and tell myself, I really have bugger all to whinge about. There really are people who have so much more reason to be pissed with life. They all have so much respect from me, I don't think I could be quite so magnanimous. I loved your blog today. I'm sure all of us know someone, who to be honest, we really wouldn't like to walk a mile in their moccasins. Most the time, I am extremely grateful for my lot. I'm not rich, I certainly have health problems and I'm not happy 100% of the time….but who is?? I'm still lucky, for many reasons. Enjoy what you have. You may be a have not. Xxx

  23. Hello Barbara

    I know what you mean. I have a friend who has been to hell and back on a handcart over the last nearly nine years. If I start to feel sorry for myself I think of her and give myself a kick up the derrière.


  24. Well done Barb a kick up the proverbial is something we all need at times. Me feeling sorry for myself the last few days as feeling rough is nothing compared to your poor friend. Thank you for that Barb. Gratitude is what we all need.xx

  25. Hi Barbara
    That really is a reality check isn't it and puts all the silly things I worry about into perspective. Your friend sounds a lovely lady, give her a hug from all of us next time you see her. I hope you got the bank sorted out at last.
    Love Diane xxx

  26. What a lovely story of a courageous woman. It's that the way it should be? I mean, thankful, grateful, even joyous. There are many who suffer. We should not have to look at their suffering to remind us to be thankful, grateful, and helpful.

  27. Morning Barbara, I have been reduced to tears !! I don't know how this lady carries on being so 'up', she is a definite inspiration to us all, and definitely to me !! She is in my thoughts and in my prayers, and I'm sending her a 'mahousive' hug.
    Gratitude indeed, and very thought provoking.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  28. Morning Barbara

    This is a very brave and inspirational lady. I am so sorry she had this terrible fall and now the addition of a broken leg! Thank you for sharing this… I will certainly think of this lovely lady often

    June x

  29. What an inspirational blog. My mother in law died at midnight, difficult family times ahead – I will think of this when things get difficult. Thanks Barbara, take a deep breath, sure you will conquer the bank x

  30. So true, Barb – we all need to stop & count our blessings from time to time…you can always find someone worse off than yourself, can't you. I do try to stay positive & have a half-full glass – doesn't always work, we all have our down moments, but generally, being positive & being thankful for what I have keeps me on the up.

    all the best, my lovely,
    Liz M xxx

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