Phase 2…..

Phase 2…..

Happy Boxing Day!
Having eaten way way wayyyyy too much this Christmas weekend 
we went for a long walk through the Pantiles 
and up to the Rocks in Tunbridge Wells.
The sun was shining, there were lots of families out for a stroll;
it was lovely. 
Thought I’d carry on with my angel artwork – 
move on to the white work.
This bit take as long as it takes.
You really can’t rush it, can you. 
So I started with the biggest ball tool in my tool box
 – the No. 6 Pergamano ball tool.
See the really soft shading on the angels’ robes?
Not easy, because it’s quite a large area.
Have to go really gently. 
Took blimming ages!!
Then I decided to do their feet and their hair. 
Again, this is going to have to be done in 3 or 4 sittings.
Let the parchment rest in between.
Should have done the outline of those parts with the No. 2 tool, 
so that the line art isn’t so crisp.
It is much more difficult to blend the whitework fill and the lines art if you’ve used the No. 1 tool.
Shaded all the heads, hands and feet with the No. 4 tool 
from the Starter Kit.
Then went back over with the No. 3 tool.

Waited half an hour, then went over all the areas again 
with the No. 3 tool. Half an hour clearly not long enough.
I could feel the parchment getting ready to crack.

Got to leave it overnight and come back.
At this rate it will turn into a New Year’s card !!!
Ahah! What a good idea!!
Got to go.
Grace’s last evening. 
Headed back to the Big Apple tomorrow.
That came and went, didn’t it?
No time for sadness.
Just have to make the most of the time together.
Love & Hugs,

36 thoughts on “Phase 2…..

  1. It is coming on a treat Barbara. Ate too much here as well, back on my diet plan soon, as I've done a lot of hard work and would hate to undo it all.

    I pray for traveling mercies for Grace and her lovely young man xx

  2. It's looking really beautiful and the time is well spent, it does take a long time though 😊 I had the same experience today decided to make groovi thank you cards may make 1! and then resort to stamps this time. So glad you had a lovely time, I agree the time goes so fast, my three little grand children left today ……..but the cats are very happy to see them go and have the house back to themselves.
    So glad you had a good time with Grace and Mark, precious times.
    Look forward to seeing the finished card. X x x

  3. It ( the angel panel) is very lovely, and coming on beautifully. The cat picture is also very pretty!! Glad you have all had a good Christmas. You blink, and there it is gone for another year. All that rushing and worry…….! Now the calm, and back to business as usual. Ah, well. Nearly time to welcome in the new year. Xx

  4. The artwork is coming on beautifully Barbara but the patience needed for parchment is beyond me I think. Glad you had a lovely walk today and enjoy your last evening with Grace and hope she has a safe journey back to New York. I know only too well how difficult it is to see them leave, but as you say enjoy what time you have. x

  5. Hello Barb, now that would be a beautiful New Year's blessing card. At least although it was short, the time you spent with Grace was no doubt beautiful and special. Safe travels Grace and Nick. Bx

  6. That will lovely once it is done. That is the thing about parchment; you have to take your time and slow down! I love that you can't rush it and have to take your time and just chill out with what you are working with.
    Enjoy your time with Grace and Nick tonight. Cherish the moments!

  7. Have a lovely time this evening with Grace. Time really does fly when you are enjoying yourself!
    Today is my cook-in – got off lightly yesterday only having to make blinis: don't know why I don't make them more often. Sloe-gin baked ham resting; red cabbage and spuds in hot trolley and Delias amaretti torte awaiting the finale.
    Savour these times!!! ;~}

  8. Looking good! I got my number 6 out…did a bit and didn't think anything was happening! Need to be more patient and accept the process. Hoping my Groovi will improve in 2017 under your expert help and advice. Xx

    1. Evening dear blog friends put my petites hamper away today looking forward to when I use it just need lots of energy sending lots of caring hugs thinking of you all this Christmas xxx

  9. Evening bloggy friends, sitting here watching the Lego programme about the new London shop…I think a trip to London is needed! Hope everyone is enjoying their boxing day celebrations. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope you've had a good day. When I was clearing out my Mam's attic, I found my great big box of Lego(& my sister's). We used to love building towns and houses and spent hours upon hours playing. At Durham Cathedral there's a great big model of the Cathedral made from Lego bricks that people have bought – it's for the upkeep of the Cathedral. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I'm pleased that you managed to get out for a walk – you'd have taken off up here it's been that windy & cold. Your a Groovi piece is coming along nicely and you're right, it takes as long as it takes! Enjoy your night with Grace and Nick. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good Boxing Day. I've had a very , very lazy day today. Was going to go for a walk, but way too windy and cold! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  11. Hi Barbara, so sorry Grace is heading back already, guess Nick needs to see his family now. Hope you have managed to save your sadness for after they've gone, so your and Grace's last memories of each other are happy ones. And it won't be long until you speak to her again, and hopefully not too long until you see each other.

    Your New Year card is looking good. It's good to see it in smaller steps too. Thank you for doing it and blogging, especially today. We wouldn't have minded if you had wanted to have today off, to spend it all with Grace, and Mark.

    I once had an angel save me, very few people know the story, it still feels a bit freaky. Basically, if I hadn't listened to the voice/feeling in my head I would have been a gonner for sure. That was nearly 30 years ago. Don't know why I was spared, it's not like I'm a worthy member of the human race.

    Hope you've got something nice planned to do tomorrow after Grace goes. Guess you've still got Mark there, that should help. I'll be thinking about you. Love Brenda xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Sorry I haven't been commenting, internet connection has been very iffy with the high winds. It's calmer tonight so fingers crossed! The Angela are coming on a treat, looking forward to how they progress. Safe journey to Grace and Nick, that has gone quick but I'm sure you gave olans to meet up again soon.
    Love Diane xxx

    Hello lovely blog friends, who knows if this will post! Been thinking of you all, have been able to read but not comment so hope e erroneous is ok. Sending hugs xxx

  13. It's looking good Barbara. Think this my trouble with Groovi too impatient. The club size plates are great for me as just the right size I think I would get too impatient for an end result with the much larger plates. Safe journey to Grace and Nick x

  14. Card coming on well – I can't get into my little craft room at the mo – ran out of time to put things away properly so all the bits'n'bobs got stashed in there and it can wait until after New Year to be sorted now. Safe journey for Grace and Nick and wishing them a fabulous 2017 xxx

  15. Oh Barbara. – you just invoked a childhood memory! I went to the rocks as a child when visiting my cousins in t wells back in the 70's – I thought they were huge! Went past a few years ago and it shattered my illusions! X

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