Maya the Lab.

Maya the Lab.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Rounded up both kids at Gatwick.
Fog caused some delays, but it was fine.
Took a photo of the parking bay where I’d left the car, 
but still managed to confuse blue car park with red car park.
Along with a whole herd of others, I might add!
Lots of laughter in and out of the lifts.
Now there’s a leg of lamb roasting nicely,
Grace and her lovely lad Nick are napping in front of a log fire,
and Dave is chuckling away to himself, watching Micky Flannigan.
Mark popped up the rugby club to see his mates earlier, because it just happened to be the Christmas cheese and carols event of the year today. In fact, he just came back, and popped up to my room here. He was so psyched! He said all his mates were there, and were really chuffed to see him stroll in. He really was soooo happy!
It’s been a whole year since he was last home.
I remember when I lived in Germany in my 20’s.
Whenever I came home, I would be itching to get down the pub 
to see my friends, and see if they still remembered me. 
So I totally get it. 
Today I picked a beautiful little card which was sitting 
on the ledge in the kitchen…

This is a Lynne Hammond piece of artwork,
I knew it was Lynne’s work as soon as I opened the envelope.
Firstly because her artwork is always so crisp and neat.
Always superb composition.
She is a key member of our design team 
and we are so lucky to have her.
And also, there was her little signature:
the labrador, Maya. 

Years ago, her lovely husband Jason drew a melted snowman 
on one of her pieces, and as soon as I saw Jayne’s design,
I thought of him!
(I will find a card using the melted snowman tomorrow…)

But there we  are.
Many thanks dear Lynne, for your beautiful card,
which has pride of place in the kitchen,
right where our dogs always slept.

Must dash.
I think I can smell the lamb from here !!!
Love & Hugs,

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  1. You are making me hungry by describing the smell of your dinner. Enjoy your first do her this season with the kids. It will be lovely for you to spend time with them. I have Heather home from Edinburgh just now for four weeks and we have spent many an early hour of the morning when I should be in bed just chatting. I really treasure these times.

  2. You are making me hungry by describing the smell of your dinner. Enjoy your first do her this season with the kids. It will be lovely for you to spend time with them. I have Heather home from Edinburgh just now for four weeks and we have spent many an early hour of the morning when I should be in bed just chatting. I really treasure these times.

  3. Lovely artwork indeed from Lyn. Very pleased your children are home safe and sound, now your Christmas can really begin xx p's. I'd love a Greyhound silhouette or a Groovi plate himy hint; -)

  4. Beautiful card, so happy your children are home for Christmas. I'm lucky mine live fairly close by so I get to see them plus grandchildren a lot. Enjoy. X

  5. I've come down to Kent for a 2 day Christmas visit and have loved every minute of my time with my lovely Granddaughter whom I've not seen since July. We've been dancing and playing; such special memories being made. I wish you and your family a wonderful time over this festive season. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  6. OK, I am on my way. The thought of that lamb sizzling away is making me drool (not a pretty sight). Glad everyone is back safe and sound and enjoying Bing together. That is what makes Christmas so special, the people we love and th time to enjoy their company.
    What a lovely card from the very talented Lynne. Thank you for sharing your cards with us. xxx Maggie

  7. Your home sounds like Christmas has truly arrived Barb. Surrounded by all those your love so dearly. I love lamb – any space at that table, I will make the mint sauce if you want. Much love Jayne

  8. Sounds a real homely atmosphere, contentment. My youngest son just popped in which was lovely. Beautiful card from Lynne, my One day special order is on it's way and I am looking forward to trying out those stamps, have to admit to ordering the Groovi as well. I could not choose between them. Enjoy your roast lamb . xx

  9. Hi Barbara, sounds like you're happy and contented now, goes without saying, soak it all up pay attention to every wee detail so you can have many special memories to cherish forever. Must be special, magical, Christmasses like that.

    Beautiful card Lynne. I just knew it must be from someone on your Design Team.

    Have a lovely evening Barbara, Dave, Grace, Mark and Nick
    Love Brenda xx

  10. Have a fantastic family time Barb, I know how much you miss your darling kids. It must be wonderful to have them under your roof for Christmas. The card today is so festive. Hugs xxx

  11. So glad that they arrived safely. I know that you will make the most of your time together. A lovely card yesterday and also today what a good idea to take the blog load off your shoulders.
    Our dear friends stayed with us last night. She cooked all meals and he went for a nice walk with Brian. I managed to finish the groovi bookmark I had started for her which was a relief. I had a good snooze this afternoon as not only am I back at hospital for x-ray and staple removal tomorrow but it's my birthday too!
    Have a lovely evening xx

  12. Hi Barbara, Your Family is now complete, and you're a happy Mummy, enjoy spending time together !!
    Lynne's card is beautiful, and the footprints in the snow are so effective.
    I hope you enjoyed your lamb dinner.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. So pleased you managed to round up Grace and Mark ok. Now your Christmas can begin. I hope you don't have to go into work to much next week and can spend quality time with them. Thank you for sharing the cards with us. This one of Lynne's is beautiful. xxxx

  14. Drool, drool. That's one for the lamb and one for the card. Beautiful. Enjoy everything! I'm celebrating finally fnishing and posting cards today with an evening of feet up, snooker and the apprentice final. Lots of love xx

  15. I love this beautiful card from Lynne and am so happy for you to have your family under one roof for a bit. Hope you enjoyed your lamb, there is nothing nicer than a lovely piece of roast lamb. x

  16. Good that Grace and Mark have arrived safe and sound, your car park 'mishap' reminds me of when I visit the MetroCentre this time of year love watching the bemused faces wandering the rows of cars looking for their pride and joy… only to find its about five rows from where they thought it was – lol! Love today's card and also your lovely 'Merry Christmas' video/You Tube. Xxx

  17. Thank you for your kind words Barbara. I feel very lucky to be part of your team. I also have very fond memories of my early twenties in Germany, especially at this time of year. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas together. Prost! x

  18. Glad your family are home safely. Remember loosing my car once at our local Mall, wasn't registering where I had parked as my daughter phoned as I was getting out the car, adding to that I wasn't in the usual car park. Felt a right idiot when I couldn't find it. I eventually did of course. A beautiful card from Lynne. Enjoy your family

  19. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you are all well and have had an enjoyable day. I seem to have come down with a dreadful cold, hope it goes quickly, don't want to pass it on to anyone at Christmas. Have hospital visit on Tuesday hoping for results of my scan. Went on a fools errand last Tuesday as they cancelled my appointment and didn't tell me. Xxx

  20. Hi Barb,
    I'm glad that your family is now complete again and nice that Nick has come over with Grace. Hope the lamb went down well . my mouth was watering when I read about it! Beautiful card by Lynne using Jayne's lovely stamps. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  21. So pleased they all arrived safely grace nick and mark have a wonderful build up to Christmas.
    Beautiful card the set in stamp and groovi are amazing to work with thank you Jayne for the stunning designs xxx

  22. Hi Barb, so pleased that the youngsters arrived safely, good idea to take a photo of where you parked, as long as it works :-)Hope you all enjoyed the roast lamb. Love Lynne's artwork, so classy. Take care all. Bx

  23. Hi Barbara
    I'm pleased to hear the children are home at last, I can quite understand your car par dialemma too but taking the photo was a good start!. Hope you enjoyed your roast lamb, now that's a welcome home. Beautiful card today fro Lynne, you are a very talented lady.
    Love Diane xxx

  24. Hi Barb

    It's so lovely to have all the family together, especially this time of year

    The stamps and card are stunning, very talented ladies to say the least!

    Hope you all enjoyed the lamb 🙂

    June x

  25. Lovely to see all the cards. Just getting back into it now our kittens are 7 months old they are a bit more amenable to me crafting and contentish! To watch. I ve missed it.
    Have a fab time with your family and some well deserved time out. My 10 arrive on. Thursday and Friday 😊 Very excited x x x

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