Groovi Snowflakes and Naked Trees…

Groovi Snowflakes and Naked Trees…

Hi there!
19th December already and it’s all go here!
SO much to do and so many boxes still to tick.
Monday’s blog is Flowers and trees, right?
Here’s the perfect answer…
A fabulous piece of artwork sent to us by our much loved 
and very talented Design Team buddy, Linda Spencer.
Here she has used the winter stylee trees from 
the Groovi Starter Kit on black parchment. 
She has taken a few snowflakes from one of the other plates,
and planted the trees along a banner from one of the other plates!
I would say she had to have used the Lightwave panel, to be able to see through the black parchment. 
How vague is that ?? If you know which plates all the other elements come from, pray do tell!
Hahahaha! Can you tell I’ve got jacket potatoes in the oven,
steaks to grill and a Caesar salad to make???

Anyway, I think it’s a beautiful Christmas card.
Very classy. 
We were just in Royal Tunbridge Wells at the ice-skating rink in Calverley Gardens, and the trees were beautifully illuminated there too. Twinkling in the nightsky.
Mind you, to be honest, Grace and I were far too distracted by one young chap on the ice who had clearly never ventured out on ice wearing skates before. I know you shouldn’t laugh, but it was hilarious. He just clung onto to the side, then whenever he let go, started humping the air, then either clambered back to the side of the rink, face-planted or went down on his botty. Quite reminiscent of the first (and last) time Dave ever went out on the ice, on one of our Company outings to the rink outside the Natural History Museum in London. 
The kids want to go there with us Boxing Day.
If we can get Dave on the ice again, all I can tell you is,
drop what you’re doing, get on a train, get on a plane,
do whatever it takes to get to Calverley Gardens.
you will witness something unbelievable.

Love & hugs,

49 thoughts on “Groovi Snowflakes and Naked Trees…

  1. What a pretty design and so simple – well, not simple but you know what I mean ! There are so many I want to copy for next Christmas ! Enjoy your supper it sound lovely ! As for ice skating you'll never get me doing that. We went years ago on a coach trip to Birmingham Ice Rink I think it was then, the ice was so wet we decided it wasn't worth having a go to slip up, get wet bums and have to sit on the coach back to Oxford. It was a freezing foggy night too ! I'm off to London on Weds but not for skating – tickets to see Loose Women and a whizz round on the London Eye, my niece is treating me and her Mum for Christmas ! Xxx

  2. Beautiful groovi work. Feeling half human again after getting the flu! Just don't make me sneeze as the pain is unbelievable! Trying desperately to summon the energy to do my calendar challenge! Oh and be jolly by Sunday… Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Sorry you feel so rough. It's always the same when you break up believe me! I really hope that you feel better soon though. Make sure you drink lots and keep warm. Sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. Hi Barbara
    I sympathise with poor Dave, volunteer to look after the coats and bagsDave, that's what I do! I don't do slippy ice! What a beautiful card, the black parchment is very sophisticated, I'm going to play with mine in the new year when everything has calmed down. Enjoy your evening with the family.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. Oh today's blog did make me giggle! I have an image of poor Dave terrified on ice!! And who can blame him… I've only ventured onto the ice once in my life and I was a student on rag week then!!!
    Lovely card from Linda! Nice to see she's had the glitter out! Fabulous on the black parchment!
    Love and hugs xxx

  5. Poor Dave. I used to love ice skating but not possible any more. We have a small rink in Tamworth and grandkids go quite often. The card is very special, I like the effect of black parchment but like you say need to use the lightwave. xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Oh poor Dave! I know exactly how he must have felt! I never mastered ice skating although I could roller skate. I just used to come home with bruises on my bum!!! Absolutely beautiful card from Linda. I love the black parchment (& the silver) – I did all my special family cards with it this year and used metallic pens. Everyone has been impressed! Enjoy your evening. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. I've ice skated once when I was 17. I'd met a boy from St Albans and tried to impress him – big mistake ha ha. My pale blue shiny trousers were dark blue and soaking by the time we finished!!!
    Have a lovely time with the family.
    Maureen xx

  8. I wish….!! I leave it up to you for the vivid description, that is if he feels like humiliating himself again. Bless. I wouldn't blame him if he kept his feet on terra firma to save his blushes, not to mention the bruising. However, if he does venture on the ice one more time, arnica gel is excellent for soothing bruises. Xx

  9. Stunning card, pure and simple! Happy memories of ice skating when I was young nowhere near being a Jayne Torvill but had lots of fun! I'd have been giggling along with you and Grace as I really think it's one of the funniest things and lets face it the majority of us begin in the same way. Finally got the tree up and decorated today so as the song goes…"it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" xxx

  10. Absolutely stunning art work.
    You have made me smile imagining the antics on the ice! I am thankful that I mastered ice skating as a teenager so I don't embarrass myself when I go with my scouts!

  11. Absolutely stunning art work.
    You have made me smile imagining the antics on the ice! I am thankful that I mastered ice skating as a teenager so I don't embarrass myself when I go with my scouts!

  12. Remember going roller skating ring in st neots. Loved going also remember Turing around at top of a hill and ending up on my bottom skidding down the hill grabbing a lamp post must have looked funny looking on . Xxx

  13. Oh Barbara, cheered me up no end, at Dave's expense, poor guy. Please, please, please video Dave on ice if you do go… Glad you're fitting in quality time and special memory making in-between your to do list. Thank you for blogging.

    Lovely card Linda

    Love Brenda xx

  14. Very inspirational card just beautiful
    Your visit sounds wonderful I wonder if I could ice skate with a plaster cast on my leg Lol
    Would be good if I could as I could not do it with two good legs.
    Have a wonderful Christmas xxx

  15. Sounds like you have had a good day and photos of Dave on ice will be obigatory should be take the plunge…not sure that's the right expression, but, I don't know, perhaps it I love this card from Linda Spencer and very classy colours too. Hope you all enjoyed your steaks. x

  16. Stunning card and I am glad you had such a lovely day! I would be the same as Dave if I ventured near the ice! Tried once in London years ago, never again! I am happy to watch! It's safer for everyone too! xxx

  17. Hi Barb, sounds like you had a really fun day. I sympathise with Dave, because that is what I am like on ice. Love the card from Linda, really beautiful and very striking done on the black. Take care all. Bx

  18. ' I don't believe it !' he said … Just to be clear, I am not going on any Ice Rinks ! There is more chance of me shaking hands with Donald Trump, than me trying to get about on two very narrow bits of polished steel, strapped to my feet, on a sheet of Ice ! Who thought that one up ? Stay safe….x

  19. I echo your comments Dave,but then I can't keep upright on slightly slippy paths in boots either! Beautiful card Linda,I love the simple but very effective design xx Love your descriptive narrative of the ice rink, I can just picture it

  20. Lol really funny poor Dave, I sympathise only time I went on ice I resembled a baby Giraffe trying to stand for the first time…….ouch!!
    Beautiful card loving the work on black parchment…..looks like I "need" the light box and coloured parchment for 2017 Groovy journey.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New Year to all🎄

    1. Amazing card today, looks so Christmassy too. Yes I can imagine how funny that chap looked on ice, I have only been ice skating once in my life, took the children when they were 12 and 9 with theur friends and spent most of the time on my backside, if not clinging to the sides. Do have fun if you go. Hugs, Pam xx

    2. Hi all you bloggy friends, hope you're all fit and well, I've had an awful cold, slowed me down but its not stopped me crafting, takes your mind off of how you feel, still lots of things to catch up with. Love and hugs to you all.xx

  21. Stunning card by Linda! I am a bit like Dave on the ice too! The last time I went on the ice I nearly broke my wrist so wont do it again, I was black and blue for weeks. Have a wonderful time, I so envy those that can ice skate as I think it is so beautiful to watch.
    Linda xxxx

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