Pat rescued me!

Pat rescued me!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Well, I have blitzed the house from top to bottom
in anticipation of the kids’ arrival tomorrow.
It always gets worse
before it gets better though, eh!
The tree is a real beaut – 

especially now it is lit and dressed.

I did have to go and buy SOFT WHITE LIGHTS though.
Last year, Dave got some which you would be more likely to see around a pothole in the road than on a Christmas tree.
You know the sort – really bright and flashing, to stop you falling in. Nightmare for anybody prone to epilepsy.
But I didn’t like to say anything, because he had literally gone out in the 11th hour and ended up with the last turkeys in the shop!
So all through Christmas it was like sitting next to a flashing roadworks. We would have looked daft with sunshades on, 
but the thought did cross my mind. 
Yes, so this year, nice and SOFT.
Anyway, enough levitree….
I have to go to all night Tescos up the road and get some food in.
The fridge is just full of iffy cheese and suspicious looking ham.
So I shall have to have a BEST BY – USE BY check, eject the dangerously out of date stuff and pick the labels off where I can before Mark gets in there.
He always was a pain as a kid. 
As soon as he learned to read. 
“Mum, do you know that these sausages should have been eaten a week ago?”
“Mum, the date on this tin is from June.”
“It’s only July now Mark”
“June last year.”
Smart arse.
So yeah. Best doctor the fridge before he lands !!
I had a coffee and took time out to enjoy all the beautiful handmade cards which are landing daily, before I put them all out on display throughout the house. 
We are so lucky. Each and every one a little masterpiece. 
So I thought, if it’s ok with you, during the next week or so,
I would showcase art from you.
I’ll be honest – I don’t really want to do artwork when my kids are home. I wouldn’t miss the blog for the world, but I would like to lean on you guys a bit for the artwork, if that’s ok.
This fabulous card was made by Pat Al Yousef.
Isn’t it beautiful?

The background is done with paint and a Gel Press Plate .
See? Very clever work.

The Santa Christmas Stampset was illustrated by our mel.
Really fab too. Very quirky and uplifting.
I love how Pat has used the handmade mulberry paper as a frame. 

Yes. Thank you Pat.
You have not only given me a lovely keeper card, 
one which will go in my special box after Christmas,
but you have also given me time. 
Time at your end in the making,
time at this end, in helping me blog. 
Hope it’s ok with you guys if I use the blog to showcase your work over Christmas? If it’s a problem, please private message me and let me know.
Right. Tescos.
E X C I T E D !!!!!
Love & hugs,
I mean Barb 

69 thoughts on “Pat rescued me!

  1. Hi Barbara, looks like you got there in the end with your to do list. Perfect christmassy welcoming home for Grace and Mark to return to. And aye, I know that getting worse before it gets better situation, I had it for a few weeks as I could only do a tiny bit of my house blitz a day!!! But it's at the looking better stage now, only a couple more bits to reorganise.

    I laughed at your out of date food, I was like Mark, but eventually learned, so not quite so bad now, mind you me being me, with Asperger's I mostly remember what's old and use it up in time, and my OCD checking stuff reminds me of anything I've forgotten!!! Mental health problems are hard, but they do have their uses too, got to find the positive in everything eh!!!

    Lovely card Pat.

    Good luck in Tesco's, hope everyone is out christmas partying so you get the shop to yourself! And hope tomorrow is the most perfect day for you and your family, and every subsequent day that Grace and Mark are home too. Special memories making mission methinks/hope. Me, I'm in present making mode, the way I've been going recently everyone will be waiting until January, so time to put a huge effort in! Love Brenda xx

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Sitting here laughing at myself. Been wondering why you were telling us in the middle of your lights story that Dave got the last turkeys. Daft brain interpreting literally again!!! Penny just dropped, it's the other meaning of turkey, ah it all makes sense now…

  2. Beautiful card, tree looks great! Hopefully get our tree up tomorrow! Only one more sleep to your best bit of Christmas…Grace and Mark home for the hollydays -pardon the pun but I just couldn't resist! Have fun and look foward to seeing the lovely cards you've recieved xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    The tree looks beautiful and the room really cosy. Hope you survive Tesco! Don't blame you for not wanting to give up your precious time with Grace and Mark to do artwork for us. Pat's work is gorgeous – love this stamp set so much. Well done Pat. Got to get back to Strictly final now. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  4. Hi Barbara, Your tree looks gorgeous, and Pat's card is gorgeous !! I hope your trip to Tesco was fruitful, and now you can look forward to your babies coming home tomorrow. I had to chuckle when I read about Mark and his fastidiousness with the BB dates etc. haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. The card of Pat's is beautiful. I, for one, am definitely glad you are going to show us everyones artwork whilst Grace and Mark are home. I would feel so guilty if you were taking time out from them to blog for us. Family time is precious and they are not home often. Also it is a wonderful opportunity to see what clever people there are out there and and admire their work. Your house looks so cosy and welcoming. Have a lovely day tomorrow.xx

  6. Hello Mam, I mean Barb!!!
    Ooh one more sleep for you then your little (little?) darlings will be here. Mr K is like that with use by dates so I have to play underhand tricks now and again. Earlier this year I just finished using the nutmegs which were my mother's. She died in 1980!!!
    You are all set by now, tree up, lights bought and the food in apart from last minute bits and pieces, that reminds me I must get a loaf of bread to go stale for the stuffing. No good making bread crumbs with fresh bread.
    Maureen xx

  7. Lol I do love your funny stories Barbara. Your house looks divine – all warm and cosy. Just the sort of house I would love to live in. Brilliant card by Pat too – stunning. Xx

  8. Oh I'm excited for you Barbara! I know how much your family means to you and how much you miss having Grace and Mark at home so just enjoy having them around you!
    I too will be lucky enough to have Amy home for Christmas and a little while after until she can move onto her new house! All very exciting that she's stepping onto the property ladder!!!
    Beautiful card from Pat… Thank you for sharing it!
    Love and hugs and hope your excitement allows you to sleep tonight! Xxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Our house looks like the first picture at the moment ( well it looks worse!). Friends coming tomorrow so house blitz will take place and decorations will go up ready for dinner in the evening. Well that's the plan! We've got to wait until Wednesday to see Emma. Safe journey to the airports tomorrow and rake the tissues with you for the inevitable tears! Pat your artwork is beautiful, ehat a star. Have fun at Tesco.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. What a wonderful card from Pat. Definitely a keeper. Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family and re-charge your batteries. I love looking at the fabulous designs other people make, so I'm looking forward to what you have to show us. Merry Christmas. Helen xx

  11. Blimey, what a surprise. I didn't expect to see my card on here! That's made my day! So glad you like it Barbara. It was totally my pleasure to make it for you. The tree looks wonderful and I hope you had a successful shopping trip to Tescos. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and Merry Christmas to you all!

  12. Hi barb, pat,s card is really lovely. I so wanted to do a card for you and the clarity team but I've been otherwise engaged as my mum died yesterday. She had a good innings as she was was a 104.5 years old. So I will take this opportunity to wish You Dave and all the clarity team a very merry Christmas, i am sure you will all make the most of it and I will look forward to getting going again in the new year

    1. Sorry to hear about your Mum Velda. What a good age, doesn't make it any easier though and happening at this time of year. I lost my Dad on 23 Dec long time ago now. My thoughts are with you. Hugs xx

    2. Thank you Pam, I lost my brother-in-law on 22nd Dec 4years ago and my best friend on 6th Jan 4 years ago,The year before that I nearly lost my great nephew to melengitis but thankfully he survived. I wish you a very merry Christmas . Xx

  13. Ooh enjoy your family time! I am looking forward to seeing some of the lovely cards you have received, today's is gorgeous! I have received my gift token and gorgeous card for my limerick win, thank you so very much! xxxxxxx

  14. It will be lovely to see the cards you've received, we wouldn't expect you to do artwork while you have Grace and Mark at home. Just have a wonderful time with your family. Don't know what's wrong with me this year, thought I was ahead but now it seems I'm all behind. At least most of the presents are wrapped now. Still got our 4 grandchildren's cards to make, but I have got that lovely stamp set unused so will use it for one of them, if I'm stuck for time I can do one between two. Lovely card by Pat. Hope you managed to get everything you wanted at Tesco, we did ours earlier. Another job off the list. xxx

  15. Lovely inspiration from Pat. Spending time with your family is way more important and it's your blog so happy for you to do what you have time to do , Merry Christmas 🎄 xx

  16. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day and aren't getting in a tiz like I seem to be. Hopefully the weekend will help me catch up. Have a fun weekend to you all. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  17. My house could do with a blitz too Barbara as we have been so busy lately there is stuff everywhere, because there hasn't been time, and when there has I haven't felt like doing it…lol. I love your prettily lit tree and I can understand how excited you must be at the prospect of seeing Mark and Grace tomorrow. What a splendid idea to showcase these cards you've received and this one from Pat is really beautiful. x

  18. Beautiful card, something to aspire to. Might have to get this stamp set. Your tree looks lovely, stage is set for a real family Christmas. I am lucky as our three boys live locally. I now have two trees. My 3 year old granddaughter helped by flinging lametta on (well some of it was on).
    On a different note I found a primrose blooming in the garden today. xx

  19. Glad you've got everything straight. Only doing the same thing myself, a couple of days ago. Lovely to see other people's artwork. I love the way one set of stamps fires the imagination in a plethora of ways. ( makes me think, I wish I'd thought of that). But no problems, sharing is what craft ( and Christmas) is all about. Xx

  20. Have a fantastic time with Grace & Mark being at home for Christmas with the rest of your family. This is the time to think of your immediate family, your extended Clarity family will be here ready & waiting for what you have got lined up for 2017. We will also enjoy seeing how others have made their cards over the next week or so. Glad I am not the only one to check the fridge & cupboards for dates before the kids come home. How did we manage before they were invented ??

  21. Love the artwork, love the house – cosy and welcoming. Lucky you being able to get soft lights. I couldn't so painted each bulb with white acrylic. Strangely relaxing! Have a brill time xx

  22. That's a real beauty Barb and I am so happy you have the house ready so now it's time to kick back, relax, enjoy the time with your kids. I hope all is well with you lovely lady and I wish you a wonderful Christmas surrounded by your loved ones. I don't mind seeing other peeps art as it always make me think ooh must try that lol! Happy Christmas mrs xx

  23. It will be lovely to see some of the lovely cards you have received. And great that this will give you more time with the family.
    The card you showed today is beautiful xx

  24. Have a fabulous time Barbara and your home looks so Christmassy. Lovely card Pat. I've got friends and neighbours coming for a pre Christmas get together this afternoon so I've been baking for 3 days solid. Time to put on the bread maker and arrange the flowers! Looking forward to seeing everyone else's artwork too x

  25. Hi Barb, the house and tree look amazing, such a beautiful card from Pat. Hope Grace and Mark arrive safely, and you have a wonderful time with your loved ones. Take care. Bx

  26. That's a beautiful card! I love seeing what other people do – it's always inspirational. So it's more than fine by me if you showcase their cards. I think you deserve time with your kids, Barbara, you spend enough on us throughout the year. I hope you all have a very happy and blessed Christmas. xx

  27. Morning not a problem here Barbara you just have a great time with the bairns chill and relax and would love to see all your wee cards that the lovely talented guys send to you like this beautiful one from Pat.
    Take care and welcome home Grace and Mark….Love Dot..xx

  28. House is looking lovely, Barbara. I wouldn't mind if you didn't blog at all over Christmas. You need to spend time with your family. Merry Christmas!! xx

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