Phase 3 Whiter than white!

Phase 3 Whiter than white!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Funny old day today.
One minute the house is full of folks, 
it’s hot in the kitchen
and you savour every minute;
the next, Mum and Dad have gone home,
and you are dropping Grace and Nick off at the airport.
But hang on! There’s another visitor flying in from San Francisco!
Mark’s lovely girlfriend Alex arrived at just about the same time the other two headed back to the Big Apple.
Before I go and spend some time with these two,
let’s just take a little look at the angels I have been working on….
I really taught myself a huge lesson today.
Remember where we got to?
I had been doing the white work and had decided to leave it overnight, because I could feel the parchment was just about to crack.

This was what the white work looked like before I left it overnight:

This morning, I came up here while the others were still sleeping, 
and started on the white work again.
I used the No. 4, 3 and 2 from the Starter Kit, and the 2.5 Pergamano tool.

I could not believe how much better the white work worked!

When I listened to the traditional parchers saying gently gently, leave the parchment to rest overnight, I never said anything, because after all, they are the experts!
But to be honest I used to think it was a bit extreme.
Now I’m no expert, but I can tell you this:
leaving your white work to rest overnight 
before going back over it again is tranformational. 
Just look at the before and after above if you don’t believe me!
I also worked out that the best way to blend the crisp line art into the white work is to apply gentle pressure with the No. 2 or 3 ball tool to the outside edge of the shape. Literally go back over the line art with a larger ball tool. Back and forth very slowly, applying gentle pressure to the outside edge. 
This is my goal next year. To learn these skills and take my parchment art to the next level.
I don’t need to be an expert – there are plenty of them!
I just want to get it right and do it right. 
You with me?
So tomorrow is the final stage.
Colour and assembly.
It’s no good. I can’t keep it secret any longer…
I’ll have to show you what we have come up with tomorrow.
Love & hugs.

36 thoughts on “Phase 3 Whiter than white!

  1. Gawd Barbara I can't sleep at the best of times lol, please let it be that you are gonna do some workshops down the North kent area, or opening a lovely shop down here. I have learned to leave my white work over night, and my hod it really does make a difference. Gonna go on Clarity web site and order some pergo tools me thinks Hugs Ali xxxx

  2. Oh Barbara it's all go in your world! Mine too …..Amy was here for Christmas day…..with her bf for boxing day and now she's back….I can't keep up! So I'm not going to try!
    Your card is progressing nicely and it'll be lovely to see it finished.
    Mmmm I wonder what you're teasing us with now!
    Til tomorrow love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. Oh Barbara it's all go in your world! Mine too …..Amy was here for Christmas day…..with her bf for boxing day and now she's back….I can't keep up! So I'm not going to try!
    Your card is progressing nicely and it'll be lovely to see it finished.
    Mmmm I wonder what you're teasing us with now!
    Til tomorrow love and hugs! Xxxx

  4. hello from Germany. hope you had a very merry Christmas with the almost complete Family. I just read you got more Company today with your son and girlfriend. Thats wonderful to have them at home for a few more days.
    Your Card is looking fanastic so far and I love to see it when its finished .
    We all are extremly excited about the secret you gonna lift tomorrow………
    So have fun with your Kids and have a lovely start into 2017 Gisela

  5. Is it something to help us put our work together ?! Can't think what/how though but I remember you saying you were 'on it' ! When we said it took longer to decide how to mount it etc. Anyway, this is coming on lovely. I tend to be a bit impatient with the white work. Note to self start composing more, leaving for a day or two and going back to it. Can't wait to get going again ! Your family pic looked lovely, I didn't know you had a parrot?! Glad you still have a little company to give you a boost. Enjoy x x

  6. Lovely photo of you all together. Your card is coming on beautifully, looking forward to seeing the finished result. I also want to learn more skills on the parchment train, so I'm in. Still can't imagine what your secret is. Have to have patience until tomorrow. Enjoy some quality with your son and his girlfriend now. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  7. Lovely to see Mark with his girlfriend and you have him with you a little longer after having to say goodbye to Grace and Nick. With everyone seated at your dining table your room looks so warm and inviting. I will now listen to you about the white work because I wasn't convinced leaving it overnight could make so much difference. I look forward to tomorrow and seeing the next stage.xx

  8. Wow, its so much whiter! I hope your new idea is a way to stick parchment without the glue showing…or new beautiful backgrounds to go behind the groovi work. Either would be very useful and save tons of time! Xx

  9. Hi to all my blog friends, sorry not had time to comment very much, bit difficult when you're in company. Also not felt too well, alongside my back problem. Have to wait at least 3 months to see a Spinal Surgeon. Hope you have all enjoyed Christmas and that you are all ok. Love and hugs to you all, Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam,
      So sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling too well. I know 3 months seems like an awfully long time but it will come around very quickly. Try to stay positive my friend. Sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. I left my 'parchy' under a book overnight, but it didn't look anywhere, by a long way, as good as your work the next day. Will have to try very much harder and learn to have more much more patience and leave the work to rest quietly.

  11. Hi Barb,
    Lovely photos, Mark looks very happy with his young lady. Your parchment is coming along beautifully. I never really believed that leaving it overnight would work, but I did try it and Wow! It certainly does! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Much better day up here today thank goodness. Been out looking at new kitchens and getting nowhere fast! Too many to choose from! Sitting here quite melancholic at the moment watching George Michael in concert. Can't believe he's gone from us at such an early age. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barbara, glad you've got a good distraction to help ease the feelings of Grace off back to New York. Your family Christmas looked lovely. Have you got a cockatiel?

    I'm with you re following you on your Groovi journey next year. Going to try build on my toe in the water arty stuff and my other crafts too this coming year. I'm already a step ahead in leaving whitework overnight, finally found a positive in having CFS!!! Looking forward to seeing your finished piece tomorrow.

    Love Brenda xx

  13. Nooo you gone make use wait till tomorrow I surpose something to look forward to after eye clinic post op check. So sadness Hun seeing Hrace go back but another young lady to get to know all four look. Very happy wonder if you will have wedding bells this year them or you and Dave know I wonder !!!!! Guess will have to wait and watch lots love xxx

  14. I am so curious now. How lovely vthat Mark's girlfriend has arrived. Shame they have to go home but I am sure you have had a wonderful Christmas with them all. I am with you on the parching journey. Determined to perfect it. X x

  15. I love the way the white work looks now Barbara. Patience is obviously the way to go. It's sad for you that Grace and her boyfriend have gone but lovely to have Mark's girlfriend now arrive to spend time. x

  16. Was in bed asleep when you blogged awake now with a cuppa so a catch up on the blog beautiful white work amazing difference.hope grace and boyfriend had a safe journey home and marks girlfriend arrives safe too to make your Christmas last longer thank you for taking time out to blog hugs xxx

    1. Hello my dear blog friends not be able to craft yesterday just a bit of supervising tom to send some bits for charity shop that I cannot use now and tip for things that are no good no more (do you think they will take me 🙃 )sending hugs to you all xxx

  17. I usually have several parchment pieces on the go at any one time, which gives me the opportunity to do lots of embossing, but still leave each piece overnight to rest. It makes such a difference. Everything needs to be softly softly, just stroking the parchment each time. Now I wonder if I can get some sleep before we hear your exciting news…….. Night night, folks. xxx Maggie

  18. Angels are coming along very nicely…it definitely does make a difference leaving the parchment to rest so, like Maggie, I tend to have a few pieces on the go at the same time…can't wait to get back into my little room once the holidays are over but have been knitting to keep my fingers occupied meantime. Very curious as to the big news tomorrow! Enjoy time with Mark and Alex xxx

  19. Hi Barb, what a lovely family scene, always a precious memory, spending time with those we love. Glad you have another visitor too. I love the artwork, as you say it takes patience, but the result is breath taking. Looking forward to what you have to share with us. Take care all, it is a bit frosty out there. Bx

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