Got time for a hug?

Got time for a hug?

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Need a hug?
Well here’s one from me…
How about a quickie? A step-by step I mean!
Naughty naughty….
I have used last month’s beautiful stamp from the 
New Design Stamp Club.
If you aren’t already in the Clarity Clubs, 
you can join one, two or all three of our clubs, and receive a stonking good stamp stencil and baby groovi plate every month.
Only costs £5 per club per month.
You get a lovely concertina double-project booklet too,
like last month’s stamp one here…
I can’t tell you how much effort goes into the three clubs 
every month.

I usually do the whole thing myself,
although lovely Dee helps me out from time to time 
with some projects, when I am overwhelmed.

Not only do you receive the projects and the products, 
but also a storage folder.
You then get 10% discount on all Clarity purchases from us as a Gold Member (1 or 2 clubs)
And 15% discount as a Diamond member (all 3 clubs)
Added to that , there’s a Member’s only 1/2 price sale 
which is going on through January.
So if you like the sound of that, then why not call jeannine tomorrow and get signed up?
Anyway, back to the quickie!
Stamp the lovely heart onto a piece of our lovely new Designer paper from the Sweet Dreams pad.
Then we should find an area on the reverse side to stamp 
and cut out the little elements….

Zig glue is best for this. Doesn’t make the paper buckle. 

And here’s your hugs…
Word Chain just for the occasion

I do love my Word chain stash…

Trim back the centrepiece…

What I want to do is mount it on another piece of the paper – the back of the sheet I’ve used.
But the lovely dark edging ! DOn’t want to cut that off.
Time for a quick fold in the centre….

Now the lovely clouded edges are still in the picture!

Layer up the centrepiece on black paper.

Mount the background onto a white 8” x 8”  card.

Attach the front piece only along the middle fold,

so it is raised off the back. Nice. 

Happy with this one.
I liked the heart from the start.
It’s a Jayne Nestorenko element 
we plucked from her wonderful box. 

How’s she doing?
Not great. Her husband called me yesterday evening 
to put me in the picture. 
I am hoping to get to speak to her on Friday.
Life is so harsh to the wrong ones so often.
So here’s sending hugs to you, and you, and you. 
Hugs were invented to let people know you love them 
and you care for them without having to say a word. 
Love & Hugs,

84 thoughts on “Got time for a hug?

  1. I like hugs ,my friends overseas give lots of kisses on each cheek but i told them a hug is the same only more
    Hugs to everyone I am having a really good day crafting and everything worked out so well!

  2. Loved this stamp when it arrived in my 'Diamond' pack just before Christmas – still not had chance to 'play' yet but love this extra inspiration! Please pass a 'verbal' hug to Jayne when you speak to her, let her know she's in our thoughts xxx

  3. Thanks for the hugs, really needed a hug. My lovely man is bobbing around on the north sea somewhere, no contact, so hope he's OK. Lovely card Barb, I'm waiting for my papers to arrive. I think they're lovely, can't wait to start using them. Wonder if we're going to get any snow? Sorry to hear dear Jayne is not doing so well. I'm sure you'll be a welcome caller when you speak to her. Sending you hugs too xxxxx (and kisses!)

  4. Thanks for the hug – back to you. I'm thinking I might use this stamp for an engagement card but I've also got lots of other lovely hearty stuff so it's difficult to know whether to stamp, stencil or Groovi ! Sorry to hear about Jayne, I must order her Christmas plates now. Hugs to Jayne and her husband too. Xx

  5. Thanks Barb! I needed a hug as I have just had a Groovi disaster – finished the grooving, used elements from 3 different plates to complete the image, did a little bit of whitework to start and then thought I would see how the colour was going to look while the whitework rested – and coloured in on the wrong side!!! Had a bit of a strop and then thought – if that's all I've got to worry about things must be good!!! Off to make a cup of coffee now and read for a while – and then I'll come back and have another go!! Waiting for the snow to arrive so I may be confined to the house tomorrow – I wish!!! Really like the stamp you have used today! Another one that, when it arrived , I wasn't sure about it, but now I can really see how versatile it will be! Waiting for my papers to arrive (and one or two other items…..) Hugs to everyone, xx

  6. Evening Barbara, love this cute stamp, I was just looking at it yesterday. Sending you hugs too and give Jayne my best wishes when you speak to her. Hugs to everyone who leaves a comment after me and all before me too.
    Hugs to you and Dave
    Linda xxx

  7. Sounds like a few of you are waiting for snow . I was house bound for four days with snow and think ice on the roads . It melted yesterday and today it is 60F . Crazy . We rarely get snow here in Virginia Beach Virginia .

  8. Beautiful card! My papers arrived today, now the dilemma is use them or stroke them! I am a diamond member, such a treat when my envelope arrives. The quality of the project sheets astounds me every month, certainly worth every penny! Sending a hug to you and Dave, and a big gentle hug for Jayne too. Xx

  9. Hugs are good! They say such a lot without even having to open your mouth. So thank you for the hugs – right back at ya and to the whole of the Clarity family too.
    Love love love the colours on this card – sooo me. Great idea to raise the main piece up like that too – brilliant. Xxc

  10. This is a beautiful heart stamp on really pretty paper and love the way you have mounted it with the fold in the middle to keep the paper intact. Sorry to hear that Jayne is not doing so well and I'm sure we could all do with a big hug every now and then and especially Jayne, I do hope things improve for her. x

  11. Thanks for hugs sending hugs to you to Barbara and all at clarity towers and all are lovely clarity friends and beyond may the power of hugs be with you all lots love joy xx

  12. My first thought was how can this be a quickie as the background looks as though it is made with salt and that takes time. I think I need these background papers. I have lots of the word chains and the alphabet, they are invaluable. I did buy the 'hug and kisses' in the members sale as it was one of the few I didn't have. Hugs to all my blog pals. x

  13. Thankyou, and hugs back at ya!
    I'm sure you do give Jayne our love and thoughts, but if she is well enough to read you blog and the comments…. Lots of love and hugs to you Jayne xxxx.

  14. Aye Barbara, I'm in much need of your hug, wish it could be real, but virtual is next best eh. Beautiful card, and how clever with the folded middle part, great idea. Thank you for sharing. I do love that stamp too, thank you Jayne. Sorry to hear you're so poorly Jayne, thinking of you. Hope you get to speak to her tomorrow Barbara, for both of you. Hugs back to you, love Brenda xx
    P.s. I can tell how much effort and work goes into your New Design Clubs. Top quality, the best by far in all ways

    1. Hugs back everyone, thank you xx
      Same here Dot. Thinking of getting my Nordic fleecy jammies out for an extra layer, and my bunny slippers that my garden volunteer guy gave me at Christmas, but I'm waiting until after the expected delivery!!!!

  15. Thank you very much for the hug Barbara. needed it today, not been a good week but could be worse, (being grateful). Sending a hug back to you too. Beautiful card and loved the stamp when it arrived. Spent my voucher and more today so will be waiting for my lovely goodies to arrive that'll cheer me up. Please pass on our love and hugs to Jayne when you speak to her. Do pray she will improve. Hope you've had a good day. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  16. Hi to all my friends on here, hope you are all having a good day and keeping nice and warm. Take care if you are going out driving or walking in the snow. Love and hugs Pam xx

  17. Hugs to everyone especially Jayne and her family, sorry things aren't good at present. Love the stamp and really like this project, saw the northern Lights papers in real life in the Crafters Companion store in Chesterfield today, gorgeous! More excited to be waiting for my order now though I almost caved in and bought them again there and then. As they say in a film, can't remember which one, with Clarity products "Resistance is futile!"

  18. Thank you for the hug Barbara just what I need at the moment.
    I have admired and loved Jane for so many years. Sending her love hugs and prayers xxxxxxxxxthanks Barbara xxxx

  19. Thank you for the hug what a lovely card, I must have a go this evening with that stamp, I've just not had time. The effort and time you put into the clubs are greatly appreciated . Cherish your time with Jayne another very talented lady.

  20. Thank you for my hug & for my sale parcel which arrived today. Can't wait to finish work tomorrow so I can play. Big hug to Jayne & family xxx

  21. Lovely to get a hug even if it is online, sad hug tho. Jaynes lovely heart. Saying a prayer for her. Am sure you will tell her how much we care. Keep fighting sweetheart.

  22. Hi Barbara, thank you for the hug and the same back to you. You work so hard and we all need hugs when we are high or low.
    Sorry to hear Jayne is not so good sending her hugs I am sure she will look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Love this stamp not used it yet but still love the new papers you have produced they are wonderful must get a wiggle on and decide which one to order.
    Lynn xx

  23. Thanks for the hug, and the beautiful heart stamp. I've been thinking about how to use mine, and love paper piecing, so this project is perfect. So sad to hear about Jayne. Please send my very best wishes to her, her husband and daughter. Susan x

  24. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the hug, I very much need one today as it's been rather a pants day ( although after yesterday's blog I've so much to be thankful for!). Had a parent from school park across our driveway then he decided he was in the right not me ( who couldn't get car out) so decided to threaten me, what a start to the day! Just got back from Gatwick airport a horrendous drive through heavy snow after saying goodbye to our daughter as she heads back to uni. Meanwhile she's still sat on the runway as they can't take off until the plane is ice free and they have a takeoff slot. Tomorrow is another day. Sending hugs back to you and an extra special one for Jayne. This stamp is really beautiful and yes the clubs are brilliant and great value for money.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Morning Diane,
      How inconsiderate of that parent, some people just don't think of others. Hope you're daughter got back to uni ok, sounds like your journey home was horrendous. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  25. Hugs are always appreciated, sending one right back. Didn't really do hugs back when I was young, only close family but now my friends and I always greet each other with a hug and it's so lovely. Just a little story- we had a family funeral back in the summer and there were four little girls at the wake afterwards all aged 3 or 4,three of them knew each other very well and my little granddaughter who didn't know the others at all. They all bonded so well during the afternoon and when it was time to go there were these four little girls hugging each other goodbye. Fair warmed my heart, maybe a tear to the eye.
    Thinking about those of you suffering with the bitter cold and snow, not so bad down here in Cornwall, cold (for us) and blustery but the showers are mostly hail. xx

  26. Thanks for the hugs, sending a big one back to envelop you next time you are waiting to speak to the bank!
    Big hug to Jayne too and everyone else as well, we all need hugs, love those background papers. X x

  27. Hi Barbara, thanks for the hugs. Hugs back for you, Dave, your family and everyone at Clarity. Everyone deserves one. So sorry to hear Jayne is not so good. I hope you are able to talk to her tomorrow. Big hugs for her and her family. Loved this stamp when it plopped through my letterbox. Great to have another demo and more inspiration. I bought all of the paper pads on Monday and they arrived today. I have kept Eric amused by keep stroking them. It's going to be hard to cut into them but I am glad you showed a way to use them to get me started.xx

  28. When you can't think of the right words to say, a hug expresses everything perfectly. So thank you Barbara for the hug, and hugs back to you and all the Clarity team. A special hug too for Executive Arist Jayne, and one for her husband too. Please pass them on, thank you xoxo

  29. Thank you for the hugs, much appreciated, sending hugs back to yourself, Dave , everyone at Clarity, Jayne and family, and all bloggers here. Lovely card. I renewed my Diamond Club on Monday,great value. Jeannine very helpful as always, as are the rest of your Clarity crew.
    Janine xx

  30. Hi Barb, thank you, and hugs to you and Jayne. I loved this little heart stamp when it arrived and am going to use it on Hubby's valentines card, and your example has given me a few ideas. Take care all. Bx

  31. This is lovely Barbara! I hope your friend will get well soon. I must say this I miss your videos and your great tutorials, I have learned a load with you. Hope to see you soon and meanwhile I'll keep up with your blogs :).

  32. Morning Barb,
    Sorry I'm so late with my comment. I feel like this card has been made just for me! Thank you for sharing the step by steps. I loved this stamp when it arrived but hadn't realised it was one of Jayne's. Really sorry to hear that she is so poorly – please pass on my love to her when you speak today. I'm hoping my papers arrive today so I can sit and stroke them! I'm a diamond club member and can truthfully say that the quality of the " goodies" that arrive ever month is excellent and great value for money. Thank you for all of the effort that goes into them. Stay safe and warm today, I understand that Kent has some nasty weather, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Morning Bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all safe and warm this morning. The weather has certainly gone downhill. We've had some snow but not much, but very strong winds. Going to pick up new car today although I won't be able to drive it for a while yet. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  33. Morning Barbara wee Hug right back at you.. and a gentle one for Jayne got this stamp in my wee diamond club stash love what you've done with it got the Hugs word stamp to just need the beautiful papers to give your inspiration a go now.
    Thank for all the work that goes into the clubs and for making it affordable for me look forward to it ever month. Love Dot..xx

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