You’re a Star!

You’re a Star!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in today.
And thanks for all your support yesterday.
Like Grace said when she called last night,
“I’m fine, Mum. Bit of verbal abuse is all. Shame on her.”
So today I thought we would reach for the stars!
Next Wednesday, Maria is on HOCHANDA TV,
showcasing a fabulous new Groovi Star Tem-Plate
and some really beautiful brand new Starry Moonfairy Plates.
Moonfairy and Snowflake Plates

Would you like to Swing on a Star Fairy Plates.
I am in love with one particular set, which Mel designed.
I drew the other one, but I like Mel’s better!
Anyway, I thought I would put a star together for you today, 
a plain blue one,
so you can see the simple construction…
There are two sizes of star on the template; 
I have gone with the little one.
It is made of 5 pieces – 5 points if you like. 
No. 1 tool. Make sure it’s not scratchy.
Nobody likes a scratchy tool, do they…
Hahahahhaaaaa..stop it Gray!!
The tools in the Starter Kit do wear out after a lot of use.
I noticed mine got a bit scratchy, got a new one – and was much happier.  
You can maybe smooth out the end with a kitchen scourer,
 or it may just be time to treat yourself to a new one.
Back to the Star!
(Cor blimey. That reminds me of the good old days, when we all used to pile into the Star Pub on Watling Street in Gillingham!)
I found it easiest to add the double-sided red-skin adhesive tape before I even cut out the pieces or folded them…
Next make the 5 points, and fold the flaps back.

Assembly time!
Peel the red skin off one point and tuck the flaps into the next point.

Keep adding the pieces.
Last one’s a bit fiddly, but hey!
If I can do it, you can certainly do it!

15 minutes, start to finish. 
So now I have constructed a basic one, 
I can make more intricate, patterned ones.
I would suggest you do this too, construct a plain one first,
so you know what you’re doing. 
No way do you want to spend hours decorating and cutting and faffy parching, and then put it together like a Toblerone!
Although they are all the rage (as in frustration) just now…
I think they will make beautiful window decorations;
I know my Mum will LOVE three red ones for her landing window: one large and two small.

Here are a few fantastics made by our Groovi experts…
Linda Page

Susan Moran

Jane Telford
Be sure to tune in to Maria’s shows on Wednesday.
1pm and 5pm
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
She will be getting in the groove,
and showing off these very special designs.

Now, how about a little singalong,
to celebrate the words on one of the plates…..

This my favourite version,
but be warned!

You’ll be humming it till Wednesday!!!!

Time to go and get ready for the theatre.
Loving a weekend off!
Could get used to this…
Love & Hugs,

60 thoughts on “You’re a Star!

  1. Gorgeous star and pretty moonfairy plates. Tempting me again Barbara. Enjoy your theatre trip and weekend off. Been pretty hectic here as Greg and Amie have been moving into their house. Sadly a lot of their furniture has gone mouldy in the container they hired so we are all trying to help where we can. Disappointing for them but at least they have a fab house just no furniture. xx

  2. Hi Barbara
    Oh that's all I need to go with a bunged up nose and head, a song that won't go away ! 😀Haha. That serves me right for pressing the button. What a fab star and beautiful samples from the design team too. Another set of beautiful plates to play with, how lovely. I'm desperate to play with my Tudor house and build a wreath but I'm having to wait until the explosive sneezing stops! Hope you had a wonderful time at the concert last night and enjoy the theatre tonight, what a great weekend. Isn't Grace a wonderful young woman, chin up sweetheart .
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends feeling a bit more human today although nose still streaming. Julian is back home to bring me tea and talk to me, typical I was feeling so rough when he was away. Sending hugs xxx

    2. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been well Diane, so you certainly need to be 'swinging on a star' to help you recover. Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

  3. Grace by name and by nature too! Not many could shrug that off!!
    And guess what…I was singing that when I was making my samples! Everytime I looked at the plate it popped into my head….and its planted in there even more now!
    Have a great time tonight.
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  4. love the star and moonfairies will have to do some in a jar (captured fairy in a jar)you will have to do a jar and snowglobe for the Groovi xx

  5. Hi Barbara
    Glad Grace is ok.
    Love the new plates that Maria is going to bring us on Wednesday and what better way to spend my birthday watching Maria and hopefully buying a happy birthday present to myself.
    Lots of possibilities with the new plates as always.
    Thank you Barbara for more beautiful groovi plates

  6. Hi Barbara
    Glad Grace is ok.
    Love the new plates that Maria is going to bring us on Wednesday and what better way to spend my birthday watching Maria and hopefully buying a happy birthday present to myself.
    Lots of possibilities with the new plates as always.
    Thank you Barbara for more beautiful groovi plates

  7. Bob said that's an old song and laughed loving the star ⭐️ would they look great on the tree 🌲. Not sure what we going to do tree wise as have a puppy that we think would chew decorations so not sure we're to put tree as he is quiet a climber to for a little dog so think may make some for next year saying that would make great gifts to give people xxx

    1. It's lovely to hear that you have a new little puppy. I can totally empathise with your dilemma Joy. Our little Bonnie is (fortunately!!) a little rip. So we too will be having fun keeping her off the tree. I think the lights may be higher that usual this year!! Love and Hugs xxx

  8. Hello Barbara, been thinking of you and Grace today. Glad you have been able to speak to her and she is ok. It must be so hard for you having her so far away, especially when rubbish happens. I love these new plates. I particularly like the moon fairies and will definitely get the star templates. I can see me making them for all the family. Enjoy the theatre. Good you have the weekend of as you have been so busy recently.xx

  9. Love the new plates, but think that'll be for next year, so many I haven't used yet, almost finished my Christmas cards, well all the ones I'm going to make this year. Have a great time at the concert, about time you had some time to enjoy yourselves, have a brilliant weekend off. Looking forward to Maria's demos with the new plates. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  10. Hi to all my lovely bloggy friends, hope you are all enjoying the weekend. Hope you're feeling better Sheila after your visits to the hospital. Dot where are you, not seen you lately but thinking of you. Had another session of acupuncture today sat here with my tens machine on hoping it will ease off by Monday, Love and hugs to everyone. Pam xxx

  11. Hi Barbara, hope you and your family are having a much happier day today.

    Love the Groovi star idea. The moonfairy would be good for hanging too, sticking 2 together or something to give it weight. Thank you for showing us, and the design team samples too. And thank you for taking the time to blog for us on your precious weekend off. I might just need this star template for making stars to hang from my windows, if I can get cards and presents finished with time to spare. Already dreading Christmas worse than ever this year, the sadest, loneliest time for someone in my situation. My allergies, and CFS means I'll have nothing special to eat either. And with my living room unusable too, I've never even had my tree up since moving here, most years it's just been the cards I've received. So I had been thinking about trying to make the effort this year, probably make me even more sad but I can try. Maybe can get the tree in the hall. These stars would sort out the windows.

    Still struggling with the racial attacks you and your family have suffered. It's horrific that people can be like that and for no reason. I guess in a different way I have been victim too, pretty much my whole life, because I happened to be born with an autistic brain instead of a 'normal' brain, making me a bit different to 'normal' people. It's not been strangers in the street who have done it, because I appear 'normal' most of the time, no, it's been people who know me, have interaction with me who have been the culprits. But it gets to be kind of normal, part of life, so you kind of stop thinking of it as being so wrong, like they've got a reason to do it to me. So I don't view it as being as bad as it being because of someone's skin colour, race, religion etc.

    Hope you enjoy the theatre
    Love Brenda xx
    P.s. swinging on a star going round in our heads is a good antidote to what's been going on this past week
    Well done Grace keep it up, she's not worth a moment's thought xx

  12. Barbara, you can't tell us you're going to the theatre and not tell us what you're going to see! Well done to Grace for realising that the person ranting was the person with the problem. These plate all look lovely but I'll resist for the time being as I can't get enough of the gelli plates and stamps at the moment.

  13. Hi Barbara, late catching up with last night's blog and today's.
    words fail me after your blog yesterday. It is hard to ignore things like this but Grace is her mother's daughter and I know she will be fine.
    You have done it again looking forward to watching Maria next week, love the new plates plenty to put on my wish list.
    Have a wonderful evening enjoy.
    Lynn xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Pleased Grace has taken it in her stride – she's her mother's daughter alright! Really love this star template and great step by step – thank you. The design team samples are fabulous ( as ever). Looking forward to Maria's shows. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. Had a session working on my build a wreath cards this afternoon and finished one that I've done for my sister and brother in law that I'm really chuffed with. I bought some of the uni ball metallic and sparkling pens that Emma recommended to me at Leyburn and they are fabulous on parchment! Taking sister up to airport again tomorrow ( they're off to their apartment in Switzerland for 2 weeks) so an early start in the morning. Lovely ve and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison
      Sounds like you have had fun with your new plates. I am sure that the cards will be stunning.
      Just in after a day with family as it was mother in law's 70th birthday party this afternoon. Going to spend tomorrow afternoon crafting with friends after going to on Remembrance Day parade.

  15. So pleased that Grace has shrugged off her incident, and that you have another night off. Enjoy the theatre, and hope you had fun at KT Tunstall last night. We saw her earlier this year, and she was excellent live x

  16. I'm so pleased Barbara, that both you and Grace are in a better place today. The new plates are fabulous. I've always loved the 'swing on a star song'. so I'm quite happy to have it in my head. I'm not sure if hubby will be equally happy to keep on hearing it hahaha! Have a great night at the theatre. Love and Hugs xxx

  17. Hi Barbara, I missed your post yesterday, so have gone back to look, I can't believe all the horrible things you have had to put up with, and now Grace and Mark too !! Why do people have to be so 'horrid', I will never understand !! Thankfully Grace has taken it in her stride.
    These stars are fantastic, I'm looking forward to watching Maria's shows.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. this is beautiful and so reminds me of my childhood and the stars in peoples' windows. this is the best groovi make i've seen. might just tempt me… enjoy the theatre, hugs xx

  19. Hi Barbara what do you say when you catch up on the blog and read something that you blogged from the heart yesterday I have no words just the knowing that reading you're words for so long on here I knew that life hadn't been an easy road for you in the past but it makes you the person that I have always admired like I've said before not only for your artistic art but for the strong and beautiful person you are and Barbara if I am honest all your Clarity products and beautiful artwork comes second place to being here and reading your words I am in honestly so grateful I found you and the caring people I have the honour to know because of you.
    Just a few months ago the Asian lady in my wee estate shop retired now I have knew this woman for more than 30 years her children grew up with my three her daughter is my daughters friend the day she retired I took her a basket off flowers to thank her for her all her hard work over all these years and was just devastated to hear through her daughter that I was the only one to say thank you to her it my friends broke my heart.
    Stay strong wee Grace we are here us caring people we will never go away you are a beautiful girl with an incredible strong mother who I admire so much remember the saying my lovely (sticks and stones) all my love ..Dot..xx

  20. Very cool star plate, looking forward to watching Maria on wednesday.
    Sounds like Grace hasn't lost her British grit, good on her, Shame indeed on the other sorry excuse for a human being or oxygen chiefs as I prefer to call them.
    Very pleased you're having a weekend, enjoy xx

  21. Wonderful new Groovi designs and the star looks fabulous, and will look forward to seeing Maria on Wednesday. So pleased Grace has not let those stupid comments drag her down and hope you enjoyed the theatre last evening. x

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