Angels everywhere…..

Angels everywhere…..

Merry Christmas !
Thank you for popping in even on Christmas Day.
I hope you have a lovely day with friends and family,
and if you cannot do that, then please find some joy in your heart.
We had a wonderful evening and I shall tell you all about the singing later this week, when things are quieter and I haven’t got a turkey still sitting ice-cold in the garage!
I have taken myself off to my little artroom for an hour, 
to make a card for the Groovi Worldwide facebook friends.
But let’s be honest! 
How am I going to make a parchment card in an hour???
So I have decided to make a start.
That’s the way forward.
Start today, then do a little more tomorrow, 
and finish the artwork the day after.
Suddenly, the anxiety leaves me, the pressure subsides,
and I know I am among friends who understand. 
I thought I would spend the time alone up here, the quiet time, thinking about angels. Angels are everywhere.
I know so many.
They are here. They are in hospitals.
The world is full of wonderful angels.
They may hide their wings, but we know. 
So here’s what I have done, as a tribute to the angels 
here, there and everywhere…

I’ve turned the sound down so it’s a silent movie….

isn’t it lovely and quiet….

Right. That’s it. Part one.
The line art is in.
Tomorrow I shall start on the whitework and adorning the beautiful angel.
Our darling Melanie drew these fantastic Groovi Plate designs. 
She lost her Mum a couple of weeks ago.
We went to the funeral. 
So that particular angel – and she was one – has gone on ahead.
But there you go, you see – Mel is another one!!
Must go.
Dad wants to go for a walk xxxx
Love & Hugs,

65 thoughts on “Angels everywhere…..

  1. Merry Christmas Barbara, hope you have the perfect day with your family.
    Thank you so much for still blogging for us today
    Merry Christmas everyone here, hope you're all having a good day too
    Love Brenda xx

  2. Merry Christmas Barbara,
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends.
    To Melanie: I know how you feel I´m in the same situation. So next year can only get better for us. Be strong. My Christmas isn´t as bad as I thought it would be.
    A wonderful christmas time to everyone.
    Rolf xxx

    1. Rolf you are in my thoughts, I know how you feel. It happened to me over 30 years ago but is still a great sadness every Christmas. Thinking of you & Melanie & your angels who are now pulling crackers with my mum xxx

  3. Happy Christmas everyone . Thank you Barbara for your brilliant blogs everyday and your inspiration may you have a great new year ….Just having a quiet time myself before family arrives and mayhem begins 6 adults 2 children and 3dogs !!!!

  4. Merry Christmas Barbara and family!!

    I am alone with a friend but I am not lonely – I have had the best Christmas Eve ever ! (In Denmark) and I am enjoy myself slowly going on this time. Looking at your work…… WOW.. Love it … Wish you great time and warm hugs from Copenhagen.


  5. Merry Christmas Barbara, Rick and I went out for a nice long walk after we opened our presents. I was spoilt as always. I hope you got some lovely presents too. Enjoy your family time and looking forward to seeing part 2 of your angel parchments project.
    Much Love and Hugs
    Linda xxx

  6. I hope you and the family had a lovely time last evening Barbara and that the rest of the day will be filled with good things to remember in times to come. I love the artwork you have started and look forward to part 2. Hope you had a nice walk with your Dad. x

  7. So glad you had a lovely evening I'm just taking five before the hoards arrive……turkey in, veg done. I hope everyone has a good day even if things are maybe different this year. Take care one and all xxxxx

  8. Thank you for coming to visit us all today. My Christmas is very much in and out. Just got back from a lovely lunch with my daughter and her family, and spending a little time with my dogs before going out to visit friends this afternoon. Tomorrow the whole family gets together to enjoy each others' company. I have just watched The Queen and what she had to say is so true. The problems of our world are too much for us mere mortals to solve but the many small random good things we can do will do more good than we know. Just what you have been saying for so long. Hope the rest of your holiday is wonderful time spent with your lovely family. I wish everyone a good day, no matter how you choose or have to spend it. This Clarity family is special and always there for every one of us. xxx Maggie

  9. Merry Christmas everyone we are between starter and main cause spreading it out this year dinner will be soon got me clarity colouring book so looking forward to doing some colouring and the picture frame stamp enjoy rest of your day everyone looking forward to Christmas dinner smell lovely xx

  10. Thank you Barbara for your blog today Christmas hugs i got a petites clarity hamper looking forward to crafting with it . Enjoy your walk with your dad xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Happy Christmas to you and yours. Hope you've had a good day and enjoyed last night too. Thank you for taking time out to come and talk to us today. I'm looking forward to seeing your Groovi work when it's completed. Hope you enjoyed your walk, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Happy Christmas everyone hope you've all had / having a good day. We've just got back from a lovely day with my sister and my brother in law. Feeling very full at the moment but very content too. Very windy here at the moment, hope it dies down by the time I go to bed! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  12. happy Christmas Barbara and the family and all the bloggers. having a funny old day here. Some happy here, some down right miserable but hey ho – got my crafting and lovely blogs. 2017 will have lots of good things, I feel sure for everyone.
    Lots of love and thank you for all your lovely comments bloggers. Good to have virtual friends.
    Anne (Reading)x

  13. Thanks for being there every day. Love and best wishes to everyone who visits here.
    Everyone joined in today helping with lunch, and clearing up when I just had to have a nap this afternoon. My sticks are being used as crutches by 6 year old grandson at this very moment!

    1. Merry Christmas Chris! Good to hear that you are having a good time – very wise of you to go for a little nap this afternoon – it will have done you the power of good! Love and hugs, Gilly xx

  14. Merry Christmas Barbara, to you and yours! Thanks for doing your blog today – it sure is easier and less pressure to do things in bite sized chunks! It has to be the perfect plan if it takes away all of stress! Looking forward to seeing the next instalment tomorrow – I hope that everything wen well for you all today! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Merry Christmas to all of you in Clarity Blogland! I hope that today has been really good for each of you, and that you have been able to spend it with family and/or friends! We went out for Christmas lunch to our favourite bar/restaurant with some friends and our weather was beautiful too! We had a sea view, attentive and lovely hosts, great company and fantastic food, at a great price too. I never thought that we would have been doing this here today – we have been truly blessed and are very grateful. Love and Christmas hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Merry Christmas. Sounds like you've both had a fantastic day in the sunshine, ( instead of high winds!). Christmas love and hugs for you and Neill ,Alison xxx

  15. Merry Christmas one and all – first visit for a few days things been pretty hectic one way and another! Anyhow mayhem over and siting down for the first time today with a nice cup of tea! Santa's been very good to us all, but will probably gain a couple of stones in weight if the chocolate mountain is anything to go by – lol! Ah well the grandchildren are decending tomorrow so will have some help in n demolishing it. Took my mam home about half an hour ago, very tired but happy, so that's all that matters xxx

  16. Better late than never, do hope you have all had a lovely Christmas day. Spent our day with our Son his wife and our two grandchildren and tomorrow will be spent with our Daughter her Husband and our other two grandchildren, we are truly blessed. xxx

  17. Do feel for you Rolf and Melanie as I lost my Dad on the 23rd Dec many years ago now. It's very hard but does get easier as time goes on, although you won't think so just now. Your lovely happy memories of them will help to ease the pain in the future. Xx

  18. Just a quick visit, but I am glad I did Your work in progress looks amazing and I will be following tomorrow to see it's progression.
    I wish you and everyone at Clarity Towers a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year
    And I am looking forward to Your announcement whatever it is In the new year T xx

  19. Hello Barbara, loving your line art. Looking forward to seeing the white work but please don't put yourself under pressure to finish it when you could be spending precious time with your family. Hope the weather stayed fine for your walk with your dad.xx

  20. I went to my craft room, turned on Classic FM and played with Groovi plates and parchment on my Christmas afternoon and even though I had quite a bit of pain at the time, my mind was off it and all was well with the world. I think the pain clinics should put Groovi on prescription!

  21. Your expressed thoughts about angels amongst us is just what I needed . I believe because I have seen and experienced . All you need is a little bit of quiet time in this hustle and bustle . A time to reflect on what is really important. I haven't had time to sit down amongst the potential of possible cards but maybe I could start .
    Today is Monday now and I'm sitting listening to pure silence . Have a great day to all of you so far away in blogland . Joy now Janice

  22. Hello Barb, we all have Angels watching over us, and it was a moment of reflection to remember past Christmas meals with them. I hope everyone shared some special time with loved ones. Love the start of your Groovi tribute, looking forward to the finished article. May you all be blessed. Bx

  23. Merry Christmas, had a lovely morning visiting the in laws then back to my mum and dad's for lunch and what a lovely job my mum did then it was chill time back at home with the dogs on the sofa.
    Please pass on my Sincerest condolences to Mel xx

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