Hi there.
Thanks for popping in today.

Wednesday’s blog is where we consider matters of the soul.
Well, today I want to talk to you about Jayne.
Lovely Jayne Nestorenko. 
We spent a brilliant day with her and her good friend Helene 
a couple of weeks ago. 

She’s not well at all, and is clearly in a lot of pain. 
But oh boy! Did we have a laugh.
She always did have a dry sense of humour!
And Helene? Well, she is just wonderful. 
In fact, Paul and I are going to see her again tomorrow, 
as promised, and picking up Helene en route too. 
And she has insisted on cooking, can you believe it?

Jayne and I have been friends for many years.
She has her art style, and I have mine, 
but we have ALWAYS had nothing but love and respect 
for each other, which is as it should be. 

The woman oozes talent.
You only have to look at her illustrations to see that.

I have to tell you, working with Jayne’s artwork almost daily 
during the last few months has been a game changer for me.
I work in silence when I am doing artwork,
so Jayne has been on my mind A LOT.
I wish oh how I wish I could wave a wand and she be well again.
I bet she wishes that too!

Her illness over the past few years has been relentless,
but so has her courage. Amazing really.

Her condition has worsened considerably in recent months,
yet she just keeps smiling, being her gracious self. 

One thing is certain, 
Jayne’s illness has made me re-evaluate my life 100%.
We think we are bullet proof, that we will live forever.
We fritter our lives away on nonsense and unimportant stuff.
I have wasted so much time on bullshit, it’s embarrassing. 
But I have decided, going forward, and for the love of Jayne,
that I am not going to do that anymore. 

I’ll leave it there.

Love & Hugs,

94 thoughts on “Jayne

  1. Oh Im really so sorry that Jayne is not so well, I met her many years ago at the NEC and was amazed at how beautiful she is, so gentle and so talented. I do hope there is something they can do to help her as she deserves to be whole again. I have always followed and collected her stamps and designs, please give her my love and wish her well again. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  2. You have to put yourself 1st you never know what's round the corner. My thoughts go to Jayne. Spoke to her on several occasions at show and she always had time for people such a beautiful soul. I wish her all the best and keep smiling x x

  3. Dear Barbara – I hear you, and I wish too that Jayne is going to be well. I admire her art work and I have inspite of the less money bought her scenery stamps. Wow can I only say. What a curage this dear Jayne has – Wow. Last I want to THANK you and her for being there. God bless you souls.

  4. What a lovely picture and I am so glad you have decided to make changes to allow more enjoyment and time in your lives. We are only here once, it is not a rehearsal but the real thing. I am so thankful that Geoff took very early retirement which allowed us to have 16 years to enjoy our time together. I am sure Dave's frightening illness must have brought it home to you that you have to make the most of every minute with your loved ones. As a workaholic,I know you find it hard to delegate,but you have created such a fantastic team at Clarity. Let them do their part.
    Thank you for bringing us Jayne's wonderful artwork now combined with the great Clarity quality. Now the telly and the shows are done for this year, Paleolithic time to spend with your family and friends, especially with Mark and Grace being with you. xxx Maggie

  5. I also remember seeing Jayne quite a few years ago when I had just become interested in cardmaking and stamping and she was on the tv doing her wonderful mandalas and you could see what a talented lady she was and obviously still is with her wonderful designs. How sad to see her like this and I wish her well and hope that there is a good way forward for her with her present problems. You are right Barbara, life is definitely too short to sweat the small stuff as they say and we need to concentrate on what and who is of importance in our lives. x

  6. Love and best wishes to Jayne. Both you and her are very talented ladies and she so deserves to have better health. Hers and your artwork is so inspirational and it's so easy to create something beautiful from it xxx

  7. I would ask my dear friend Janet what her secret was as she was dealing with a very serious illness . She would say " I take one Day at a time ". I sometimes forget this but now I try to be even more conscience of living one moment at a time , take a deep breath , look around at all the beauty , listen to the silence , walk in nature , and be mindful of blessings and the divine presence that makes it all possible . Be kind above all and love . Have a joyfilled day . Janice

  8. So sorry to hear that Jayne is in pain and so unwell. I hope she has a good day with you, Paul and her friend Helene when you visit – laughter always improves any situation. Does make you re-evaluate what's important when someone close to you gets so ill or passes away – now when John questions should we do something, or spend the money, I say "Kathy would love to be able to spend it/do it", and we usually do x

  9. A lovely photo. Not really known about Jayne's work until you introduced her and I've already made use of the flower plates (not used the stamps yet) so it's lovely to have them in stamp and plate form and to see her beautiful drawing. I'm not going to say anything about health stuff but just thankful for good health at the moment. I've had to sit down for an hour or two because of something that flares up with me now and agin but tit's absolutely nothing compared to others. Xx

  10. Jayne Nestorenko was the person who first sparked my interest in paper crating. She has a lot to answer for lol! It's so very sad to see her so unwell , but she is an inspiration to us all with her courage and bravery in continuing to inspire us wit her latest work. Xx

  11. Feel like I have known Jayne for years, first met her at NEC some 20 + years ago and she made stamping look so easy and I was addicted, at the same show I met Barbara Gray who was this lady with a brayer …..brayer what's that….but I bought one……..not so easy to master lol. You both have a lot to answer for as my addictions grew and my craft room got smaller lol.
    Sending Jayne love, thank goodness she has good friends like you.😊

  12. Enjoy your day with Jayne tomorrow. Such a clever and talented lady and such a shame that she is so poorly. Live for the moment Barbara very true we do not know what is around the corner. Fred and I have been through a couple of close calls and our dear son-in -law is living with a serious illness. It does change the way we look at life. xx

  13. such a true statement, we really don't know how much to value health and take it for granted until something happens to stop us in our tracks. Enjoy your day together, hope it is full of laughter and joy x

  14. A real heart warming read Barbara, brought a tear to my eye too. Such an inspirational and very talented lady Jayne is. A simply beautiful photo of Jayne with you all. Give her gentle hugs from me when you next see her. So happy to hear that you have re-evaluated your thoughts too. My moto is enjoy everyday and laugh at least once a day too as you never know when it will be the last. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Blessings and hugs
    Linda xxxx

  15. I first met Jayne at one of the Summer Crafting shows at Doncaster Racecourse, such a lovely lady , so clever. Such a wonderful collaboration between yourselves and Jayne, very sorry to read her health is not good, please pass on my love and best wishes xx

  16. So sad to see Jayne so poorly, such a lovely lady. I have lots of her Cute Companions stamps which were designed in conjunction with Crafters Companion. I use them every Christmas. Her new scene stamps for Clarity are gorgeous.

  17. Having heard Jayne's lovely voice on Hochanda at the weekend, you would never know that she is so poorly. Jayne must have had so much pleasure seeing her art turned into Clarity stamps and knowing that her ideas are in safe hands, Barbara. Also knowing that she is still inspiring people even though she is unable to craft herself. Mxx

  18. Think Jayne was one of first I see on Cc and the Mandela stamps they looked amazing. Not met Jayne but always felt she was a warm caring lady she has one of those voices that's so gentle loving. Bless her pray she over comes her illness she is such a blessing as you are my friend and glad you are going to give yourself more you time and spending time with your wonderful Mark and Grace lots love and hugs to you all xxx

    1. I always remember seeing jayne on c&c was totally blown away with the glitter and acetate. Never quite brave enough to try it myself though. Wishing jayne all the very very best and healing thoughts.

  19. It was watching Jayne on tv many years ago that rekindled my love of crafting and introduced me to the world of stamping. Hearing her voice again on Hochanda reminded me what a wonderful, mild mannered lady she is. Her talent is mind blowing, I still have some wood mounted block stamps which she showed us how to make boxes with, they are exquisite and I would never part with them. Seeing her more recent illustrations brought to life by Clarity has been a real treat and the DT samples have been superb, Lots of Love to Jayne and many thanks for the long lasting pleasure she has brought to so many people over the years
    including myself xxx Annie

  20. I totally agree with all that you say Barbara! This year has been a total game changer for Neill and myself. He had to go through such a lot and we have met some truly wonderful and courageous people, as we have travelled on our journey this year. At the moment we are lucky enough to be in our little Spanish paradise, and enjoying some sunshine and time with some very special friends. Jayne's artwork is amazing and she sounds a remarkable lady! I too wish that a magic wand could be waved to cure her and many others too! Live each day to the fullest and ignore the trivial things! Hugs, Gilly xxx

  21. I love Jaynes talent and humility, here work is timeless and a joy to use every time.
    I'm just another crafter who adores her work please give her a gentle hug from me please and i will keep her in my prayers God Bless and keep fighting it's hard but with dogged determination I'm her tapping away love to all x,s

  22. Please pass on all our good thoughts for her, what an amazing lady, and such talent…
    I have come to the same conclusion as you about life Barbara, and I am very angry over the time I have wasted, but onwards and upwards…have a wonderful day, hugs..xx

  23. Oh Jayne, I had a feeling, was hoping I was wrong. Words fail me, too hurting and upset for you. All I can say just now is, like Barbara, I too have been evaluating my life recently, and trying to make it more worthwhile and productive in any way I can. I'll try my hardest. Huge bear hug from me, and huge thank you for the pleasure your artwork has given me since I first started my card making. Wishing you everything you wish for yourself and more. Lots of love, Brenda xxxx

  24. Dear Barbara, please add my best wishes and thanks to Jayne when you visit tomorrow as I began crafting when I watched her on tv using the medallion stamps. May you have a lovely day together, and bring home memories to cherish. xx

  25. I have come to love Jaynes work, only finding her through Clarity. Jayne your designs are beautiful and I have thoroughly enjoyed using your Christmas sets this year for my cards. Sometimes I sit for ages thinking of a card design but using your stamps has had my crafty mojo working well! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us, can't wait to see what you come up with next. Hopeing your good days outweigh your bad days. xx

    Thank you Barbara for bringing Jaynes work to Clarity. Xx

  26. I have been so mesmerised by Jaynes beautiful designs over the weekend and on Monday, I ve watched all the shows. What a beautiful and enchanting set they are and Clarity have done something very special with them. I love the larger size and the versatility of the designs. You can always tell by the design team's art work when something truely inspires. You have created something so beautiful and timeless, what a credit to you, Jayne. Thanks to you and to Barbara and her amazing team for bringing them into our lives. …….So so beautiful. Take care of yourself x X X x

  27. Loving the happy photo. A smile is certainly infectious. Life throws so my hurdles in our way that we may just be thankful for each day.
    Two very talented ladies. Sending much love your way.
    God Bless. Xx

  28. Oh how nice it is to see Jayne again, even in such sad circumstances. Jayne is the lady that spurred me to get into crafting many years ago now. I loved to watch her on Create and Craft and always loved whatever she brought. I now make my living from crafts and love what I do. I have resigned myself to not being financially rich but in terms of creativity and life satisfaction, I am rich beyond measure and it's largely thanks to Jayne. I wish her well and hope she makes a speedy recovery. Xx

  29. So so sorry to hear about jayne but what a wonderful smile she still has. She has something many people don't have which is such fabulous friends. I wish her well and say keep that smile. It is infectious xx

  30. Such a beautiful lady and so sad that she has to go through so much. With such amazing support she can continue fighting. What a talented lady – I have always been a fan of hers and I wish her well. xxx

  31. What a wonderful lady and such a great talent – those fantastic stamps Jayne designed were my all-time favourites to work with, just beautiful.
    Please pass this on to Jayne for me Barbara, and give her a hug from me 🙂
    Send my love, Carole xxx

  32. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely photo of you all. I have had the pleasure of meeting Jayne many years ago at the NEC and was mesmerised by her colouring. She is such a beautiful gentle lady with a lovely smile and chuckle. I wish we could all wave magic wands to take her pain and illness go away. Have a wonderful day together, enjoy looking at the artwork from her beautiful designs and enjoy a lot of laughter. You are so right to evaluate your life, you never know what's round the corner. Sending you a big hug, that's quite an emotional blog for you to write.
    Love Diane xxx

  33. So sorry to hear Jayne is so poorly,loved watching her on tv and met her at the NEC 9 years ago when I had a broen wrist and she introduced me to the rockers for stamping she was so patient and I mastered perfect stamping even with my broken wrist She will be in my prayers xx

  34. A very moving blog today. I have tried to make the most of the moment since I realised that there was more life behind me than could possibly be in front. It's easy to get bogged down again though and people like jayne are inspiring and also make you stop and think again about what is really important. Give her my love xx

  35. Sorry to hear that Jayne has been worse recently. I'm sure she's going to love spending time with you, Paul and Helene tomorrow. Please let her know how much we love her art work. I'll keep her in my prayers. Hugs to you all xx

  36. Jayne is such a softly spoken lady. I'm younger than you Barb but I have lost a friend to brain tumour, a friend with depression, who broke my heart last year. Then this year a friend with lung cancer . All so so sad, I smile everyday and am always kind, can't do more than that eh? Love n hugs xx

  37. I too have loved Jaynes work. I still love the cute companions stamps and cds from all those years ago! Her Groovi plates are also beautiful! Life can be so cruel at times. Sending love her way. It's good to know you are bringing her wonderful work still to us Barbara and that she has a wonderful friend in you x

  38. Jayne was as equally fascinating to watch as you Barbara – and she has an exquisite sense of art and form . Just watched your product launch – I remember the mandala's and gorgeous glitter with Jayne

  39. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely picture of you all and it certainly shows the love you all have for each other. I am so sorry and sad to hear how poorly Jayne is and I don't like to think of her in pain ( or anyone else) . There were 3 people who influenced me at the beginning of my papercrafting journey – Glenda Waterworth, yourself and Jayne. I used to look forward to seeing each of you on Create and Craft many years ago. You already know how I feel about Clarity and you, but Jayne has always been there as well. The Flower plates are beautiful to work with and I've had such lovely feedback from my friends when I've given them a card made from them. One has asked me to do them for her to frame as well. I am so looking forward to working with the new plates as I was blown away with the design team samples. I hope you have a lovely day with Jayne tomorrow and enjoy your afternoon tea! Please pass on my love to Jayne and give her a gentle hug from me. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  40. Very poignant words indeed. Please pass on my best wishes to Jayne when you see her. She was one of the first Crafters I watched on the telly when I started this hobby. I loved her stamps and glitters. I still use some of the techniques I learnt from her now. Xxxx

  41. It is so hard to find the right words to say here , but I totally agree with you Barbara, Jayne is such a wonderful , lovely and very talented lady with a beeming smile…I have loved working with her amazing designs , they are just so special. Have a lovely time tomorrow and pass on lots of love…and yes have lots of laughter too…( oh and cake ) hugs. xxxx

  42. Oh Barbara .. I am so sorry to hear this about Jayne. I knew she'd been ill but was hoping that she was much better. I did a class with her many years ago at Paper Warehouse, Kendal. ( I did one there with you, too ! ) Jayne was such a lovely, gentle person and I was sorry that she couldn't return to Kendal as she was ill. I have quite a few of her designs nd love them all. Please give her my love and lots of hugs and positive thoughts xxxx

  43. I'm sure Jaynes mandala stamps were the first stamps I ever bought. I remember being fascinated watching her on telly making these beautiful hanging lanterns. I could never do them but had a lot of fun trying. Must look them out and have another go! Her work is beautiful and the winter plates/stamps are wonderful. Sending lots of hugs xx

  44. What a lovely photo. It is so sad that Jayne is going through so much. But I'm certain that your friendship, and what you are doing with her beautiful artwork, will be helping her to cope. Laughter really is the best medicine isn't it? Please give her my love too tomorrow. I have always loved her work right from the early days of Create and Craft, and it's such a joy to be still using her gorgeous designs in conjunction with yours. Lots of love and hugs Barbara. Life is for living and loving!!! xxx

  45. Oh Barbara. I hear you. It's not until something massive happens, we realise we spend so much time on stuff that just doesn't matter. I knew Jayne was poorly, she is such a brave and inspirational talented beautiful lady. I wish her the very best and send my love.

  46. I only ever met Jayne once at Ally Pally and watched her draw and colour her illustrations. Wonderful lady and her drawings are magical. Best wishes to Jayne and Helene for being a wonderful friend xxxxx

  47. Like some others I've only come to know Jayne through Clarity. What a special lady. I hope she can get some relief from her pain and you have a great day with her tomorrow.

  48. Thank you Barbara for giving us a chance to use Jaynes new designs in groovi and stamps they are stunning it's a pleasure to buy them as I will have so much pleasure using them and they will never fade away I've got some of Jaynes stamps from when she was on the tv give her my love hugs and wish her a pain free day life is so cruel enjoy your day tomorrow and make some special memories xxxx

    1. It was a pleasure to buy Jayne nestorenkos winter scenes bundle today I will loose myself in my crafting thank you Jayne for the amazing designs I've never had the pleasure to meet you but your warmth in in your designs warm hugs to help with your pain xxx

  49. Thank you Barbara for giving us a chance to see Jayne again. She is still a beautiful person through and through. I met her at the NEC several years ago and was mesmerised watching her display her talent with such modesty. I do hope she begins to feel better really soon.

  50. Hi Barbara, Such a sad post today, I really hope that Jayne will get better soon, she is such a lovely lady. I love Jayne's current designs and I have lots and lots of her designs from years ago, it was one of Jayne's bundles that was my first purchase from C&C. So glad that you can bring some laughter and joy into Jayne's life, enjoy your day with her and Helene tomorrow, and make 'laughter' the main event of the day.
    Please pass on my Love and the Best of Wishes to Jayne.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  51. Oh Barbara…That's a very thought provoking blog post today! And isn't it sad that it takes something so sad as a very poorly friend to make us sit up and take a look at our own lives and make a change. And it doesn't have to be a dramatic change but even something small can make such a difference!
    Please pass on my thanks to Jayne for her beautiful illustrations that we've had the pleasure of using recently beit flowers or winter scenes! All so fabulous.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  52. i didn't realize Jayne was that ill. i remember the first time i went to one of her wokshops in Rugby. working with her intricate stamps at the time was quite challenging for me at the time. and she got me my first gran calibre as well, hugs xx

  53. When I first found out Jayne was unwell I was devasted, why is it the people who are as gentle, loving & talented as Jayne are struck down with this terrible illness but always manage to keep a smile on their face. She is just a lovely person & I miss our get togethers at her workshops but I thank her from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share her talent & artwork with me. Love you Jayne. Debbie xx

  54. Hi Barbara, so sorry to hear Jayne is so not well, it takes a very special person to be able to give so much.
    I remember years ago when I first watched her on TV she was so inspiring. It is so lovley that you have put her designson out there again it is a credit to your company .
    so glad you are looking at putting things in place for your future .
    give Jayne all our love and have a wonderful day with her and friends.
    Lots of love
    Lynn xx

  55. So very sorry to hear how poorly Jayne is. She is the reason I started stamping – I saw her making the most glorious glittered medallion cards on Create and Craft 10 years ago and I was hooked. She is an amazing lady, so talented and as a demonstrator there was nobody more professional – everything broken down into small steps and examples of each stage prepared to perfection. Jayne made it all seem so possible, and her demos covered everything you needed to know to make beautiful things. Please give her our love when you see her next, and let her work is still amazingly inspiring.

  56. I have had the honour of meeting and being taught by Jayne and she is quite honestly the kindest, gentlest soul I could ever wish to have met. Her patience and laughter made for the greatest craft day I have ever known.
    I have always loved her artwork and own a rather large collection of stamps that she designed, from her beautiful medallions and butterflies to these exquisite new designs.
    Please give Jayne my love along with all of her other admirers and friends

  57. Although I haven't met you Jayne, my love of stamping actually began with your large alphabet and number stamps which are still used to this day. Jayne, your detailed stamps with exquisite images are a delight to use. Sending you love and best wishes! ;~}

  58. It is thanks to Jayne I have mandala stamps,multi coloured glitters and Twinkling H2Os in my craft collection. I so enjoyed watching her on c&c as she explained everything in her quiet gentle voice. I can still hear her in my head.Such a talented lady and so inspiring. I wish her better health soon and I'm sure your visit will do her good, nothing like th company of good friends xx

  59. I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. I'm sure you will tell Jayne how much she and her fabulous artwork are admired by lots of us. We all can't be with you all to relay this, but we can send good thoughts and wishes to her. Xx

  60. Can I also add my best wishes to Jayne. I used to love watching her demos on tv, she really inspired me to take my crafting further. I do hope she feels a lot better soon and can carry on inspiring us all.

  61. It is very difficult to find the right words after such a moving blog as yours today, Barbara. Your friendship with Jayne is very special and if any good can come out of such a situation is that her illness has had made you re-evaluate your own life. I know it is a very hard thing to do – watch a dear friend who is seriously ill be in such pain. Laughter will bring you, Paul, Helene and Jayne even closer tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.xx

  62. A very touching blog from you today Barbara, Jayne is an amazing artist and such a lovely person. Absolutely love her designs that you have brought to us in stamp and groovi form, I''m sure that Jayne is delighted that you have been able to use her designs in such a way that they will go on and on making us crafters very happy. When you get together tomorrow thank her for sharing her beautuful artwork with us and give her all our love and best wishes in the hopes that all our loving thoughts will ease at least some of her pain. Have fun and laugh a lot together tomorrow with Jayne and Helene. Love and hugs,Pam xx

  63. I was really sad when I read this post – it was Jayne that got me into stamping many years ago & I did wonder why I hadn't seen her beautiful designs in awhile. But then I looked back up at the picture & I saw all of your radiant smiles & the obvious love & friendship you have for each other & it made me happy! I mistook the picture, at first, to be people visiting a sick friend but you can just see in your faces, it's so much more than that!!

  64. Barbara,you speak the truth. I have watched both my sister and brother fight and eventually lose their battles. I have seen friends fight so hard for so long. I have learned to not waste time on bullshit and unimportant minutia. You never know when life will throw you a curve. I always have a glove ready to catch it.

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  66. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing this very touching blog post. I was lucky enough to meet Jayne a couple of years back, and what a lovely, soft spoken and talented lady she is. God Bless you Jayne. Bx

  67. Even when Jayne is so unwell she is still such an inspiration to us all. If only I had a minute amount of her talent and strength. Like many I have also met Jayne and she is one of the loveliest people I have had the privilege to meet. You sound and look as though you had a fab time Barb. Looking forward to seeing Jayne's next amazing artwork. x

  68. Life really is a battle, but a much harder battle for some… see past the disease to the lovely lady herself, it's the only way isn't it? (I lost my best friend earlier this year, was with her at diagnosis and held her hand all the way thro) I have quite a collection of beautiful designs from Jayne…mandalas, mice and the beautiful floral groovi plates etc with the matching stamps and fab winter scenes both at the top of my wish list for early in 2017 (just couldn't quite 'stretch' the budget at the mo). I wish Jayne and her nearest and dearest the strength to deal with whatever lies ahead and a peaceful Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful time together filled with laughter and lots of love – sending my love too. Xx

  69. I feel as if I've known Jayne for years through the medium of television. In fact it was Jayne who got me hooked on stamping when, quite by chance, I tuned into a programme where she was demonstrating. She made me think "I can do that"; I ordered her stamps and haven't looked back since.
    Sending love to the wonderful Jayne and of course to the whole Clarity team.

  70. Jayne inspired me to design my very first template 9 years ago and my crafting journey began…I love her designs and wish her all the luck in the world…get well soon Jaynex

  71. For those of us who can't draw even a stick man without mucking it up, designers and artists like Jayne, and you Barbara, are a blessing. I'm sorry you're so ill, Jayne, If love and good wishes could ease your pain at all, then the outpourings on this blog would surely work wonders. If only!

    I wish you well and add my love to all the other well-wishers here, along with my appreciation for your amazing talent. I've ordered some of your beautiful designs and can't wait to play with them! Thank you. God bless! Kay x

  72. Barbara, I am absolutely devastated to hear that Jayne is so unwell as I had no idea. I met her several times at different shows and always loved watching her on TV. I do pray that each day can be more comfortable for her. Please give her my very very best wishes for some comfort and well being if that is possible , when you next see her. She will not know me by name but I followed all the programmes she was ever in and I just love her beautiful art work.

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