A Special Day Out

A Special Day Out

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Just got in from our visit with Jayne.
Yes, we did have a good talk, and a good laugh, and a good hug.
She was visibly worn out when we left, 
but I think she thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the lovely artwork
that the Clarity team made with her art.

“I want to look at every single one,” she said.
And we did.

She was really, genuinely chuffed.
We spent a few happy hours, talking about art,
gassing about the industry,
putting the world to rights.
Had a lovely meal.
Ever the hospitable Jayne.
I had a portion of ice cream and trifle sufficient for a family of four,
and when I looked in Jayne’s bowl, 
she had the same – AND Tiramisu !!
The traffic caught us in both directions,
(fog, headlights and juggernauts  – my favourite combo!)
So that made for a long day,
but it was worth every minute.
When she has recharged her batteries, 
she’ll read yesterday’s blog (and today’s I’m sure) – 
and you will make her smile with your kindness and warm wishes.
But I am going to call it a day now, if that’s ok. 
Love & Hugs,

81 thoughts on “A Special Day Out

    1. I just meant that I expect that normally Jayne would have been the first to play with her creations before seeing what others have done. I've just been watching the penultimate show and it doesn't surprise me that there are so many samples. Every time I see the stamps I have more ideas. There is just so much that can be done, especially with the combination of all three sets.

  1. Im so glad that you gave Jayne such a wonderful day and brought her up to date with the craft world, its such a shame that she has been overlooked for so long as shes one wonderful talented and beautiful lady in this industry, and I want to wish her all the best and hopefully she will be feeling a lot better soon. hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  2. How wonderful that Jayne got to see all the artwork first hand! She looks genuinely delighted in the photo!
    I for one loved using her designs and I will be using them again both stamps and groovi… In fact I have already let it sneak in!
    Have a lovely evening. Love and hugs dear Barbara xxxx

  3. Jayne was one of the people I was entranced by when I first started crafting. I remember watching her on Create and Craft, with her beautiful mandala stamps. She would stamp onto acetate, and then colour in on the reverse side, with pva glue in a fine tip bottle, and fine glitter. It was gorgeous and I did this technique so many times. Still do. I love to colour mandalas with pencils and pens now, too. I've still got my mandala stamps by Jayne, I will never part with them.
    So pleased that you had a great day with her xx

  4. How lovely that you were able to show Jayne all the cards with her lovely stamps and groovi. I love the Christmas stamps and the flower stamps and they will be used an awful lot. Glad you all had a nice day, especially Jayne – tired she may have been but she looked truly happy. Take it easy Jayne. xxxxx

  5. I am so pleased you had a good day with Jayne, she is my all time favourite crafter and is responsible for my crafting hobby 🙂 Thank you for taking all of the design teams cards with you, I am sure it brightened Jayne's day. Get well soon Jayne, the crafting world needs you!!

  6. Glad you had a lovely day with Jayne, she looks so pleased with all the cards you were showing her and must have been so proud too that it was all her design they were made with. Traffic is bad these days it adds a lot of time onto our journeys and makes it more tiring. Hope you manage to chill out this evening to recover. Love and hugs Pam xx

  7. Aw what a lovely photo, speaks volumes. Glad you all had such a good day. Quality time with people you care about is the most precious of all. Sounds like being worn out from today will be well worth it for Jayne. It's great that Jayne got to see all your design team's artwork, hope she feels proud of what she's enabled everyone to achieve with her beautiful illustrations. Good to hear Jayne can still enjoy her treats too!!! I hope Jayne can have many, many more such days with all her friends and family. And I hope you all have special memories to cherish from today. Love Brenda xx

  8. So glad you had a good day together and that Jayne enjoyed seeing her work come to life. I shall be getting them in the New Year and will have plenty of inspiration to use them. I hope the samples will be in the groovi gallery ! I occasionally get ideas of my own but more often than not have to use others to start me off which is where the FB page and gallery come in! Have a good evening. I hope Jayne will restore her batteries too. We are off to Cornwall in the morning to see our friend. Our Xmas visit and one of my Groovi cards will be for her. xxx

  9. What a wonderful photograph. I am sure Jayne loved looking through every single sample. What an inspiration she is to us all. Thank you for sharing Barbara.
    Love and Hugs
    Linda xxx

  10. Hi to all you lovely friends on the blog, hope you too have had a good day, hasn't it been mild this last few days, is it trying to confuse us, it's not a bit like December is it? Love and hugs to you all, Pam xx

    1. Hello lovely Pam, I know what you mean about this weather, you go out in a coat because it's December and end up feeling like you are having a hot flush because it's so warm! Haha. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Pam,
      I'm not a big fan of this warm weather in December, I would far rather have it cold and crisp – at least you know what to wear! We went up to Newcastle today and because it was pouring down, I had a winter mac on! I was lathered! In the shopping centre, I had to take it off and when I went outside I was still too hot – went into a shop and the sweat was literally dripping off my face – I looked a right sight!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. I wish the circumstances had been better and Jayne wasn't so ill but as this can't be changed i'm pleased that you were able to share such a special day. I'm sure you told her how popular her artwork has been and then I bet there were lots of 'wows' as you showed her what people had made with her designs. A truly special day for both of you.

  12. Loved reading about your last two days with Jayne . I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers for healing and all the tiny little miracles that happen each day if we but look and listen . Joy now Jan

  13. So pleased you had a special day. Jayne should be very proud of her skill at designing. She is one of the best. shall certainly think of her when I am using the stamps and the groovi – I am sponsoring a guide dog – Fargo – he has his own video on Guide Dogs for the blind. All the cards I sell are going to a good cause. Next year I will continue this cause and add another one.
    Sorry your journey home was long. I think everyone had bad journeys today.
    Glad to say I am shaken but not stirred – apart from a couple of nightmares – after my "tap" with the b….. driver. Thank you to you and all the bloggers. I was so heart warmed by the messages and feel sure they spurred me on to get on with work and better still crafting.
    Lots of love to you, Jayne, Dave and everyone.
    Anne (Reading)

  14. Can imagine your wonderful day together her art work is just amazing. Those winter scenes wow sending you both big hugs and lots love to beautiful talented ladies together xxxx

  15. It has been so nice to see the pictures of the wonderful Jane. Like many of the above I have admired her for years and have the beautiful mandala stamps, acetate and glitter. Such a kind, gentle lady who does not deserve to be in such pain. Both of you are in my thoughts. Xxx

  16. Dear Barbara and Jayne. You are indeed two of the most beloved of ladies and it's so good to hear of your very special day. Sending you both love and hugs. You are in my thoughts and prayers. xxx

  17. Glad you both had a good time, and trifle as well! Yum. There's nothing like a good chin wag with like minded people to put the world right, catch up with trivia, and have a jolly good laugh. The sugar rush just helps things along. Love to both of you. Xx

  18. A big bowl of triffle is a good way to set the world to rights with a good friend. I am glad that you had the opportunity to visit Jayne and share a meal while looking at the design team creations which were as always stunning.

  19. Hi Barbara
    What a great photo of you and Jayne, the samples are going down well. It's a shame the traffic was so bad but good that you all enjoyed yourselves when you finally got there. Jayne it's lovely to see you and fabulous to have your wonderful artwork to craft with. Well I'm proud of you both, ice cream, trifle and tiramisu- perfect!
    Love Diane xxx

  20. What a special day, and a lovely break for you both. I bet I'm not alone in being too pre-Christmas budget constrained to buy Jayne's gorgeous stamps and the groovis. Just wait till January – I suspect there'll be a little tidal wave of demand for her beautiful work washing up at Clarity Towers! Keeping you in my thoughts Jayne, and lots of warm wishes xx

  21. A special day for two such talented ladies. I HAD to have the latest Groovi plates, can't wait for them to arrive- sure be great demand so will wait patiently x

  22. Well, I bet the two of you were in your element! Up to your eyeballs in gorgeous craftiness! Thank you Jayne for your lovely artwork, I think you are one talented lady! And Barbara is Theuva one!! Ha! Glad you had such a lovely day together, what a treat. Love to you both xxx

  23. I got into rubber stamping through Jayne, watching her do those wonderful mandalas. Mine were never very good, but she inspired me to do something new. A wonderful talented lady. So pleased she enjoyed all the cards and your visit. Xxx

  24. A day for friends to get together. What can be better? I'm sure Jayne was impressed with all the amazing art created by your design team. As you have said, you can tell when the team love the stamps/Groovi plates because of the number of cards you get back from them. Mxx

  25. Hello Barbara

    Your posts of these last two days bring back bittersweet memories of my daughter-in-law, Nikki. Who fought a terminal brain tumour for eight years with the same courage and fortitude that Jayne seems to be showing.


  26. Hi Barb,
    I'm so pleased that you had a good day and more importantly that Jayne did too! I bet she was absolutely blown away by the samples and I reckon, extremely proud and touched. If she does get to read all of the posts from yesterday and today she won't fail to realise how much love and respect we all have for this wonderful lady and if that helps to give her some relief I'm sure we will all be relieved. Another lovely photo to treasure as well. Sorry that traffic was bad again. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all as well as possible. Because it was miserable this morning we went up to Newcastle, which again was manic! We were in a queue for a multi storey car park and waited for ages but couldn't turn round! When we eventually got in we drove straight out again and went to our normal car park ( which had been full) & low and behold there was a space! Dave wasn't best pleased I can tell you! Anyway managed to get some presents so that's me finished !!!! Hopefully a less manic day tomorrow. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  27. So pleased you had such a lovely day with Jayne, it must have been great to show her all the artwork produced from her designs and to see how each designer interpreted them.
    I have just got home from a smashing evening with some friends. We have been friends since our children were little and then we worked in the same school as TAs. We meet once a month for lunch and at Christmas make it an evening do. Always so much to talk about and we always have a good laugh.xx

  28. How lovely for you and Jayne. I've been catching up with one of my crafty friends that I've not seen in months and that was lovely too, like you say talking about all sorts xx

  29. Yesterday and today's blog were lovely to read and it certainly looked as if dear Jayne was enjoying seeing all the fantastic DT samples. I've been tidying my stamps and returning them to their folders – didn't realise I had so many of Jaynes stamps in my stash but then it was watching her on C&C that got me started stamping…! I too have a drawer full of Mandalas I used to build up in layers – must do again sometime. You are both such inspirational ladies and to now have Jaynes stamps Groovi style – what more could we wish for!! Get well soon Jayne – we all love you xx

  30. Barbara I'm very late tonight the photo of you together is so wonderful beautiful memories of a memorable day Jayne would be very fatigued but would have loved the time you had given to spend it with her seeing all the stunning art work your design team has so lovingly made .
    Sending hugs Jayne Thank you for your stunning creations that will never age I'm so looking forward to my bundle arriving xxx

  31. Jayne looks so pleased with what she's viewing and I spy a pile of cards on the footstool in front of her that look like they've already been "Ooh'd" over! It's lovely to see two lovely and wonderfully creative,inspirational ladies spending some quality time together putting the world to rights and sharing delicious sweet treats too. Big hugs to you both and thank you for sharing today with us xxx

  32. Barbara,I'm so pleased you had such a lovely time with Jayne. What an amazing and talented lady! I love your designs, Jayne. So beautiful and the winter scenes are my favourites. All the best to you. Lots of Love & Sunshine to you both xxx

  33. Hi Barb, so pleased to hear that you spent some more quality time with Jayne, and that she loved the artwork from the team. Mmmm trifle and ice cream, now that would be great. Take care. Bx

  34. Dear Barb (and Jayne),
    we saw a lovely lady on the One Show the other night who has lost the power of speech but has decided to 'talk' again through art – she has made the most breathtaking sculptures of animals as a result. I think Jayne has a wonderful 'voice' too in art.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  35. You have done Jayne's artwork proud Barbara. All the samples on your TV shows were amazing. Well done for helping out to get Jayne's work still out there for us. I bet she is thrilled and very grateful x God bless you both x

  36. Morning Barbara, So glad you had a fantastic day with Jayne yesterday, and so glad that she is loving what your team are creating with her designs. Such a fabulous lady, and laughter is a great healer.
    Ohhh !! how I wish that I could eat ice cream, trifle and tiramisu, sadly over the years my problems with catarrh have got much worse and I cannot now eat any of these goodies, my favourite was always tiramisu, yummy yummy yummy !!
    Lots of love to yourself and Jayne, from Patricia xx

  37. A lovely photo of the both of you. So glad Jayne enjoyed all the artwork, goodness it was exceptional.Sounds like you had plenty to eat, Tiramasu yum lovely,it shows how kind she is to have been so hospitable. Lovely lady and wonderful artist. xx

  38. Jaynes stamps are lovely to work with and can be used with grungy backgrounds so that's always a bonus! Must be lovely for her to have a very good friend like you Barbara who can keep them in the public eye where they should be. Xx

  39. So glad you had a great time with Jayne yesterday and that she is excited and pleased with the reception her artwork is receiving and all the wonderful creations from the Design Team. A lovely photo too, two very talented ladies together! x

  40. I'm sure you made Jayne's day taking all that wonderful artwork for her to see "in the flesh". She's such a talented and gentle lady – I found some of Jayne's mandela stamps the other day when I was going through my wooden stamps and also have a DVD with some lovely designs, tips and ideas. I'm so happy that you continue to bring her lovely designs to all of us – thanks, X

  41. Great you were able to have such a good time with Jayne. I don't know her personally but I certainly know her stamps and Groovi plates. They really are beautiful. I'm now trying to figure a Groovi design for my partner's Christmas card. He has to put up with the snipping noise of the scissors as I picot everything so it would be nice to do something for him. I might use the letter boxes on the plate mate and put a holly wreath round it. I could then cut out the spaces between the boxes and the holly so the mount card shows through. Any other ideas would be gratefully received. Very best wishes to Jayne. Rachel xx

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