Very Sad News.

Very Sad News.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Many of you will already have heard the sad sad news 
that our darling Jayne passed away yesterday evening.

What a terrible loss.
I guess there is some comfort in knowing that she is no longer in pain, but how my heart aches for her daughter and husband.
It’s so blimming final, isn’t it. 
There’s no negotiating with Death.
It takes you, and you are gone. 
Hopefully to a better place. 
I have to tell myself that she has just gone on ahead of us,
that we will meet again. 
I have to do something positive to turn this sadness around.
So Dave and I have both decided to join the 
Walking all over Cancer Movement,
and walk 10,000 steps a day.
In case you weren’t aware, there is a huge campaign being fired up where they are getting people to walk 10,000 steps every day throughout March.
But do you know what?
Today seems like the right day to start for us.
We want to do something useful because we can,
and for the love of darling Jayne. 
I have set up a Donations page, and I have set the target very high.
10,000 steps daily until we hit £10,000.
We dug out our Fitbits when we got home,
and are getting them fired up now.
No point in hanging on until March.
No time like TODAY, is there.
As time was running out for Jayne – and she knew it – she was so desperate to get her affairs in order, so that she wouldn’t leave a headache for her family. 
Makes you think, doesn’t it? 
The sun is shining and we can walk up on the forest 
for an hour or so.
10,000 steps sounds very doable. 
And will do us the power of good too.
And aren’t we lucky we can?
And if we can raise money to help beat this bastard disease
by simply walking one step at a time one day at a time,
then that’s very very cool with us. 
For the love of Jayne.
And she knows how much I love exercising !!!!
And Jayne!
If you’re up there smiling down on me for deciding to start walking every day with a Fitbit tucked in my bra, get this!
It even has a calorie counter on it!
Fortunately, only how many you burn, and not how many you eat!
We’d be doomed with our cream cakes!
Please give generously to the page.
Here’s the link again. I reckon it will take a few months to hit 10K, but like I said: thank heavens we can. 
Love & Hugs,

98 thoughts on “Very Sad News.

  1. So very sad Barbara.
    I was thinking about Jayne and others today who have succumbed to this dreadful disease… And was working on some secret stuff! When you get my parcel I think you'll know the one I did today!
    Enjoy your walk!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  2. such sad news but as my mother in law said there must be a better place everyone's going! All our thoughts and love go to her family at this time. xx

  3. Lost my sister to that 'bastard disease' as you so rightly call it, Barbara. My sincere condolences to you on the loss of your much-loved friend, and to Jayne's family on their awful loss. I'm sad for you all. x

  4. Yes Barbara, it is so so sad, and very upsetting. It's upset me, and I only knew Jayne from seeing her on telly, but she touched me, one of the special people in the world. She had an aura, a lovely calming, gentle aura, a beautiful soul that radiated out from her to touch everyone. A living angel methinks. And you being her friend, what a special privilege. You must be hurting so so much. Life can be so cruel eh. I've been thinking about you, as well as Jayne's family and other friends.

    Glad you managed to have that last visit with Jayne where you showed her all the samples from her artwork. She got a chance to see the legacy she is leaving behind for us all. Jayne will live on in the best way, through Clarity, and through all of us each and every time we use our stamps of her artwork. Each time we make something using one, not only will we be remembering Jayne, but we'll be passing on her aura, through her artwork, to touch the recipient, spreading it around the world. Hope you're able to draw and craft with the angels now Jayne.

    Glad you've managed to find a positive to help Barbara. 10,000 steps a day, how far is that? Is that doable for me, or do we need to make a lower limit for me and people like me? I would like to be part of this, please can you or someone help me to? And what is this fitbit? My next question was going to be how do I count the steps if we work something out so I can join in, guess this fitbit thing is something to do with that?

    Of course I'll give a donation too. I see they've now increased it to every one in two people will get cancer. Truly something that does affect us all. Lots of love to you and Dave, Paul, Helene, and all Jayne's family and other friends xxxx

    1. A pedometer of any sort will record your steps Brenda. Maybe a start is to see how many steps one does on a "normal day" and then to increase.

      I have a fitbit at the moment I have set a target of 80000. Will change to 10000.


    2. Hi Barbara
      What sad news about the lovely Jayne even though I never met her she seemed like a lovely lady, she may not be here in person anymore but her artwork legacy can still be admired thanks to you Barbara and clarity, when you either bring some more of her work to life in either your stamps or groovi plates she will be sat there on your shoulder when you take them on the telly and she will be thinking " yes I made the right decision leaving my artwork to Barbara, I might not be there in person but my designs can still be admired thanks to this lovely lady "
      What a wonderful thing you are doing for Jayne not only with her artwork but with your fundraising to I am sure you will hit your target and possibly beat it when I get my benefits (had to give up work on health grounds) I will give a donation it might not be a lot but every little helps.
      Take care Barbara

    3. Hello Brenda yes as Pen said a simple step counter will do, you just clip it on your clothing and it counts the number of steps you take walking around. We went out for a walk today, walked 2 miles and that was just over 6000 steps so hopefully that will give you an idea. See what your daily amount is before you put together a plan. We will all help you I'm sure. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    4. Thanks Diane. 6000 steps in 2 miles, mine won't be much at all then, we're talking in metres how far I could walk in one go, and I mean 2 digits!!!! Ah well, wish I could. But once I've got a step counter (that should help me find the right thing!) and add up all the wee bits over the day it'll hopefully work out quite a bit more, in relative terms, than I can manage in one go. Hugs back xx

    5. Brenda, 10,000 steps is about 5 miles. A Fitbit is great to have as it spurs you on to do a few more steps if you come close to the 10k. It is usually worn on the wrist not down the bra!! You can have friends on Fitbit to compete with. Unfortunately my Fitbit is not waterproof but you can get a device that is if you like swimming or running up and down the pool. Hope this info helps. Jane

  5. Hi Barbara this is very sad news. I feel deeply for Jayne's family. Just to say 10,000 steps is very achievable me and my Fitbit often manage to reach this target. Good luck you can do it. Sometimes dancing round the kitchen helps 🙂 I will definitely donate we need to beat this illness. Love Jackie

  6. So sad to hear that Jayne has lost her battle with cancer. Condolences to her Family and many friends. She was a beautiful person and an inspiration to all of us who love to create.
    A big hug from Chris X

  7. Very sad news. My condolences to her family and all those who knew her well. Her lovely soft voice, when she demonstrated on TV, was so calming. I'll remember her that way. x

  8. What a legacy this special lady has left in your capable hands. So glad you were dancing as Jayne passed away, she would have like that. Sending hugs to her family & all her many friends. God bless xx

  9. Such sad news – condolences to family and friends. I used to watch her create when she was on television, such an inspiration. Well done to you Barbara for starting up the fundraising to beat this terrible disease – cancer has also touched my family too. Best foot forward! Regards, Lynn

  10. Such sad news, a really lovely, friendly, helpful lady whom I only met a couple of times but I remember her kindness very well. My sincere condolences to her family.

    1. Hi Morag, good to see you here again missed you.
      yes such a lovley lady I used to watch her when she was on the Tv she gave us all insperation over the years such a sad loss .

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with Jayne's family, and all those who were close to her, or touched by her life. Long may she live on in many hearts through her crafty talents. Claire S x

  12. This is so sad. I hope that when I use her designs I will do them the justice they deserve. So much wonderful talent. Well done to you both for taking on your challenge and yes I will support you. I could never manage that amount of walking so a donation is only a small ask. Fred has beat cancer twice and our lovely son-in-law has his own personal battle so it is a charity we always support. Without the knowledge already gained they would not have the help they need. RIP Jayne. X x

  13. Such a sad lost to the crafting community. I will definitely be joining the 10,000 steps a day in honour of the lovely Jayne, may she rest in peace.
    Love and Hugs to you and Dave
    Linda xxx

  14. Such sad news today. So sorry you lost a good friend & colleague. She was my first inspiration into crafting & always followed her on tv. I've been fortunate to see her a few times at the NEC & Harrogate craft shows, she always had time for anyone interested in her work. She has left a legacy of her work in your lovely hands. Thank you so much.

  15. So very sad, sending love and hufs to her family and all those who knew her. So glad her crafty soul can live on through the art that people make with her beautiful designs that you are sharing on Clarity. Xx

  16. Sending you Barbara special hugs today as know you will be feeling really sad such a lovely lady so talented heaven gained another lovely lady last night. Have donated I have lost to many family to this horrible big C really needs a break through. Special hugs and thoughts toJayne Nestorenko family xxx

  17. Dear Barbara there are no words to console you and her family from the loss of this beautiful talented lady only to thank you and Clarity for showing and reproducing with her love, her beautiful art.
    I think you will have made her sadly last few months so happy that we through you her friend she has seen what beautiful art can be created from her beautiful designs please take comfort in that.
    God bless you Jayne …xx

  18. How very sad. As you say Barbara, Jayne is now out of her pain and hopefully in a better place. I hope Jayne's family were with her at the end and take solace in what a very brave lady she was and take some comfort in all their happy memories.
    It is almost a year since I lost my dear husband to cancer and yes I still miss him terribly. My thoughts are with her family and her friends. xx

  19. Very sad to hear about Jayne. My thoughts are with her family and friends. So good you were able to share with her the artwork produced from her drawings for Clarity Groovi and Stamps.Every time one of us produces a piece of artwork using one of her plates or stamps we will be thinking of her fondly. Very supportive of your and Dave's commitment to take 10,000 steps per day and will willingly donate. A great charity to support. As you know Barbara I will probably not see out the summer because of this dreadful disease but without this charity I might not have been around as long as I have. I have no idea how far 10,000 steps are but will look into it to see if I am able to join you. Thinking of you so much. Hugs.xx

    1. Oh Susan, I've been thinking about you too today. You're another very brave lady. I do so hope with all my heart something will allow you to stay for longer, big bear hugs, love Brenda xx

    2. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I am doing really well. Over the last few months from seeing Paul and Barbara visiting Jayne and Barbara being able to speak to her, although I didn't meet her, I can see what a very special friend and lady she was too everyone and have taken great strength from her and think of her fondly whenever I use any of her stamps or plates.

    3. Sending you a hug Susan, another lovely brave lady. If you have an iPhone there should be a health ap on it ( little heart symbol) that has a step counter, it will give you an idea of your daily amount. If not a simple step counter will do. Xxx

    4. Hello Barbara, having just discovered just how far 10,000 steps are I have to be realistic and admit that it is much to much for me to undertake but apart from the donation I will support you in anyway I can.xxxx

    5. Hi Susan, glad to hear you are doing well. 10,000 steps is a lot. About 2 hours brisk walk every day is a lot for most people! But even if you did 1,000 steps, that would be absolutely awesome. Xxxxxx

  20. I returned yesterday from my Mother's funeral in Scotland and was gutted to read about Jayne today. I know exactly how her daughter and family feel – the world is a poorer place without her but she left a beautiful legacy that you can thankfully carry on Barbara. Thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

  21. So many incredibly sad, I feel for her family so much! She always seemed such a lovely lady when I saw her on the telly – as Marie says in her comment, Her memory will live on in her artwork! xxx

  22. What more can anyone of us say except how utterly sad that Jayne has died. I was stunned to hear that as I had no idea she was so ill. A wonderful artist, who I met at one of the shows some years ago, and found her so kind and helpful. A kind softly spoken lady who will be greatly missed. God bless her and now she is in no more pain.

  23. How sad to lose such a sweet, creative and lovely lady who will live on through her beautiful artwork. Cancer is a cruel disease and anything we can do to help has got to be worthwhile, albeit in a very small way, and we know from your speaking of her that she was a good friend who you will miss greatly Barbara. Thinking of her family and friends at this sad time. x

  24. Hi Barb,
    Such very, very sad news. This is such a terrible disease and we must do everything we can to fight it. My family has been touched by it and I have donated without hesitation. I will do the 10,000 steps once I've got this brace off, but until then, I will do as many as I can. I'll get my Fitbit charged up again. I've also persuaded Dave to use my other Fitbit and he will do at least 10,000 probably more. Thank you for setting up the page. My thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go to Jayne's family and I'm thinking of you too Barb as I know how much Jayne meant to you. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  25. So sad to read about Jayne yesterday evening. She was such an inspirational lady, and I still remember her C&C shows, her generosity and patience in ensuring that the viewer understood the methods involved in re-creating her work, and avidly recording them so I could follow her.

    I applaud your initiative in taking part in the 1 Step at a Time. You will definitely mange it, and hopefully the walks you take will lessen some of the sadness you must be feeling. A friend of mine who has had cancer twice and been lucky enough to get through it, is also taking part in this fund raising effort. Such a worth while cause. Love and hugs to you. Xxx

  26. Such a sad new. I know how closed you were to her. All my thoughts go to her family and friends.
    You have a great idea to raide funds and knowing the Clarity folks, sure will reach your target in no time.
    Was going to suggest that you put spécial offer on Jayne's products and the money go the the fund raise and may be we can all have a challenge with only Jayne's creations.
    All my love to you. Xxx

  27. There are no words…..such a beautiful, gentle soul lost to the world, God bless you Jayne! I lost my darling husband to this "bastard disease" nearly 10 years ago at just 63 years of age. How positive to want to raise funds for research…well done xxxxxx

  28. Very sad news my thoughts are with you all and with Jaynes family. We slready have a wonderful legacy, i think of her every time I use her wonderful plates and stamps. My 10,000 steps have slipped of late so a great incentive to do it now i shall set myself a target to do 10, 000 every day til the end of march without a break, hope I can manage it . By the way 10000 steps is roughly 4.5 miles. …Hugs x

  29. Thank you Barbara for taking the time today to do the blog to us all. I've no doubt you probably didn't feel like it after such sad news. But, you came out, guns blazing! Good on you. Will definitely join you on the 10k steps a day! Because I can. Have to brush the cobwebs of my 'Fitbit'! Ha! Hugs to you and all the Clarity team. X

  30. I saw her Daughters post last night and was thinking of Jayne, it's really sad in every way. I think the fund is a great idea but on top of that You already have done a positive thing for Jayne, every time one of us uses a Jayne Nestorenko Clarity Stamp we will think about Jayne, each stamped image keeps her Art alive, every time her Art is shown her family will be reminded of how Jaynes Art had an influence on other people. That is a positive thing you did Barbara. Xxxx I am sorry for her loss. Xx

  31. Such sad news. My condolences are with her family and friends, and thank you Barbara for letting us all know, today's blog must have been such a hard one for you to write. Jayne will never be forgotten but will remain in all our hearts each and every time we use one of her beautiful designs. x

  32. I had to come to say such sad news that Jayne has passed away heartfelt hugs to her husband and daughter she has left a wonderful legacy of designs so will never be forgotten I did a little groovi-Ing yesterday and the day before using the bee/ ladybird / fuschia for an Easter card .barbara seeing how you made her designs come to life in groovi and stamps would have given her great comfort and a peaceful passing love and hugs xxx

  33. Hi Barbara
    I'm so sorry to hear the sad news that Jayne has passed away, such a sad loss. She was a lovely gentle lady and so talented. I will think of her every time I use one of her plates or stamps, her artwork is in such safe hands with you. Sending you and Dave a big hug, you have lost a very dear friend and my condolences to her family. What a great idea to fundraiser and raise your fitness too, I will add my donation and go and look the event up as it's something we could do too.
    Love Diane xxx

  34. So desperately sad to hear that dear Jayne has passed away, but so glad for her that she is out of pain and free of her disease-ridden earthly body. I'm sure she is still around somewhere, just waiting for her friends and family. Sadly I cannot walk for charity (or anything else!) but wish all the walkers well and I'll do my bit in other ways.

  35. So sad to know that lovely Jayne has finally lost her hardest ever fight, thankfully she is now painfree and at peace and, while we are sad at her leaving her family and friends, let us all happily remember her beautiful smile and the stunning legacy that she leaves behind in artwork. Hopefully, if and when, her family see something handmade by one of us, using Jayne's art, they'll come to know how special she was to us also and that will bring a smile to their faces helping them to remember the good times, not these past months of her cruel illness. Thank you Jayne for your many years of inspiration and I, for one, will hopefully continue to share your talent with others in the years to come. Sleep peacefully lovely lady, my thoughts are with your family and close friends xxx

  36. Hi Barbara, Such sad sad news, my thoughts and my prayers are with Jayne's Family and All who knew her, such a beautiful lady and so talented, she will be greatly missed.
    Jayne, rest your head on the Angel's wings and they will fly you to Heaven !!
    Peace at last.
    With all my love and prayers, from Patricia xx

  37. So sorry to hear such sad news Barbara, I did leave a message on More Personal Space this morning when I'd just heard the news. I'm afraid I can't join in with the walking as I'm waiting to see a surgeon for my back pain and couldn't do anywhere near that amount of walking but will certainly donate. I lost my sister to this awful disease at 63 and as you know her husband last year. Also lost my cousin last year and have a wonderful friend who is going through treatment now. So what you are doing is such a wonderful gesture. I don't think any family has been left unscathed by this cruel disease. Love and hugs Pam xx

  38. Such a sad loss, Jayne was an inspiration, endlessly creative. Although I only knew her through her TV appearances I always felt that she was such a freindly and fun loving lady. She will be sadly missed, but she leaves behind a wonderful legacy of which I like to think I am a small part…. crafters who took up stamping because of Jayne's work.

  39. Such very sad news. A close friend is going through a similar experience as Jayne and it sure does make you adjust your priorities. My thoughts are with her family and close friends. Love and hugs to all xxx

  40. Just one more voice, saying how sorry I am to hear this news. Most of us at some point in our lives have come face to face with dealing with cancer, through a friend or a relative and how it takes no prisoners, is no respector of who you are, how much of a life you lived or how well you have lived. So yes let's have some good come of it, let's give thanks for those brilliant nurses and support staff who help us through these dark times. Let's remember Jayne well through her lovely art work. Just finished a lovely card (if I say so myself) for my mother-in-law's birthday featuring Jayne Agapanthus. And yes will step out with the rest and walk those 10,000 steps and give some back to those helping in this most cruel of diseases. Much love and hugs. Karen xxx

  41. My condolences on the loss of your friend Barbara, I'll follow you with those steps, as I can't take more than a handful, without my mobility scooter. Being greedy, I cant' help hoping that there may be a small legacy of artwork we haven't seen yet. She was such a talented artistic lady.

  42. So sorry for your loss. The 'good' news, she was Christian so you will meet her one day and share memories. Also, I will get to meet her and make a new relationship with Christ. I know the deviation of cancer. Since August 2016 I have lost 3 family members and 4 friends to cancer. We are o 'the any day' call, as my brother prepares for his visit with Jesus. My family rides 192 miles o a bicycle the first week of each August. The Pan Mass Challege donates riders fees to Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston. They literally save my daughter in law when my grandson was 15 months. Cancer changes everyone. My site

  43. I am sorry to hear that another great artist is gone.
    Yes, it is a terrible desease. And we all know at least one person who lost the battle or is even affected him/herself.

    As I was still living in the UK I had a tumor in my breast. The doctor was told I have a tumor history and all he wanted to give me was antibiotics. Of course this doctor never saw me again. The next doc sent me to a breast cancer center where I had to wait nearly two months for an appointment, even after telling them it is urgent because I already had several tumors in my life. After that I had to wait again about 6 weeks to have that tumor taken out. Now my breast has a 2 inch scar because that stupid doc cut right in the middle of it instead so that it is not visible (like docs outside the UK do that).

    Just about a year later I had again a tumor in my thyroid gland. I tried to find a hospital where the urgently needed tests could be done. Nobody understood what I was talking about and I could not find a qualified hospital or doctor. Time was running out so I decided to go home for the more than urgent surgery. Otherwise I would not be here anymore.

    That is my experience with the combination of cancer and doctors in the UK. It takes much too much time to give patients what they need, and not only with cancer.

    To win the battle it needs qualified doctors who know what they are doing, who know that time is of the essence. Then more people can survive.

    Btw… 10,000 steps is what one should do every day anyway.

    Rest in peace Jayne.. and maybe you look out for Jane..

  44. Hello Barb, such sad news, Jayne was a lovely lady inside and out, and her legacy will live on in her artwork. My deepest sympathy to her Husband and Daughter, and may you have strength too with the loss of a good friend. RIP Jayne, and keep smiling down on us all. Bx

  45. Hi, Great idea Barb. I lost a lovely friend last week, only 47 years old , she fought breast cancer three times and lost. Her husband, son, dad and brothers are so sad as are all her friends. She lived over the street from me and I keep expecting to see her in the window waving and smiling.Anything we can all do to help rid us of this awful illness I'm all for.
    Margaret x

  46. So very sad to hear this news. Rest in peace Jayne, and I'm very thankful to have some of your lovely artwork to remind me of you, your gentle nature, and artistic talent. Good luck with the fundraising Barbara and Dave x

  47. I loved Jayne her work was wonderful I only knew her from crafting of course but the years have flown I was over the moon when you brought her stamps back again. I can't walk very much now but I will donate of course I have made cards for cancer research for I5years since my beautiful daughter in law had mouth cancer we were lucky she was saved Rest in peace lovely lady xxxxxx
    Thank you Barbara xxxxxx

  48. So sad to hear this news but what a legacy this lady has left us through you and Clarity. My thoughts are with her family and friends. I lost both parents and a dear cousin to this disease and had breast cancer myself 16 years ago and many of my friends and acquaintances have been touched by cancer. Research is so important. There are so many charities asking for our money but the cancer charities always get my support. xx

  49. This is such sad news. I watched Jane on TV many times and also have some of her earlier stamps. Beautiful art work and a lovely gentle voice. Thinking of her family at this sad time. She's at peace now. God Bless.

  50. Such very sad news about Jayne. She seemed such a lovely person & so gentle & boy, what an artist – I loved her work. What a great shame & such a loss. Like you say, Barb, hoping she is in a better place now & at least there's no more pain for her.
    Good luck with your walking…hope you raise loads of money. Having lost Mum, Dad & numerous others to this hateful disease, I support Cancer Research every month with the hope that eventually this disease will be curable in all it's forms.
    Condolences to Jayne's family & all her friends – a very sad loss.
    God Bless

    Liz xxx

  51. Hello Barb,
    I am so very sorry to read that Jayne is with us in body no more. She was such a lovely, gentle lady and this disease is so awful. Console yourself with the thought that you will meet her and all your loved ones in the future, and in the meantime Jayne is wrapped in the arms of the angels.
    Maureen xx

  52. I was very sad to hear the news of Jayne's passing.

    I have a fitbit, although I don't always manage 10,000 steps each day I have (once!) reached 30,000 steps in one day. I will also try to get the steps in and walk along with you 🙂

    I have been lucky enough to meet Jayne at workshops – such a kind, helpful and very talented lady.
    I will be searching through my craft drawers and using some of Jayne's stamps – and also adding some new Groovi boards if possible.

  53. hi barb just watched your show with paul church got such a shock didnt know jane had died so very sad my heart gos out to you /janes family she died the day befor my birthday ive got jane stamps /grovi plates from last year so ill make some cards up sell them and ill donate proceeds to you direct keep your chin up i know how your feelin i lost my mom to cancer love.kisses sue bryan

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