Funky meets Designer

Funky meets Designer

Hello everyone!
Paul here,
I hope you are all well.
Barb and Dave are off out partying, 
so I have taken over the blog!
I thought I would have a bit of play 
with the new Designer Paper Pads
I know that I am a bit biased, 
but I love, love, love the new Designer Paper Pads.
They are vibrant and funky and have so many uses.

So, I am going to with some funky stamps

Funky Foliage
(currently in the members sale!)

So let’s have a play………
Take a piece of Designer Paper,
I have chosen a piece from the Brighton Rock Collection
and stamp the largest of the Funky Foliage stamps
with a Black Archival ink pad

Now take a post-it note and position it along
the bottom of the stems.
Ink up the stamp again and stamp the image
to the right and slightly lower

Time to add some colour to the foliage.
I was going to go straight in with the Colour Blend pencils,
but I wanted to try something different.
I used a selection of the Artistry Ink pads squidged
Then used the Pure Sable Hair Brushes and a tiny
amount of water to apply a base colour to the flowers.
If your brush is too wet, the paper will buckle slightly, 
but don’t panic, it does dry out well.
Time to add a bit of depth.
I chose a selection of the Colour Blend pencils 
to compliment my Artistry Ink Pad colours
The shading is subtle, but what I like about this effect, 
is that you can still see the pattern 
of the paper coming through.
Trim down your design and layer onto black card 
leaving a small border
Take one of the Word Chain words of your choice
 and stamp onto a scrap piece of the same Designer Paper.
Friendship is from the Word Chain 8
Time to make the base.
I have used another piece of the same Designer Paper,
 trimmed down to 7.5″ x 7.5″ and layered onto 
a piece of black card and then onto an 8″x8″ card blank.
I wasn’t sure where I wanted to position my toppers, 
so before I stuck them down, I tried a few layouts

They all work really well, but I think my 
favourite is the first one.

Don’t throw away all the scraps

They will come in useful for various techniques.
A real bonus for me in relation to the Designer Papers
is that I can make a card really quickly
and really cleanly!!!
I hope you have enjoyed my 
little take over for today.
Normal service will resume tomorrow!
Have a great evening.
Paul xxx

45 thoughts on “Funky meets Designer

  1. I love that stamp set. I like how you have used it with the new papers. I've got my paper pads on order so hopefully i'll be able to make something similar

  2. well done Paul, it is a lovely design and although it looks really involved, it's such a lovely and simple look to achieve. I will gradually collect the whole collection of pad, but at the moment I just have the Northern Lights one. Thank you for sharing x

  3. evening Paul, lovely art work. I used this page for my cockatoo card in this months challenge. The colours in the pad are really great and I love them all. I think the scraps would look great laid out just as they are on a canvas. Have a good weekend and hope Dave and Barbara enjoy their partying! XX

  4. How lovely! Definitely going to get these papers and I think I already have these stamps but might not have used them ! Beautiful project. Thanks, Paul, for taking over ! Hope Barb & Dave have a lovely evening, and you ! X

  5. Hi Paul
    Lovely artwork! Had a peaceful Groovi afternoon followed by a lovely simple supper using the last of the Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheese to make a cheese & potatoe pie with salad. Guilty of forgetting how delicious these easy dishes are & have to say even my salad hating hubby loved it!
    Wishing everyone a happy weekend, stay warm xxx

  6. Hi Paul, how nice to 'see' you. Wonderful piece of work: clean and simple just how I like it! Absolutely agree about the benefits of these gorgeous paper pads. All the designs are fabulous.
    Tonbridge Sue

  7. Hi Paul
    Lovely to see you today. What a simple but very effective design, these backing papers are beautiful aren't they, I think I might just have a peep at them. It's great to see how the inks and pencils work on the papers. Hope you have a relaxing evening and Barbara and save enjoy the party.
    Love Diane x

    1. Hi Diane,
      Been quite mild here today ( well for January!) Actually been out today – only to Sainsbury's, but at least I was out of the house. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. It's good to see you do the blog love the card stamped up
    I liked the pastel shades of the backing paper.I like strips and dotty papers.Its nice to hear Barbara and Dave take time out x

  9. Oh hello Paul! What a great card and so easy with those new papers! I really must get some!
    Hope Barbara and Dave have a great evening
    Love and hugs xxxx

  10. Hi Paul, good to hear from you.
    Well I love this card I have always loved these stamps and with these new papers a card can be made quite quickly.
    As others have said which paper set do you choose.!!!!
    I love the last card but that is just personal choice.
    Good to here from you.
    Lynn xx

  11. Hi Paul, that's brilliant, so effective. First layout for me too. Thank you for sharing, and blogging in Barbara's absence. Good to know we have you to step in when needed. More inspiration to start using up my scrapbook papers, so I can justifying buying these. Nothing I have even comes close to being as good as these. Hopefully be getting arty, stampy, inky, painty, pencilly, stencilly, Grooviey, gelli platey soon!!! Once stuff here allows me headspace and play time. Glad to hear Barbara and Dave are out partying, letting their hair down, and forgetting business for a few hours, do them both good. Hope they are having a ball. And I hope you are having a good weekend too, some non work happy time. Love Brenda xx

    1. Everyone, I've just read on the Groovi facebook page that Jayne has passed away. I know I never met her but it's still really upsetting. I felt she touched me just by watching her on telly. It's so sad. She always came across as such a special and talented lady. Life is just so unfair sometimes. I'll be thinking of you Jayne every time I use your stamps. Makes them even more special now. My thoughts are with all her family and friends. RIP Jayne, hope you're with the angels, drawing and teaching them craft xx

  12. Hi Paul, great to 'see' you here. Love this card. I have all of the paper pads as I couldn't make a decision! I keep looking at these stamps but haven't got round to ordering them. Decision made. I do love to see the paper pads being used as it gives me inspiration as I have only stroked them so far. Hope Barbara and Dave enjoy their 'time out'. They certainly deserve it. Have a good day tomorrow.xx

  13. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for stepping in to do the blog tonight. I love these stamps, I've used them loads. They're great for men's cards.Really love the papers too, I got all 4 pads and love them all. Really like your artwork and I agree the first layout works best for me. Love Alison xx

  14. Hi Paul, I have just received the 'Sweet Dreams' paper pad, and I absolutely love it! There is not a paper I do not like so every scrap will be used. So versatile! Lynn

  15. Nice of you to step in for Barbara. Great artwork Paul, I've got these stamps but I'm another one who hasn't yet used them, got loads like that (how naughty). Love those pads but trying to use up most of the papers I've got first. Hope you, Barbara,and Dave all have a good evening. xx

  16. Hi to all my bloggy friends, hope you've been keeping warm and have had a good day. We went for a short walk just to enjoy the sunshine although it was very cold, couldn't believe how many football teams were out on the Downs. Definately not a peaceful walk ha ha! At least they were having fun.xx

  17. Hi Paul – good to see you! Paper pads are fab and on my wishlist, love what you've done with these and the lovely stamps. Hope Barb and Dave enjoy their night off. Hugs to all xxx

  18. Great design Paul and thanks for stepping in on the blog. Once my paper stash has reduced I might treat myself to some of these pads, but I fear it may take me years!!! Susan x

  19. Thank you for sharing that lovely card. The papers are so beautiful. Mine arrived yesterday and I am going to use my 1st sheet today. I hope Barbara & Dave had a great night out.
    X Chris

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