Getting our Ducks in a row….

Getting our Ducks in a row….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Great day in Frankfurt.
Our Dutch distributors are such nice guys;
it was a real delight to work with them today.
They have an amazing piece of kit on the stand too,
which is nothing to do with what we do, 
but you need it – you definitely do!
I do, and I don’t really do dies!!
We will place the order tomorrow.
Found other great, exciting products to complement Claritystamps, Groovi, Pergamano.
We came with a shopping list, and have already ticked most of the boxes. It all just seemed to present itself, without any trouble whatsoever
Watch this space. 
What’s fuuny is that most of the people we did deals with are Brits!! Pound to pound – much better nowadays.
The Dollar and the Euro are very strong just recently.
Here are two delightful young ladies from the Netherlands. 
They are the Editor and Marketing head of a Dutch Publishing House. 
Starting March, we will have a regular Clarity slot in their mag. 
Now THAT’s exciting!
Then at the end of a long long day, we walked back the 1+ hours to the hotel, to make up our steps.
 I liked this shop window on the way home.

It drew me in, and I do enjoy a clever piece of artistic marketing. 
Came in a little closer to catch the info, the detail.
On the window it read:
Ich will nicht so tanzen wie Du.
(I don’t want to dance like you)
The football boot is all alone on a see-through pedestal.
So I move in closer to investigate….

H O W  M U C H ????

If you can afford them, you can dance any which way you like son !!!
What can a trainer possible by made of to give it that price-tag?
Or is that for a pair?
Unless there is a little engine in the heel and you just levitate above the ground!
But yes.
All good.
Tired now.
And as the day draws to a close, what have we learned?
Wear comfortable shoes. Tick.
Don’t try to speak Italian when you can’t.
Spanish is Spanish, and Italian is Italian.
Keep smiling, even if they are sometimes very rude. 
Beddie byes,
Love & hugs,

56 thoughts on “Getting our Ducks in a row….

  1. Sounds like you have had a really great day Barbara! Very pleased for you – and when things just fall into place like that – it means that they are meant to be! We look forward to hearing about the new things – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – we have had a great day, it has been the feast of San Antonio today – the saint of animals. A road in the village was closed off and the council provided tables & chairs and sand and wood for people to build fires and cook their huge dishes of paella! Then this evening at 8.00 pm the street lights were switched off, and fire jugglers (on stilts) paraded up and down doing amazing things & finished with a fantastic finale of fireworks being set off on the highest pair of stilts that we have ever seen & the man moved along as the fireworks went off, amazing! Then the fireman lit the huge bonfire (in the street, but built on sand) and as that went up in flames, fire crackers (from within) went off! Unbelievable! Tomorrow people will takes their animals to the church, to be blessed by the priest! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, sounds fantastic. We've been to our local Chinese Restaurant for the Chinese New Year with my Niece, her Husband, his parents, his brother and his wife, a really good night. Love and hugs Pam xx

  2. Hi Barbara, glad you got there in one piece after such a long journey.
    Glad today has gone well and you are getting most of or all of your boxes
    received my Groovi monthly parcel today , your news letter was great and seems we all have a lot to look forward to over this year.
    Have a good show and travel back safe all of you remember no speeding on the way back !!!!!
    Lynn xx

  3. You're so funny!!! Glad you had a good day. Sounds to have been very productive. Before you got me laughing, my first thoughts and feelings were, (and still are,)- oh no, how much is this going to cost me, and how much space am I going to have to try and create in my craft room! You get excited by new products you are bringing us, I get worried!!!! That world of super rich people, it's like a parallel universe, we don't understand how they live, and they don't understand how we live. And that's the trouble when rich people end up in Governments! Hope you have as good or better a day tomorrow. Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite!!!! Love Brenda xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Sounds as though you've had a great day although like Brenda I'm worried about how much this is going to cost me!!seriously though, I'm pleased that more things are slotting into place – clarity is going from strength to strength. My Diamond club envelope came today and can I say all three are brilliant! Hope you get a good night's rest, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all as well as possible. Been a miserable day here weather wise. We got the car washed and by the time we'd got home it was as bad again! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx
      Ps, forgot to say yesterday that it was lovely to see Sheila back! Xxxx

  5. It sounds as if a good day was had by all! When will we find ot about the die thingy and will you be stocking it please??
    Did another comment but it vanished so sorry if it reappears and you ahve it twice 🙂

  6. Well, laughter again this evening. Pleased you had a good day, hope its just as good tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the new products. Get a good nights sleep and recharge the batteries. Received diamond club goodies today, all great. Thank you. xx

  7. Well… these are no trainers, but proper football shoes and these do have a price. In UK as well. And you can easily pay £300 for trainers. If that is reasonably is a different question.
    How much cost your cowboy boots 😉

    Btw… the next time you go to Frankfurt you might want to take a plane. Especially this time of the year as we have winter, and I sure hope you have the car fitted with winter tyres. Be careful, the forecast says freezing rain is coming.

  8. I spent my day organising and sorting my craft room. Have a canny knack of stacking and filling the tiny empty spaces. Need to sort out my drawers of non Clarity stamps next. My Clarity stuff is the only thing I have organised all the time due to the stamp and stencil folders. Hmmmm new stuff? I think I may have room…just! Xx

    1. Hi Donna, I try to organise my craftroom, get thing out and then put it all back. Really need to get rid of all the stuff I don't use now., loads of The Glitter Girls boards etc etc. My back is still bad, get the occasional day when its a little easier, thanks for asking. Love and hugs Pam xx

    2. And me. I keep all my Clarity things together in their lovely folders. Not quite so organised with the non Clarity things. Job for today, take all the blue ink of the Clarity stamps that have been arriving steadily since before Christmas.xx

  9. Yesterday a white envelope arrived, didn't look at the front – it was the right size and felt right so I made a cup of tea and opened it. It was fishing charts and a CD-ROM for my husband!!. What a disappointment. However today another white envelope arrived and it was my gold club goodies. Lovely, thank you so much
    Hope all continues to go well for you in Germany xx

  10. Hi bloggy friends, busy day doing non crafty, crafty things! Need to finish off tomorrow and get some more bits sorted. Hope everyone had some sunshine today, we did here but still chilly. Xx

  11. Sounds like you'very been having a fab time.Brilliant! No doubt there will be quite a few new goodies soon. Oh,I'd better start saving my pennies for Ally Pally. Have a great day tomorrow, too. Alles Liebe & Gute xx

  12. LOL Really made me laugh out loud with the YMBFJ. Very imaginative display though. It all sounds very exciting!! Can't help being intrigued about what is to come next. Sleep well and hope you enjoy tomorrow x

  13. Ooooo it all sounds really exciting! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us to play with next! Sleep well and have another good day tomorrow!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  14. Whatever have you got lined up for us now that we really have to have Barbara, sounds very intriguing. So glad you've managed to tick lots of boxes off your list and have had a lovely time, even managed to do your steps, that takes dedication. Safe journey home to you all, drive carefully. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  15. Oh dear, my credit card has run away and hidden itself after what you say we 'need' – totally intrigued as to what it could be, that said if it's good enough for you then I probably do NEED it – rofl! Looking forward to hearing more about your german escapades and good on ya for walking back to the hotel to make up the steps. I've managed to clear my desk so can now get to my PC – Fitbit is ready to charge up and have bought a new battery for the scales in readiness for 1st Feb (the date I'd already set prior to your 'challenge' and, will be popping over to the fund raiser to donate once I've checked out the finances/banking tomorrow! xxx

  16. All sounds extremely exciting Barbara. Will we get to see the magazine over here? Thank goodness I like Clarity and not Adidas! Lol Have a good day today. Xx

  17. Great show for us , so far , and a very positive response from our European neighbours! On the walking front just over 14,000 steps yesterday , but it ain't no walk in the park, if you know what I mean! Not quite the same as ambling across the Ashdown Forest…. but very grateful nonetheless that I can do this ….. x

    1. I too am so glad you are able to take part in the challenge and wow to do 14,000 steps in one day. You must all be shattered. I bet last year this challenge would have seemed so far out of reach and couldn't even be considered by you. What a wonderful recovery.xx

    2. 14,000 steps, I'm soooo jealous, wish I could, and it's not from the lack of trying, that's for sure. But at least I can do some, better than some folk, so got to be grateful. And I do move around a lot, combination of me not being the type who can sit still, and to try rotate between the various pains!!!! It's the folk who can and don't, or could do better, to keep themselves healthy or get healthier that winds me up.

      Rude folk, just smile and wish them a happy day, and think how miserable a life they are having going around like that! I see our resident one has popped in again eh, not even worth my time reading what they said!!! I've ordered a wee step counter thingy, hopefully it'll be a pleasant surprise how many steps I can do, but thinking it's more likely to be a big bad shock. Hope today is going well, and your not going to be having us all on beans on toast all year!!! xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like a good day was had by all. Good for you rising above peoples rudeness and floating on the positive things. Oh no what have you found for us to use now! 😀 Well done walking back to get your steps up, would have been so easy to get in a taxi I'm sure after a long day. As for the trainers- think how much Clarity stuff we could buy for the price of them!! I bet your dad's response would be, they wouldn't offer your foot much protection if you tried to play football in them! No wonder these overpriced football players of today are always injured!! Haha I can hear my dad saying it! Have a wonderful day today.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends hope all is well. We are having an action packed weekend celebrating Juliana birthday before emma flies back to uni tonight. He's certainly had a lovely suprise and time. Sending hugs xxx

  19. So nice that you had a good time in Frankfurt and seeing my college Marion with you on this picture. (I am their textwriter for several craftmagazines).
    Lia xx

  20. Sounds like you are having a very successful time at the trade fair and have lots of new ideas to tempt us with. Everyone sounds really friendly which makes life so much easier. I think it will be a long, tiring week for you all. Look after yourselves.xx

  21. Hello Barb,
    Glad you've had a good journey, good for you getting the steps in, I'm managing a couple of thousand a day, not as much as you but quite good for this old girl (girl – as someone I know would say "you must be havin a larf"!!!!
    I remember when you could get a pair of shoes for 99d (less than a pound for the young ones) and trainers did not exist. Just football boots or sand shoes!!!
    I'm almost frightened to see what it is you have in mind for us ha ha.
    Maureen xx

  22. Hi Barbara, So glad everything going well at the Shows. I am intrigued to know what it is that you are ordering relating to dies ????? I'm very interested and I don't do 'patience' hahaha.
    Lovely news about the magazine and Clarity.
    There is never a need for 'rudeness', so glad you are rising above it.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Busy day today, but I'm sure you're even busier! Might just try to take advantage of the last hour of daylight in my craft room – need to make some space for a few more goodies, and I promised myself to do at least one page a month in my art journal. Has to be today, otherwise I'll miss January altogether, which isn't a good start to a new years resolution x

  24. So pleased you're enjoying Frankfurt and keeping up with the steps. Visually great window display (I don't get the dancing analogy though – obscure). 300 euros for a pair of footie boots? Indeed, they MBFJ!
    Tonbridge Sue

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