Coaster to coaster…

Coaster to coaster…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
How’s your Sunday going ?
Mine’s been great.
Went for a good long walk with lovely Mel and the dogs,
then came home and had to choose between the ironing and you –
and YOU won!
(no contest xxx)
It’s been a week since the NEC, so I thought it really was time to get my demo box out of the van!
In fairness, it’s taken most of us the week to recover!
I haven’t told you what happened at the end of the show on the Sunday, have I.
Well, it was a shambles. It’s never much fun dismantling the stand at the end of 4 busy days, but last Sunday will go down in history as the fastest breakdown ever. 
We had done what we could, and boxed what we could,
 but Dave was stuck in a mile long queue 
trying to get near the hall with the van.
I had just taken the decision to get the ladies out of the building 
and home, and let the guys load the van.
Gentleman Steve escorted us to the cars with all our gear.
We hadn’t been gone 5 minutes when one of the Stand Breakdown Contractors removed a supporting wall behind our stand – and the whole 14.5 metre long Clarity stand collapsed.
And I mean hit the floor. 
How nobody was hurt or killed !
Thank God I had left with all the girls!
Poor Paul and Len were the only 2 there when it went down.
Plenty of damage, but no casualties. 
Why haven’t I mentioned it until now?
Too shocked and wild about it.
And it ain’t over yet, I can tell you. 
This is one occasion when I am getting my armour on. 
Unacceptable and dangerous.
I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if the whole team had all still been on the stand. We could never have all moved out of the way fast enough. 
It was a week ago to the hour actually. 
Ding Dong.
But there you have it. 
Have we had an apology from the NEC?
Have we had a phone call from ICHF ?
What do you think?
Paul got yelled at by some oik in a High-vis jacket for taking photos. “Stop taking photos, or I’ll take your phone away???”
It’s a bloody good job Dave, Steve and I weren’t there actually. There would have been bloodshed I’m sure. 
And now you know the rest of the story Jackanory!
Anyway. Coasters.
We were making coasters at the Make & Takes,
(many thanks to Maria and Jo for doing a fab job!)
we were making coasters with Groovi,
well, Paul was!
and I was making coasters with our Gel Press Petites.
Fantastic for gifts, don’t you think?
I got stuck in for the duration of the show, 
and just kept on doing the same thing…
Cut the Stencil card in 4 equal parts,
ink up a Petite Gelpress plate with Archival ink
Library Green 

Lay the lace down on the card
lace swatch A3 + size buy here

Squish the inky Petite down onto the lace.

One side…

Flip over and do other side….

Add a wordchain word…

Sandwich in the coaster. Fits perfectly….

The back is beautiful too.

Use lace, use the Petite Stencils.
Use the square Petite. Use the round Petite. 
I made LOADS!!!!!
Loads of Christmas Pressies actually!
Look at the beautiful coloured lace!

I think they make a delightful gift.
Groovi, Gelplate prints, photos, cross-stitch.
If you are thinking of making handmade gifts this year, 
it doesn’t get much easier, cheaper or more pleasant 
than useful coasters.
And why not personalize them too? 
£5.99 for 4 or £10 for 8

I must have signed another hundred 2017 project Calendars too.
So happy you like them.
It’s very flattering that you would want to hang my art on your wall all year round. They also make nice pressies.
We still have a couple of hundred left, but when they’re gone they’re gone. Limited edition, one print-run and all that jazz.
One more thing.
Have you seen the deals on our Christmas Hampers?
The Gel Press Petites Hamper is pretty excellent…
Must go now –
The ironing won’t do itself.

Love & hugs,

74 thoughts on “Coaster to coaster…

  1. Hi Barb, OMG! How shocking is that? Someone was looking after you that day, to be sure.And no, I'm not surprised they haven't been in touch. It seems that as long as they have their money, they really don't care after that.Equally, I'm not surprised their only concern was stopping you taking photos of the fiasco. They are very lucky, as are you all, that it wasn't any worse than it was. Moving on to the lace prints, they are gorgeous, totally delightful. I may have to try some of that with my gelli plate. Very inspired. Hugs, Shaz xx

  2. OMG…….Glad you are all safe after that. It could have been so much worse, doesn't bare thinking about.
    Love all the artwork. Must invest in those petites plates and coasters.
    I'm off to do some lesson planning for this Saturday's groovi workshop…..ironing can wait lol. Hugs, take care xxx

  3. OMG that could have been so very very very much worse. Good job no one was hurt but that's just complete carelessness by the contractors..quite right to put your armour on..go give em hell.
    Love all the coasters xx

  4. How awful that happened . Could have been a real bad accident! Glad everyone was ok. The coasters are great. Have made them for everyone in their Xmas boxes with their names on. All done in parchment. Hope you get that ironing done then come and do mine please x

  5. Thank goodness no one was hurt in the collapse. How lucky most of the Clarity team had left already, can't believe Paul got shouted at for taking photos, someone obviously felt the need to be defensive! I wonder why? Hope you get some action from them. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope you're well and have had a good weekend. Dave and I had a walk along the beach up at Alnmouth in Northumberland and it was gorgeous. Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. Hello Barbara

    OMG! What a lucky escape you all had. I agree with the previous posts, the NEC have no respect for any of their customers, be they exhibitors or visitors. Their prices are exorbitant and they give nothing in return. THere will come a time when no-one will exhibit and no-one will visit. Wonder what they will do then? I have been going for years. I started going when the shows were geared to machine knitting and everything has been getting steadily worse.

    Apart from that all the coasters are fantastic and I bought some at the show.


  7. Oh flippin' heck I understand why you are boiling! It doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened. Thank goodness you are all ok. Good job Paul did take some photos. They probably didn't like it as they knew it would be proof that someone was negligent. Go to the mattresses and fight! Sorry have seen the Godfather trilogy recently!
    Love the coasters, will have to be a must me thinks for some Christmas pressies! xx

  8. No wonder you are shocked and how lucky you and the girls had left the stand. I hope you get some sort of apology etc from both NEC and ICHF. Gorgeous coasters and love the Groovi and the Gelli print ones too. I hope it hasn't taken you too long to get the ironing done. Enjoy your evening.
    Linda xxx

  9. Evening Barb. What a great idea must get a couple of packs. The Geli hamper is on my Christmas List ( If hubby remembers ) I do hope so. Love n Hugs Ali. Ps Sue the sods that is diabolical xxx

  10. OMG Barbara, that could have been much worse. Gross negligence. What happened to Health and Safety? The H&S Exec should throw the book at them. I'm not surprised they didn't like the photography. Good on ya, Paul, for having the presence of mind to get the evidence. The coasters are beautiful and I will definitely be having a go. Do you sell FC Polychromo's? I'll do your ironing if you do my hoovering – the job I hate the most!! Love Rachel x

  11. Thank goodness you are all ok, scary to think what might have happened. Might be lucky to get apology from NEC they are not very good at that.They need to start improving standards a bit or they are going to lose custom. Anyway I love the coasters and I do have some ready to complete. The lace is so pretty really need to try it out. Shame we have to iron but I hate creased clothes so the only answer is to get the old smoothing iron out. xx

  12. How awful, someone out there was looking after you all. You'd think the NEC would be more responsible. Don't let them get away with it.
    Loving the coasters, must get my order sorted out.

  13. What an awful experience but so thankful no-one was hurt. I suspect the first you will hear will be from lawyers as generally people do not apologise these days for fear of being sued! Mind you they will have to take the rap from health and safety as well as compensate for damage and extra time plus. Only hope they learn so nothing like this ever happens again. Photos are necessary for evidence so they were in the wrong in stopping Paul from taking photos. So glad Paul and Len are OK.

  14. Glad you were all okay after the NEC fiasco – one of the reasons I don't attend there anymore is it all seems about money for the organisers!! Expensive tickets and then parking to pay for ………. very crowded in the halls, God forbid there was an emergency, not sure how everyone would get out.

    Just saw the above comment and must of missed that bit, about Paul being stopped taking photos, shame on them x

  15. Omg! It doesn't bare thinking about what might have happened if you'd still all been on the stand! I hope you get an apology and compensation for damage caused! Did the contractors not think to check!?
    The coasters look brilliant that you did. I now know what I can do when I want to change the cross-stitch I have in my coasters at the moment! Cross stitch looks lovely but takes ages to make 6 matching ones!
    Anyway love and hugs to you all! Xxxx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Well the most important thing was that nobody was hurt. The bloke had no right to be telling a Paul off for taking photos – he was doing the right thing as you need proof of damage etc. I'm not surprised that you were livid. The coasters are fabulous, – I've been wanting to do some ever since I saw Maria make one on Hochanda – my order will definitely be going in! Off to watch Stricltly now, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day. After dropping my sister at the airport Dave and I had a ride up to Alnmouth in Northumberland and had a walk along the beach. As we were going back into the village we caught up with the Remembrance Day ceremony at the War Memorial, which was very poignant. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  17. Just ordered me Calander don't want to miss out love them. Loving the coasters lovely pressies to give. Cannot believe how dangerous that was doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened poor Paul and len must have been very scared shocked some one should be in big trouble and hope they pay out for Broken stands goods etc xxx

  18. Oh my what happened is awful and so dangerous it is so lucky no one was hurt. You deserve an apology and compensation. Poor Paul. The coasters are amazing and beautiful and I want to make some. My news is that we bought our daughter a wedding dress at the weekend (she was there) and it is now hanging in our spare room waiting to be altered (it is too long). Take care. Hugs Jackie

  19. Hi Barbara, no wonder you've not been able to talk about it, that's such a near miss. Surely a guardian angel or two at work there making sure you were all safe. And that's the main thing, no one hurt, well not physically anyway, hopefully the psychological trauma will heal soon. Poor Paul and Len must be feeling even worse with them actually being there when it happened. Quick thinking on Paul's part to photograph the evidence. You're not going to get an apology are you, for them to apologise would be them admitting to their guilt/being in the wrong, and they sure aint going to do that are they. It's the sick culture we live in these days sadly!

    The coasters are beautiful. I was waiting for next year to make coaster presents, when hopefully my parchment skills have improved/I've learned to use my gelli plates. Plenty nice photos to fill them with, hadn't thought of that idea. Thank you for sharing.

    Bit slow in getting going today, but once I had you'll never guess what popped into my head first. Well popped out my mouth actually, caught myself singing swinging on star!!!! Wondered why I was singing that of all things, especially first thing, then remembered your blog from yesterday! The worst part is I only know the chorus so been singing the same wee bit over and over all day!!!

    Hope you can chill after finishing your ironing
    Love and extra big bear hugs for you, Dave, Paul, Steve and Len xx

  20. Oh my goodness as you say that could have been awful. Thank heavens no-one was injured or worse. I am quite sure the NEC or ICHF won't know what is about to hit them. Smacks a bit of a guilty conscience to try and stop Paul taking pictures. Don't suppose you fancy doing my ironing too??? No? Oh ok then – I'll do it. Lol xxxxx

  21. What a horrible ecperience for you all, just as well nobody was injured, definitely you were all lucky. Surely health and safety should have something to say, disgusting that you've heard nothing from NEC or ICHF in way of an apology. Well done that Paul was on the ball and took photos, obviously they didnt want you having any evidence of their contractor's stupudity. On a better note, loved your demo and Paul's and the make and takes for the coasters, thats knocked a hole in your christmas presents for you. I bought a few packs of them to make some of my presents too. Brilliant idea. GHope you had a lovely walk with Melanie and the dogs, that's what Sundays should all be about, relaxing. Love and hugs Pam xx

  22. Thank goodness you were all out of the way. Shocked that the NEC haven't acknowledged the incident, I reckon the Health &Safety bods will have something to say. But there you go, still here to tell the tale and produce some amazing artwork.

  23. Hi Barbara, What a horrible time at the end of your 4 long days at the NEC, thankfully no-one was hurt, although it could have been horrific !!! I'm amazed that no-one from NEC or ICHF have said or done anything, that is disgusting !!
    Your demo's look stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Evening Barbara pleased to know your all safe where would we be without our clarity team ,the groovi plates on yesterday's blog are amazing .ive put my order in on Friday for the gel press petites Christmas hamper toms Christmas present to me and a couple of other bits .ive already got my signed calendar but now your tempting me with the lovely coasters glad you have had a restful weekend xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends thinking of you all heartfelt hugs to you all I've had a bit of a tough week managed to finish of my calendar challenge today and sent in so a good end to the week I even managed to use my cushions on Friday but toms paying the Christmas hamper part of the bill 😊 Xxx

  25. Oh, Barbara, I am thanking God that none of you precious folk were hurt. What a shock for you all. It certainly never rains but pours for you dear lady! It is appalling that no-one has been in touch about it. But unfortunately that seems to be the way nowadays.
    I have been racking my brains all day as to what to make for a crafty Secret Santa gift, and hey presto you've just solved it for me. Coasters ordered!! Thank you so much. Love and Hugs xxx

  26. Omg! I can hardly believe my eyes that that happened. Having been an exhibitor at trade shows a couple of times I can't believe they did this, but as they are only interested in making money and quickly, perhaps it isn't a surprise. I hope that you get your apology and are compensated for damage and distress.
    I think that there were definitely angels keeping you all safe.
    I love the coasters, and was recently thinking that it would be good to make for a couple of people for Christmas this year. I think there are still a few in my cross stitch drawer that I will look out, and then perhaps order a few more from you soon.

  27. Shocking incident at the NEC, but to focus on the positive, no-one was hurt so phew, give the powers that be absolute hell.
    Ive been working on some Groovi coasters, great gift idea, loving the lace and gel press petites, got those on my Christmas wishlist, I need to go and sweet talk my Mum lol, take care xx

  28. What an awful end to what was already an exhausting 4 days for you and the team. So glad non of you were hurt. My lace arrived a few days ago so must find time to play tomorrow. I also love anything that includes your word chain alphabet, so this is a marriage made in heaven for me. xx

  29. How awful! I can't believe those contractors were so stupid to take a partition wall down whilst your stuff was still on the other side. They certainly need taking to task over it as that could have been so much different if more of you had still be there! So pleased you were all OK but must have been really scary for Paul and Len. Glad Paul got photos of it too. The coasters are a great idea and love all the samples you made Barbara. x

  30. No wonder you couldn't talk about it before I expect you spent a lot of time thinking what if….
    Don't let them get away with it the next time someone may not escape unharmed.
    The coasters are lovely but for me they'll have to wait until next year. I'm busy getting everything ready in case I get my operation in before Christmas. Hugs to you and all the blog pals xx

  31. I've been late reading your Friday blog. I sometimes save them up and consume together. It made me cry. You are a strong and talented woman, and as you said, you are a sum of all your parts. Go get em girl. Oh, and thank goodness no one was injured when the stand collapsed. I hope Grace isn't dwelling too much on the petty ignorance and misplaced hatred she received. Love to you all, and everyone reading your excellent blog. Xx

  32. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness what an awful thing to happen and thank goodness you were all safely out of the way. What a shock for you all, no wonder you haven't been able to talk about it. How ridiculous telling Paul not to take photos- for goodness sake you will need that for your insurance claim for your damaged stock! You hit them with both barrels Barbara, it could have been so much worse. The coasters are beautiful and what a great idea. The mini gelli plates and lace are just gorgeous and the Jayne flowers are perfect for them. You are spoiling us. Would you like me to pop round and do your ironing for you, I'm the sad person who enjoys it, good murder mystery on the box and a cup of tea and I'm good for a couple of hours! Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. Nose finally stopped running today and I'm starting to feel human again so hopefully I can get in the groove tomorrow. Sending hugs all round xxx

  33. I'm so glad everyone was unhurt by that fiasco. The NEC should be ashamed of themselves, outright dangerous. To think we were standing there chatting to you not long before that. It was great to meet you to have a chat. My wife Wendy has been showing everyone the picture you had with her. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us after what must have been a tiring weekend. Hope to see you again soon Richard and Wendy x

  34. I'm so glad everyone was unhurt by that fiasco. The NEC should be ashamed of themselves, outright dangerous. To think we were standing there chatting to you not long before that. It was great to meet you to have a chat. My wife Wendy has been showing everyone the picture you had with her. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us after what must have been a tiring weekend. Hope to see you again soon Richard and Wendy x

  35. Hello Barb, that is definitely something to fight about, it could have resulted in serious injury, and I think that would have angered all of us. I hope you get resolution. And now onto the coasters, what a lovely idea, just perfect for gifts. Mmmmm, better get a move on, as am still dithering with my Christmas cards. Take care, hope there was not too much ironing. Bx

  36. Morning Barb

    Good to hear you had a good day yesterday, but, YIKES! You and the team have been so fortunate not being hurt by the frame collapsing!!! It shows 'they' are in the wrong by shouting to Paul to stop taking photographs!! Such a lucky escape for you all

    The coasters are beautiful, so much so that I think I may need to invest in the petite gel press! As you say they are "ideal as gifts" and of course stocking fillers

    June x

  37. Perhaps the NEC will take it more seriously if you copy the Health & Safety Executive into your complaint letter. Such a dangerous situation and so lucky that no one was hurt. Love those coasters and the little shapes – had to go and rescue a lacy top from my charity shop bag the other day and it's all cut up ready for playing now!

  38. Perhaps the NEC will take it more seriously if you copy the Health & Safety Executive into your complaint letter. Such a dangerous situation and so lucky that no one was hurt. Love those coasters and the little shapes – had to go and rescue a lacy top from my charity shop bag the other day and it's all cut up ready for playing now!

  39. Well, a bunch of fives for the bloke in the hi-viz vest. Take the phone indeed. I'm incensed on your team's behalf. Just bought the Gelli minis myself so loved your coasters.
    I'm a regular visitor from Oz, sometimes make a purchase but rarely say g'day. Couldn't help myself with the narrow escape story.

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